Friday, December 31, 2004


Hello- im sorry 2 say i lied,i said snow would b gone by Saturday. Looks like not till Sun. or Mon. then i'll have 2 contend with mud. Cause rain is called 4 the weekend,then a wintery mix 4 Sunday night. What the ''HELL'' is a wintery mix. I think all of a sudden snow is not so bad in moderation. Just like my old bar hoppin days ,i got very moderated till closin time then off 2 booze can 4 the night. I though the letters were kinda lg. tot i had my text magnifier on,and no i don't have Blond hair. Good chance 4 me 2 c how hugh vs large letters look on my blog. Thats why i did this,Swamp
But thats not my life no mo. Its gonna b 2 years without a drink in July n 1 year no smokin 2nd week of Jan. Im so proud of me,cold turkey 4 the tabakky, but the booze just never had the urge. Mayb i treat myself 2 some ta-kill-ya n tea 4 my b-day,i've never found the 1 with the worm in canada.
They prob. have it somwheres oh well worse comrs 2 worse i'll go fill lumber pile if i really want a worm. Why can't i use shrimp loks like a type of worm. I got a few cokarachi's runnin around a mexican bug..hmmm..wonder how long u have 2 marinate. Any body out there know,blog me. lol
I wanted 2 make 3-4 doz. hardboiled eggs n put in hot pickle n hot pepper juice . I have 1 of those restaurant size jars,looks like a gal. 1 1/2 gal. What id like 2 know is how long u leave in juice till u got hot eggs. And do u have 2 poke holes in eggs so juice get inside. Well better shower n get dressed my animals n boids n squarreis must eat..........later peeps.

Thursday, December 30, 2004



Well i didnt get much accomplished 2day cept the usual day 2 day cleanin. Ok every 2-3 days. All thats been on is reports of tsunami. Its gonna end up bein worse than first thought,theres islands that no 1's even been 2 yet. And scientists think some of them got wiped of the map. And others said whole islands got moved meters from where they were. Its gonna be 1 hell of a changed world once things settle down. The whole planet 's been knocked off its axis a few centemeters n its rotation has been altered also.
speeded up not much but it will have an effect. And if any religious zealots read this,its not the 2nd. comin . How can it b if he was never here 2 begin with. Religion was just somthin that was shoved down ppl's throats. An interpretation of an of an old legend or story. Peeps should know when a story is retold enough times by diff. ppl . What u end up with is no where near what u started with. They new it long ago when it first started 2 happen. But now its ingrained. Just look around any hamlet,town,city n villiage ,whats usually the biggest building there a church or large buildin used as. I've been brainwashed 2 cause i get urge 2 go 2 church. Peeps here have had traditional funerals n weddings but 2 make things legel u have to have a minister or what ever ur church of choice has [ya right choice].
Well i'll watch some news n do some surfin n c if i can find more pics. They tell the real story, i said that b4 did'nt i, oh well its the sometimers kickin in.

Oh yah somthin else b4 i forget, im really embarressed by our canadian government WTF $3,000,000.00 What the hells that supposed 2 do,their all on holidays n my guess is its costin a hell of a lot more to pay 4 their perks. And we have a DART team, a disaster response team,ppl were wonder what constitutes a disaster to our goverment. There was such an uproar from canadians at home that they got guilted into doin somthin. I listen 2 news and all i hear is them coverin their asses. As i sit hear im listenin 2 Minister Pettigrew is sayin as soon as the earth trembled from the earthquake they [the gov. empoyees] were on the move, probably reachin for another martini. This happened boxin day n non of our holidayin gov. officials saw fit 2 rush home n it was days after b4 they even attemped 2 help. Like i said they had 2 b guited into movin off their collective asses. Their braggin about their embassy staff now . I saw news reports of interviews of canadian peeps that survived that went 2 canadian embassy for help n were told what do expect me 2 do. Those ppl already been thru hell n they get more from ass holes thats supposed b there 2 help. No wonder ppl dont check in to embassies in wharever countries they visit. I could go on but i think i blew off enough steam. I'll have more tomorrow after i watch canadian news. So have a good eve and g.n.ppl............later

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

''DISMEMBER 28/04-close 2 da end''

Well the weather really did a 180. Its down 2 freezin n you can feel the diff it feels warm. My dog's got the boot . We were gettin cabin fever spendin 2 much time Did'nt do sweet yesterday other than feed my animals. Had about 25 Mourning Doves n as many Blue Jays n the other regular avian visitors. My white tailed squarrel is back with the mrs. n the other pair keep their distance till he's done.Must b the dominant pair. He's big n looks like a bully. But he don't bother the smaller red n grey n brown squarrels.
It's mild nuff 2 c thee snow milton so by Saturday we should have grass agin. And it calls 4 rain between now n weekend. Next prob we will have is floodin. Speakin of floodin thats all thats been on the news is that tsunami that hit asia-..... -when i stumbled on these while surfin i just had 2 c more. Helmut issels was in the right place at the right time. The 1 guy on balcony with snoorklin gear,if its the same guy [ a canuke] interviewed he was at a boat with 16 ppl when the water went out. He said 4 them 2 get out of their only 2 followed him n the others got swept out 2 sea. When water receded he left where he was n tried 2 get futher away n almost got caught in another wave of water. I don't know about u peeps but i think i would have stayed right where i was. If u were on 2nd. floor n the water almost reached ur floor n the buildin held up,i dont think id b leavin. But in the heat of the moment u can never b sure of what 1 does. That 1 pic where that guy is in the water its so clear u could make out his face as if he was standin in front of u. I read a comment from a witnes n he got saved ,but when news aired it they ran it in such a way so ppl would think he died. Ratings mean more than truth i guess ,newspapers r guilty of same thing. The total is around 52,000 now but i bet it will double by the time they finish searching. There will probably thousands that will never b found. Well gonna go surfin c if i can find more pics..........later ppl
........Im not bein morbid im just nozy .

