Monday, January 31, 2005


Another Monday already,how come after u hit 25 the years just fly by. Doe's any1 else out there feel that 2. If not u lie'n 2 u self......shame. Another beautiful day. I better accomplish somethin today agin. Always good 2 get a few things done or started. A good start 2 the week,hmmmm what 2 do. I will go n check on my bro than come back n clean my house. Then i shall finish paintin my livin room. Wish me luck gonna mix blood red n dark brown paint n c what i get.........later

Saturday, January 29, 2005


My cat ''Mittens'' left last Sunday n been missin ever since. He;s never been gone that long b4 so i thought the worse. Thought road kill, dogs,owl's,coyote,wolf,fox, ass-h_ _es with pellet guns. But he back,not skinny like other times so i think some1 had him in their house [held against his will] lol. He did'nt smell like cedar this time,thats where he stays when he out Tom Cattin. Always the same cat at least he's faithful n so is she all kittens r usually black with same mark on chest as daddy. lol. It's been so cold he could have froze as well. I remember feelin like this when my sons were gone all week-end. It finally did happen to my oldest son,got run over by drunk driver. Revenge is best served cold but my youngest son beat me 2 the punch. So now he's doin time n not me. Which reminds me he'll b up 4 parole this year. We talk regular and he sounds happy now since he moved back 2 maximum which has been awhile now. He was in minimum security but they did'nt have any sort of programs cept 4 upgradin. He wanted 2 learn a trade 4 when he got out. In max he got his diploma n job trainin,now he knows how 2 lay ceramic floor,bath n kitchen n where ever else tile goes. So he got a payin job, when his boss is away he gets paid by studyin in his cell. It more then on hands trainin u got 2 use ur brain 2. In a month or 2 he go to camp a place with no fences or razor wire,across from where he was so happy 2 leave behind. But he has 2 go their till he moves across the road 2 camp. I'll b able 2 visit its only 4 hour drive from here n on way home stop off at Indian Casino..CHING,CHING,DING,DING,DING. Always win there another story at our local casino ,just go there 2 Well the snow has stopped but still cold as hell after it freezes over that is. Finally nice sunny days clear nights. Still hav'nt seen that comet. Have to go on line n look 4 best time n which direction. It was towards the south but might b diff now. I go 2 to get flyover time for shuttle in my area,all ya gotta do is click on big city nearest u. Gives u time,direction n angle n so on,really cool actually. Better go n let my doggies in, i hear the let us in bark...........laterzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....peeps.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Well i got oil yesterday finally When i checked the tank my dip stick only had an inch or 2 of oil so i was runnin on fumes. Hate 2 use oven 4 heat till oil comes,defeat the purpose of bein energy efficient. Looks not 2 bad out 2day but it still cold leave my dogs in i guess. Hope my cats ok still not home ,but he been gone 4 days b4. I better find ride 2 owen sound i have mudder hubbards cupboards. Finish this later.........


What a blustery day it was ,snow blowin around. Still cold as hell. Dogs stayed out last night till 1am. when i felt sorry 4 them n i brought them in. My daughter told me a guy from the boundry road did'nt bring his dog in on those cold nights n it froze 2 death. Poor dog ppl like that should'nt own pets. My cat ''Mittens'' went out Monday night n not back yet,gone 2 knock up his girlfriend .lol. My daughter took 1 of the kittens of his n Jake is almost as big as his dad. Mittens dad was a smokey gray barn cat,he went from a kitten weigin a few onces. to a 20 lb. cat.he stood 16'' off the floor. But he lost a fight with a car. The new plow employee is doin a better job now that he's gettin used 2 the equipment. Does a nice neat job. He's about 5 years older than me n seein my niece doe's that make him my nephew, i call him neph n c what he Cousin stopped by n dropped off some fish carcasses 4 the dogs,talk about happy dogs. But they ate like they had been starvin,but they love fish. Especially when im cookin ,their all in kitchen [cats n dogs] watchin 2 make sure im doin it right. Its only gonna b -9 tonight n go to -30 thru the night. Hope ppl bring their pets in. Kerri ,Brady n Kirk got off the bus here while their mom went shoppin,always glad to c grandkids. Musta been why i made jello last night. They make me nervous they pick highest point on my deck n jump off into snow. My kids used 2 jump off roof of house when they were small. In the proces of watchin Terminator 1,2 n 3 so better finish 2 b4 bed. gn,ppl....Don't leave ur pets out in the cold.......later

