Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Since my trip north was ky-boshed may as well check out council meeting. It was a very informative meeting. I've heard all along that there were dificiencies in our seniors complex . But i never thought it would endanger our elders n handi-capped. We had a heating n plumbing contractor come n look over the heating n plumbing. He found serious problems that could cause serious health problems and worse. So they took pictures yesterday and documented everything they could find. And today they called the engineering firm that works fir us. So we can get his expert opinion on the problems. So we had him on speaker phone and told him about methane leakin into building among other problems. And he says are they comfortable geeze it's methane a smelley and explosive gas. This was noon so we ask how soon can u get some1 here they said they'ed call some1. They said they would hav e some1 there at 2 pm. He did'nt sound like he thought it was an emergency ,wonder if it was his family he would think different. More tomorrow after the inspection today. Special meetin 9 am tomorrow.

Friday, August 26, 2005


I went n saw the doc n he told me to take it ez for 2-3 weeks. No Massey fall fair this year but got my neph seein what else iz goin on b4 the ferry season iz over. And Brady wanted to go but the kids were not to diappounted at not goin. At least they didnt seem to be. I think Wiki has a fall fair but no mid way. I wanted to go n pick blue berries so i can freeze some agin.I brought some home last year,blue berry pan cakes. Was gonna try n get some moose meat,may get yet .My poor dog's woulda missed me agin were they ever happy to see me when i came back from hospital so were my cats. I missed them to worried some1 was feedin them. But Dougie stayed here n house sat for me. My other daughter n grand kids came by to visit. Talia just got back from cadet camp she got 1st in marksmanship here n a friend of her's. She be startin high school this Sept. geeze seems like i was changin her diapers. I like bringin that up when my kids or nieces or nephews get uppity. I miss the smell of babies cept for the diaper part. When my kids were babies i used cloth diapers,did i ever mention i had the kids myself. I was forced to give mom the heave ho. they were 1,2,4,and 5 . My boss once told me have all ur kids when ur young and they;ll look after u when u get old. Thats the last thing i want to be iz a burden. I think every NISH iz like that anyway. So i better lose weight n change my eaten habits ,no more eaten anything that tastes good. If it tastes good its prob un-healthy.

Monday, August 22, 2005


Had a great time at pow wow got there late Sat. but got there early Sun. They had some Aztec dancers there ,wow they really have to be in good shape. And they were cuties . Non of my grand kids danced this year,to bad.But had other family members dancin. Well i had my corn soup n ndn taco, bison burger from our rez venders No more gon banana split from Clint n his wife from our sister rez. Thanx to my daughter she sponsered my pow wow visit cause i was financially embarresed. And she wants to send me up north to my nephews place for the Massey. fall fair,me Kerri,Kirk this year and Brady if he wants to go. But i have a doctors to see first mayb he'll put the kybosh to my trip. I think our pow wow was a success agin ,it seems to get bigger n better every year. Its traditional and not competition ppl come to dance and not for prize money. They had fire works Sat night cause it got rained out Fri. Now off on another tangent,i went to a finance meetin i never knew was on ,a friend called n said it was on. Dont think they were tryin to sneak one by cause regular meetin this Wed. Or were they,do i sound As much as i want to i wont be able to attend every meetin. I get monthly minutes anyway,but its still bettewr bein there. This chief n council want more ppl to attend so they know whats goin on.

Friday, August 19, 2005


The kids had the race in the thunder n lightning. My grand kids did good,Doug came in 1'st,Kirk 2nd,Kerri 3rd,Brady 10th. They did good in each of their age groups. I never made it but and am not sure how many different rez's made it to compete. They also had their baseball tournament last week n they got concillation. They had to play against the non-native umpires agin,oh well someday.The pow wow starts 2night Sat. n Sun the main days. A concert n fire works 2night but the rain might cancil that out. But im goin anyway just as long as i take it ez. I gotta have my corn soup and or Ndn taco from my nieces booth . I always buy from the home then from other booths. Now that i guit smokin there;s cheap smokes. Then i dont miss smokin anyway ,i never really went thru with drawels either. Well ,more after pow wow,later.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

''MY FIRST HEART AILMENT''damn scary,makes ya think.

Got home about 8-9 pm. On a patient transfer vehicle an old ambulance except without all the lights n sirens. Drove me from Kitchner St. Mary's Hosp.right to my door. Had my g-kids with me on Monday n took them n my dogs swimmin. Got up n felt kinda strange dizzy,thought it was just the heat. Got to house n it got a bit worse,bbq'd for the kids . Pain started at 3 n by 6 pm it was gettin worrysome. So i took kids home n got a ride to hospital. Did'nt wanna call our first response ,stubborness could be the death of me ,but didnt wanna scare the g-kids. Got to hosp n they said it was a heart attack. So if ya ever feel heavy in the centre of your chest head for hospital or call 911. Next time i'll call our fire dept. ,the ambulance that took me to Kitchner had nothin but praise about our fire dept. Made me proud to hear that,we come a long way since i was a volunteer fireman.circa 1970's.I had operation on Wed. and i was home Thur. Had 2 stents put in my ticker,and i watched it on the monitors. I wonder why they tell how many ways u could die b4 they start the operation. Geez ur al ready nervous and they tell u that. A friend of mine went down on same ambulance n b4 we left they said dont worry about how u gettin home cause they would hold our beds and we would get back by ambulance. NOT,Wed. afternoon after operation they asked me if i had a ride arrainged. I almost didnt bring my clothes i woulda been stuck there with only hosp gown. I left my wallet behind so no money of any kind.Can u imagine havin this prob after a heart operation,i was getin all worked up over it. They were blamin each other for the mix up,what about me damn it ,i was rally gettin pissed off,the operating doc didnt even come n talk to me thur aftwer operation. I wasnt mad at her she saved me far as i was concerned. But the hospital bueracrats who was passin the buck. But my rez paid $600.00 to get me home. i was so pissed i asked social services in hosp to pay my cab to bus station n cab fair from Owen Sound to the rez and i would take a damn bus. When i got home ppl asked why didnt u call i woulda come n got u . I left my wallet in Wiarton hosp n didnt have no phone numbers. So next time i will not listen to ppl who speak with forked got that off my chest so i feel better. But im glad im here n able to post. I have to change my life style agin,i already quit smokin n havnt drank in over 2 years. I guess i join a monestary n become a monk. I have to make changes,im only 52 so i plan on seing my great-great grand kids.Well good night.