Tuesday, December 28, 2004


Did'nt wanna bitch so close 2 christmas n so close after. The last piece of mail i got b4 x-mas was a refusal letter. Those F_ _ kers said no 2 my proposal agin,ill have 2 ask my councilor ,WTF. He's on that committee. He should b able 2 tell me what i did wrong or what i need 4 next year. Well its a new election this summer . Mayb its that 1 councilor that voted against my proposal,that turned the tide . My cousin got his through last year but he's kinda crazy. Mayb thats what i need 2 do go raise hell at the council table n drag up dirt. Or let a rumor spread that i have incriminating pics . Paybacks a bitch..j.k. But agin im not like that anymore. It was the life i lead n the company i kept,and thats just the way things were back inthe 80's TORONTO. I left that life behind 2 come home n look after my kids. And that is why i am a piller of the community now. I could even b a poster boy 4 somthin. By the way i still have that swamp land, if u r interested. Well i'll sleep on it n c where else i can try n get 40 g's. I'll look 4 some1 who is good at proposal writin. Mayb thats the prob.

Monday, December 27, 2004


Well another Sunday, i'll get dressed, dont know why not like im goin 2 church . My grand-daughter wants 2 go 1 of these Sundays. But not 2day. Don't want 2 get splashed with bubble n squeek while im cookin ,is another reason why get dressed. Got 2 get my turkey finished n get ready 4 turkey NewYear dinner. Told u i love turkey. The weather has settled down,my plowman came n pushed the banks back. Gotta get ready 4 the next taste of winter. But it decided 2 head east . Seems like mother nature hates the east coast. Their always takin a beatin. I'd say better them than us but im not that type of guy. In 10 days we had 4 ft. of snow. One good thing about high winds, north-east 1 day n north-west the next back n fourth, most of the snow ended up in the bush. I had 2 bring my 3 pure bred mutts in. Even their winter coats could'nt protect them from the harsh wind. Its a good thing i got my furnace fixed or else i'd have 2 go outside 2 get warm. I still hav'nt figured why that happens. If a house is without heat 4 so long it ends up bein colder than outside. I guess i'll check out cherokeeshes chat probably b pretty mt till after NewYear. Then lay in bed n watch Kill Bill 1 n 2 that should get me 2 bed about 3:30 or 4:00am. OK peeps altogether now lets hope Chi gets a job 4 the New Year...........thanx.............later

Sunday, December 26, 2004


Woke up at 3am. 2 another foot of snow. Slept in till 7am n woke up to 4'' of snow. My plowman workin on Christmas day,must have been out early did'nt c or here him. Good man guess he figures all his clients need clean driveways 4 their guests. This christmas started out like they all do. I get a little depressed this time of year. Good thing 4 phones ,i can reach out n touch friends n family i don't c regularly. And with this new fangled mucksheen im usin here , i can go on chat n talk with complete strangers n feel like im talkin 2 friends. And send e-spam n jokes to family n friends who have their own mucksheen's. I just gonna have 2 make sure i double n triple check b4 i hit the send button. I've accidently sent racy toons 2 some peeps. ''wink,wink''. I wonder if our minister has e-mail. hmmmmmmmm. ''as he rubs his fingers together''
Well i did it agin ate 2 much turkey im gettin sleepy now. My daughter cooked a big ham n made whipped mashed taters. I cooked the turkey,turnip n the homemade cranberries. She said make lotsa gravy had 2 use a old coffee pot, they don't make gravy boats that big. Got all kinds of coffee pots they last longer than the machines. Kerrie,Dougie,Kirk,Brady,uncle George,Tanya,Al,Me,Sparky,Snoopy,Bugs,Mittens n Nusance put a hell of a dent in the turkey n ham. Good i only have 2 eat turkey 4 two days. I always make enough 2 feed an army . Ive had friends n nephews drop by 2 visit after we've eaten, i sit there n talk 2 them ,knowin their hungry,but i keep talkin. Jeeze im mean ,lol. Im not like that i'd feed anybody thats hungry. Tanya left me some ham so i can use the electric griddle her n the kids got me. I have wild blueberries mayb i make blueberrie pancakes...mmmmmmmm. I can entice my grand kids down tomorrow. Mayb i'll check out chat n c whos on,if anybody.
Hey Pebbles u had a good scoff [meal] yourself ,Beef [was it canadian] n yorkshire puddin, wonder how long it would take 2 fed ex a I love that puddin. When i first heard of it i was expectin dessert, in the words of Bugs Bunny- what a maroon Eh. well G. N...........Pebbles n whomever should b readin this.................later

Saturday, December 25, 2004

''Christmas Eve'' n alls well.

