Monday, February 28, 2005


Got a bit done on my new n improved bussiness plan. Still have some tweekin 2 do. Wish i had a rough idea of money i'll be playin with. But i don't so i gotta do it on speck. I can use my old material estimate n add mayb 5%. Some material would have gone up n other gone down in price. Just take my time n make sure i got all angles covered. Don't wanna rush n 4get a main piece of the puzzle. I got some the race watched, the start at least. Hav'nt watched sports so i don't know who won. My cousin was gonna come over last night n tell me who won. The bugger,but he did'nt. We gettin hit with the edge of a major storm south of us. A fine rain like mist ,snow n blowin snow. My drive way is driftin in. I let my dogs out 2 do there thing n they did'nt stay out 2 long. Their all set 4 the night . So i guess i bring tape of race in here n watch from the comfort of bed. Prob watch with my eyes closed. C u later.......opp's had wrong month..''DUH''

Sunday, February 27, 2005

''RACE DAY NASCAR''-Auto Club 500

Another Sunday is almost done. Damn time is goin by 2 fast. I noticed that after i turned 25 the years seemed 2 fly by. Seems like only yesterday i moved home 2 look after my kids. Don't know where i'd b,wether i'd still b in Orilla. Or mayb i would've moved back 2 Toronto. Mayb i would b workin at Rama Casino. I left there [Orilla] in 1991 n casino opened in 1995. Lotta ppl from here got jobs there,some stuck it out some got let go. Because lots of them did'nt have anykind of work ethic. I know a few that moved on to Casino Niagara n Cruise ships. It's 2 late 4 me a job at casino,i'd sooner b a customer. Just 1 thing holdin me back,gainful employment. My brother in-law offerd 2 try 4 a bank loan 2 start my ''Net Making,Repair n Salvage'' business. So i got 2 shave down from the $35,000.00 in stock n material i was wantin 2 start with. Do that tomorrow,so my day is planned. He's already in hock 2 bank 4 a car n truck. So it may b a waste of time but then agin mayb not. Nothing ventured nothin gained is'nt that what thay say. Whoever the hell they Thats the way i'd go,he wanted me to price a boat, motor,nets ,everything i'd need 2 start fishin. A rough guesstimate would b 10-12 grand. I could buy a lot of material 2 make nets with that money. Nuff 2 buy ready made nets 2 start generatin money right away. I could partner with the tug owner i used 2 work for n spot him some nets for a cut of the profits. I'd need to generate cash right away 2 put back in 4 material. After a couplea months i could have nuff 2 put up a small work shed. Gotta start some where,so i start smaller than i wanted 2. At least now i may c my dream, or at least a light at the end of the tunnel. Well finished watchin Daytona 500 only took a week,still a good race even if i new that cry baby[Jeff Gordon] won. Now i got the Auto Club 500 2 watch,hopefully fini that tomorrow while im workin on bussiness plan re-vision. Well jump on chat so i can wish 1 of managers happy b-day. Posted a wish already but a live wish is better. Catch ya tomorrow.........bob bye

Saturday, February 26, 2005

''HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA''-changed 2 movie.

Still tryin 2 finish Daytona 500,only 400 more miles 2 go. Did'nt do much 2day a little this n alittle of that. Sweep here mop theren then what now. Go play with Sparky n c if i can freeze my lungs. I can really breath in more cold air now that i don't smoke. It was year in Jan. 1st week. Woke up 1 night a could'nt catch breath,like that all night. Went hosp. next morn DR. said b like that 24/7 if i keep smokin. So he scared the ''BEJEESUS'' outta me n i quit then n there. Oh i lied i had 2 ciggy's left at home so i fini. Koffed my lungs out fini those last 2 cigs. Mayb that helped 2,so damn it quit smokin b4 u get as bad as i did. I really enjoy breathin now. Don't go out side early in the morn n choke on first breath of freash air. So if u don't quit this is what u got 2 look forward 2. Well thats my sermon 4 the day,''HEED MY WARNING OR PAY THE PRICE'' Mayb u'll have better luck findin all that money u saved by not smokin. Im still They say put all money u would've spent on smokes in a bank. 52 weeks x avg. 40.00[rez price]=2,080.00. Think some1 stole my savings cause i ain't seen it n add 2 that the money i saved not buyin booze 4 two years. Boy am i ever bein robbed. They got Hockey night in Canada replaced by Movie night in Canada. And they got Ron Mclean announcin b4, after n between the periods between the 3 movies. No good movies so much 4 movie night. Well gotta go chat n catch up on gossip instead which is better. My son phoned which made my day,been awhile since he phoned. I was startin 2 think they were on lock-down. Thats what happened b4.. So c u later peeps......