Friday, August 12, 2005


Well,this week i learned the inner workin of some of our programs. So did the new Chief n councillors. I never knew we had so many different programs. Wednesday was good we had some elders come in n praise some thing and give opinions on things they thought needed improvment. But meetings are always open to public unless it's a personal problem. If u cant make a meetin u can always get a copy of the minutes for the month. So no reason no1 should not know what goes on here on the rez. It's good that more ppl attending the meetings. More difficult questions need to be asked. I got my name in for Public works and Housing committee's. I still worry about our water ,i still boil my water b4 i use even when they lift the boil water advisory. I still plan on bein a thorn in the side of water dept. I still wanna know who along with the chief ordered some of the systems in our water treatment plant to be taken off line. If it was there for a perpose and nothin was put in to replace,that leads me n others to think our water was not safe for over 10 years. Some good ideas were brought forward about how we could generate some income for our rez. Gas station,restaurant,our own Doctors ,dentist offices for the rez n surrounding comunities,Pharmacy lots of ideas. I had my g-kids with me all day but refused to come back cause it was But i didnt have to cook all week they provided a good scoff. Or i should our ppl provided a good scoff. Since we technically paid for it. Think i'll have g-kids for the week-end,cause mom's workin the week-end. I can take them n my 3 dogs swimmin .Well jump on chat n catch up on the latest.

Thursday, August 04, 2005


Name of Candidate for Chief

Akiwenzie Ralph 118

Elliott Arthur [Butch] 118

Johnston Joyce 45

Nadjiwan Paul R, 158

Nadjiwon Wilmer F, 54

Solomon Franklin D, 55

total ballets 548

Re-jected Ballots 04


Name of Candidates for Councillor

Akiwenzie Andy 97

Akiwenzie Peter J.[sr] 152

Chegahno Anthony [Tony] 204

Chegahno Keith 125

Chegahno Walter J. 155

Desjardine Vivian 52

Elliott Melvin 145

Fillo Shannon 142

Johnston Daphne 93

Johnston Eric WITHDREW

Johnston Joyce WITHDREW

Johnston Mary E. 148

Johnston Wayne 43

Jones Kathy 176

Jones Paul 223

Keeshig Christine 130

Keeshig Donald P. 138

Keeshig Marlene 115

King Brian 138

Landon Lana 134

Lavallee Larry 229

Lavallee Patrick 40

Linklater Michael 130

Nadjiwon Gail 130

Nadjiwon Jessica WITHDREW

Saunders Nick 101

Solomon Franklin D, 162

Winger-Jones Chaelene 110

Total Voted Cast for Councillor 550

Re-jected Ballets for Councillor 06

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


I decided not to go to my nephew's wedding,buffet n dance n party at their house. I wanted to go cause i made a date to see ppl i hav'nt seen in a while. But im in contact on the internet anyway,amazin tool this comp. Just have to meet some other time.I saw his mom and his sister at the village fair. I took Kerri,i wanted to buy ticket on car,also a 4 wheeler and a 5,000 buck holiday pkg. No luck still walkin not even the I should have got my daughter to buy it on Friday i missed all the daily draws of cash. Oh well i'll buy the Pow Wow tickets they always have good prizes. A 4x4 Truck one year and other good prizes. We no sooner got to fair bought a burger n pop n Kerri leaves me for some1 It's ok just as long as she had fun. We got to see the fire works they had it was somthin else. Loud,bright just the way it sposed to be. Have to go to ours ,i think Pow wow week-end they havin some. Big council meeting startin on the 8th,missed one they had last week. Gonna try n attend as many as i can this year. Gonna get back on Public Works commitee and mayb Housing. Have to talk with my cuz he councilor rep for CORDA, i need an application for this year. This will be 4th try i feel lucky this time. As long as same councillor don't vote against me. Don't know what i ever did to him. What can ya do. We had a thundern lightning storm and i lost my Firefox agin i never recovered the last one i lost. Im to new at this so i don't know how or where to look. Im tryin to reload but my comp wont take it . It say's there was an error,it damn near loads it just at the verge of loadin and error.Can't even load Mozzila,but my Thunderbird workin ok ,from the same company. All my links n bookmarks lost agin. I'll go on-line to mozzila and get some help. Power outage caused microsoft help to come on n i used system when it came on. I thought i could re-store back b4 i lost last browser but all i did was lose what i had now.Damn. I can undo what i restored but cant get to that link. If its not 1 thing it's 10,000. So ya know what i be up to tomorrow. Well time for bed or chat or tv,2:16 am and im not tired. Mayb chat get the latest gossip.......later.....peeps.
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