Still snowin,my plowman took a foot of snow off my driveway at noon. Theres about 5'' agin n it still comin down. Tanya n Al stopped by n she bringin the grand kids over 4 turkey tomorrow. She was gonna cook ham so we have ham n turkey. Could'nt afford presents but at least i can feed them turkey n all the trimmins. Got everythin ready just have 2 stuff n throw in oven. Well better hit the hay. Merry Christmas n Happy NewYear Pebbles n any1 readin this blog. Catch u peeps in a couple of days.............

Friday, December 24, 2004


Happy x-mas eve day,as i look out my bedroom window at the expanse thats is my lakeshore frontage. All u can c is white as far as the eye can c. I can c the shore line but not much else ,the island is hidden behind a shield of snow. I wonder what the workers at the island r doin 4 x-mas. Its been pretty windy the last few days n it's about a 3 mile boat ride . Safer 2 stay put,lucky when i worked there it was summer, it was my first time i've ever met the son of the new millionare owner. He surprised me he worked right along with us. Not scared 2 get dirty. If we could have come up with 3 mil. my rez could have bought the island back. We owned all 3 islands 1 time Hay, WhiteCloud n Griffiths, but got cheated out of those 2. Better change subject, i b Happy-Happy till boxin day ,then i can rant n rave.
My somtimers kickin in thar,whar was i ........... Well better go out n shovel ndig out dog chains so i can tie them up till 2nite,Sucks.......laterpeeps


Almost 4got 2 put my gobbler out 2 taaaaaa ooooout. Still have 2 cook taters fer stuffin, i bought a box of ,was gonna cheat but theres nuttin like home made stuffin. We got a foot o snow by noon n it still comin down, slower but ,sun peekin out .
9:00pm i c stars n a clear sky. yay. Gonna go check on my brudder,make sure he did'nt try n 4 wheel with his scotter,out 2 mail box.............he's ok cant get door open 4 snow . I shoveled front door anyway ,u need at least 1 fire route.
Kick me dogs out 2 do dar ting ,thars 6'' of new snow out thar. I hear them scratchin at door ,gotta lettem in...laterppl.

Thursday, December 23, 2004


I was so cold....i tripped!!!!......LOL...


I just looked out n my birds r lookin 4 feed as well as my squarrels so ,get bundled up n go feed them. Poor guys they should have filled up yesterday but mayb 2 cold 2 b out. So much 4 spendin mornin in my underware, go out n feed them n come back in n shower 2 warm up. Gonna run out there in my underware,hope i dont


I let my mutts out n fell asleep let them in at 4:00am. Im in my underware so they thank me by both standin bside me n shakin, thats a cold start 2 the day. lol. We got about 4'' of snow its still blowin. Weatherman calls 4 snow squalls n heavy snow warnin, flash freeze warnin,rain the whole Magilla. more later.........


Well that snow is here ,its mostly blowin so my drive should'nt drift in. But the wind is harsh,my furnace is cycelin more often so she cold out there. I keep a screwdriver next 2 each door so i can get out,they freeze shut now n agin. I should put my turkey out so it will thaw by Sat.. I can almost taste it mmmmmmmmm.TURRRRRRRKYYYYYYYYYYY. Let my mutts out 4 a wizz n a run. My cousin lives about 2 miles away n he c's a set of small tracks n a set of big tracks so my dogs go that far. He used 2 own Bugs ,but he was just a chain dog. Only time he got attention was when i went up there. When a dog lays down n shows u his belly n squirts u know he not used 2 ppl. He used 2 let him loose n he 'd end up at my place n teach snoopy how 2 chase cars. So i tied him up n adopted him n i've had him ever since, goin on 2 yrs. now. He's never had it so good,but he still goes to Als place his old home 2 visit. Well gonna watch the weather . C U ppl later.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

''HUMP DAY N NO PAYDAY WAITIN'' that sucks big time.

Got on comp this am n 4got 2 move bugs chain. Its streched across my driveway n attached to my deck. Its good thing my snow-plowman saw it or i b out there this am puttin my deck back up. Wonder how much those flashin blue revolvin lights on the roof r,glad i didnt find out. Were supposed 2 get the mother of all snow storms tomorrow mornin n if thats not enough it supposed 2 go down to -30 to -40 on saturday. Well i finish post tonight notin happen yet 2 early....later


Well my furnace is fixed n its runnin like it should. But the house gets 2 hot now, i got used 2 bein cold all the time . Theirs just no pleasin me i guess. But the furnace ran like that all last winter shut off whenever it damn well pleased,usually 2-3am. So by the time i got up at 5 the house is as cold as my ex-wifes heart. lol. I wont b needin my dogs on the bed 2 keep me warm now. Hard 2 breath when u got 70 lbs. of husky-chow x on ur chest. I kicked them out but the cold snap comin back 4 week-end. I make mistake n look outside 2 check on bugs n sparky n they start 2 whimper so in they come. My 3 dogs n 2 cats have me well trained. I think bugs n sparky pick on snoopy cause he house dog, then i have grab a bat n give them an attitude adjustment. Just kiddin i love my furry children. Did i mention snoopy can balance on 2 legs n use third leg 2 brace against the tree he pissin on, he dont need 4 legs. I dont think he even missis it, except he cant keep up 2 the other dogs . I let them out about 5am n when they take off up the road snoopy is right with them, but he first 1 home so i think he flags out. Well guess ill check out cherokeeshe chat n catch up on the latest from turtle island. Hey Pebbles hav'nt heard anything about that clock radio, mayb my hint was 2 subtle. I should have printed it off n snail mailed it. lol....later peeps.