Friday, February 25, 2005

''FRIDAY''...not much goin on.

Still hav'nt had time 2 watch the Daytona 500,good thing it's on tape. Waited around 4 my bro-inlaw,supposed 2 help me with comp. Wasted a day waitin 4 him when i coulda wasted it on somthin constructive. Like my blog,there's lots of space yet 2 b used up. Im not sure if i can go back 2 old posts n add links here n there. Not like e-mail or instant messagin where if u put a www. it will put as a link. I have 2 down-load a couple of programs 4 when i get dvd burner. Imagine 1 touch copyin instead of all the little things u gotta do now. Especially with that copy gaurd. I got all these jokes from my message boards i'd like 2 share. Have 2 figure out a way of makin A Place 2 Link 2. All this thinkin ooooh my head,hav'nt had 2 do this much thinkin since i had 2 come up with a air tight alibi. But that 2 is 4 anudder time.I could tell ya now but then i'd have 2 kill Mayb i watch a few laps of the race b4 bed. Well it tryin 2 snow agin ,mayb 3'' prob be all we get . I hope. Was talkin 2 my daughter n got the latest juice around town. And here i sit n no where 2 spread it.......just kiddin. I'll leave that up 2 my My doggies a out there tryin 2 sound pitiful,i'll just ignore them. Yah right,i bring in later ,must b hungary n thirsty. Water don't take long 2 freeze these days. But i still don't think we'll have freeze up. Wow 10:42 better feed my dogs ,i still got calls 2 make. We shall c u tomorrow.......later.

Thursday, February 24, 2005


Well im back,got home at 11:00pm. A 15 hour day n no money 2 go try my luck at the slots. I usually win in Rama,more often than local racetrack slots. Never had breakfast or lunch so got pretty hungary on way home. Timbits n coffee not to We stopped in Collingwood,he said he knew a good place 2 eat. By god was it ever. We both had the Weiner Shnitzal it was so big i could'nt c the plate it came in. Never had shnitzal that good since my Toronto days. Had a good day anyhow n i'm a bit beat so gonna call it an early night. Get good rest to watch my race in the morn........later


I wonder why it is some ppl, just can't come right out n say what they really want. My bro-in-law asked me if i wanted 2 go 4 a ride. He works at Casino Rama n he's movin 2 a new place. So just say can u help me move,i'll more than likely say sure. So my Daytona 500 will have 2 wait. He wants 2 leave at 8:00am to get there 4 ,11:30 when his new landloard gets off work. He works at casino to. Well better get dressed n ready to go. At least it's a nice day but cold.........later.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

''HUMP-DAY AGIN''geeze where did week go/

Missed the ''DAYTONA 500'' Sunday did'nt even know the season was startin. After workin on blog all day i watched news. And what do i hear that damn cry-baby Jeff Gordon won. What a piss off n there was a bad lookin accident,looked like Elliot Sadler,not sure. Went to c my bro. on the off chance he taped the race. Cause they replay onWed. but he taped Sun. I could have watched the race by now. I'll still enjoy it even though i know who won. So my day is planned for 41/2 hours or so tomorrow. . Must watch pre-race show. Dale Earnhardt jr.,Micheal Waltrip n Rusty Wallace r my fav's. Then any of the older drivers. I started watchin Nascar in the 90's when my bro got C-Band satellite dish. He had a board that gave him everything avalable 4 free. Did some1 say He got about 6-7 porn channels n all the pay/views,movies n specials. The early 90's were good times 4 free bees. Well gotta cut it short ppl here....later......

Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Another nice day but a bit cold. Still tryin 2 snow,last gasp of winter only 26 or so more days till spring. And the last snow fall in 2nd week June. Then it's over no mo sno,then u c all the garbage u accumilated over winter. In my case it will b bones,at least 2 wheelbarrow's full. The neighbours spoil my Snoopy but the bones he brings home he don't share. Only when i bring him in n let other dogs run loose. Do they get a his bones ,he watches fron the window. He so stingy he reminds me of my cousin. The boys left about 5am to go ski in Barrie area. They have a relay race than a regular race. I hope their ok if they don'nt do good every time. They have small team ,number wise ,but they do good 4 bein outnumbered. They know the area same place they have the mountain bike meets. Well do abit more on my blog 2day,still hav'in prob placin my calender. I found 1 but can't put it in right place . When i paste it 2 an editor n hit view it shows up. Soon as i paste 2 my blog i c it but it blanks out all under neath. My google adds,Nish links n other links. I pasted my testiculator results 2 blog only 28% evil n 72% good. My REZ's web site got a 2% evil could have sworn it was more last night. They must have been born agin since last night. daughter brought me some home made head cheeze was it ever good,u could still c bits of brain n eyeball.mmmmmmmm agin. Just foolin she uses pork hocks, And the corn soup will b good for lunch tomorrow. Im gonna cook up some fried battered White fish, we'll have fish strips n balls. It was fish i brought home thars no good for sale or smokin. He was just gonna throw it in garbage. Not a thing wrong with except there just pieces n chunks. Good 4 makin fish cakes 2. Boys r comin 4 supper 2 so i'll heat up last nights speggetti sauce n their moms bringin the speggetti. Hopes thats nuff their growin boys, fish n pasta will stick 2 their ribs. I figured out how 2 make links on blog. Now i want 2 figure out how 2 make a link from 1 word on blog. Im learnin bit by bit i guess theirs editors out there that will do it all. But i'd rather learn right from scratch. I applied for web space on k-net ,just waitin 4 e-mail lettin me know when i get it. Its free 2 native's as long as u use the e-mail regular they'll keep u on if not then u loose e-mail n web space regular. I got 1 on geocities [a web page] but when i try to do more 2 it. I get turn down its free mayb thats all u get is 1 page . I'll try agin tomorrow cause im sure i had it runnin 1 day. Mayb i dreamt it ,speakin of dreams i don't usually dream . But the other night i woke myself up by yellin. I was yellin at that bear that attacked me. I never woke up with heart racin or scared like some dreams ppl have. But got Snoopy n Sparky all in a tizzy,mayb thats why they follow me around. I'll burn some cedar on the stove,somthin my aunt told me 2 do since i did;nt have sweet grass. Wish she was still with us. Mayb some1 tryin 2 ''shki-kii ''. I have that plant that shines at night i never got around to hangin up. I better do somthin tomorrow. Mayb i dream n not remember. I think the human condition needs dreamin of some sort . I heard that 1 time. mayb Dr. Phil,Maury or Oprah mayb Jerry Springer. My daughter is inti those shows. I used 2 watch 1 one tome. But it always the a loud U R NOT THE FATHER, then the mom go's runnin off. After swearin she was'nt with any1 else. Geeze 1 women was on their everyday of week must have been best of Maury. After brakfast tv is over Maury starts think she tried 5-6 times 2 find kids daddy. Every time she 100% sure he the daddy. So u c why i said hell with this crocka ship. I got my buddy lookin 4 pics 2 put on Flicker got a couple i got from Rez web add 4 our park. Since we the ppl own our Rez as a whole we all own own the Rez lock stock n barrel. So no prob usin the pics. Went 2 bed at 11-12 the other night n woke up late,went 2 bed at 3:30 this morn n woke uo at 6:00. That mean we is gettin mature. Should'nt i b havin a mid life crisis about now. Get my self muscle car or somthin us young guys live 4. My first car was a 67 Valiant [remember push button shift] it cost me 2 bottles of wine n a pack of smokes. Just call me Philbert,is'nt that the nish's name Gary Farmer played on ''POW-WOW HIGHWAY'' My first war pony,it was just a Rez car. I was ridin around with the boot-legger so he fronted me the wine,till later. So that means the car never cost me anything. He was goin with my sis anyway. Poor guy he got jumped n beat up,n they laid him on rail-road tracks n a train cut his legs off. Never did find those bastards. This was back in the 70's so cops did'nt try very hard 2 find who did it. And it still the same 2day. That white guy that killed the other white guy in town ,i bet he never did the time he should have. I heard his parents r pillers of the community,so thats lop-sides right there. Piller's of the community just like me. Well nuff blowin my own horn,jump on chat 4 awhile. Just till u practicin ur truck drivin Pebbles,2 weeks is'nt it . The day u 2 can help add 2 the green house It's our governments that r the blame 4 green house gas. There's a big hole in the ozone above Washington n Ottawa,because of all the gas expelled. Thats tru cause i read it in 1 of da most trusted newspapers in north america. The National Enquirer. Is'nt that the next best thing 2 the bible. N if any1 takes offence to my comments u 2 can go forth and multiply. Mayb i just go 2 bed n count bears attackin me. I'll catch yall tomorrow. Remind me to tell u about our attempt at a house of i'll repute.Good-night ngood news...........Get outta da John boy.

