Tuesday, November 30, 2004

I smell like my dogz, i thought u eventually look like

What a beutiful day 4 a duck, rainin again. Let my snoopy out this morn 2 do his thing. Still cant get over how he can balance on 2 legs. Then again he is my dog,he takes after the master. Is why he smart dog n if there are dog or cat owners out there u all know thats a crock a ship, i was gonna write shit but i have ladies readin this.lol
My pets have me well trained,i bring home scrap fish 4 dogs n make fish cicicles.And i bring home out of date smoked fish,thats 4 all of us. Now 4 my cats had up 2, 12 one time every one drop cats off here because they were my grandkids my daughter would say cause they were all black. My 2 toms were very busy, so spay n neuter ur pets.Says price is right. Off track here i bring fish home 4 cats , i throw them a chunk,they look at chunk then at me than fish at me . U get the pic. So i have 2 pick up n cut into bite size pieces than they'll eat or cook it, they sooner have cooked. Im gonna put my brand new waterheater 2 work this mornin,cause i smell.lol My snoopy came home n decided he would share his essance of skunk with the guy that feeds him.He also shared with sparky n bugs we all smell same now, n cats mittens n nuisance, they like rubbin there scent on snoopy 2 .He returned favor. Good thing he just ran thru where skunk let 1 go ,so the smell is'nt as strong as it coulda been. I let him in n i was in full recline when he climb on me. My recliner was hard 2 deskunk but i have very expensive stuff 2 kill smell. Spray cats{job n a half}spray dogs, then u gotta rub it in it B ok by wed. Be sure u do this b 4 u shower. Soak clothes in water n vinigar mixture, 4 those of us with limited funds,n cant throw out. lol Im so broke.
Hint hint click on my adds n i will buy new clothes,or a new comp. ........later ppl.

''I Don't Like Mondays''-where's my gun-j k

I woke up 4:30 or so, get up let dog n cat out. 1 to water the trees n the other to make compost,cat does his duty in leaf pile. Make coffee,go outside take a big whiff of fresh air n choke,since i quit smokin not use to fresh air . Used 2 b siggy first thing b 4 anything else. I'd like 2 know where all that money is im savin,now that i don't smoke. Come back in make a coffee n go surf n check spam i mean mail.lol I can hear water runnin, its just the bathtub tap. I get up 2 get another coffee,i hear a waterfalls,muffled sound. In kitchen the sound is louder comin from basement,i go down n all i can see is water . Put my boots on n, im thinkin my solderin from my plumbing job ,has come apart. But it was my hotwater tank,it sprung a leak inside the tank. Good thing i got sump hole put in when i poured cement floor, don't know how deep the water could have got. It reached my furnace but water never got deep enough 2 do harm. I was thinkin of moppin the floor don't need it now. Good thing its a rental. When i phoned hydro about hotwater tank ,some women tried to give me shit 4 wiatin so long to ask 4 replacement.. I asked her when did hydro break up its company into different small companies she said in 2000. So i gave her shit,i told her just after the government made them break up there monopoly i phoned about a replacment,a women then told me was only 9 years old n dont need. Thats the first time i knew u could b prejudice over the phone, if u don't sound white u don't matter . I've heard my voice over phone on message or on tape i don;t sound white. Im proud 2 say. God i hate dealing with white people but they run everything or operate bussineses u can't live without. Now thats a monopoly. Well thats enough about me lets talk about my computors skills or lack there of. I do things on n 2 my blog i know not how . Like when i missplaced my whole blog,but lucky for me dumb luck prevailed n i found it again. Not sure how but it don't matter it came back. It will not b the last time i screw up my blog. But i met this person through bloggin n she offered to help me tweek my blog,ok,she offered to fix my screw up.lol It's not often a person will offer help to someone they don't know, but she offered 2 help me. But shes nish thats what makes her the kind of person she is. Pebbles i just want to thank you here on my blog where others will see it. It's nice 2 know i can come 2 u if i need help. Well i better go and find somthing manly 2 do b 4 i get emotional. lol.....stay away from yellow slush...ppl.............later

Monday, November 29, 2004

''Saturday And Sunday''

