Friday, September 09, 2005


Well day two started off with an opening song agin from our chief and drumming and dancing. And introductions for the new people in attendence. I have to see if any1 took minutes or whatever and talk to our communications man to see if their is anything i can post. he would know,i'd hate to post somthing and get put in front of Chief n Council and get my wrist slapped. Now days u kinda got to be careful what u put out. But i am gonna post those racist pics the were circulated. Im glad my brother was able to make both days. Now that he's got a moterized wheel chair he can get around. I talked him into comin to council meetings. And now he goes to any function that goes on in ''THE REZ''. They had quite a few people get up and say their piece. Today,one of the guys spoke that was there that got beat up the same time the boys got stabbed in Owen Sound in plain view of Owen Sound Police Sevice . Another slap on the wrist i bet. Now we got one of the boys from the rez here on the Owen Sound Police. Don't know if that will make a difference. Anyway back to public meeting ,those people will come away with a lot of info,hope it helps in some way. I think every1 one that attended this will have found it very interesting and give them lots to think about. The meeting ended about 3:00 pm as they had a long trip ahead of them but the girls said they'd stay as long as it took. If more people wanted to speak but their were not which is to bad. To many shy indians but thats how we are. Wish my bro Butch would a been their he could have filled them in on some native issues. He's been involved with a few so has his mother who we lost a few months ago. Oh well another time another place,i dont really see an end in sight for the problems were havin with the non-natives. Especially when the M.P. is an Indian Hater and is stirring the pot agin. Well then agin when isnt he stirrin up trouble....later.....


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