Friday, September 29, 2006


Well where to start. Since my last post we've gotten past the snow storms and power outtages. We lost power a coupla times but not for to long. The summer was'nt to bad cept for the heat wave we got,man i almost died from the heat. I finally bought a A/C,then the heat wave ended,oh well......theres next summer. We had probs here with Dept.of Indian Affair's and Northern Delvelopment. Our version of BIA,you know those people that look after our interests. We have some land we lease to non-natives for summer cottages. The original agreement ran out in 1995 so for roughly 10 years we were gettin peanuts for leases. It was time to revamp and make a new agreement. The govt. said they would go along with any changes we chose to make. So when the changes were made they tried everything to leave it as is. [they still don't natives gettin ahead] After face to face meetings and conferance calls and still gettin the run around we decided to put up a gate. After it got into the papers the govt. got back to table PDQ. So now we get twice as much for leases as years before. It shoulda been raised every year after 1995. If the cottagers were to lease the same land off reserve they would be paying a hell of a lot more. When some cottagers were interviewed by the local newspaper they said they did'nt mind paying more. But were still fighting the govt. over some important details. I hav'nt been to any council meetings since last winter so im not up on the latest. I started my Net Making,Repair & Salvage biz this summer. It started off slow as no fisherman were catching much fish.But now with the fall run almost here,things will pick up. At least i don't have to depend on social services for help.I was able to put a few guys to work although it was part time. Which made me feel good. I got plans to pay my bills ahead so i dont have to worry till spring. Good plan dont yah think. I was able to take 3 of my gran -kids up to Massey,Ont.this summer to my nephews place and to Massey Fall fair. I was hoping to have the rest of my g-kids and their parents come up but they had a base-ball tourney the same week-end. Im trying to get my family to go and visit other relatives instead of meeting at funerals. Seems like thats the only time we get together. Well thats for now,till i think of what else to post.
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