Saturday, December 31, 2005


Happy New Year to every1 out there. I brought my 3 dogs and 2 cats in to wait for mid-night. My dad used to say the old people would wait till after mid-night before they'd go to bed to make sure the world did'nt end. Its funny what pops into your head when your alone. Hope the next 12 months will be as good as mine. Im thinkin positive cause i got a good chance of starting my own business this spring or summer at least. As long as i got something goin by the fall fish run. Thats when people will need nets for sure. If i could start by spring it would be better cause thats when everyone starts fishing. But slow and easy is the way to go. I still have a few i's to dot and t's to cross. I should get a letter from CORDA telling me what more they need before i get my grant or when i get my money. ''LIVE WELL AND PROSPER''


Damn the years are just flyin by it seem like it was just,the eve of 2005. Mayb i shoud'nt have gottin up. Almost 2006,lets see this year i'll be 39 and holding. I had planned on mayb goin out and havin a few ''YEASTIES'' but i did that on X-mas eve and had some wine with my turkey. So im ok till summer before i have a few more. Mayb i'll get a few Mexa-quila coolers those are good. i feel like havin one know and agin. I had a few cigs to ,cant have one with out the other. But it was no prob leavin them alone agin. So the craving for nicotine is out of my system. I was lucky i never really had the craving. Not like when i was smokin and ran out n no money or store was closed. I noticed that when your down to your last few cigs you smoke faster. Well time to get up and about.

Monday, December 26, 2005


I must say that this was one of the best x-mas's,i've had in a long time. My oldest daughter invited me for x-mas way back in Oct. awhile ago anyway. I figured i may as well cause although they only live 1/2 hour away i never see her or the kids. And of course my son in-law. It being x-mas the sisters ran into each other in Wally Mart so they started talkin and made plans to go and wrap presents at the older ones place. They hav'nt talked for 2 years or more,you know how sisters can get. I've always felt i was stuck in the middle but anyway i never chose one over the other. At least the kids don't care if the moms ar'nt talkin.ha,ha,ha. Women not talkin,the end is near when that happens. Im just kiddin,
nothin worse than a women mad at you. I think gettin the silent treatment is worse than gettin yelled at. We had snow but it was mostly sleet n freezin rain which made drivin scary. We had no plans of goin anywhere anyway. While the gifts were bein wrapped i mentioned to my youngest girl ,why don't you have x-mas dinner here,we can have x-mas all together. When she said ok,it made me very happy. The girls were gonna finally bury the hatchet and not in each others heads. Har,Har,Har. We had two turkeys and all the trimmins. Plenty of turkey left to take home,nothin beats a turkey sandwich before bed. I had to get home before 6 pm boxing day in case my son phoned so my daughter drove me home. The roads were slippery as hell as long as she took her time we were ok. Wonder if my foot marks are still in the floor of the van.Even though she took her time its hard not to but the brakes on too. We got home before my other daughter and we brought her sons home with us. So my daughter could'nt go right home after bringing us home. My youngest had to take a cruise around the Rez just to be nozy. She finally phoned when she got home so i could quit worrying. I still worry about my kids now they have kids more people to worry about. I guess thats part of parenthood. That was my x-mas how was yours. Did everyone get their Christmas Goose.

Friday, December 16, 2005


Hey-Yah came by to go to public works meeting. Had to park on the road drive way drifted in and the snow is heavy. I won't be doin no snow removal. Did'nt look like there was that much snow. Just as we were leaving my plow man drove right by..........was it somthing i said. Oh well,he be back.We had our public works moved to morning as council was cancelled. Which was to bad as i was lookin forward to council. I like joint council as well our sister Rez shows up. Meet and talk to some old high school buddies. Rosemary Black even just the name gets me hot. She was a hottie tight blouses,sweaters and the best Mini n Micro Mini skirts. I really enjoyed English class that year. We hung around the band office to see if councillor liason or other committee members would show up. So i went up to see the new biologist to kill time,Bill is a nice guy . I think he gonna work out,but still gonna seem strange without Andrew. He said he be back now and agin to help.......i think he likes us. I can get him to pick me up some electronic's you cant get up here. Providin he comes back to visit. I'll pay u when you get here. She seems like it wants to blow agin. I dont think i'd be goin to town or Owen Sound might not get home. We went to Sidney Bay Variety to have a coffee and the road was driftin in. Prob why they were closed. She gonna snow more tonight ,snow blowin around now be worse when it gets dark..................

