Tuesday, May 03, 2005

'CALL ME TOOKA LOOK''looked out at 2am,tryin 2 snow.cont.

All it did was threatin to snow. Good,we don't need no more stinking snow.Turned out nice. Joined a new group 2 actually US AND CANADIAN FIRST NATIONS CHAT ROOM and AboriginalMikmawChat that makes 7 but some r not very busy. My buddy sposed to be here in mornin with my gifts,lol,stuff he can't fit in his house. He's movin on up..call him ''George Jefferson n Weezie''....down i guess to a smaller house. I take anything offered to me. If i can't use i got friends n family. At least a few of us r still sorta like the old ppl. All the programs i got ''Dream Weaver,illustrator n Photoshop 7.0 i can't use cause my comp to old n decrepid. Don't even think it Woody im still a fine specimin of the male species. Oh well b like some1 doin all ur work 4 ya anyway. I hav'ta c bout gettin up-grade,soon as i get a job of some kind. I asked an aqaintance how much he would charge me to do or help with my CORDA application.
He said nothin ,i should call him a friend now. We know each other to c that was it,untill i asked him over about our treatment plant. He stopped by and stayed all after-noon. But i learned alot,he was glad i was questioning things. Should be more peeps doin it. I worry for my family n friends if no 1 else will. Our next meeting on the 11th. hope it don't turn into a yellin match. Kinda teed off at councillor liason, had asked if he would see if there was more deficiencies to add to list. He said never got around to it,damn. I guess those ppl who found these deficiencies never even sent us a copy of report. Seems strange to me ,mayb it was sent n some1 kept it hidden. Can u say conspiracy,lol,just joshin ya but it makes 1 wonder. Why do up a report n not send copy to REZ. Alright handover that god damned report from where ever ya got it hidden. My new friend was gonna phone n get a copy n see why we never got one. Now we'll see . But im not the type 2 jump to conclusions...well i try not to. But if ya seen n heard what go's on here but then agin might be just some1 with an axe to grind. Find out next meeting n if the water treatment plant super can't make it ,i'll call a meeting for next day or next. Only prob i c with havin a calender of our meetings for fiscal year. Any1 who wants to avoid meetings can book appoinments for those dates. A blind man can c that but our liason can't or won't. Well better save some steam for tomorrow...........later.


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