Did'nt do much on sat. or even today except think of the end of our co-op. Oh well we tried our best. No use beatin a dead horse they say,so i wont b talkin about it anymore. The snow is finally gone been rainin 4 last couple a days. Now my yards all mud. And ill b goin nuts with all this free time and nothin to do. Spent most of the day takin out 3 trojan horsies and a I E highjacker. I downloaded some paris n nicky hilton screen savers off of msn. From that little pop up when u loadin msn , i thought it would be safe. I can tell ppl I caught somthing from the Hilton sisters and it will be the truth. As a matter of fact i"ll start sending that rumour out to my chat buddies and anyone else that will listen. LOL J K. Do that and it will surely come back and bite u in the ass. lol Besides im a gentleman i don't kiss and tell...........lollllll Better go to bed soon im startin to hear things i hope its just cats n dog. And not that snake that went missing in here...........jk...When i was a kid i my brother n my dad were goin to the bush to cut wood. just before we left a crow landed in the porch {mud room}near the dogs dish it ate. then it came into the kitchen as i was leavin anyway i put some food down for it. i said see u when we get back. We got back 3-4 hours later i ran in the house right away to check on crow. I looked all over the house upstairs downstairs for it but could not find it. There was no place for it to hide n our house was not that big. At the time i thought it just turned back into a human to get out the door or window. window probably because u needed key to lock n unlock the doors back then. Strange or what Eh. Gives me willies now to think about it.Since im up anyway n cant sleep heres another. My sister lived down the road from us mayb 1/4 mile u could see her house it was right on the corner, now i cant remember if it was her dad Wash or neighbour Shobah-deese anyway u look west towards another neighbours house howard{boop}soup in ojib, the ground is very uneven when ppl wake across it on the pathway they look like they go up,down,up,down,cause of little ridges. Well one of them saw his dog comin home, so he runs in house to get gun. He watches as dog gets closer n closer,n when its close enough he shoots it dead .{ he loved this dog} Why u think , when the dog was comin across the uneven ground it was not followin the contour of the ground . It came straight across not up n down with the ground. It was his dog but it was possessed by bear-walker thats what we call things like that. These are true. So what do u think there Pebbles, have u heard stories like these b4. I used to go visit my aunt n she would tell me things.id ask who was good witch and who was bad. She would tell me all kinds of things and then i'd have to walk home after midnight. Its a good thing my dog always came with me where ever i went,or i would have stayed with my aunt.lol jk I was never scared to walk home at night alone,i always felt safe. better quit b4 i scare myself lol. gn Pebbles.........later ppl click .click

Saturday, November 27, 2004

''All Over But The Crying''

Well we had a meeting this morning and we decided , it would be better if we just called it quits. There is just to much strife between our operations manager and the landlord/co-op member. He has his thoughts on how 2 run things ,and they dont mesh with the way we need 2 operate. He wants to run it the way he did before he let the co-op take over operations. We said to prevent any hardship we would move co-op off premisses, he than got mad and gave us 24 hours 2 get out. We were going to move bussiness to another location but we dont have the equipment needed to run a processing plant. We would need funding to bring new building up to provincial standards . That and other things we were lacking help us decide it would b better to just shut down. We brainstormed but it all comes down to money,and there just is no way that we would be able to continue. So we tried our best but it was'nt good enough. Mayb if we had more input and support from our members it would of had a better chance to work. When its just left up to a few commited ppl,no matter how hard u try its not enough. They used 2 have bitchin sessions at our local restaurant and complain we were'nt doing enough. When this is your first time tryin this co-op thing and you dont know what ur doin half the time , because your learning as you go. What the F_ _k gives them the right to bitch about anything we did or tried to do. I have no regrets about all the free time i put in to try make this fly. And their are other board members of the same mind,and a few that were in it for what they could get out of it. Those are the ones that sided with the landlord/member and put thoughts in his head to kick us out so he could take over the bussiness. Now there out of a job. There still workin , i know not why because it will take a month at least to get things settled with funders, debtors and anyone else who will have a claim. We had a good kick at the can anyway,and we were so close to making it, i think. But we were sabotaged from the inside and u cant protect yourself from that. Its the talk of the rez now,probably umpteen different versions, but the main 1 is we got the boot. I guess i better start prayin that my funding application gets accepted . Id like to try my hand at business, worked for someone else all my . Time to work for me, and i can become slave driver,lol keep your fingers crossed for me ppl..............later

Friday, November 26, 2004

Sad Day For Our Co-op-it's demise is immenent

We had a board meetin n it don't look good. Our operations manager resigned,the glue that held things together. Internal family strife, her brother could not go with consensious could not get along with managment. Got backin of his tokeing buddies ,1 a board of director n other a F_ _kin wannabe. A little coup deta ,for lack of a better word. I honestly think we had a chance 2 turn things around but we'll never find out. Now that i sit back n think about the way things happened ,mayb we were set up 2 fail. If u borrow money ud think the money should come up front for operating expences. When our co-op started a board of director n a cronie tried the same thing when we first got started. Some of us were board of directors n incorperators , so the guy got that napolian complex he thought he was more important than he really was. He 4got co-op meant us not me n the all mighty dollar. Thats what happens when they see so much money n think the pot will never run dry. Funders were slow with financing right off thr hop, they said hurry sign these papers n the money will b fast tracked. Yah right. When u start off new n end up thousands in the hole its hard 2 get out. If only the money came when they said it would ,i would'nt b writting this. See what happens tomorrow,all those people that said we were gonna fail , will b rubbin it in. So i guess i'll get ready to do some bitch slappin if anybody gets in my face. Mayb i'll be of a better mind after a good nights sleep. Almost midnight so i guess i'll go chattin. Another storm watch 4 my area,if anyu want sno email me n i'll git the midzin out n send u some. Remember peeps u should'nt eat yellow snow even if it look like slushie.lol keep warm........later