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


I got my bud Hey-Yah to drive me around the Rez as i had ppl to see and things to do. Went to band office a 1/2 mile away if that,the roads were driftin in real bad. The wind comin of the Bay and causing drifts. He said he almost hit our Rez cops after hittin a drift. That hardly seems likly cause they're never around. And thats the opinion of the the majority of the people. They dont seem to think that we/Chief n Council are not there bosses. Fire Em all i say they hav;nt sloved a crime since they been here. Not that i've heard anyway. Mayb im still miffed at Sgt. Bull Stevens arresting me and pouring out my 2 Mickeys of 5 Star back in the 70' He thru me in our jail we had attached to Fire Hall/Ambulance/Cop Shop. I was occupant #2 my cuz beat me a few weeks And a fellow boozer was my jail keeper,could'nt talk him into lettin me go. Never hitch-hike a Rez church bus and pass out,never know where you'll wake up. I woke up in Toronto one time but thats another story. Thats why people call them ''Unsolved Mysteries''. I'll talk to them but i got no use for any of them. When my oldest son got run over by drunk driver it was Keyston Cops far as im concerned. The stupid fugger [cop]drove me to town to id his body at hospital. And the guy who owned the car was in back seat of cruiser. I found this out after. His friend the one drivin was in jail. I had heard stories that they guy drivin had a scuffle or something at the Snake Pit with my son. Sometime after that he left to walk home and never made it. I got some1 to drive me around at the same time he was hit and there was plenty of lifgt to see by. So i still believe he got run over on purpose. The guy got what amounted to no more than a slap on the wrist. Maybe if our cops woulda done a better job and got the guy Prison time ,i'd prob still have no use for them. To make things worse my youngest is in prison......blamed for killin the guy. I still think he is taking the blame for somebody. Thats another story floatin around ,i've heard. And another is there was a person not my son that went to a house on the rez and was covered in blood. I actually don't know what went on in court,i was given notice i had to attend court as witness. I sat in the first day for a hour or so and then for some reAson they give me the boot. Next day same thing sit out side court room all day for nothin. So next day i said fug em and stayed home. So i don't know if any of those stories made it in as evidence. What can you do it's white mans court and cops and besides it was only NDN'S. Well i better go and have a coffee or somthin,gettin worked up here...........

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


My daughter Sheila phoned and asked if i wanted to go for a ride. Talia my g-daughter was playin a concert at her old public school. Hard to believe she in Gr.9. God that means im gettin She takes music in school and in public school when she was there. To bad they don't have that on Cape. They asked the school here if they could come and do a concert. But no body answered back. Anyway did they ever sound good a little off key but good just the same. She played the recorder i think,she plays about 4-5 different instruments. Gonna ask her to come visit and play me something. Daylin her bro also takes music. He want a guitar n Amplifier for x-mas. Good thing they got a big shop beside the house. My future rock star and my concert musician. Now wonder what Kyle will play. Next week they'll be in their brand spankin new school. Public/High-School,boy is it ever a big building. Mayb i'll phone school and see if those kids are comin to play. I got a housing meeting tonight starts at 5 pm and home by 10 pm. I like being in committee's,have to make hard decisions sometimes. But not first time i ever pissed some1 off. Prob wont be the last either. Got public works on Friday right after council which is in the am. Had an Roads employee raise his voice at me about not being able to work over time hours. He was drivin for my plowman that mornin. I told him it was councils decision. Besides i'd sooner Roads Dept. pay $11.00/hr for casual labour than time and 1/2 ,double time for statutory holidays. Were in a financial crunch on this Rez every1 has to try and save money. Every program is running on less money than they need. We need to get our land claim settled then we could tell Indian Affairs and Canadian government to ''GO FORTH AND MULTIPLY''. They been making us and every Rez on Turtle Island Suck Hole for far to long. Geeze i hav'nt used that phrase in a long time,i dont even hear it any more.........Well time to jump on chat and see if there's any drama......