Monday, January 24, 2005

''ANOTHER MONDAY"stormy start 2 week

Looked out my window n saw snow agin,bout 3'' out there now. Should build up 2 quit a bit my night fall. Not gettin hit as bad as east coast,seem like snowin non stop out there. Just heard northern states r gettin 1-3 ft. of snow their turn now i guess. It;s good 2 share the wealth,mother earth likes 2 spread it around. Furnace is still cyclin so i still got oil. Supposed 2 deliver oil this morn,weather permittin. We gettin white outs now n agin. If its like that here its worse off rez. I can catch glimps of island n across the bay so mayb not 2 bad. Nice bright moon last night 4got 2 look 4 comet. Just want 2 c if on a collision course. jk. I have to dig my dog out he's just a pile of snow later

Sunday, January 23, 2005


My plowman Scotty came by ,used his snow blower 2day. Did'nt relise how much snow was on my drive till after he was done. I was watchin tv n the light was blocked out 4 a sec. wondered WTF,thought may tv tower came down or somthin fell of the roof. Im still in process of paintin so i had my centre speaker n sub-woofer hooked up n did'nt hear Scotty come in. Even partial surround sound drowns out eveything. I miss Flight Of The Valkyries n Paint It Black on my surround in concert or stadium mode. When i do nets outside i put 1 speaker on window sill n open front door n the sound that comes through is great. I've had compliments from visitors n ppl walkin by. [As he puffs up his chest] Alright who said what chest,be nice, i know i could lose a few pounds. My only resolution 2 lose weight since i already quit drinkin n smokin cold turkey. I have no reson 2 Those tangents just sneak up on a guy. We had such high winds lately i was wonderin if my tower would stay up. My brother told me he ran out of propane no cookin n no heat. Luckly on a delivery day so only out a couple of hours. The delivery driver did'nt bother droppin gas off 2 him,bein Fri. he wanted off early. They said they fired him ya right. My bro went without gas for 2 weeks last winter cause of billing error on their part, mixed up with sombody else. Their attitude so what,more or less. They should have compensated him . They bought up other gas company so now they have monopoly in area,got u over a barrel. If u screw up 1'ce u pay cash from then on n u pay couple hundred $ if an emergency delivery. No matter who u deal with 4 whatever you'll c a nish gettin screwed. Better go n let my dogs in n let them settle me down. There is no better therapy than havin 2 cats n 3 dogs vyin 4 u attention. Or next best thing my grand-kids,just foolin,their tops . Well better go b4 another tangent shows up...........later....good-night n good weather.[Ted Baxter]


Just a skiff a snow out thar,but still cold. It still driftin the wind is from the NNE n comin right off the bay. I look out on the water n c ice pilin up on shore 100-150 ft. out so far. Its cold enuff to freeze but with wind the bay won't freeze up. Were gonna have below freezin temps 4 the next few days. Put my dogs out ,i let them run loose 1 at a time b4 i tied them up. My cat goes out 4 mayb 5 min. n thats it,the other 1 don't even. I'll have 2 kick him out 2 blow the stink I heard them scrap in the basement last nite. I imagine theres black fur chunks all over the floor thats how i usually know if they tangled ass-holes. Well i better go n clean off steps n deck get ready 4 the company thats not comin...sob,sniff,sniff[as he falls on floor in fetal position]. There im ok now. Just kiddin. Another Sunday no Nascar no hockey,oh yah does'nt matter got my satellite cut off anyway. Im back to the old tytanna,8 off-air tv stations r better than non,i always say somtimes. Besides i still have dvd's n movies i taped i hav'nt even seen yet.............more later