Thursday, November 25, 2004

'' Did I Do That''

''DAMN'' i thought i fixed my blog saw it this mornin n it still screwed up. All i can say in my defence is, if u want perfection ur lookin in the wrong house. Do u still like me even if im prone 2 mistakes. Sorry about but i don't plan on changin me anytime soon, im 2 comfy in this mature,slightly wrinkled skin. ha,ha,ha.


Wednesday, November 24, 2004

trouble in paradise

One more time, i had my blog done, scewed it up somehow. If i posted u would have had 2 scroll 2 far down from header 2 start readin. had 2 print n delete. Now im retypin,someday i'll know what im doin..ha,ha,ha,.grrrrrrr..
Well we been tryin 2 get federal inspectors in to our shop,2 let us know what were lacking 4 federal certification . A to do list of sorts. We found that we were operating outside the rules in some things. Things not good 4 federal certification but at least we can still operate under provincial certificate. We had inspector stop by at different times n he saw the same thing ,the other ones did n did'nt see anything wrong. I wonder why now a'' conspiracy'' the government don'nt want nish 2 get ahead. Well ''F__K EM'' , we'll just keep putterin along the way we've been goin. We will still reach our goal of providing jobs n financial help 2 our people n our commercial fisherman n fisherwomen. Yes we have commercial fisherwomen on this rez im proud 2 say. When we won this fishery in court,they paid millions 2 non-native fisherman 2 buy them out so we could get there quota. And they would'ny provide funding 4 our ppl 2 buy boats,nets, n other equipment needed 2 safely fish our traditional waters. Our traditional waters n we had 2 go 2 white mans court and win back what was rightfully ours anyway. First our chief of the time n other fisherman had 2 b charged,in order 4 this wrong in a white court. After that the Ministry of Natural Resources wont charge anyone now, might win somthing else back that was ours by rights. We went from fishing in an area the size of manhatten island to the size od New York state. This is'nt exact comparison but u get the picture,still the difference is huge. Cape Croker will give info on true comparaison {lil help from Tiny spell} but somtimes no time 2 use. Jeeze Louise why u let me get all wound up like that. lol Time 2 get off soap box n take a valium or at least a cup of bush tea. Have 2 feed my dogs,cats,squarrels n my birds. My dependants ,they don't bitch at me or complain . Not 2 my face mayb behind my back, EH. lol Keep warm ppl n happy turkey 2 my u.s.nish buds we had ours last month.................later 6'' of snow n blowin, saaaaaaaaaaaaaaah lol

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Oh,Oh Snow Comin

How come when u need a certain service ,they r all on training. We have 5-6 notary public types here on rez n they all work in band office. So that left one person and she away sick. More papers 2 sign b4 we can get our money,lots of hoops 2 jump thru. Weird weather warm-cold-warm-cold-rain-snow rain-rain-rain-snow 4cast. Well i guess i'll Hunker down n wait......stay warm peeps........later

Monday, November 22, 2004


Toronto Argonauts won the grey cup,last one was in 1971 or so. I remember trying to walk up and down Young st. it was nuts.Besides all the crowds ,back then they had massage parlors all along young st. you had to dodge all the hands tryin to drag u into there parlor.{Hookers} Just like when Italy won for soccer,all the free wine n all the free food u could handle all along St.Clare {Little Italy}That was a good time,I woke up in the ontario stock yards. lol Guys from WIKI woke me up they worked at Levine's Hides. Talk about a smelly place. Ahhhhhh memories smelly but good times.............later

another sunday-oh joy

Last race of the season and i missed the end.{nascar} Still cold n rainey,feels like snow. Hope n0t still have 2 arrange 2 get funace home,yes im still tryin. And my furnaceman should b here this week,he 2 said weeks its been 3 or 4. Checked out a few chat rooms earlier ,on 3 there was 3 or 4 of us,so off 2 cherokeeshes chat i went always ppl there, not as many as other times. Must b a holiday,is it turkey day? Ours was last month mmmmmmmmi love turkey almost as much as wild meat..wink,wink......lol. My grandson brought me some venison hamburg, he's 12 been goin hunting with the men 4 3 years n he gets a cut of whatever they get. Can't wait till he goe's moose hunting with them,i can taste the steaks now.................... yummy. Let my dogs run free today 4 a bit, 1 good thing i don't have 2 chase them down{yeh right chase} they come back after their done pissin on trees,hydro poles,mailboxes n anything other dogs mark. My 3 legged dog {snoopy} is missin his left front leg,now picture this he can balance on his 2 right legs or his left rear n right front n still lift his leg 2 piss. He's a bit of a perv ,he likes peekin in the neighbors windows,they get him bones from butcher. So thats his daily routine go peek in window ,look cute n get a treat. Thats what i used 2 do in the silver dollar{indian bar} to get a treat. Look cute, not the peek in window part.lol Oh i miss Toronto,sometimes then the feelin goe's away. Well i guess i go look 4 ppl 2 chat with see who gets kicked off tonight.lol...............later