Monday, December 20, 2004

''Cold Snap Is Still Here''

Hav'nt been able 2 put my dogs out since friday, its been -30 to -35. But thats ok who would send their children out in that. I think it was colder than that here. I let them all out this mornin n they disappeared even Snoopy but he comes back first. And they all came back with iccicles under their chin,lol looked like white beards. Supposed 2 warm up 2 0deg. 2day,i don't think so. Gotta go my furnace man s here won't b freezin no more ............later ppl.

Sunday, December 19, 2004

''2 Cold 4 My Dogs Or Their Spoiled''

I put my dogs out n back on their chains n they started 2 fuss. It is pretty cold out there my nostrils stuck 2gether n that wind chill is somthin else. So i went out 2 let them back in they headed right 4 the door no running 2 nearest tree 4 a quick squirt. They would have had an icicle hangin off their johnston or johnson take ur pick 1s american slang n other canadian slang, i think or did i just make that up ,ha,ha,ha. As 4 my cats their quite content 2 look out window. My birds still eatin,everytime the seed gets covered with snow i put a little more out. There r 2 sets of Cardinals out 2day n a dozen or so Mourning Doves n numorous other sparrows n finches . I've got birds of every kind out there 2day. I've yet 2 c a Raven . I saw a pilated woodpecker earlier this summer first 1 ever. Boy r they huge compared 2 our natural 1s. I bought some suet 4 birds fruit n nut, peanutbutter, n all season poor things need fat this time of year. Well better go freeze my bollocks off n hang the suet feeder...........later bird lovers

''Winters Back With A Vengance''

Well it started snowin again last night about 4-5 pm. Wind just a howellin right off the lake . So time 2 bring my dogs in. Outside 5 minutes almost froze,snap links on dogs r froze. 1 good thing about the wind if there is a good thing. Its blowin so hard my driveway is not driftin, snows blowin right off n in2 the bush. Let my dogs out 1 at a time last nite or else they take off.
Snow still blowin cant c the road,hope Snoopy n dogs know enough 2 get of road when snow-plow or plow truck comes.
Let them all out 4:30, sure enough they took even Snoopy. They must have waited on him so he could keep up thats why he usually dont go with. He came back first so mayb got tired of waitin for him n left him behind. Dogs will do that on purpose, my first Sparky took a young dog i was given out on a run n left him bhind somewhere,had 2 go look 4 My plowman said he stayed in town last night n roads were bad comin in 2 the rez could'nt c 2 drive. White outs all the way in he said. I better go feed the squarrels n birds i c them out there lookin 4 feed. They usually eat b4 a storm ,these guys did'nt. Wind blowin hard ,must b cold tryin 2 find seed in snow n feeder. I feelin sorry 4 em so i go feed em...........later ppl.

Saturday, December 18, 2004

''My Huskey- Chow X First Kill''

Wow ten bells ,been awhile since i slept this late. I let my dogs loose late Fri. nite or early Sat. mornin . Depends how u look at it. I let em go about 1:30 am. they did'nt come back till 4:30am. I had 2 stay up 2 tie them back up. I don't let run loose all the time we already have all kinds of dogs runnin loose. Just at night or durin the day when im out with them. Besides they might get shot,theirs ppl around here that shoot dogs just 4 the sake of shootin them. My husky came home first so i went 2 tie him up n i saw somthing on the ground i gave it a kick 2 roll it over. MY dog was watchin me kick his rabbit, he let me check it over b4 he ate it. I think he just wanted 2 show me cause after i saw it ,did'nt take him long 2 eat it. All my tripod Snoopy could find next mornin was tufts of fur, poor dog. lol. He figured out another way 2 pee on trees with 3 legs, he uses the leg he lifts 2 pee,he puts that against the object hes pissin on . Where there a will theres a way. He was very proud of his first kill ,usually they eat where they kill but he wanted 2 bring home. MY 70 lb. puppy is a Big Sucky Dog now.
Its cold as can b agin ,but no wind so dogs r ok. No snow 2 speak of ,tryin though. Good i can do without 4 awhile. If ur nostrils stick closed when u go out turn around n go back advice from ur neighborly Ojib...later..ppl...

PS-No paintin beutiful ceilin, butt ugly walls. What can u do. I fix this week somtime.

Friday, December 17, 2004

''Snowin n Blowin n Cold Enough 2 Freeze The Balls Off A Brass Monkey''

Wind howlin out there just couldnt leave my dogs out. My tv tower is takin a beatin hope its ok or it'll rip off my gable end. I let them run b4 i brought them in now i cant hear tv 4 huffin n puffin. My poor out of shape dogs . Just imagine if they didnt have a run n just a chain attached 2 a tree. Only b able 2 move length of chain. I have them on a hundred foot line so lots of excercise , gotta watch or u get clothes lined.
Well my bud never showed up so no bugandy paint n no paintin 2day. Tomorrow i have 2 bite the bullet n ask for welfare. Already cut off my satelite feed, dont want 2 lose my phone. No phone no puter, i will not get by without my comp. What did i do b4 comps, oh had a job n no time 4 comp except at night. Now i have all the time in the world n no money. Damn, gonna b a poor xmas, as long as i get my turkey n all the trimmins i b happy . Get my grandkids here n forget about bein broke. I was never this broke when i was in Toronto. But i was a bad guy back then non violent, but i could always make money. But then i was a functioning alcoholic. But thats another story, one of many in my many years of debauchery.
Went on cherokeeshe chat had a good time, checked out native american chat n 3 mik maq chats,but always go back ti cherokee. Some ppl missin then again so was i 4 a few days. Almost 2am time 4 bed if my puppies make room. lol......later peeps