Damn its was cold out 2day n still cold. Not much snow but my drive drifted in n there's no way im goin 2 shovel snow 2day freeze my lungs. Went 2 my bro's, was hard 2 breath that air. My nostrils stuck 2gether. Went 2 get his paper n flyers don't want him goin out in that coldness. The cold might kill his battery anyway ,then he b screwed. We had white outs n wind chill n there were still ppl walkin around. Had 2 b kids only 1's tough enough or dumb enuff. Good thing i turn heat down at night,oil might not last till Monday. Roughly 24 hours n ill have a full tank nuff 2 get me through till spring i hope. I hate Scrooge'in but what else can u do with a minimum income. But better days comin i can feel it in my bones. I'll just keep tryin 2 get the $40.000 i need to start my business or as close 2 amount as i can get. I can always shave off a few things, it was the way i planned it anyway. I will still need a building 2 work out of eventually but 4 now my basement is big enuff. Well better call my aunt n get the latest gossip. Only have 2 aunts left a far cry from the 20 some kids in that family[moms side]big family. They did'nt have tv back then u I have no 1 from my dads side. My mom n dad had us sort of late in life so we don't remember our grandparents from either side. But all our great uncles n aunts we knew that was the next best thing. Better phone her.....later.

Saturday, January 22, 2005


All this cold weather were hav'iv is good 4 the ice fisherman,on small lakes. I don't know if Georgian Bay will freeze over this year. Most of tugs r on this side n also our sister rez's tugs 2. Its the new season 4 our commercial fisherman. To bad our co-op is no more. Some of the fisherman i've talked 2 r feelin the crunch now that there is no other place 2 sell fish. At least we gave them a fair price,even when we had 2 lower what we pay it was still more than the non-native fish buyers. If only the members had more of a hand in runnin our co-op. We had so many members but no 1 had time 2 come 2 meetings. Or even give us ideas on what to do n which way 2 go. But they could really bitch at the restarant. The Ministry is in the process of buyin out a couple of neighbourin non-native fisherman. Buyin back what was rightfully ours anyway,go figure.EH. lol. At least were not gettin 2 much snow,very little fallin . Just what fell is blowin around,but a storm comin so Fri. may bring a pile of it. But the wind chill is bad keep me dogs in. Now that i only have a few inches of oil in my tank it gets bitterly cold n my furnace is cyclin on more. Never did get my wood furnace home. When we do its gonna b a job n a 1/2. Have 2 bring up-stairs n through house no entrence from outside 2 basement. Most older houses always had separate entrances. Well i better answer some of my spam finally heard from my long lost nephew. Bundle up if u have 2 b out 2nite..........later

Thursday, January 20, 2005


What a let down no ''SEX TRIVIA'' 2nite,somtin about hav'in probs with bots. Wonder if thats anything like Crawlers. Did i ever mention the time i had crawlers but not from Thats 4 another time n place. I should just repeat ''SEX'' over n over n c what the crawler gives me 4 Goggle adds. It prob send me to Rex Humbart ,oral roberts or any1 of many Holy Rollers out My landlady in highschool used 2 listen 2 all those kind of radio shows . She new them all 24 - 7. But was she ever a good cook,not that my single parent dad could'nt cook cause he could. He made mistakes like the time he put taters in oven 2 bake n he 4got. We was in the livin room after supper n you could here ''PAH-PAH-PAH,it was our baked taters blowin up in the oven. I did'nt mind cleanin up cause i could'nt stop laughin . I wonder if that was why he jumped on tractor n went visitin. That was our means of transportation back then a 1940's Ford tractor ,then a upgrade 2 a brand spankin new 1960's Massey Ferguson. Also our means of lively hood. Those were good simple times,which i miss the odd time. Hey where did that tangent come from,i was braggin aboot me land-ladies cookin. But this was different it was white ppl food. I had veggies i did'nt know the name of. Had dishes i've never even heard of. When i was home with a Monday mornin hangover ,i heard a big crash. I jump up out of bed i thought she fell down,it was just the glory of the lord that threw her down. I peeked out my door n seen her on floor prayin for me cause i was sick. I did'nt tell her it was hangover. She did our laundry 2, i had a bro from the rez stayin here 2. I could never figure how 2 explain what an atletic support was. I could'nt tell her it was 2 keep ur canootchies from hangin out of ur gym shorts among other things. She was a good but strange landlady,she prob up there lookin at Well i guess if i cant talk about sex the next best thing is food. EH.......Well go make a pot of tea 4 the movie 2nite..............later