Monday, February 21, 2005

''GARBAGE DAY''get rid of it 2day n start anew EH.-X2

THEY NEED MORE FONTS ON BLOGGER,i like the 1 where its tryin 2 looklike writin. Mayb cause i got chickin scratchin 4 writin.''U Think'' I have 3 g-mail,3 Yahoo,2Msn n soon 2 b 3 Knet if i so choose they gave me 3 account names. Now my prob is ,id like 2 figure out a way 2 put all them in a drop down box 2 go to each 1 . At it stands i have 2 b on a 2 diff browser 2 get my g-mail n go 2 my yahoo mail 2 clik on link 2 another g-mail. So im gonna b the proud owner of 150 g-mail accounts to give away. Any takers out thar. I sent 2 each to 2 girls that i concider daughters. Im still patiently waitin 4 a''HOW THE HELL R YA E-MAIL'' A bloggin bud is goin 4 her licence,i gave her some advice that money can't buy. Check ur mirrors n adjust, adjust the seat,seatbelt,hands at 10 n 2 or is it 9 n 3. Then roll window down ,put elbow out window hold steerin wheel with fingers. Slap it in low n floor it while u got got 'BORN TO BE WILD'' full blast. But mayb not just do the 4 things i said first n also good idea 2 check tires b4. When i took my road test i drove this car like i was driven a truck,arm out window finger holdin wheel n my right hand feelin 4 the gear shift. I blocked an inter section,but u have 2 nose out a truck how else how u gonna see. Besides there some a-hole on my ass,and i was on a slight grade. Sposed 2 stay back 10 or so feet. Cause truck may roll back. Oh well i passed anyway. Thats why he should have let me use Gravel truck. Thats what i drove 2 town 4 test. Just bein technical,i need a car licence first. Jeeze was driven truck 4 a few years by that time. Well better check spam n then go nose around RED GREEN says if the women don't find ya handsome they should at least find u handy.

''GARBAGE DAY''get rid of it 2day n start anew EH.

When was the last time i even put out the trash. Oh theres only me here. Takes 3 weeks 2 fill a garbage can. Oh good my driveway is done ,good man that Scotty. He must have been here early. It was'nt that we got lotsa snow just drifted. I don't have 2 shovel. Well better get dressed n feed my kids. I can here them barkin. They have good hearin i sneak 2 the window 2 peek n their peekin at My poor dogs should let them go 2 sow their wild oats. But theirs a freind of mine ,actually 2 that like 2 shoot dogs. My Copper diappeared 2 years ago,last seen headin towards Cape.[a section of Rez] Yes we have sections I live down the hill n my daughter lives up the hill. N over at Capt theres a section called the other side when ur here n when ur on the other side ,this is the other side. Got that no, well u have 2 live here. Did u ever notice Natives talk with their hands. My aunt used 2 tell me stories they were nade funnier by the use of he hands. Another thing aboot natives they don't generally point with finger.Or need 2 say in words an answer. Why bother thats why lips were made,u just push or poke them in the direction. Where u goin ''poke'',where she go''poke'',whers the beef''poke. U get my drift,so have u seen that...more later feed me doggies n work on html. Im amazed wha u can do with a few characters n how easy it is 2 totally screw up what ur doin. Know nuff now so that don't happen.[Knock on wood]...........later

Sunday, February 20, 2005

''SUNDAY''-down hill from here till Mon.-then uphill agin.

