Wednesday, July 27, 2005

''Chippewas of Nawash Firefighters vs Cape Croker School -age Children''

There was a great ball game played by our kids from jr. kindergarten to gr. 8. Those little guys were a hoot to watch. It was a warm night not as hot temps as we've been gettin. The firemen had their Turnout suits on ,well everthing they were to fight a fire. U could tell they were sweatin. i thought mayb they would have to First Respond on their own Firemen. One of them had their breathing apparatus on thats 50-60 lbs. if memory serves me right. But mayb all the equipment is not as heavy as it was back in the 70's n early 80's when i was fireman. It was a hoot watchin the firemen tryin to bat with a tiny bat for small kids. But managed to get hits on base,like watchin Michellan men playin baseball. Most of our firemen plus size like on most Rez' My grand-kids got home runs so did other kids but i only noticed them. They passed the fire helmet n raised 150.00 from ppl watchin n they sold tickets on a 40.00 pack of scratch lottery tickets. Their tryin to raise money for team jackets for the kids. A good case if there ever was one,we have to support our children n youth in sports. We got all the drugs here now u find in any major city. Im tryin to tell my g-kids not to start smokin. I tell them what happened to me when i could'nt breath. Im over weight but now when i walk in the bush for a distance im not huffin n puffin. Never realised how much smokin affected breathing. Same with alcohol i tell them not to start. Kerri said she don't want me to drink cause she heard me mention i was gonna go to a election winners party. Same for my nephew had a buck n doe ,i was gonna go party but i;ve gone this long without it. Besides takes to long to get over a over-hang. Avoid hang-over's stay drunk was my motto one Well time to go n lurk in the chat rooms........later.

Monday, July 25, 2005

''HOT-HOTTER-HOTTEST'',record breaking temps.

This the hottest summer on record they were sayin. I believe it,we never had so many mid to hi 30's temps ever ,that i can remember. I think they said we had about 7-8 days of these all last summer. We been havin these temps now for awhile seems like since May. Well its been about 10 days since the election and i've not heard of any re-count bein called. I've just heard the usual bitchin about who got in,but it's from ppl who did'nt vote. I figure u got no right to bitch if u can't be bothered to vote. Voter turn out was the most in years and the mail in ballets made a diff in the number of voters. Well my g-kids Kerri n Kirk got a summer camp to go to this summer,i see them ridin by every morn. Brady is to young and Doug is workin at fish plant. But takes time off to go on trips with the other camp kids. Doug n Kirk had a mountain bike practice this past week. And after wards their coach was in a tri-athelon on the Rez here. If i would have known i would of went to the Camp ground n watched the swimmin portion. Then the running followed by biking. I was next door at my bro's when i asked what the bike race was for,i thought it was my g-kids to. I saw them go by agin the 2nd n final lap followin our Emergecy response Truck,as hot a day as we've had n they were clippin right along. They have to be in shape if your in a tri-ath. Our Rez is hostin Cape Croker Invitational Mountain Bike Race on Aug.19. They expect about 80 children/youth,from Walpole,Oneida,Chippewa,Kettle Point,Saugeen[sister rez],Moravian and Muncey Rez's.
1 km race under age 6
1 km race age 6-7
2 km race age 8-9
5 km race age 10-11
10 km race age 12-13
12 km age 14-15

All my g-kids will be entered,im gonna go and embarras them by cheerin like a mad Well,im one proud gramps to see them in all types of sport's. But not nuff 12-13 yr. olds to make up ball team. to bad,some gone off Rez to play for teams they usually play against. Well ,time for bed.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Well ,i was at the first meeting of the new Chief n Council. Its a learin curve for the new chief n first time councillors. They had a closed meeting with the water treatment plant worker who had the water meeting b4 the election.I and other ppl think that meeting had alot to do with the outcome of this election. But i dont know who we have qualified to operate the plant. The person that took and passed the test was let go,because of the water meeting. A notice/flyer was sent out by the ex chief refuteing the vauge allegations brought forth at the meeting. It stated all the improvment that were being completed at this time. Jesus H Christ if some of the thngs were not taken off line in 1995 and not replaced with somthing back than. We would'nt be fixin so damn much now. A very expensive repair. At least we gonna get an alternate power supply for the plant and the 2 booster pumping stations. Not if but when we have another power outtage in our area at least our water tower will not be in danger of running low. The tower has to have a certain amount of water in it to supply homes n Fire hydrants. Also mentioned was all the boilwater advisories that were issued in the past year.[10]. What about the other 13 or so years, its not like we just started to get east winds to stir up the water. There's gonna be alotta questions that need to be answered and who gave the orders to take some components off-line. And it was also mentioned that we are gonna hire a person to train our water plant workers. Why should we need to do that after 14 or so years the ppl in place should be qulified by now. They should be at a class much better than the minimum. Oh well better let it go for now no sense gettin all worked up . Between now n Aug. 8th i can ask questions b4 meeting. Gotta meet with all the program heads n see what their all about. The new ppl want to know what they got themselves Well time for chat or bed.