Only got a couple a inches a snow so ah ain;t shovelin 2day. But is it bitterly cold out thar. I won't bother with my brudder's either cause a bit of snow u need 4 tracktion. Just go n check on after n get paper. I always take Snoopy or Sparky when i go they like 2 visit,just in case George is got goodies. Did i ever mention that r just like my kids,after their treat their ready 2 go. Are goin yet,Are we there yet u get the picture. They always take a tour of his house ,i hope their not markin their terretory in his rooms. He has never mentioned anything so i guess their just nozy. ''I HOPE''.... Their havin "SEX TRIVIA'' on chat 2nite....hmmmmmmmmmmmm. I guess i'll have 2 go n let them in on all i know or mayb what i don't know. Mayb it will b a sex education 4 me,wish i had a web cam. I whole heartedly believe that 1 picture is worth a thousand words. But was told web cam not work 2 good on dial-up. Well better get up n about n go c me brudder n feed aminals.....later

''Driftin Snow''cont.

Well i got my cardio workout this afternoon, i shoveled my driveway. It was 6'' of fluffy snow so was'nt to hard. I forgot how big my drive really is till i have 2 shovel After i done mine i went n shoveled my bro's walkway n deck. I saw his scooter tracks outside ,it can motor through 6'' of fluffy snow. Must have really wanted 2 read the paper,i gave him hell anyway. He should'nt do that i said,he took his crutches just in case he got stuck in snow. When i got home after doin my bro's walkway our plowman shows up. Thats ok i saved myself 10.00 bucks n it was'nt that hard. It never fails somthin like that always happens. I may b shovelin agin tomorrow. Got my dogs in its cold -30 2nite n its snowin n blowin. We gonna get lake effect snow which could end up bein a lot. One thing i noticed while i was shovelin near the road cars n trucks go by n ppl look straight ahead. Only thing i can figure is they dont want 2 look in case u stop them n ask 4 help. Or they feel guilty n if they look then they have 2 stop n help. How things have changed at 1 time it was u scratch my back n i'll scratch your back. Now it's i'll help u as long as u pay me. To me thats not bein a traditional indian. Well better go there's a news special i want to catch on the tsunami after Jay Leno. Better check n c that i did'nt let any pets out, my somtimers may have kicked in...later.....

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

''Driftin Snow''-so white out thar.

What a beautiful day ,its so clean n white out thar. I looked out 2 c my dog n he was'nt anywhere 2 b seen. Just a chain stickin out of a pile of snow. He's so comfy under the snow he aint movin. Hope he hears plowman when he comes. Still snowin a bit but mostly what's blowin around n driftin into my driveway. It's nice out but cold, not 2 cold 4 my spoiled dogs. Can't c the island 4 steam so it is a bit nippy out. I heard them last night with their ,its cold lets us in barks. But i did'nt give in,mayb i let them in 4 awile today, Good thing i checked my oil tank yesterday n ordered oil,only had a few inches on the bottom. Hope i got enuff till at least Fri. thats when he delivers to the REZ. I should im very trifty now that im unemployed.......more later mayb something ground breaking will happen to me this afternoon.......ya right.........later.

''Chwesday n the sun's out'' cont.

Still cold n snowin a bit,not enuff 2 worry about. My aunt reached out n touched me almost did'nt answer. I don't usually answer unknown name or number calls. I figure if they don't want me 2 c their name or number than they dont need 2 talk 2 me. Besides its always a bill collector,salesperson, friend or relative lookin 4 previous owner of my phone #. Anyway my aunt asked me about birthdays which i have written down. I can barely remember my bday let alone my kids n g-kids. I found out i missed Dougies b-day on Jan.13, Jeeze he's 12 years old already. Seems like yesterday he was crawlin around my drive way in a snow storm while we shoveled 2 keep ahead of the storm. By next year he'll b taller than me,he gonna b a big boy. My cousin already hires him 2 help lift nets. Out of a punt he can make 100.00-200.00 bucks a day. My cuz has 2 tell him not 2 spend his money foolishly,after all he is still a kid. I think thats good hes workin ,u never 2 young to learn what work is. Long as he does'nt overdo it he still growin. I'll get him somthin when i get some cash. I may b forced 2 return 2 crime 2 make a livin. lol JUST KIDDIN. Well gonna go out n c if its clear enuff 2 c the comet........later

