Friday, May 06, 2005

''FRIDAY MAY SEXED/2005''payday 4 sum and not sum.

Dammit im the 2nd sum. No yob no payday = no scratch. Can't even b a good crook with-out a little But there's no use bitchin my dogs n cats just look at me like im nuts. Long as they don't go hungry cause moneys tight. Somthin will turn up,i have faith. Went on chat kinda slow but chatted for a coupla hours. My 2 finger typin helps me keep up with conversations sort of. My cuz got a job with Assessment 4 a few days. Their gonna use his boat to do samplin in southern Georgian Bay. We have no or very little data in that area to do any modelin for fish population. To set our own quata's for that area. But's that won't be for a coupla years. At least that will give some info. Damn tangents. Back to my cuz,he was takin his boat by trailer to Thornbury from where they leave from to set nets to catch fish. To weigh,measure tag n other things that slipped my mind. I worked for assessment for a bit 1 year. Well my cuz did'nt make it [ever hear the joke,i had 1 but the wheels fell off] well the wheels fell off his trailer.Ha,ha,ha. Of course there had to be traffic followin n on-comin ,he almost caused an accident. It happened on the Owen Sound by-pass instead of right downtown Owen Sound. Big hills comin into n goin out off town,lucky he did'nt go that way. He tryin to blame some1 else for not greasin the hubs once in awhile. This happened b4 to him n our Mr. Fixit on REZ told him to grease the hubs. That Howie he's a man that can fix just about anything . If he can't buy the part ,give him time n he'll make it. Well what am i gonna do tomorrow,i gotta get some1 to climb my tower n oil it. Or same thing happin to me that happin to poor cuz. Well news time n than movie........later.


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