Monday, October 31, 2005


*A bus carrying 20 ugly Indians on their way to the
casino crashes into an oncoming truck and everyone
inside dies. They get to meet their maker and because
of the grief they have experienced, he decides to
grant them one wish each before they enter Paradise.
They're all lined up and God asks the first Indian
what is their wish. "I want to be gorgeous" and so God
snaps His fingers and it is done.

The second Indian in line hears this and says "I want
to be gorgeous too". Another snap of His fingers and
the wish is granted. One after another, each Indian
asks to be made gorgeous. When God is halfway down the
line, the last Indian guy in line starts laughing. As
God gets closer to the last guys in line, this guy is
rolling on the floor holding his stomach & laughing

Finally, God reaches this guy and asks him what his
wish will be. The last Indian calms down and
says........."Make 'em all ugly again!"


Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Well, i've been fallin way behind on my blog here. It's not that there;s nothin happenin,theirs been lots goin on. It's just that i've been bz with this n that and tryin to keep up with posting in the 9 Native chat rooms im in. Although some are not as bz and 2 are just new this week. A James Bay Cree chat-room is new,im tryin to find out about all or some of the Cree i knew in Toronto. Well this month i got my BCR finally,im not mad or anything that it was stuck in the Band Office. At least i got everything i needed sent in to CORDA. Find out first of the year if its yea or nay. Wish me luck.Who knew something would happen that needed the building shut down for safety reasons. My niece gave it to me at the Medical Center,thats where they put her,Band Administrator and the Chief. They got people scarttered all over the Rez in different band buildings. They got some of the people back in the band office and the council meetings are bein held there agin. But still have a lot of work to be done. So some offices are still closed till after repairs are done. Our Rez is been havin a costly year so far with the Madokii seniors complex and all its problems. Hav'nt heard or asked for an up-date on the problems or whats been fixed. Have to get on that,i like to try and keep up on things. Im tryin to get more involved with the way our Rez is run,by puttin my 2 cents in here and there.

Friday, October 14, 2005


Well i called back and my niece told me they found black mold on top of sewage prob. They ripped out some walls while cleaning sewage and found black mold. So i told her and they made you work in that. So they moved all the programs and Chief n Band Administrater to different band buildings and paperwork i need is stuck in closed down band office. I guess when they cleaned up the sewage prob the heating system was still running and spread the mold spores all over the building. The reason for the shut down. If its not one thing its another. So wait till next week to get my BCR. So they got cleaning company in to clean up. Hope my neices are ok from workin in it. No one to blame really ,we need a better plan for any kind of emergency. We need a Health and Safety Officer of some sort. Instead of depending on the Provincial Doofus they got here for advice.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


I phoned the band office forgettin it was thanksgiving. My neice answered the phone n said it was closed. They had a sewage problem and had to shut down,said she n her sister would work all week-end to clean up. I phoned back n said they should'nt be in the building,when that happens on the outside they got people come and work in masks and other safety equipment. But they were told as long as they go out n get fresh air every now and agin. I don't know about that ,methane gas is nothin to fool with. My BCR is their n needs to be signed by chief n councillors b4 i can get n send away. At least i got all the other paperwork sent. I'll call back in a coupla days.

Friday, October 07, 2005


I stopped by the band office and bcr's not signed yet. Buts it's ok,the applications in. I can wait till Tuesday,since Monday is turkey day. I got nets to strip to keep me bz. Im workin for a friend who wanted me to do nets for him awile back. But a heart attack got in the way. But im tip top ,out of shape but tip top. Chief's in Tamagami hope he gets a moose,cause i asked him if there was a moose roast in my future,he said yes. Agin i wait. Thats what broke grampa's wagon. Come to think of it ,i wonder if he wants me to invite him if he gives me roast. Ah,ha,i see his plan,but that would be ok. We could visit and talk about our old worm pickin days. I wonder if they still do that. Prob not,think they got farms for them now. I've never cooked moose,eaten yes ,cooked no. Just think of it as a big horny cow.Eh.

Monday, October 03, 2005

''I GOT BCR''now the waiting starts.

I was late gettin to meeting but they had request's later on the agenda. But i got it,when they asked who moved it got done quick,and they said it was'nt cause i was in the room. Now i just have to wait for chief and councillors to sign BCR's and i can send in. I can relax now ,damn thats hard on ya when nothin goes right. Should be able to get by Friday. Geeze im always sittin back and waitin. Mayb this is my year to get ok'd after been ko'd the last coupla times. Think positive ,im gonna get it.
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