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

''Chewsday n the sun's out''

Another beutiful day but cold as a witches tit. I have never felt a witches tit,at least not knowingly. Plow man came by agin just after 6am. Now i have 2 go out n put finishin touches to my driveway. Gotta tie up me mutts its cold but not as bad as last night. That was a cuttin wind last night hope my daughter put her dog n cats in. Gotta feed my udder dependants now ,i c them out there.........more later


Good mornin peeps ,i woke up to 1 1/2 ft. of snow. But its real powdery n not wet n heavy. Scott got new guy plowin better than last 1 he had. That guy has 2 learn u need speed n momentum 2 push snow. This new does a nice job. But he has 2 learn 2 push snow back as far as he can or u run out of room. His usual job is grass cuttin,he has a grass cuttin business. Holy Snappin Sheep Ship it's cold out their must b that Arctic blast they talk aboot.Eh. Put dogs out 4 awile n my finger almost got stuck to the snap link. I heard them whimperin out there so i went 2 let them back in. I had 2 blow on link so i could thaw it out n let them loose. I was being very careful not 2 touch with my tounge or lips. Memories of public school,i have never willingly done that agin. I don't have 2 tell u what in talkin about because there is not 1 human that has'nt done it on this planet where it gets cold nuff for this 2 happen. I even think there r a few aminals out there thats done it. Wonder why kids r so gullible n some grow up bein gullible grown-ups. I've worked with a few,here at home n on the outside. Thats what we call anywhere off rez ''The Outside''. Prob udder rez's have a sayin for out there. It still snowin n cloudy cant c the comet,only the 1 on my sink. Go let my dogs out,i can let Snoopy out with another dog cause he dont go far,to cold. The sun was out here n there durin the day ,not long nuff to warm anything up. As cold as it gets there's always some1 walkin the roads even kids. Well better go check 4 me mutts..........later

Monday, January 17, 2005


What a cold week-end this was,only let dogs out 2 do their thing. When they run just off the deck n squirt on the deck post n their done than u know its cold. Did'nt get much done this week-end,to cold 2 stay out 4 to long. All i did was shovel the entrance's n the decks. Steam was common off the water in the mornin. The sun peeked out a couple of times but it stayed cloudy. Was hopin it would clear up at night,want'ed 2 c that comet towards the south . I don't know if thats the 1 their tryin 2 hit with their rocket [NASA}foolish i say. W.T.F. r they thinkin what if they manage 2 cause it 2 break up,what they gonna do if a few pieces head our direction. Why can't they do it on its way by instead of on its way here. [Flashback to movie Deep Impact n Armegeddon]. Theirs supposed 2 b one on its way here anyway supposed 2 hit in 12 years or so. I hope its just another Y2K and it never happens. Mayb thats why their doin this 2 c if they can smash it 2 bits. A few thousand pieces would b better than a football field size chunk. I'll b forced 2 hop in my star cruiser n head back home i guess. I may have room 4 a few hitch-hikers,let me c who will i chose,her n her n her n............ Ok,Ok im awake,where was i oh yah better start makin a shelter now. Me i'll just stand out their n watch the fire-works,don't think anyplace will b safe. Just gotta hope they don't hit near u. I like star gazing but not sure if i'd like 2 c uranus. I was sittin with a buddy at Council Fire drop-in 1 time. I was readin a popular science like magazine on different planets. I asked Ed if he saw uranus , he said nobody seen his anus. Almost fell off my chair,that Eddy he was a joker n a good artist. Wonder if he survived Toronto,i;d like to go back n c how many are still alive or how many died. A plan 4 next summer take me 2 or 3 days to check out my old stomppin grounds. Well it;s startin 2 snow agin ,got about 6'' so far mayb snow enough t 2 plow by mornin. Oh well its winter ,just grin n bear it,Bull Crap i'd sooner Bitch. It makes me happy. Well better check out chat ......later peeps.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

