Monday, May 02, 2005

''MONDAY NUDDER WEEK STARTIN''wonder if this week will speed by.

I let my Snoopy out early n Mittens[cat] went out to. So im on line n my other dogs a really fussin. So out i go to make sure Snoopy has'nt got coons treed agin. Coons are bad for rabies but we hav'nt had a case in years. The MNR has a bait drop program in area anyway. Bait loaded with rabie vaccine. Speakin of MNR a Joel Tost is retirin after 36 years or so. Of course he sorta bad mouthed the fishery we won in court. That Charter of Rights helped the Native Cause as far as gettin some issues to court.Well anyway after readin write up about Tost. He mentioned anytime they had to put a bear down they tranqualize the bear b4 shootin it. Then they bring to my REZ where it was cut up n consumed by some of our ppl. It was'nt till later Tost found out that the the tranqalizer was carcinagenic or how ever ya say that word. But a tech guy let it slip so we was bein poisoned for years. I smell a law-suit comin,what would ya do if u found out somthin like that. With holdin somthin like that when ya knew the meat would be eaten. Just a continuation of what our ppl went thru all over Turtle Island. Guess i'll see what our chief is doin about the news or did he know this himself. And just did'nt want to rock the boat. Because we are still in nagotiations with Ontario Govt. and the MNR about our next agreement. Better watch news b4 i get to wound up about us bein poisoned......later


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