Sunday, November 21, 2004

My youngest phoned last night

Another day is almost gone with little accomplished. 2 cold n wet 2 work outside,still rainin here at least u don't have 2 shovel it.lol was tellin ppl chat was on 4 tonite but its not till sun. at 9:00 not sure if est or ct. nobody sent me hate mail about the lies i spread....''yet''lollllllll i checked out native american chat friends durin the day n that when i gave out wrong info. but i thought ......but u know what happened 2 thought.. i went on cherokeeshes chat had a good time 4 hours flew by just like that, not usually on there till 10-11pm. was talkin with women from illinois ,tryin 2 find her ancestry,her mom was adopted at 1 month of age. her mom never would tell her where her roots were,anyone might have known r all passed away. goverment wont help,just say case closed,sounds like canadian gov offices,not there 2 help. had 2 cut it short with her hav 2 leave 9-10pm. open in case my son called. and sure enough he called, it will b 8 years this jan. went he went inside,i know he took blame 4 somone else,sometimes i wish r ppl were not like that. he'll b elegible 4 camp this year or at least back 2 min security ,which is across the road from camp. b closer 2 home i can visit ,he told me not 2 bother visit now 2 far away. cant afford right now anyhoo. he may get parole after new year which is good i already try line up job 4 when he gets out. his son was about 1 or1 1/2 when he went away. his sons mom is doin all she can to make him forget his dad ,, i live on same rez an i never see him,only time i see him is when he with his gram. ''bitch'' runnin around on my son while she visit him in jail,she should have ended it instead of sneakin around. she married the guy now there on the outs,n shes whorein around now. better change subject gettin real pissed off sittin here.lol better go anyway it late gn all............later

Saturday, November 20, 2004

??????????????????3 Questions????????????????????

1-only other country ive been to is the usa.
2- i don't usually check strange noises after watching horror movies. theres always strange noises n i see someone out of corner of my eye, once in awhile. i just think it my son checkin on me.
3- who was i in past life , an axe murderer lol jk. i was someone who helped others i think,cause i feel i have 2 help ppl but hard 2 know when appropriate to offer help. hate 2 seem pushy.

Friday, November 19, 2004

a quiet night of watchin tv with my eyes closed.

Had a nice quiet day at home, damn its borin when ur not workin. jumped out of bed this am.,put coffee on ,check mail,feed n water ,cats,dogs,birds,squarrels. it's 5:30 it'll take 1/2 hour 2 feed n water all my dependants. i looked at tv n wonder why breakfast television is'nt on, on every am. at 6:00. it was'nt on cause i woke up at 4:30 ''DUH'' . this time of morn i can hear all the fisherman headin 4 work, i wish i was goin with them. i miss the money 800.00-2,000/week most times. u leave here at 4 -5 am. leave dock hour later n u don't get home till midnight - 1:00am,same thing 7 days /week. somedays u get in sooner cause u did'nt catch that much fish. u have 2 take the good with the bad. so when u have a slow week n only make 400.00 -500.00 bucks u feel cheated,cause ur spoiled. its hard n dangerous work,the job could kill ya in the blink of an eye if ur not careful,or hurt u real bad. i know that from personal experience. but u got 2 love the job n the water. just respect the water n u b ok. the whitefish runs is on,tugs are gettin avg. 80- 100 boxes or more of fish @100 lbs/box, @$100-$110.00/box. even the punts can get 50 boxes/day. the run lasts 1-2 weeks or if we reach our quota as of last week we still had 700,000lbs. could b done by xmas then new season starts on jan. 1st. if it don't freeze up fish all winter,if it freezes then u set net under ice. the way our ppl did 4 eons. manager n our trouble shooter stopped by,had 2 go owen sound with 2 sign papers 4 more money. i got my name on so many papers i forget what all i signed.lol jk. my neph stopped by wanted a designated driver they goin 2 karioke night guess that how u spell it. i got no license,got taken away nothin illegel,just owe gov. money no sense of humour those guys. besides it'll b a year in feb. i quit smokin cold turkey, if i in bar might get urge 2 smoke,even if smokin outlawed in public establishments. i was relaxin anyway. hav'nt drank since aug. 2003 , geeze b 2 year this comin aug. i've turned into a monk. besides i've always had a drinkin problem im not ashamed 2 admit........................................2 hands and only 1 mouth..ha,ha,ha,ha. mayb i should have gone 2 drink,i usually go 2 the pacific hotel every 2 years, get drunk turn ''INDIAN'' get kicked out 4 night n go back in 2 years. always same waitress kicks me out 2,i think she has a thing 4 me. lol she kind of redneck anyway.. there r lots of those around here. well i better quit runnin off at the mouth here. its a good thing i can't type id b writin a small novel every post. hey pebbles -i was readin anishinaboy blog he mention 3 questions- so lets give it a try ask me 3 questions, ill answer truthfully [as he crosses his fingers behind his back]lol..... hey woody if ur readin this can we arrange a day 4 me 2 pick up furnace. call me. gn n tc pebbles n anyone readin this, till tomorrow. i gotta get back 2 watchin my movie with eyes closed.lol...............later