''Im Back''

Well,Hells Bells ,i'll try again. I had a post started n i deleted it some how. I almost had my post finished rather. Oh well ship happens. Where was i,oh yah ,i decided 2 take a break from bloggin 4 a bit. I hav'nt even been on chat since b4 x-mas,not 4 any length of time anyway. We never got that storm, they called 4 last week,which is good. From Dec. 14-26 i got plowed out 9 times,thats $90.00 well spend but cant afford. But i gave up on shovellin snow as u know. Im scared my old ticker will give out,im 2 young 4 a dirt nap. But when that day comes i want 2 b cremated so they can plant me with my son. I had found a corner of graveyard that was mt beside some cedar tree/hedges. I had planned 2 b laid next 2 him ,but they went n planted someone else there. Dont even know who it is no name marker. Our REZ is not that big so if some1 passes away we usually know them. Only time is if they moved away years ago. Then it ends up no1 there except minister n priest,n guys from roads dept. they dig grave n fill in after service. Thats bad as far as im concerned,community should b notified. I was at a burial their n after i went walkin around n found my friends grave ,he got buried while i was home but never knew he died till months after. And if u die in no1 claimes ur body u get planted in Canuck version of potters field. I had 2 bury my girlfriend there in Toronto in the 80s,Mount Pleasant Cemetary,1 section for rich n not so rich n another 4 who gives a ship. But thats the way it is. I tried hard 2 find her family but i did;nt know which part of BC 2 look, i know se was Carrier Tribe n her last name was Bell. I got Salvation Army 2 try n they couldnt with their resources. She died in my arms and the 1 thing that sticks out in my memory is the cops thinkin i had somethin 2 do with her death. Thats the kind of thing natives had 2 go through in Toronto as well as other Canadian cities. They pronounced her at the hospital but i knew she was gone b4 ambulance came. It still hurt when the cop came into waiting room with hat in hand i knew what he was gonna tell me. At least Lt. Love from Sally Ann came with me 2 identify her[we used 2 call him power in the soup] after service we would go down 2 dinin room n eat soup. We used 2 go 2 sevices at Sally Ann, as well as the other natives. We got 2 know the ppl workin there so i asked them if they would preform the service. It was a good service as far as services go,mostly natives but quite a few non-natives were there. They found rides 4 whoever wanted 2 go to cemetary. I used 2 put down Sally Ann till i saw what they were all about. Well time change subject but seems like this time of the year u have to talk these thing out. I found that every x-mas i get so depressed thinkin about all the ppl i saw die or hurt,especially in Toronto. I got so close 2 so many natives from all over Turtle Island
u might know them 4 years n if some1 asks u where their from or their name u can't say,cause it never comes up. Just nick names so if cop ever asks so n so's name u can truthfully say u dont know. But thats not the reason. Im glad i found bloggin i can get stuff of my chest n bitch about anything to no1 special,i have no1 to talk to in times like this. Like talkin 2 my confesser what ever the hell that What about my other dogs u ask ,well let me tell u. I've let them out 2gether [ Sparky n Bugs] a couple of nights n they came back with battle scars. I dont know if they fight each other. I dont think so they travel guite a way 2 my cuz's place n 2 my daughters. There lots of dogs loose between here n Al's place,so they have 2 cross different turfs,sounds like my time in Toronto. So i have 2 let them out 1 at a time then they don't go 2 far. If there's a blizzard then they look at me like im crazy when i hold door open. They refuse 2 go out in that, they give u that u first look. Even the cats, Mittens anyway Nuisance is so dainty i have 2 grab n put out gently. My Gwe-jim ,my female Manx had 12 kitens 1 time 6blk, n 6 wht. I used to help her birth n i pick them up right after their born n blow in their face let them get used 2 humans . So when they got bigger i put them outside with their bed and id walk next door 2 my bros. Their mom stayed in bed n i had a line of kittens followin me[wish i had pics] . The grass was'nt cut so grass is a 6-12'' tall n i got a line of fur balls followin me,c them jump 2 get bearing n 2 keep me in site. Im aminal lover i guess. Well i better go feed udder aminals,the black squarrels r out thar...........later peeps

