Thursday, September 30, 2004


Damn can't get bcr till mon. have to get letter from acting grand puhbah,i can sent my proposal with that , bcr to follow. can't get estimate for my furnace for 3 weeks,need my furnace serviced same time. it's 4:01,[i live on corner of 401 and lakeshore blvd,]just got home,workrd nite shift. had hard time finding help,phoned my nephew he was able to help. how come nobody likes nite shift. quiet time no one bothers u. took him awhile to get back into it been couple years since he filleted fish. just did white fish left splake for day shift. wish someone else would flush the drains gets real smelly,they complain about the smell but won't do nothin. christ sake it takes 10 min. add some bio crap and your laughing for a few days. she had her wage grandfathered in when we took over , if i would'ev known that i would have said no. she dos'nt earn it she is the laziest worker we got,think she blows the manager. HEY LARRY u think so. for sure econ development today, my neph gonna fish maybe we can partner up . almost time to get up ,im off to bed......later

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

third time is a charm

If i don't get this post out this time i give up. third try . wasted morn at council meeting could'nt give me a bcr,no quorum . all my paper work is done ready to be faxed and priority posted. i'll go see econ devel this am , see if i can float a loan for some nets to go fall fishing,or maybe to start my net manufacturing repair and salvage. another business plan,have to have it ready by thur. another meeting get my bcr then i hope. tight pants is going to help me with my pipe[i wish, god was she ever hot looking todaty,im still drooling] back to stove pipes. i need two estimates to attache wood furnace to my oil furnace,if they can't do it then insulated pipes for a chimney for wood. hey larry i need model num and make i think and what ever else my furnace man needs to see if it can be used for a wood add on. our co-op meeting went the same way as council not enough for quarum,we need to make some important motions. we got a plan now after a whole year of operation. we needed a year to be able to plan our future we did'nt have enough info. the rumours are flying,40 questions at council,told them i got caught embezzaling ,geeze i hope they did'nt think i was serious. new fuel for rumour mill and i fed it. ha ha . ron and vel got brand new pick up,was gonna hit them up for loan. seeing that new truck put the kybosh on that. well enough for now i better get started on my new business plan. i gotta............... did'nt make it to econ development ,to busy waitin.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

FRIDAY 9/25/04-and alls well,somewhere

It's almost sat. so much free time, what to do first . it's gonna be a boring winter with no hockey,strike or lockout supposed to last 18 months. more so with no job. prospects not very good. hopfully the co-op will get busy for the fall run. there's still most of the 1,000,000 lbs. left. if boston market comes through again,it will get busy for a few weeks. i can always jump on a tug to pull fish and gut fish for other boats. i gave away all my g-mail invites and only got back 2 addresses,hope i did'nt waste them ,there hard to come by. hey woody did you get your g-mail invites yet. you should get half a dozen. then you to can spread the gospol according to google. check out Bobble

finally got adds on my blog and also now i have twin blogs 1 atop the other, sorta sure how i did that but not sure how to undo. i think i'll have to
Call For Help
help me leo . did i mention how late it is,better hit the sack,gotta clean my basement,so i can fill it with wood. wau-baung ga-waub-min.....ahow ba-mau. translate that woody....later today

Thursday, September 23, 2004

"my blog is missing" empty your pockets

I don't know what i did but i lost my blog for a couple of days. i go to blog and get blank page instead. had to try remember what i did first time,i did somthing right cause i can see it now. don't know exactly what i did ,but who cares. it's back. still working on my proposal,have get sent by middle next week. then it 's hurry up and wait. find out in april, think positive i'm gonna get it ,this time next year i'll be a bussiness man. still trying to put adds on my blog,simple as 1,2,3, they say ..not if you never did it before . im barely past the stage of knowing how to turn comp on. try again today before they take it away. was trying to add " get firefox " still trying. never give up . still have not got my wood furnace,better be soon it gettin cold. i can see the snow piling up in my driveway. i'll have 2 house cats and 3 house dogs when the snow starts flying. i just can;t leave them out when it;s below freezing with wind chill. even though one is a huskey cross he is a house huskey. he used to fit on my lap ,not any more . he still thinks he's a puppy a 100 lb. puppy, other dogs and cat's get jelous so they try and sit on me too, can;t see me for fur. but gotta love it. . 200 lbs.+ of mammals on my lap. better get dressed and get busy ,i have people to see and thing to do. i'll bitch some more later. baum- pi goowaub-min [see u later] guess the language and win a fur lined piss pot..........later