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Ananother little job- why do i do it

Well not much happened 2day ,nobody could get hold of me. was on comp so can't take calls or make calls. our manager was lookin 4 me,we had 2 sign papers 4 another $60.000 smackers, gotta keep our co-op afloat. then she took me out 4 lunch,had chowder n western on brown..mmmmm,always tastes better when someone else buys. married women ,sit back n wait 4 gossip 2 start. tattoo was at the restaurant likes 2 tease, he's all of 4'9''or 10''. remember fantasy island...the plane boss the plane,he's never lost that name. good captain 2 work 4 on the tugs ,he knows what he's doin, most times...lol. jk. my dog come scratchin at bedroom door wantin in,rearranged the furniture,he got scared n went back in livin room. another this wont take long job,guess what. i found i had ta pull up carpet, move every thing 2 one side,pull up n lay carpet flat then start draggin n carryin every thing over top. that was a job n a half started at 6:00 n fin at 12:00. still have 2 scrape up foam backing that stuck 2 floor. have to fix that 1 of these days [ PA KETTLE]..yuk yuk . well i guess i'll see whats on 4 a movie this time of mornin a sci-fi that will do, or dog the bounty hunter.........gn............later

Monday, November 15, 2004

im goin to hell- the devil won't let me in

well i never made it 2 church, was cuttin cord wood when church was on [ sawin logs] lol, like they say it's the thought that counts. eh lol woke up at noon thanks 2 phone,thought i was dreamin, could hear bells. let my dogs run loose 2day 1 at a time or they don't come back right away. like bad kids keep them separated n there good, put um together n ,well u get the picture. reminds me of me back in my younger days. if u ever hear, don't write ur name on jailhouse walls or u b back 2 wash it off. its true cause it happed 2 me. but i been on the straight n narrow since 1989, when i left toronto 4 good. makes me sad when i think of all my friends i left behind. thats a story 4 another time. not sure if canada has statuate of limitation, i was a bad boy in the 80's, nothin violent,just ur run of the mill petty criminal. somtimes big petty n somtime lil petty....jk....lol
what 2 do on mon. oh ya fix 1 more leak so i can use shower. well time for bed. gn all..........later

Sunday, November 14, 2004

war movie day with the grand kids

Baby sat my grandkids 2day,at least there not hard 2 feed. dozen boiled eggs 4 lunch,brady n kirk love there eggs. and 4 supper hot dogs another dozen everythings a dozen lol. had brady,kirk n kerry yesterday,had a big pot of chili 4 them,except brady he's at that just meat stage,nothin but meat,or chinese noodles dry with sauce mix on top. their older brother is fishing everyday so does'nt visit as much. can't remember ,but im sure there mom was that way , her sister n brothers were,weird appetite i mean. we watched The Klumps,We Were Soldiers, Blackhawk Down now its 4am n im watching Enemy At The Gates ww2 sniper movie. my cuz just im me n asked if i was watchin pron. lol don't know why but anytime ur asked what ur doin or was doin, if u say on comp. they all assume u watch pron. i know where they'ed b serfin if they had comp. spilling the beans on themselves,those ''PERV'S'' lol.n im not kiddin. still no snow here ,what we had melted. u don't have 2 thank me pebbles 4 sendin u some snow, u know us nish always share the wealth. ha,ha,ha. Jeepers Creepers is on next, hey pebbles r u into scarymovies, i'd like 2 c The Grudge. supposed 2 b good. i like Buffy The Vampire Slayer anyway she stars in. not tired so may as well watch jc. i can always watch tv with my eyes closed sometime 2day. i helped kids make paperplanes n show how 2 make,so i'll b cleaning up planes all over my yard tomorrow some time. well maybe i better try n sleep,i think there comin back today, mayb i'll see if kerry wants 2 go 2 church. im not religious but i hav'nt been 2 a sunday service in years. hope the ceiling don't collapse lol. see u heathens out there after church. lol....j k...............later