Thursday, January 06, 2005


It snowed all day but it only accumilated 2''. But holy ship is it cold out. I let my dogs out for their usual,tree markin competition. Supposed 2 b a big storm comin,they got the whole southern Ontario on a weather watch. I b warm as toast as long as power dont go off. I should call my furnace man 2 give me estimate 2 hook up wood furnace even if it not right kind. Long as u got water n heat u can survive. Not first time any1 bbq in the winter. Well better look 4 dogs......later

Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Well damn its snowin ,thats it ill never listen 2 shaug=nosh weather man agin. I'll listen 2 my achin joints,b4 i smoke em.


Got a bit of clean up done. Need truck now n an appliance dolly to move the old freezer,washer,dryer n hot water tank . I should charge for storage cause it still belongs to Ontario Hydro n the repair guy was supposed 2 take it away. I've been rentin it since i moved home in 1991,and it was installed 4 rental in 1982 so technically its still theirs n im storin it 4 them till they pick it up. Ill have 2 check my old posts n c just when it was replaced. Suckers been chargin me full rental 4 a hot water heater that quit bein efficient 14 years ago. It sat on ground for 9 years till i poured cement floor n it was all rustrd 2 shit then. November 28th. is when it let go [hot water tank] thats 38 days as of 2day. I wonder what 2 charge 4 daily storage, $10.00/day sounds fair 2 me especially when i was only 2 wait till next day 4 them 2 haul it away. Its takin up space in my home n it belongs 2 them and since its some1 elses property im responsible 4 it. Well thats tomorrows prob. I brought my dogs in its goin down to -25 deg. 2nite. My buddy called so i b movin some funiture home. I'll have 2 store it here ,still have 2 finish my livin room. I must finish paintin hes got a gal of paint i wanna use maroon or somthin at least its not blood clot red like the paint i had. Well watch news n go to bed,he may come early. Hey Pebbles im glad your cat is doin good,did,nt mean 2 laugh when u said the cats was staggerin around. But it reminded me of a time we were havin a party here n one of my cats drank out of a beer glass. Talk about drunk he was justa staggerin,i put him in his bed he was alright next morn. I thought it could have killed him theres so much dog n cats cant eat cause its toxic. Well good-night.....n c u all 2morrow

Tuesday, January 04, 2005


I was gonna peruse that list of places to apply 4 grant or funding 2 start a business. Im not givin up on my plans of financial independance through a business of my own. And i still want 2 try n employ a couple of ppl besides me. I ruined my credit from all my years of screwin around n not given a s_ _ t. You reap what you sow ,''HAH'' what goes around comes around. Thats why im tryin 2 b a piller og society. Besides im gettin 2 old 4 fartin around now. I have 2 think of the future . But when u plan it never works out, i had 2 clean house , All the snows gone, so im tryin to get the garbage put together n get it hauled away. Don't expect snow till next week somtime. I got enough in basement to fill a truck old washers n dryers ,i've got 2 stop sayin this will come in handy somday. Only thing i got from my dad that i still do. May as well get a head start on spring cleaning. Well pitter patter gotta get adder.............later ppl.

Monday, January 03, 2005


Well it rained all day n just sprinklin now. All that snow we had is almost gone another day mayb. That freezin rain storm didnt make it ,but thats ok. More snow called 4 but its gonna b above freezin at least till Thursday. Keep a watch on my snowball tree. When it gets warm enough durin the winter,it gets fooled n blooms a few snowballs. My dogs hav'nt caught any rabbits lately,their white now ,the 1 Sparky caught was brown so easy 2 spot. They should do good now ,snow is gone n rabbits r white. I think thats why Snoopy comes home b4 them ,he has hard time in deep snow. My sister 's property is next 2 mine n thats where the bear trail is n thats where my dogs run. I was wonderin why Sparky n Bugs came home with snow froze 2 their necks,bellies n tails even their canoochies had ice. I'll pull ice chunks off their necks,belly m tail,but i draw the line at canoochies. They b tryin 2 hump my leg. ha,ha,ha. Well ,ill check out chat now n c if everyones back........later....ppl.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

