Sunday, May 01, 2005

''SUNDAY WITH KERRI N BRADY''papa baby-sittin.

Was wonderin what to do 2day other than yardwork. Still lotsa yard work 2 do. Then my g-kids show up,made my day. Just as they got here the church bus went by,shoulda went. I hear our minister is movin to Saugeen cause our congregation is so small. Not to many go to church. I guess i'd start goin for the g-kids,it will be part of their REZ life anyway. Besides she married a guy from here,can't remember what REZ she came from. She was the one who baptised Brady. Mayb i c if i can get my daughter to go with the kids.She always say's she should go. Im not overly religious but i hate to see Maggie go. Was gonna try n go shoppin got mudder hubberds cupboards but need to find some1 to split the cost of hirein a car. Did i ever mention no1 doe's any1 favors anymore. It 's all cash on the barrel head. I miss the old days when ppl helped 1 another. Favor for favor no cash or ya just fed the person. I still have a coupla friends who help me Gus and his brother Bervil[nick name]. The kids stayed till about 7 we was watchin Pay It Forward not a bad movie. Kinda tugs at ur heart strings. Hav'nt been able to catch up to guy with pettition to see about on-line pettition. He had about 25-30 siggys when i signed. Try tomorrow agin. Well not much happinin on the old Rez so a shorty 2night........later


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