Thursday, December 16, 2004

''Hells Bells -Blood Clot Red wallz''

Well thats what i get 4 bein cheap i mean thrifty. No matter how carefully i applied paint it went on splotchey n looked even worse after it dried. I just did 1 corner so ,hopefully i can hide it with another 10 coats of primer , lol. If i was'nt so busy laughin there would b a big red splotch of snow in my front yard. I could have spilt it down the front of my shirt n staggered out 2 the road. Wonder if any1 would have stopped or even caled 4 help. Probably not they'd want 2 get paid first, how times have changed 4 the worse. Oh well F_ _ k em all. Like they say u get what u paid 4, right now i'd sure like 2 run into they in a dark alley. Oh ,just had a flash back Toronto in the 80's. Those were fun times n i have the scars 2 prove it. Well i have a couple of options i could mix some white 2 it not 2 make it pink but cut the red a bit. I have a tan or sand coloured paint wonder what id end up with mix with red, i think the color is called Vahalla . My buddy has burgandy or purpleish paint might b a better color. Oh well c what tomorrow brings. I'll sleep on it mayb i dream up a solution. My weather ticker 4 my area calls 4 drifting snow but not even snowin . Probably on the higher elevations a snow storm thats only a mile away n the weather could b different in just that small distance. If it can rain at the back of a house n not in front, i guess mother nature can do whatever the hell she wants..BAH up

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

''Almost- I C A Light At The End Of The Tunnel''

Time 4 a break ,the ceiling is done. The walls next n i should b done by 6pm. And then i start the whole process over again in the kitchen . Well pitter patter gotta get at her............later....ppl

''I Was Just Kiddin''

About wearin 2 coats 2 paint i was just kiddin, i put on 3 . Do an even better job. ha,ha,ha,ha.

''Almost Finished My Livin-Room Of I'll Repute''

Well i just hope it dont dry as bright red as this Have 2 put red light bulbs outside n hire some escorts on credit....Hmmmmmmmm...j k. lol. I am now a law abidin citizen n a piller of the community. Can i interest u in some swamp land or some natural ojibway viagra. Put the last primer coat on,ready 4 finish coat tomorrow. Somebody told me 2 put on 2 coats n do a better job so i did but boy did i sweat up a storm. Speakin of storm it finally quit snowin . Got up 2 about 12'' but my plow man came by 2 do my driveway n in front which savs me. I give up on shovelin snow its 2 hard on the old ticker, never had a prob in that way. But why take the chance i say,after all im not a spring chicken my sister says but i can still out work those young bucks. I can really piss ppl off when i tell i forgot more than they;ll ever know,which i believe 2 b true . I've been learnin n workin since i was 11-12. My brother got polio just b4 he started school, but i n him use 2 take tractor n trailer in2 bush 2 get a load of poles 4 winter wood. Those r good memories of me n my brother, i still feel i have 2 watch over him. Does'nt matter he older than me ,just a year anyway. But r dad gettin or makin us work at a young age did nothin but help us get used 2 work. We were small but we could still load poles on trailer that a full grown man could'nt lift
all u needed to know was ,how 2 use leverage. Well better think about bed gonna start paintin around 5am. try anyway, i hear u laughin . My buddy wants 2 move some furniture tomorrow,he the 1 givin me funiture. Hence the new paint job. Well good-night ppl.....later

Monday, December 13, 2004


Looked out window all night,at different times mind u. It snowed steady,but not all that much fell. Jahovahs witness was knockin,i keep tellin them i did'nt even c the accident . But they still keep comin back. lol. Well better start paintin agin n a bit of muddin 2 do also. My day is full...............keep ur eye 2 the sky.......later

'' Another Little Blast Of Snow''

It started to snow about noon ,heavy wet snow mixed with fluff, their callin 4 rain. If it s gonna snow, i hope its fluff cause our power already blinked off. A branch prob. got 2 heavy n touched the lines. Just enough 2 screw up all the clocks,what does'nt have a clock now days. Got no phone in livin room had 2 set it up in my bedroom now there'z 3 phones in here. The jacks r screwed up in livin room, so i charge phone in here, then i can have portable in there anyway.
Well i guess ill have 2 work without tools that i needed . Nobody does u favors or helps anymore. If u got money 2 hire them ,then they beat a path 2 ur door. Not like old times which is'nt all that long ago, when ppl were more than glad to help u ,all u had 2 do was return the favor someday. That was our traditional ways ,lost but not forgotten by a few of us. There r so many so called traditionals around here . Hippocrits. Well i better leave it at that b4 i get my blood pressure up. I think i'll leave my bedroos door open 2nite n leave a tap running so i can sleep to sound or runnin water. Long as i dont have an accident in bed lol. Eh. Pebbles Theres nothin like the sound of nature 2 help u 2 sleep. U cant leave window open now 2 let natures music in, wake up 2 a drift across my bed. Beds next 2 window. Well good-night all..............zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Saturday In The Park Must Have Been...................