Saturday, September 18, 2004


what have i been up to u ask ,well let me tell u. i happened on a site and this gentleman was offering invites for g-mail. i read on line you have to be invited. so i figured i may as well ask in a round about way,happen to mention i got one from Kevin Rose
he had 4,000 to give away. well i got 1 gave info asked for and lost it. same place missing socks and dead elephants go is where it went. a little glitch i had to send test e-mails to all my addresses in order to get them imported to my address book. 2 of us tried but could not import them , but persistance pays off. have to work on my proposal in the morning only got 2 weeks to get it in. second time is a charm so they say,only had 2 days last year to get one in wasnt very good. did i mention i love my firefox it's so nice not to get a red screen every time i boot up. i had all kinds of problems with internet explorer and i was not alone. firefox has almost 800,000 new subscribers,ther goal 1,000,000 in 10 days thers 7 left. complete your life with firefox and g-mail. well my 3 dogs going nuts outside prpbably that damn bear again. if you hear me yell call for

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Another Long Day

Had plans for today,should know by now never make plans,was goona work on comp but. went on fish delivery,went along to keep driver company and to keep him awake...ha ha! i hear knocking goota go ...later

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Another Day And No Dollar

Well,it's a dog eat dog world and i'm wearing milkbone underware. got my Grant
app so i will be busy in the am not to am mind you. i can use same estimates from last year,material went up by 5% or so. i type slow but with new keyboard ,it is hard to get used . im even slower if thats possible. my grandson dougie stopped by and had chili with me,made my day,try and get kirk over today. my bro was out bombing around on his scooter,went up to see our sis. he can run to the store if he needs anything,good for his independance. still trying to find work i'll even play banjo if i have to [shovel operator] a little manual labour or labor depends on which side of border your from. either way it's hard work. still trying to find someone to test my mike with i'd sooner talk at least till i can become a 2 finger typer. maybe i could buy that program that types what you say, first thing on my list when i win 649 or get a job. odds are about the same. maybe i should dye my hair it used to be dark black till i moved back home. now im very distingushed looking spelling error but you get the picture. well i better hit the sack another big day og blogging and grammatical butchering. if you want good grammer your in the wrong place but please come back. " i 'll Be Back" thats how you do that. .........later

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

What a day

Well another day gone by,still no work. I asked
Fish Assessment
for a job,they need a licensed driver . I'm just gonna have to go for that grant and start my own net making and repair business. Still have pick up my wood furnace and some wood ,it's gonna snow in a couple of weeks. i got my mike working,set up for msn and yahoo messengers,only person i could test with has a broken mike. i want to save on my phone bill. i spent more to feed my 3 dogs[heinz 57's] 2 cats[manx-siamese cross] and 50 to 100 wild birds of every kind and can't forget my black,gray,and red squarrls,chipmunks . well i better go to bed soon 4:30 come's early. got a cordless optical mouse-keyboard combo,got the keyboard working but not the mouse,still not done setting up my blog i need help,hope my buddy shows up in the morn. well i off till the morrow............later

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Off To A Slow Start

This blog sure taking up a good part of my day. I'm trying to add different things on my site ,next is to see if i can find them. I have lots of free time now that i'm laid off. But i have faith that something or someone will come along with an offer i can't refuse. Last time i did any typing was back in the seventies,when a computor would have taken up my whole bedroom. It's going to be a long cold winter, just realized i have to pick up a stove my pal gave me. Damn now i have to go out and cut wood,but thats what friends and relatives are for....right. Not sure how big the wood furnace is, maybe i have to get more friends or a back-hoe.ha ha ha. I'd better go and stretch my legs been here since 4:am,time flies when your having fun........later

Saturday, September 11, 2004



Dont know exactly why i got a Google link here, But it was at the start of this bloggin thing. Now i now a hellava lot more now. But still learnin,it's an on going process......later.

what now

1 finger typer,and now i've graduated 2 two.

Friday, September 10, 2004

500 channels and nothing on

I guess i could watch one of many dvd 's i own purchased at one of many The Beat Goes On
stores. maybe i will get free dvd or cd for this subtle plug. Anybody out ther interested in buying genuine native canadian carvings paintings and such. Is there anyone out there. helloooo
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