Saturday, July 16, 2005


I heard they gonna start countin about 8-9 am ,should fini about noon.But they did'nt fini countin till 4-5 pm. Never seen so many ppl around the community centre since the funeral. We got a new Chief and new councilors some returnin some first timers n some from b4. The ppl i voted for council got in but not the chief so give him a chance i guess. Put my app in for Public works agin n mayb another commitee mayb Policing or recreation. I better try n attend more council meetings this year. Go to office n see just how much chief n council cost us for the last 3 terms. Info they have to provide if ya ask for it. Hope they trim the fat in housing admin we don't need ppl there 39.5 hours /wk. And other places we gotta try n pay off our seniors building. May b we can do away with the nepotism now. I'd like to apply for a loan to fini my house,been tryin to fini since 1974 when i built it. I want a complete house to pass on to my son or grand son. Always think of ur family. Well bed time.

Friday, July 15, 2005


I noticed we hired a milk truck to deliver our water ,we have some water supplied to holding tanks where our water line don't reach.So we prob payin thru the nose for the truck. Council did'nt think about that when they fired the plant worker. Only one licences to drive truck. Well it be election day so we'll see. See who comes to give me a ride to the polls. Saw my bro go speedin by ,he gone to vote. I voted for new chief n i used 5 of the possible 9 votes i coulda used.Won't see results till tomorrow they changed they used to do right after elections after all these years they changed it they shoulda asked ppl first. It was a tradition for ppl to wait till the wee hours to find out who won. Why break with tradition i say. Damn it been hot as hell here goin on a week n 1/2 now or longer. Humid as hell to,just sit in front of fan n watch movies. Have to fresh water out for my dogs n wild birds. Birds r usin for bird bath but it ok ,i can change water no prob. My up-side down tomato plants r still alive . I have 3 pails grown Million tontoes their called. Like a cherry tomto so i hope it works so i can freeze some. I froze some 2 years ago n tasted like fresh tomats 2 years later. Well time to catch up on mail mayb jump into chat. I told them i had death in family so they don't think i deserted the

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Well i and the other ppl at the meeting got an ear full. If even half of what he mentioned that was wrong with our water their gonna be a lot of explainin to do. He also mentioned he met with council last night n today he got fired. Wonder if Canada has a whistle blower law. He said he met with the council of the day in 1995 n voiced his concerns n was threatened with his job n to be quiet and agin in 2000 n same responce. So this time he was holdin this meetin to give info even if it meant his job n it did. Meetin was for 7-8 pm n at 5 pm he got notice of termination of employment. I don't worry about me but i have children n grand children and younger family members n friend i worry about. So i guess we gotta wait till after election to see if he gets re hired. He's the only one licenced to operate the treatment plant. We have till 2006 to have sone1 in place or Indian Affairs will put some1 in place. Since they hold the purse string i think they got us over a barrel. Well we don't have to worry about third party stewardship or what ever ya call it when the gov sends some1 to look after ur finances. We in a bit of a bind but not as bad as some REZ's.

Thursday, July 07, 2005


Went to candidates night to listen to all the campaign promises. My brother beat me There was'nt to many at first but sure soon filled up. I really want a new chief n a new council they need new blood . And we need a chief with more balls ,some1 not scared to rock the boat. I pretty well had my choices made from from the list. But it helps to hear them talk to c if it sounds like bull shit or not . They had the ppl runnin for chief first than the ones runnin for council. I did'nt get home till after 11 pm. Went outside n waited for my brother to come by from the hall. I know he has lights n reflectors on his scooter but still i worry. He can clip along at a good sped in day light but not at night. Mayb buy him a halogin light so he can see rough spots n pot holes on the road. One of the candidates is our water treatment worker n said he rented the hall for the 12th to hold a info meetin about our water. I hope lotsa ppl show up for it,i 've concerns about our water since for a while now. I brought them up in Public works commitee b4 we were dissolved. I found out there are lotsa ppl that don't drink our water n one of them was our councillor liason for our commitee. I have lotsa guestions for our next council,i want some answers.

Monday, July 04, 2005


Try agin,lost the last post here. Try n remember what i wrote. The cerimony at the wakes was good they had drummers and singers my daughter Sheila sang a coupla times. Sure surprised me i did'nt know she was into it.Im glad she is . Saw her kids my g-kids first time since last summer. They only live 8-10 miles away but no wheels no visitin. The Deacon and our minister said a few words as well as our chief. But when the drum starts at the cemetary her wish was that every1 walk away so as to let go. Every1 went back to community centre to eat n relax. My brother told me when i got their that morn their was another death. So the family had to leave n catch the ferry to go up north for another funeral. I would go if i had the finances. But had to settle for givin Germaine a hug it was her brother. Sad time for me to ,been 10 years since my son got killed. His buddy my cuz died the same week-end so we had two funerals that week n my other cuz died just after. So the month of my b-day means nothin now just another day. I think im over the hurt but i still miss him deeply. I asked Winona to say hi to him n the rest of my friend and family that have passed on b4. I always ask the same of ppl that pass on to say hi n we doin fine. Im glad my brother has a scooter now he can go to these wakes funerals and anything else that happens here. Well better go to bed early or try anyway.