The doggies stayed inside last night,kicked them out this mornin . A cold day but no precip at all. That Alberta clipper that was gonna come by n pick up moisture from great lakes, n spread tons a snow from here 2 east coast n on down the eastern seaboard. Mayb it will come yet. Did'nt touch a drop of paint 2day need some tools b4 i can start agin. Cant get a truck till tomorrow to pick up. Just watched movies 2day to kill time it so boring with zilch 2 do. Stayed off the comp 2day it was actin weird. Picked up a couple more viruses , i ran AVG it said they were from smiley central so got rid of everything i could find connected 2 smiley central. And an internet explorer hi jacker n somthin else i cant remember . But my spybot,avg,n ad-aware took them out. I love those free downloads that call for help ,recomended. The name brands r so expensive, when the free 1s do the same thing. As long as u update regular,every 2 days 4 me, might b over kill but ,comp does all the work. Well gonna watch 48 Hours at 11:00pm. I hope i dont wake up 2 tons of snow. It snowed n blew so much here 1 time ,i opened the front door and i could'nt get out. There was the biggest snow drift i ever saw blockin my front deck n door. Good thing 4 back doors Eh, lol. Took me all mornin 2 dig out, of course no 1 showed up 2 help till after i was done. Such is my luck. ''But i don't need no stinkin help'' heard that on a movie i tink. Better shut off my 70's music n get ready 4 movie. Nice title n nice song report 3:00am.

Saturday, December 11, 2004

''Got No Bread'' but lots of snow want some.

Well i did'nt get my bread . Oh well chili tastes better the next day anyway. Nobody crazy enough 2 drive me around. When its blowin like this a small amount of snow n u can't c 2 drive. We gettin snow n rain together if it freezes , im gonna have 2 crawl next door in the mornin 2 check on my bro. lol. Power outage is a possibility already blinnking off n on . If that happens i got 3 dogs n 2 cats 2 keep me warm,they already laid claim 2 my bed. I'd sleep on the couch if i had 1. lol. Next week i'll have 2 love seats 4 my animals n another recliner 4 me with heater n massauger n vibrator, HEY get ur mind out of the gutter. Wrong type of vibe_ _ _ _ _ i think anyway. [ blushes] Well im tard n wanna go ta bed....goodnight Pebbles n anyone else readin . Pebbles did my weather prediction come close or no. Or should i keep my day job. lol...........later ppl.

Friday, December 10, 2004

''It's here n its stuck''

8:22- The snow hit this aft. than rain tryin 2 freeze back 2 snow. I think the storm front stalled in ontario n cape croker is in the eye. So New York state is safe 4 now , buhwaahaahaa your next.
Always wanted 2 use that word not sure of spellin but what the hay. Felt sorry 4 my dogs so i brought them in, north east wind comin right off the lake. Imagine 3 bulls in a china shop , all vying 4 my attention n the cats noses r out of joint now. Their lookin at me like they want 2 ''When Pets Attack'' so if i dont post 4 a few days call the animal control. lol. A lady friend made some homemade bread ,wonder who b foolish enough 2 drive me 2 get. Im desparate made firehouse chili n no toast, sacralige to eat chili without toast. As u can c i don't believe in speell chek. Well im goin 4 bread......later

It's To Early To Be Smellin Paint

Mayb if i lay here 4 awhile,when i get up all the paintin will b done. 4:30 am. 2 early to start a job,not on night shift. As i look out my winda i c no storm but their is a storm watch n storm warnin 4 southern ontario. Snow,rain,freezin rain their callin 4 every kind of precipitation 4 our area. Which means watch 4 it or its comin. Most of it north -east n south of us,but when has a weather man been on the nose with the 4cast.. Wet snow n freezin rain headin your way there Pebbles,so u better hunker down n not do any local travelin. Unless ur headin south , lol.............back later with an update.

Teddy's Interior Decorating

It's a good thing im workin 4 free,or i'd have 2 take out a bank loan 2 pay me. If this type of work was my stock n trade ,i may have finished by now. If it was just a matter of paintin b different ,but needed to do more work than planned. I keep tellin myself, self your doin a fine job,just take ur time an u will get it done.. Spot primed the walls n primed da cealing, ready for paint tomorrow ,then the walls . My friend has maroon paint wonder what colour id get if i mixed red n maroon, im scared it will dry bright red. I was thinkin of paintin my ceilin fan ,the body barn red n the fans white with black or red pin wheel. Then id b able 2 hypnotize ppl, you will all pitch in n buy me a hy def. big screen tv. Sounds like a plan 2 me, except it might make ppl go in2 convulsions. I've seen it happen in detox from watchin music video's. Oh well have 2 get tv the ole fashion way win a lottery. 4 some reason im tired don't know why, so off 2 bed for me........harsh wind but no snow or rain,im so happy............later ppl.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Expanding Into The Kitchen

Started mudding the patch marks on the walls. Claw marks from my cats thru the ages n their kittens. Door knob holes n fist marks from my old debauchery days. Mayb paint by Fri. Have to let mud dry b4 sanding. Oh well what can u do ,it had 2 b done sooner or later. Geeze almost the weekend agin n nothin accomplished, mayb cause i expanded into the kitchen n down the hall way. I may as well do the whole house,got the rest of the winter 4 that. gulp. Once i get some paint on the walls ,i b happy,till then putter along..........later ppl..........finally no snow no rain no freezing rain ,enjoy while u can i guess ...............zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

''No Such Thing As A Small Job''