Friday, November 12, 2004

after 3 days we have water.

well finally got my plumbin fixed. between all the meetings n visitors i got it done. out of 25 joints only had 2 leaks, that took an hour 2 fix. good odds i figure , i know real plumbers that have more, if it sounds like im braggin i am. lol theres a big hole in the wall ,had 2 rip out drywall. got 3 nice purple shower cutains 4 tubsurrounds. improvise when u have 2 . all the snow melted but the cold stayed. take the good with the bad i guess. went on chat ,they were'nt as wild as other times. also went on mikmaq chat more laid back, to quiet 4 me. they b lookin 4 me 2 sign paychecks tomorrow i'll hide this time, i'll just sign my daughters. po every one. talked 2 someone on chat from toronto sent them 2 our booth at the st. lawrence market. we really need a website,peeps always askin 4 1. maybe i can drum up business on chatline. better hit the sack get up early 4 what i don't know. lot 2 b done b4 winter really hits..............later

Thursday, November 11, 2004

maybe tomorrow

Hired my cuz 2 take me 2 town 2 get my plumbing parts. no plumber till fri. i know i can do it cheaper so off 2 town i went. theres more that needed 2 b done. no shut offs 2 bathroom have 2 install ,so i got no water,no toilet, no shower. 2 days no shower my dogs can't stand me lol. but thats what brothers r 4 eh. got every thing home ripped out old shower assembly,and remembered i had a board meeting tonight. it continues in the mornin . got meeting with guys from montreal maybe ,buy lots of fish from us. get back 2 work steady i hope cross my eyes,fingers n what ever else might help. get things fixed by tomorrow afternoon i hope. while i got things ripped out i will b checkin 4 mold. almost forgot my dog outside,only got 3 legs ,so he's house dog. other dogs pick on him because of. dogs r very smart they know when ones gettin more attention. once it gets frezzing n stormin they b housedogs 2. even my house huskey. b tryin 2 take over my bed . b no place 2 sit. ever see 3 big dogs on a recliner sparky 2 ,snoopy, n bugs , i'll b in there somewhere. can't fur get my 2 cats mittens n neusance,my daughter named mittens not a name a mans man would pick.lol well i better go 2 bed,another meetin at 8:00am................catch yall tomorrow, check out that mold pebbles, gn..........later

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

call me a plumber- ok ur a plumber

Well my pipes still not fixed,called a home supply place 2 order parts i need,got machine so i left a message 2 call me back. if i did'nt have bad luck i would'nt have any at all. it was an old number , they hav new num. used old phone book,dirty rotten luck. i should have every thing fixed by supper time. im a jack of all trades master of non, as they say i know a little about lots of things. we got snow damn it ,3 or 4'' n callin 4 rain once it melts that might b it till mid december. still got a big pile of gravel on my driveway, must soon get that spread. 1,000 lbs. of fish comin in tomorrow ,n ill b playin with pipes.. i can't go back 2 work till dec, anyway. went on cherokeeshe and chat friends, it was a wild one tonight, no subject taboo, all in good fun though. when a bunch of bro's get together in a bar ,the non-natives would sit back n wait 4 the fight. natives only peeps i know that can call down n make fun of ur mom,dad,sister,brother ,ur whole family n especialy u, and laugh about it. but when they scrap they really scrap,when there done they clean up n start drinkin again. aaaah the good old days. i miss my times in toronto, all the friends i left behind, all the ex's i left behind. back then i was a man slut at least thats what my buds called me , i did'nt know they meant it. lol well it's after 2am better head 4 bed. ....... later peeps.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

i shouldnt have-damn

Did u ever start a simple little task that snowballed into something thats gonna take all of tomorrow. shoot, it was just a little leak in drain from bathtub,and the bathtub faucet for cold had a drip that called out 2 me ,fix me. so like a fledgling mr. fixit i started work on it after six,never ,never start a job after stores are closed. because sure as hell somthing is gonna go wrong big time,well guesswhat. who ever did the plumbing in this house did a real shoddy job. i got me cuz 2 drive around 4 tools n parts i needed,borrow here and there,can never get evrything in 1 place. i always buy extra when im fixin stuff,it always comes in handy,i sound like my dad. maybe thats why oim part packrat,he never threw nothin away. this will come in handy ,i can still hear him. more often than not it did. he grewup in a time when our people did'nt have nothin. so they learned to save. well i got my day planned 4 tomorrow weather i likr it or not. it would have had 2 b done eventually. i hate it when my tools grow legs n disappear and the extra parts i had r no more. the flood was'nt as bad as it could have been,basement needed a good scrub anyhow. well thats enough bitching,i feel better now.........theres been a helicopter flyin around all evening, they b lookin 4 maryjawannie,prob those rich bastards at the island,we owned those 3 islands one time. it was'nt orange so it was'nt air-sea-rescue,make me nervy when they around ,always think it 1 of our punt fisherman or 1 of the tugs in trouble. this time of year gale force winds come up quick,we lost three tugs so far last 10 years,lucky no loss of life. knock on wood. we lost punt fisherman a couple a years ago from exposure,this time of year. we lost a few from drowning. our rez water on 3 sides ,grow up near water ,still peeps don't learn 2 swim. im not a very happy camper today,but tomorrow is gonna b a better day. all together now we are all gonna have a better day,and our probs will fade away.