''CRAPOOLA''- I had my post fini n ready 2 post,then it just disappeared of my screen. Don't know if it's on the Blogger server or not. Or it don't go ther till u publish,u got me. Must be somwhere cause i did'nt delete. May it got banished when i shut down to make phone calls. Can't use phone n surf sametime. Mustb it's in my comp ,any1 know where to look . Mayb it was a good omen,i was sort of all worked up afterwards. But iffin a eva fin dit aw will post tit. It was just stuff that happened in da late 60's n early 70's. Things that no one knows about me n my 2 deceased friends. And about my oldest son,he'd b 29 this Apr. We took him out bar hoppin on his 19th. b-day. Did he ever get hammered. But had a good time,think it may have been that Tennesse moon-shine that did him in. Good stuff ,u put a 1/4'' in a glass n the rest mix then u all set. I drank it straight to get the taste,course i had a beer chaser. [sip,sip u have 2 sip shine] or u b shinin da floor. My fav song a da 60's Im shinin the floors over yooooooooo,u breakin my hart dis is tru. OK i shut up,damn critics..phook u n da horse u came in on] But theres always a butt head in the crowd,[x son in-law] lets call him Bo-Bo cause he was a F_ _ KIN clown. [ha,ha,ha. -how many x s-in-laws i got]. He was raised in Alabama a so,so shine area accordin to tennesse ppl. So of course he was used 2 shine,don't gulp it Bo we said. But oh no he had 2 play the big man. Well that big man ended up on his ass. He called me last month don't know why n left me his # . I don't have any intentions of ever callin that ass-hole. I never found out till later he dragged my daughter around by the hair. On top of that he bit his own arm n told the cops she did it. WTF kinda man is that,he stabbed his own leg 1 time n said some ''NISH'' from another ''REZ'' attacked him. Good riddence is all i can say. PHOOK i hate ppl like that. Guys who never been off the REZ or away from mommie like Bo was. I was 17-18 when my dad threw a bag of clothes in my face n said Get the Phuck out. Was the best thing he could ever have done for me. Good thing i worked 2 summers previous so i knew how 2 work. And workin n earnin ur own money was even better. I made 70-80/week,lots back then,20.00/week ,room n board 2 my pop's. Which i always borrowedback on Sunday 2 cure over-hang. But he did'nt care ,so long as did'nt get in trouble. I was 16 when i got into hotels for the first time. Thanks 2 my dad n 3 of his friends i could get into the Arlington. And later the Pizzzzz,i'd have 2 be 1/2 bagged b4 they serve me. Sober i looked 2 young so have a few at the Arlinton n it added a few years ,i guess. By the time guys my age were old nuff 2 drink ,i was old hand. But i learned how 2 act n drink sociable from my dad n his friends. Some ppl might think that not a good thing but Phook u,it was the times . Well b4 the hotels i could get in Beer n Likker stores. I went in with my dad when he was a little looped. And i'd fill out those little forms ,how many,what brand n what size. So the guys see me come in all the time,so what the hell i try 4 myself. All they can say is no n no harm done. I b damned if they did'nt serve me. I used 2 wonder if they could charge me with supplyin minors if i was 1. Never found out the answer 2 that. Well better go check out chat c if they miss me. I only meant 2 talk aboot loosin my post,but those damn tangents have a way of sneakin away. Speakin of,doe's any1 know if they still sell Sneaky Pete in the US.,it was a rosaaaaaaaaay,how u spell roooozaaaay. If so UPS me a few bottles,prob a bit more than 25. JAZZ N NANCY N MAYB JANNINE.......WAAAAAASAAAAAAPP. andfor u PEEPS ooot dar who deem me woordy and read my rants........CLIK>>CLIK..Baa-Maa-Pii-Gau-Waab-Miin.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

''TIS SAARDAY''is this hump day 4 week-ends?