Sunday, July 03, 2005


Winona passed away on Thursday,i missed the wake on Friday night. Hard to get info n u don't really wanna bother the family. My sisters mom but she was like a mother to me as are all elders. I made the wake Saturday night n stayed with the grand son to tend the Sacred Fire. My cuz Melvin took over next mornin. Had planned on stayin Sunday night too but got stomach flu. There a good turn out far as wakes go ,i met alota family. Once agin i said we gotta get together more n not just for funerals. Seem's like thats when our or any family gets together. Kinda embarrasing when u don't recognize ur own niece or she don't recognize They had a slide show of old pics running off a computor,i went thru some pics with my bro to add . I found some of my dad in the not sure section of pics but i was able to tell who some were. So we added some new pics to the slide show. They have 100's of pics n Butch is gonna make me a copy of the old pics. And his niece has a bunch of old pics she gonna make a copy for me. I have next to no old pics none of me or my family. I have to try n make up some disc's so my grand-kids will know our family. Well i better get to bed early goin back to community centre tomorrow morn early.

Friday, July 01, 2005


Wiarton Echo — Arriaga: Katherine Winona. Peacefully at the Lion's Head Hospital on Thursday, June 30th, 2005. Winona (Jones) Arriaga of Cape Croker in her 84th year. Beloved wife of the late Francis Joaquin (Frank) Arriaga and by her first husband, the late Clarence Russell Elliott. Survived by daughter Carleen Elliott and her son Arthur 'Butch' Elliott and his wife Germaine all of Cape Croker and two step-daughters Sandra Weisenbaugh and Lana Tetreau. Also survived by 13 grandchildren Victoria, Donald, Vivian, Veronica, John, Tina, Mandy, Mario, Joaquin, Beedahsega, Geewadin, Budweodung, Winona; 17 great grandchildren; 5 great great grandchildren and several nieces and nephews. Sister of Irene Johnston and Ida Hannah. Special friend to Jimmy Syvelick and Dawn Mayo. Predeceased by her parents Arthur Jones and Elizabeth LaValley, 4 children Eulah, Infant Emerson, Arleta, infant Emmaline, 2 sisters Mary Johnston, Pearline Elliott, and one brother Stanley Jones. Winona was the first Aboriginal baby born at the Victoria Hospital in London. She was raised at Cape Croker and received her schooling at the Cape Croker stone schools before marrying Clarence Elliott who passed away in 1953. Winona then moved to Detroit, Michigan with her children where she met and married Francis Arriaga. During her years in Detroit, Winona became a friend of Bill W. and she began her life-long spiritual journey, a keeper of the culture and the Ojibway language. She was a strong activist and support to many Aboriginal causes beginning as a founding member of the Associated Indians of Detroit, and a member of the Centre for Indian Scholars. Winona was a member of the American Indian Movement and a spiritual guide for the Detroit Chapter of AIM. She was a recognized Veteran of the 1973 occupation at Wounded Knee in South Dakota. Winona was the only woman on the Indian Ecumenical Conference Steering Committee and she traveled extensively across the United States and Canada for Aboriginal issues. Winona was a presiding Elder for the Toronto Indian Centre, and a visiting Elder to Georgian College in Owen Sound. For many years, Winona and Francis enjoyed their summer home at Cape Croker on the property of Bertha Jones. Following the death of her beloved husband Francis, Winona returned home to Cape Croker in 1994. A respected Elder, Winona will be sadly missed by the members of the Cape Croker community who often called on her for Ojibway prayers and guidance. Twenty five years ago, as a keeper of the tradition, Winona re-established the Ghost Feast for the community and was supported all those years by the Cheebaukwaewuk - Erma Akiwenzie, Lila Johnston, Marina Fox, Beth Stadelbaurer and the late Rose Nadjiwon. In her later years, many people added to the quality of her life. Special thanks to Dr. John Van Dorp and his office staff, the Wiarton Hospital staff and technicians, the Golden Dawn Seniors Home in Lion's Head, and to many people especially Darlene Weichel, Terry and Martin Optekamp, Cheryl Jones and the Nawash Home Makers program, and the Cape Croker Fire Dept. First Response Team. The family received friends at the Cape Croker Community Centre, where there was a Sacred Fire, from noon on Friday until the time of service on Monday July 4th, 2005 at 10:00 AM at the Community Centre. Interment in Little Port Elgin Cemetery, Cape Croker. Donations to the charity of your choice would be appreciated. Arrangements entrusted to the George Funeral Home, Wiarton. Condolences may be sent to the family at
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