Monday, November 08, 2004


I finally found some peeps on cherokeeshes chat friends, that was some experience 4 a 1 finger typer. was able 2 get my 2 centavos in. peeps from all over the world,lots of nish. hey pebbles or dana or anyone ever chat. if u do maybe we chatted,hard 2 tell who's who, male or female. talked 2 some nish from canada but no one from my area. it's supposed to snow but i hope not,still got a pile of gravel 2 spread on my driveway, every spring a mud hole 4 a driveway. not this spring. still can't catch up 2 that councilor who voted against my proposal, i'm not gonna do any thing just want 2 know why. just cause his bussinesses failed. u won't catch me at casino with company funds ,not right even if ur company. he forgot he had employees. my house i built in the 70's still not finished just like any rez. don't give u enough money 2 complete ur house. 10.000 back then now they get 40 -80 thou. still not enough , try n build 2 big. well it a shorty tonight watched the patriot last night with mel gibson did'nt end till 5:00am ,had 2 be up 2 go 2 owen sound for 9. so im beat catch u all monday................later

Sunday, November 07, 2004


Went on line 2 look 4 urban indian n there she was ''GONE''. took me awhile 2 find nish bloggers,hard 2 find anything when ur new 2 comps. but found some tru aptn,they never had all that much on their site b 4. now they have lots 2 see. pebbles was first 1 of the blogs i posted 2 even though it was a kind of a bad time in her life. thought i should post somthing anyhow ,hoping it was'nt out of line. but she thanked me for my post, which made me feel better. it's hard 2 know when 2 post cause there's lots of peeps out there with probs. no doot aboot it,eh. im gettin more comfy with bloggin, my first posts im not sure how i did that, and then missplacing my blog all 2gether lol. im on'' the mikmaq room'' n ''native american chat friends'' good way 2 find nish i hav'nt seen in years,or make new friends . heard from sister inlaws ex on chat,not seen him in years . never comes home anymore, got new life. good 4 him. we used 2 not get along,put up with 1 another cause we worked together. but peeps mellow out as they mature, sounds better than when they get old. ur only as old as u feel. so how come i feel n look like _ _ _ _ hell. i never worked on blog 2day ,was outside all day. had 2 move my dog runs 4 winter n change my sensor lights. never thought i'd say this but i miss coming home smelling like fish,it's the smell of money. hope the wind dies down soon ,not likely till mon now. damn. oh well lots of yard work n my basement needs to b cleaned out. have 2 quit sayin can't throw that out come in handy someday. it's j c van damme night, i guess i'll watch some ass kickin ,blood n gore my kind of movie. got 10 or 11 msn messages in the past few minutes,maybe it's an long lost friend or an ex. see yall sun..have good night ..............later

Saturday, November 06, 2004

another weekend -what 2 do

It's after midnight n all's well in the world. other than the election results. another 4 more years of war. and our prime minister already suckin up. better change color might not show up on blog. lets try this,i can see. i blogged an english teacher one time,never heard back. could it be because i reinvented the english language. i have spell check,but i figure u guys can decipher what ever i try 2 put across. if he checks in i probably got a failing grade. my cuz found me the employees wanted their paychecks signed good thing he found me i even had 300.00 dollies comin. i really was not hidin,was next door checkin on my brother n tryin 2 talk him in2 lettin me try his scooter, but no go. can he motor on that thing bet he could make it 2 town in no time. well ordered some oilies 4 when i start guttin fish, but with the high winds till monday . don't look 2 good 4 work. that means yard work,have 2 under brush around my house,cut the bush back get rid of skeeters. i can buy dog food tomorrow my dogs were startin 2 lick their lips every time i or the cats walked by.lol my pets never go hungry i can always throw them a fish sicle they 'd sooner eat fish anyway. same with my cats as long as fish is cooked n cut into bite size pieces. damn there spoiled as soon as i get pics of my furry kids ill post them,er try n post. said was gonna work on blog 2day ,don't know what happened. sat. 4 sure after shoppin maybe i better start x-mas shoppin 4 grand kids, 9 mcdonalds gift certificates, im not that cheap. they all ready call me ""EL CHEAPO"" ha ha no they don't.............i hope.
wally mart here i come, our bucks up 2, .83 cents. i remember when it was 1.05 -1.10 american,. was gonna watch mad max thunder dome , at least i heard it while blogging. so has any body checked out nawash .ca . it's 1:00am n creepshow's on or demon seed, check mail n relax n watch movie. catch yall to mo ro ..............later