Monday, December 12, 2005


Winters here to stay. I can usually see my lawn/rock garden till just before x-mas. I figured we got 150 cm./5 ft. of snow in my little corner of the Rez. Good thing it melts to make room for more. Im always amazed when i get 5'' or so of snow here and non at my daughters. She's just around the corner from me. Guess thats what they call streamers. And its friggin cold now,not bad one day cold as witches tit the next. When it falls below -10 c. my dogs come in. When i go out and breath thru my nose n my nostrils stick its time to come in. My pets are spoiled so what. Got no kids to spoil. But grand children,i got 8 but only 7 i see even though the one lives just down the road from me. Wish his mom was'nt like that,she used to bring him by. That was when he was much younger. Oh well,what can ya do. He'll be a teenager b4 u know it and then we'll see. I spent the day in council still,popped in on Bill the new assesment biologist. Gonna miss Andy but life goes on. Onward n upward for Andrew. I sat across the room from the councillor liason for CORDA and he smiled and gave me the thumbs up. Almost started to shake ,i was hoping that meant i got my grant. Long wait till there break,thats when he told me i got it. I coulda hugged him but i was'nt brought up that way. But thats another story. I called him this evening to thank him for speaking on my behalf. Now the waiting starts agin but this time its for the money. Prob come sometime this spring,something to look forward to. I've got past the biggest hurdle in my life in a long time. Now i got a chance to really do what i dreamt of be my own boss. Wish me luck,being new at this its gonna be a rough ride. I got alot of work to do b4 the money gets here,it comin in 3 installments. So now i gotta decide what from my list of materials i need first. I got offers of help from some of my family and friends. I got lots of support. I just hope the poor fishing this fall run is just a cycle. My biz depends on a healthy fishery. Won't know that till next fall. Time for chat.

Thursday, December 08, 2005


It's a good thing i dont mind winter. Cause she's here to stay,think i got plowed out 7-8 times already. Last year may twice by this time. This weeks the week CORDA meets,so im kinda nervy. Is this try #3 or 4,can't remember. But i know there's so many apply from different Rez's so i just gotta keep tryin. My turn will come ,it dont cost anything but stamps and fax charges. And of course time. I was'nt gonna bother this year but decided i will. Last minute of course so i got help from neighbours the night b4 dead line. I needed some1 to do some typing so she offerd. We met at my brothers cause i had no ink for my printer and he did. Never burn bridges with your brother's or sister's cause you'll need em in the future. After all that i got it faxed out with out BCR cause they were to bz with meeting. They said just as long as the application is faxed b4 deadline. Got BCR following Monday then that week the sewage and black mold problem. And it was stuck in shut down band office. Ah,what the hell gotta have drama in your life.Right. Later........

Sunday, December 04, 2005

''United Church Bazzar''

Well all our hard work paid off i think anyway. We made $1,600,this bein my first time helping the church with the Bazzar. Since most of the stuff we had was donated most musta been profit. There was a good turnout from the ppl i saw. Cost me a few peso's,i had to buy raffle tickets ,different groups were holding draws. And food talk about food,got my daughters to make somethin to donate. I donated a prize and pop ,and hot dogs n buns. Cant forget about the kids. My grandkids were there so that cost me a bit,but thats what g-kids are for to spoil. I felt not to good after a bit so i didnt stay till the end. But i had my fill and had a good time. I bought a book from one of our elders Ella Waukey. Didnt even know she had written one till i saw her table,also sold goodies. That was no place to be if you wanted to keep on your diet. Talk about baked goods,scone dogs,chili,corn soup, indian tacos,fry bread,bannock. Im tryin slowly to get involved with the happening's of the Rez. I try and attend as many council meeting as i can,i have better attendance than some councillors. Which the Chief and Councillors joke about. I used to be one of those that sat at home and bitched about the way our Rez was bein run. But no more ,i like knowin whats goin on ,good or bad. I tried to attend all the fishing meetings that take place.We got our agreement now so no more meetings till this one ends. By then i hope that Indian hater Will Burdock is out of office. If we have to live with Indian hating MPP's lets at least get a new Redneck. One thing i realized i better start takin notes I find it hard to remember some things when ppl ask ,well what went on at council. The wind is blowin agin ,hope she dont snow. When my daughter brought me home the wind was harsh comin out of the community centre. Well jump on Cherokeeshe and see if there's any drama. In all the native chat rooms im in,only been kicked out once. As a joke,im such a nice guy. The kind anygirl would take home to or for mommy. Later.......
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