''RAIN - RAIN N MORE RAIN'' we gonna flood

Well hello n good-mornin ppl,n how is ur day startin out. Kansas must have heard me n kept their freezin rain n just sent the rain. As i look out my front winda i can c my driveway is startin to flood, mayb drain tile down the road is plugged. I'll have 2 go check after When we get rain or mild spell this time of year we get water that drains off the bluffs n the surroundin high ground. I dont have 2 feed my squarrels n birds 4 a few days ,their cleanin up all the seed that got snow covered. And my brothers back door n sidewalk should b bare of snow soon. Thats supposed 2 be his fire escape if need b. I better go check on him so ,i b back when i have somethin juicy 2 post. Even if i have 2 make some up...........later

''HAPPY NEW YEAR''- I HOPE............

So its 2005,i'll still b writin 2004 for the next little while. I think its a deep down denial that 1's another year older, I wish it was 1983 b4 my blown out knee,dislocated hip,broken leg. Damage was'nt even spread around it was all 2 my right leg. Now i can feel the aches n pains mostly in my lower left quadrant. But startin all over my poor ''BOD'' now. Wonder does that mean aaazzzzzzz gittin old. Oh was it just 2 much fun filled abuse durin the late 60's,all of 70's.80's,n early 90's. Since my ''DEBAUCHERY'' days were left by the wayside, i did;nt go out lookin 4 a party . My guess is there was no shortage last night. On my stop at the local IGA across from the local ''LCBO'' i could c who came out of liquar store then a block n 1/2 away on the way out of town u pass ''The Beer Store''. C ppl at each place n make a list of places your gonna hit that night. I used 2 just go home with 10-24's of ''CANADIAN'' used 2 drink ''Labatts-moose-piss ''BLUE'' but i came 2 my senses in the late 70's. Then 6-40-oz'ers of various flavors. Six or so diff. kinds of wine ,n u can't 4get the ''Panty Remover'' or if female ''GOTTCHY Remover''.lol. Besides every1 goes ''commando'' at parties . And diff. colors n flavors of love gloves. Wonder if they still have that prob. since i got the idea from my dad n his cronies. Those r the same 1's that got me in the hotel at 16,they took me in n told Paul i just turned 21. I miss those days of 10 cent drafts n 25 cent bottles of beer n 50 cent shots. But thats water under the bridge now its take 2 long 2 get over a weekend of fun n if ur weekends not at least 3 days ur a pussy,no pussies on ''Cape''. Now i just sit at home in the dark with a bat,machette n a gun at every entrance n window 2 my home. Oh yah all the while readin ''THE ANARCHIST'S HANDBOOK'' and if u believe that i still have swamp land. Just added that 2 stir up ur own deep down repressed feelins about startin an uprisin,revolt or whatever turns ur crank. ''HEY KANSAS'' keep ur damn freezin rain, its just rain now but gonna turn 2 freezin come mornin. The near by creeks were already near jumpin their banks on Fri. Weeelllll guess i watch a movie either Debbie does Dallas or The Bible since they both have same plot except 1's more graphic n i know ppl like graphic. Don't yah...EH. gonna watch Sword fish on dvd i like the start where that women is encased in explosives full of ball bearins with a proximity ting on her ,where she cant go past a certain range or she auto detonates . Guess what a cop does when she comes out of bank to give abductors demands u got it,she gets dragged past the point of no return n ''KA-BOOM''. The explosion is better on slow mo on dvd. So if u like that sort of flick this is a good 1..........later peeps

Saturday, January 01, 2005


Well another 50 minutes it will b 2005. I used 2 stay up till mid=night with my dad 2 make sure the world did'nt end. The old ppl used 2 do that, i guess if it ever comes 2 an end it will happen at midnight. U should never leave cards out put away in box b4 u go 2 sleep or the devil will play cards. I guess ill look 4 the 2004 predictions n c just how many came true. And look 4 2005's predictions cant remember where i found last year. Heard 1 women on Breakfast Television on City TV mention that a cure 4 diabetis would b found near end of year. Well its 12:05 n im still here the world did'ny end . I can watch my movie nowing ill b able 2 finish Well Happy New Year peeps. And we shall c u tomorrow goodnight all................later
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