Friday, November 05, 2004


meant 2 put these links on blog . i like 2 promote my rez a great vacation place only 200mi. north of toronto. follow highway 6 north from buffalo take u 10 mi. from my home. u can hunt ,fish, canoe , camp anything ur little heart desires. check out www.nawash.ca n u can Google wilmer nadjiwon[an elder] n also cape croker.

high winds no giigooh [fish]

I had hoped 2 get a few hours of work in this week but no luck, maybe next week. with the high wind the tugs and the punts can't get 2 their nets or they pulled them out, not goin 2 settle down till sun. or mon. payday tomorrow except 4 me [what can i sell] anyone out there want buy a slightly used heinz 57 pure bred husky-chow x mutt. just kidding b like sellin my kid. they'll b lookin 4 me 2 sign there checks tomorrow wonder how much to charge 4 my signature,mmm, maybe i'll just go n hide somewhere.i'm not that mean. i guess i could work construction ,i think my buddy has some septic beds n water lines 2 put in. i have lots of experience in different kinds of jobs 2 fall back on but i got no where 2 fall. with all this free time guess i'll work on my blog see if i can add a few things 2 make it more inviting. either that or totaly screw it up. if u notice #'s here n there my bud put those there so i know where im puttin things. it's been hit n miss mostly miss. shoot im missin Trailer Park Boys the guy with thick glasses ''bubbles'' reminds me of my cuz. time 2 go my movie startin soon. hey woody think we can pick up furnace sat or sun. ....later

Wednesday, November 03, 2004


If u ask most canadians about the american election,they now more about it than they knew about our own. up here in my area u vote 4 the best of the worst. and it ends up being a history thing,the party that did not have 2 bad of a red neck,got our vote. our conservative party mp hopefull knew ,worked n went 2 school with members of our rez. since he's a newbie in federal politics it won't b till next year we find out if he was a help 2 us or his constituents.
i'll b watching the results myself,i've listened 2 or read his [KERRY] agenda concerning native americans,if he's true 2 his word maybe it will rub off on our polititions. maybe once he's in is the only way 2 find out. maybe he'll turn into ARNIE from KALI FORRR NEEYAAA. never knew he disliked natives,another 1 that 4got where he came from. i find sometimes even our own people turn apple [ red on outside white on inside] once they get elected. and tow the party line cause they know who pays them. up here last year a native political association got deep budget cuts cause they tried to go against the party in power.
well change the tone of my mini rant. what 2 do wed,all the boats pulled their nets out because of the high winds. that means no fish at the plant. someone offerd me some venison but can't remember who,maybe i dreamt it. my years of debauchery catching up 2 me,but did i ever have fun debauching my knew word,i heard it's good 2 make up or learn a new word every day n use it in a sentance. "HEY WOODY" u out there,is ur man winnin. bush ahead 52 to 47 at 11:13pm. but it's early n it's close. still anybodys race. speaking of race hey pebbles are u nascar fan. i did'nt see as many races this year as last. even that race is a close one 4 championship. guess i'll relax in bed n watch the election results, the 1 that gets in will affect this country,even if most people don't think it so. hate 2 let my dog out 2 p on trees cause i know he'll come n shake off his coat beside me......later

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

i still have mailbox

Well they left my mailbox alone,it still attached 2 post. no work today ,no fish came in i guess. need 2 get some oilies maybe make cash guttin fish again this year. they paid $6.00 N 6.50 / 100lb. packer depending on who u gut 4. they really hate to pay. soon as the fish runs on the buyers drop the price they pay,end up gettin peanuts 4 ur fish. every year the same damn thing n they don't lose any profit the buyers. once our co-op gets flush we will b able 2 help our fishermen n fisherwomen. it's a pain when u have no steady income,oh somthing will turn up. was on micmac chat or native american chat friends can't remember which but got e-mail from a guy from my rez. i was wonderin if i'd ever hear from nish from back home. just waitin 2 hear from others out there,maybe even some ex's most of them ,we parted on good terms. any one out there ever work for structural contracting from 83 or 84 passmore, agincourt. maybe tepperman wrecking,cherry beach toronto. or work at booze can on 86 mutual,316 george or 372 george. or maybe the jamacan booze can at king n straun. well enough relivin ole times ,n time 4 bed....later
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