Well i ran out of ambition last night did'nt take anything off the walls. So 2day i gotta work twice as fast 2 make up the time. um um . Its gonna take longer than planned 2 do this little job. Decided to prime the walls again instead of just paintin. Lots of patchin 2 do, funny what u c after everythings off the walls. Nothin happened 2day t peeve me so no rantin this post. Well if i really want 2 i guess i could find something lol. Just have 2 c what tomorrow brings.....later......ppl

Tuesday, December 07, 2004


Well got rooms cleaned out,at least now i have room 2 move around. Still a bit 2 do as far as makin up a bed 4 company. Had 2 do some electrical work in 1 bedroom outlets n lights did'nt work. Just call me ''JACK'' Jack of all trades master of some. Why cant things b simple 4 a change, not that i mind surprises but not every time i attemp somethin. You want some cheeze with that whine u ask, ok i quit . Onward n Upward I Say. Now im gonna b a drywaller, painter n critic. Keeps me grounded if i critisize what i do now n agin. I can tell myself go to hell n i don't stay mad at me 4 2 long. Now 2 start on livin room, just realized, i have 2 strip everything off of walls. Ill do some 2night n do the rest bright n early Tuesday afternoon.
Thought Woody would call 2day n want 2 move some of the furniture from his humongous home,it's cold but no precip 2 speak of. We got snow showers n rain foecast 4 Tues. ,so that day is a wash out. I keeped my comp on most of the day n any ppl tryin 2 call cant get thru,mayb deep down i didnt want 2 b bothered. 1 good thing about phone not workin when comp on. Well i better take some more things off da walls . Then all i need 2 do Tues. is take surround speakers n shelvein down n put everythin in middle of da room. Better go 2 bed cause it's not gonna b as simple as 1,2,3,tomorrow . Im a firm believer in Murphys law, hows it go what can go wrong will go Cant wait 2 c what tomorrow brings. Oh the anticipation is almost 2 much,lay down till that feelin goes away. Well i have 2 return calls that came in while i was so busy. Hell with it they know how 2 knock on my door if they want me. One thing that bugs me and i've done it 2 . U drive 2 someones house n honk the horn instead of gettin off ur fat ass n knockin on the door. Usually i would keep watchin tv or whatever i was doin at the time, n wait till they knocked. Wonder how many ppl did that 2 me serves me right if they did. I c them next day n they ask if i was away ,i say no. They were there they say ,oh ,i did'nt even hear u knock. I will never b blamed 4 stickin to the same subject when im bloggin. And why should 1 when u can jump all over. Don't want ppl to think they got me figured out, impossible i say cause i hav'nt figured me out yet. Now that im all worked up try n sleep now.......East wind blowin off the lake n makin ice,i may have 2 bring in my dogs, thats a harsh wind.....keep warm ppl....winters here 4 a couple a days..............later

Monday, December 06, 2004


No Hockey no Nascar on weekends. Now i got no excuse not 2 do all the odd jobs i been puttin off since 1991. The year things changed for the better on our rez,when my kids asked me 2 come home n look after them. The best decision i ever made,never know where ul end up if u got no real direction in life. An early dirt nap mayb,i was 2 young 4 a nap. lol. I was happy just livin day 2 day . Odd jobs n cash 4 life {welfare}is no way 2 get ahead. Since our co-op is no more ,im already countin my chickens b4 they hatch. I makin plans on how 2 best operate my ''Net Manufacture , Repair And Salvage Business''. I think i will cut my 3 stage plan down 2, 2 stages. Im thinkin possitive that i will get my grant. HEY ,IM OFF ON ANOTHER TANGENT, OPPS , if it was'nt 4 tangents i would'nt have a thing 2 say 4 Da Weekend. I think ill clean out the 2 empty bedrooms full of junk {heirlooms} rearrange the ''stuff'' n make a storage room n make 1 a bedroom agin. If i start now i should b done by Monday. I remember when i cleaned my bedroom a couple hours turned into, well never mind. Now i have place 4 grand kids when they spend the night.

Sun- Tanya n grand kids came by,came from church bazzar ,bought a cherry pie mmmmmmmmm, n brought me a Care pkg. of home made soup mmmmmmmmmm agin. Don't need 2 cook 4 at least 2 days. It's nice 2 have kids n grand kids, i miss the other grand kids but the sisters are still not talkin. But they'll get over it eventually n im stayin right out of it. I hate bein in a pridicament where ur expected to take sides . Already got shit from there mom ,i did'nt even get involved in it, accordin 2 her just cause i adopted sheila i took sides. Im a better person than that, give me some credit, ''BEYOTCH'' . Ill borrow a word i saw in one of ur posts there Pebbles, just seems like the right place 2 use. lol. She wrote me a 6 r 7 page bitch letter which i filed it under g 4 garbaauge, there was no need 2 read past start of first page.
I still have 2 take stuff off livin room walls to get ready 4 paintin. Tuesday 4 sure,i have to start livin room. But i already started clearin bedrooms. i better get at it agin,b4 i get lazy. Between surfin a bit workin a bit n stoppin 4 coffee, time is flyin n im accomplishin quit a bit. Im gonna be able 2 finish this by Monday. I have 2 patch some drywall b4 i can paint so another job thats gonna take longer than planned, buts that ok i have lotsa time. Gotta go i feel another tangent comin.............later ppl

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Friday Already Where'd The Week Go-Part Deux