While were on the subject of humpin,im still workin on my pron site. Once it's up n runnin i'll have 2 do it all. Producer,director,gruntin engineer,muff inspecter n do all the actin. At least till i can afford some actors. No women of ill repute around here,well,porno actresses i mean. Lots of women of ill repute. I've ill reputed a few in my day.Those stories r on my xxx-rated blog. Where was i ,oh yes my movie makin carreer. On second thought better give up on this plan 2. It might turn out like our house of ill repute[cops were already callin my home a bawdy house]. Only bawdies around here were drunkin bawdies. Well anyway back 2 our whore-house story. I was main boss[my house] in our attempt at sellin sex. I had 2 partners but not 4 long. After i asked them if they could take things in hand till we could afford some women. Bein as i was the head-cheeze n could'nt b expected to do it. And thats why u should stay in school so u don't have 2 try diff ''not so legal ways'' 2 make money. Good thing we nish have sence of humor. My 2 almost parners a gone now died back in the 70's no the late 60's for 1 n early 70's for the other. I miss them yet n i guess i always will. They were 20 n i was 16,but they treated me as an equal. I often wonder how my life would have turned out if they had;nt died. The 1 still survivin asked me to moved 2 Brampton in 1970. I wish i had mayb i could have prevented his death. Got thrown out of van in accident n the van rolled over him. I dropped everything n put life on hold till after their funerals. Mayb thats why i don;t break down no more. Even when i buried my son,i never really broke down. But that day will come. I got his pic hangin over my bed. Jeeze it'll b 10 yrs. this July 8th. That was some b-day presant that time. He got killed 3 days after my b-day. I went 2 the bar with him that April when he turned 19. Had a drunkin good time. I guess thats why July is just another day nothin special. Well lets change gears here, i got a few links added 2 my blog n more stuff 2 add. Im gonna fill every bit of empty space n no not in my head. It will b easier 4 me to take out if to much after i c where she sits. There is a met thud 2 my madnice. I'll say it cause ur thinkin it. Opp's ,crap,how'd i do this. Im just gonna finish this post. Don't wanna push wrong button n delete it all. I added that I back their n it went on big. Better fini here b4 summpin else happens. Some1 let me know what i did here n how 2 undo this font 4 next time. I guarantee there will b. I just fini m re-boot....later..Teddy

Friday, February 18, 2005


Just thought i'd jump back on agin,b4 the pride wears off. My daughter just phoned about an hour ago with good news. My grand sons Doug n Kirk were in a cross country competition 2day. Doug came in 1st. out of 70, and Kirk came in 10th., out of 69. They were'nt even home when their coach phoned. The way she sounded they knew but were tryin 2 skip. Bet their glad they went now. I guess they got yelled at by the coach but it was deserved. They have 2 realize not every1 would spend the time n money on them. Which she doe's, theirs no way we could put together the kind of money 4 equipment. She see's somthing in them or else she would'nt b here. I think this the 3rd. year and they only been gettin better n better. This not just PaPa talkin i've seen the news paper clips. Cross country in winter n mountain bike competions in the summer. They also have a damn good baseball team Doug,Kirk n Kerri on separate teams. They take on near by non-native teams n i was a bit surprised that u can still c prejudice in kids teams. Not from the kids but coaches n parents. Not all mind u but some. It was a women R.C.M.P. constable that picked them up, Oh, Oh, j,k those days r behind me. She'll b pickin them up next week-end 4 a meet in Kitchener or Barrie,Orillia area. Another of my old stomppin grounds. And i'll back on here braggin agin. Even if they don't come in near the top ,their gainin experience. Somthing i wish i would of got,i better quit tryin 2 horn in on their ppl.

''DAMN IT ANYWAY ,PAY DAY 4 ALL BUT ME''sniff,sniff...cont

Yaa-Hoo- Hey,i just noticed my counter is finally over a thousand. U know how long it took me 2 log on my blog a thousand times.

''DAMN IT ANYWAY ,PAY DAY 4 ALL BUT ME''sniff,sniff.

And how is every other blogger n their mother up this early doin. I usually ,used 2 get up this early n earlier but don'nt anymore. I better get off my a55 n stert gittin up early agin. The sun will start comin up sooner. N b4 u know it our last snow the 2nd. week ij June will b here. Got telephoneman comin 2 fix my lines. Itsa pain when only jacks work r in bedroom. Where my comp is so whats the diff u ask. I don't have an easy answer 4 dat. I spend quit a bit of time in the bedroom....................ALONE. ha,ha,. ''As he kicks 3 dogs ,2 cats, old shoes n laundry out of his way''. I left my bedroom door open by accident when i went 2 watch telly. Got up 2 c if my download was fini. I could'nt c my bed 4 fur,my furbby's all 5 a them were on my bed. Time 2 let them out. U ever c a dog crossin his legs n goin from 1 foot 2 de udder. Good thing Snoopy still got his 2 back legs so he can do that. Mayb not cross but they do the prancin around,when they gotta go.........fini ...later........''CURSES'' he say's , went 2 watch breakfast television and MIKa's up the stump,so is Nalini, i suspect Jennifer is 2, n 2 make things worse Liza's weddin day is fast approachin. I get right on findin e-cards 2 send. Have 2 tell them that the year of the rooster''COCK'' is the cause of their plight. But not 2 fear because Teddy is here. Have i got a plan 4 them poor girls. They need'nt worry bout baby names cause Teddy Makwa the 3rd.,4th.,5th.,6th.,7th...etc. r good names. I and Junior started it off as 1st.,2nd., I can c it now the start of my Dynasty. I'll send the card anyway flockem if they can't take a joke. Im a ramblin man met alot of girls.mmmm.mmm do i sound like Rickey he drawls...thaaank ya...thaaank ya veeery much..........Runnin Bear thru the forest....dodgin bullets from tree 2 tree........mmm.....mmmm .where he met little white dove...mmmmm......mmmmm...mmm.......her little heart was beatin fster......Well gotta go.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

