Sunday, October 31, 2004

devils night

I hope my mail box is still attached 2 the post come morning. it's after 1 am. i don't hear anyone walkin around. saw the 2 rez cruisers on patrol maybe gonna b quiet this year. cops never bothered us when we were kids . opp back then to scared 2 chase u in bush, besides hard 2 c flyin stones at nite. my dogs are quiet no wolves howling at the island or no bears in the back 2 1/2 i don't have 40. i really should have gone in 2 work but had commitments. i had 2 get ready for the goblins tomorrow, if i did'nt get anything thats when lots of kids show up,guess i could give it all 2 my grandkids. there mom would love for that. i think we turn clocks back tonite oh well find out sun. if im late or early 4 work. guess i have 2 miss church lol,need the cash x-mas just around the corner n no shopping done yet. it's better 2 wait till 24 th. anyhow,work better under pressure. well it's 1:30 or 12:30 whichever it's late time for bed. ssshhhh i hear somthing.

Friday, October 29, 2004

Back 2 Work Sort Of

Well got a few hours in this week,hopfully more next. Were shutting down 4 jan.,feb., n mar.,. try n get enough hours in to qualify 4 the dole. need about 150 hours or so. next year when i start my own business,things will be better. i won't have to depend on the job so much although i will keep working,being a co-op member n all. i still believe in what were trying 2 do, and still on the board . i hope i get voted back in at our AGM in jan. if not i can still raise hell as a member,hard somtimes. when u know what needs 2 b done but employees have other ideas. we had fish 2day that had 2 b packaged ,boxed n put away in freezer. i asked 4 help,said it had 2 b put away 2day but everyone had other things 2 do, a least now if it goe's bad it's deducted off there pay. we had guys almost begging us 2 buy there fish ,but had 2 say no,if 4 peeps can't do 1000 to 1500 lbs. of fish in 2 days how they gonna do 2000 to 2500. when we had 10 peeps no prob,but as a business that 2 many peeps , all profit goes 2 wages. should cost 50 to 60 cents to process a lb. of fish not $ 1.50. ENOUGH RANTING change subject,that was some eclipse last nite my 3 noisy dogs were real quite,think they were scared. u could really see the stars after full eclipse.was a cool nite at least no snow yet knock on wood. go oil so let it snow ,still have 2 get my wood furnace in. either hook up 2 oil furnace or put in another chimney,which im starting to think is a better idea and cheaper. better if power goes off,won't need blower. well better sign off another day in the salt mines ,besides it's payday at least i won't feel guilty about mine.....later

Sunday, October 24, 2004

still waitin

Been out of touch awhile but still waitin. waitin to get my wood furnace in,at least get cost of installation. got letter in mail they got my proposal and decide in nov. who gets the money,here's hoping. now just have to wait for decision between nov. and apr. sometime. still lookin for someone to borrow cash from to get some nets for the fall fish run. gotta do something for an income gonna be a long cold winter. well it's gettin late . thats all folks till the morro......later

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

where u been

Where u been u ask,just back fron mexico,was havin a great time with that babe from marca bavaria commercial,then the phone rang and she disappeared. oh well back 2 reality. Well got my bcr faxed and mailed on thurs. so thats finally done ,how can somthing so simple be so complicated. Oh yah im dealing with a version of government,had 1 councilor vote against me have 2 ask for a ''how come''. I don't know if it's me or my business plan he has a problem with. i hope what ever he has against me is'nt contagous or im sunk, takin on water anyhow. At the same meeting i thought i was gonna see our grand pubah start yelling around . We had some goverment flunky types come in and try steam-roll us but grand bubah n littli pubahs set them straight. Gave them a history lesson and more or less told them get the f--k out,don't let door hit ya in the ass on way out. First time i've been proud of our political body 4 awhile. Hope there the same way in our fishing negotiations. Another meeting today maybe i'll go see what's what again. If im goin i'd better get up n about.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004


I got my bcr on monday,still have to hurry up and wait. not gettin it till thur. it has to be signed by grand puh-bah n the little puh-bahs. cost $7.00 n change for priorty post may get there in one day. then i wait again till april, hope i get good news this year. i will get good news ,by this time next year i'll be in operation 6 months. and well on my way to financial independance,me and my 1 or two employees. had a board meeting ,finally had quarum,had to make some hard decision,s. had to be done to stay in business. staff won't like but if they want a job to go back to it has to be . if not don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out. wish some would quit there just dead weight ,wrong attitude to be a good worker,and lazy. be able to hire people who will work for less and be better employees,untill were flush next spring. were gonna offer bonuses,we have to process so much at a certain cost for oct.,nov., and dec. and by feb. we should be spending our own money. if i get voted back in as board member at our next agm ,i can handle my business and also my board duties. i've done it so far while employed full time. if not i still have my membership and still be able to give my two cents. i still have unwavering faith in what were doing as do the other board of directors,,. we knew going in it was'nt gonna be easy that it would 5 years before we saw a turnaround. thats what we gave ourselves,although one of us wanted to get to big picture as soon as possible,but you can't. baby steps. by this time next year we'll be laughing, and we'll be glad we stuck it out. i say.....later

Friday, October 01, 2004

where did september go.

well kids are back in school sure sign of cold weather and snow around the corner. order oil today so let it snow mon. or tues. after it gets here. can't get wood in for 3 weeks. my heating cost should be down this year. got my proposal faxed send rest on mon. after council. went to econ development to try for loan but council is not letting any money go cause there's deadbeats out there that not pay back. ruin's it for the guy who wants to better himself, yours truly. would you agree larry. had 3 of the grand kids over and a great niece, at least there not hard to feed all they want are hot dog. someday i'll tell them what there made of. somthing wrong gotta go my system going won
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