My chum showed up as u know n we visit n bullshit n talk like guys do. I decide 2 go out 2 town with him n go c his palatial home. For my next visit i m gonna borrow a handheld GPS so i don't get . Lost count how many rooms n how many floors we checked out, 3 i think n not even got 2 attic. Big ole home built in late 1800's or so. My pal sayin u want this ,can u use this,im like a kid in a candy store. I figure if i cant use i got a daughter that can she got big house 2,although not this big.. Next week i gonna help him move some stuff n same time haul some stuff home here. He sellin n movin on down 2 a smaller home. So when house sells i may be the recipient of some more worldly possesions. It is better 2 receive than give i always say somtimes ,im just kiddin i like givin if im able. Been puttin off paintin 4 a month n a half , guess i gotta now b4 i get my loot home. My daughter is gonna help me paint on monday n mayb my new son inlaw will help 2. El Cheapo here i bought my paint at The Re-store, run by Habitat For Humanity.......a beige like 4 ceiling n red 4 walls. I hope it dont dry bright red or i b real horny or on the verge of violence all the time. ha,ha,ha. Time check 2 out chat n e-mail/spam.........later ppl

Friday, December 03, 2004

Friday Already Where'd The Week Go

Did i mention that i got rid of my piles, a painfull affliction, but i mean gravel piles. There an early attempt at funny ,how was it ......thought so ,2 early. My friend called at 7am. What friend calls that early, not even showered or dressed yet. The perks of unemployment sit around in boxers or briefs _ _ _ _ _ _ your guess. ar,ar,ar,. We had snow agin last nite,so he gonna drive the misses in to work,she work at our daycare. And he like old maytag repairman, he's been over the hill 4 so long he can't remember goin over the hump. But he keeps our major appliances on the rez n surrounding area in top running condition,{have 2 say that cause i said he over the hill}. They live in town of Wiarton pop. 2000 been same pop. since i can remember,never up ,never down. I think they bump off ppl or kick them out of town when pop. reaches 2001 or higher. They also recruit or hyjack ppl when pop drops from to many deaths. What was the name of that movie. Anyway thats what i think,crap he's here already. Bathless groggin today i guess.I hear u knockin but u cant come in hm,hm,hm,hm,.............later.

Winters Here Again,Damn!!!!!!!!

Let it snow damn it. I finally got that big pile of gravel spread onto my drive way. Need 1 more scotty's gonna drop 1 more off ,that will finish it 2 edge of main road pavement. Let it settle over winter. I'll have a nice driveway come spring no more mud hole when it rains. Well i got lots of free time now n nothin to pass the time. Have 2 take some time tomorrow n look over my employment options. I love livin here on the rez but the employment is sporatic n not enough jobs 2 go around. The majority of jobs u need a drivers licence or previous experience. Lots of jobs with band office n different programs { our city hall} but u got 2 have the right last name if u know what i mean, n if u got reletives in high placed jobs ur a shoe in. Been like that 4 years nepotism runs rampant here just like any rez. Sorry 2 say. Thats why we wanted this co-op 2 fly. So the regular person could get a job so as 2 be able 2 get off welfare n apply 4 unemployment insurance 4 the winter n go back 2 work in spring. Our government is just like the federal gov. always braggin about the jobs they create, But like i said only the chosen few get jobs not the people that really need it. Now that im unemployed i guess, i'll let my fingers do the walking n c if theres nets i can do 4 someone. My old tug fishing boss maybe. I'd b more than happy 2 do nets for him n wait 2 get paid. I did that 4 him last year when he was havin financial problems, when u get a breakdown on a fish tug it's a major expence. He did not have good luck last year lots of breakdowns. But thats the fishin business. Still ppl out there that think it;s all gravey. If it snows all night i can shovel my driveway, jk. After losin so many cousins to heart attacks to shovelin snow . I quit used 2 shovel my 150ft. driveway n a 50 ft. strip in front of my house from 15 -25ft wide had a weird shaped driveway narrow at road n wider near house. When i got done my drive it looked like i used a knife 2 trim the banks n sweeped up after .It was a thing of beauty my drive than other ppl started to try out do me n the contest was on. ha, ha, ha . At least lots of ppl had nice drives. But just like in city ,u go inside have a coffee n admire ur work n the snow plow goes by n fills in ur driveway. Back outside n swear at the plowman so what if i used 2 b the plowman n have ppl swear at me. I took out many a mailbox,but its 1 of the hazards of havin snow removal. Well go chattin 4 a bit n hit the sack........later ppl

Thursday, December 02, 2004

''Kicking A Dead Horse''

Got a meetin with a major funder,we need 2 know how 2 disburse our assets,n how we go about, liquidating ,so they can get back some of the money. He wants 2 meet with the guy who killed the co-op, try n smooth things over n maybe start back up again. Myself i c no chance in Hell ever reasonin with that guy,he has his cronies puttin thungs in his head. And he's 2 far gone he's a head case now,he's changed so much since he got back on dope. We tried 2 ignore it because it was his business we started the co-op with, the main thing needed 2 start. I don't blame the funder were into them 4 alot of money so he don't want us 2 quit, but i c no options. Even some of our members, think he's gone around the bend,nobody likes 2 talk 2 him . He got what he wanted from the start, to get his original business back n all the additions n improvments n extra equipment we purchaced. Im gonna try my best to make sure he don't profit from the co-op's demise. Not much else 2 do till after next week when funder meets with the guy. just sit n wait...............later

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