''HUMP DAY + 1'',

Well got a few things added 2 my blog. When ur flyin blind like i was ,never had done this b4. I think i did pretty damn good,even though i say so myself. ''As he puts shoulder back in socket from patting his-self on the back''. Woke up 2 a bit of snow then it started 2 really come down. I b shovelin snow come morn. But the sun peeked out n stayed out. The storm was over,i don't mind 1 little bit. Should go c brudder 4 sure tomorrow. If any thing was wrong ,he would'nt say. He named after our dad, i can c my dad in him now. Well i seen it long ago he stubburn ,gets on ur nerves,grumpy 4 no reason, n other traits 2 numerous 2 mentionm. I don't know why he's not more like me................HEY.......guess what he is. Were both just like our dad. That has it's good points, i must say. I should try n get on chat 2night n converse with all my new found family.. Im on 2 american chats n 3 mik-maq chats. Theirs only 3 i talk on so i should let others go. But i post on all anyway even the 2 i never talk on. I may have said this but i finall;y got back on Nativeamericanchat ,i even tried linkin off of cherokeeshe but no go. I had up-graded my msn n i yhink that was the prob. Had a lots of new options i liked but. I told my buddy about it n he down loaded it. He got hi speed n he good with comps. But he told me the other night it screwed up his system he got 3-4 comps runnin n it slowed every thing I was wonderin why i could'nt send him a nudge. On I.M. u can send a nudge 2 get the persons attention. on mine a little sound went off n my screen jumped. Hence the nudge ,i guess. Any1 know 4 sure out thar. I peeked at my dogs n they saw me so gotta lettum in. My big brave gaurd dogs can't stand a little inclement weather. I wonder who's fault that is Their my sucky children now n their not gonna let me 4get.......well....later ppl.............''HEY MY BLOGS BURNNIN'' oh say can u c.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

''OK PEOPLE START HUMPIN'' it's hump day,my dogs got a head start.

Well jeeze louise don't know whats wrong it did it agin. I start with 1 font n size n end up with a huge print blog. It's ok now ,got some work done on my web page/web site 2day. And got some done on my blog. Still need some tweekin. It's not that easy when u don't know html/htm. But i found a link, HTML Tutorial for the Complete Idiot. Should b a big help, if a 9 year old can start a site. And 7 years later she has 2 expand cause she has a million ppl hittin her site. Another place i got a few hints.
some pages i just hit the source button 2 c the html. Good way 2 c how they got a certain thing on their blog. I want 2 learn how 2 make a link in ur blog out o 1 word. Or link 2 a photo. There's so much u can do once u learn the basic's. I made a web page ar Geocities but it's better 2 learn the nitty gritty. I want to add a fav blog link list 4 NISH n the Weird. Like Dead Guy or MY Dogma Ran Over Your Karma. She India Indian. I told her a different kind of Indian left a post on her blog. I better go,gotta finish a movie i started. Check my spam n mayb check out other chat room. I'll c u guys bright n early Thuirs. morn...............ppl.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

''MAKIN LIKE A WEB-MASTER WANNA B 2DAY''where did the day go.

It snowed all of 1/2'' yesterday,im not complainin. I was expectin a storm. Like they say ppl should watch what they wish 4. I just want a coupla 3'' of white stuff 2 cover the mud. Want the ground 2 freeze up 2 much mud when it thaws. There's just no pleasin Got a few things added 2 my blog but need some fine tuning . Just 2 make it neater lookin. Tomorrow i'll attempt 2 make a fav list of blogs n a list of nish blogs i frequant. is 1 that kept me busy 2day. I like his cartoons. Once i've been 2 his blog enuff mayb i'll ask him 2 make a cartoon with me as a charactor. He did 1 for My Karma Ran Over Your Dogma. There was books i wanted 2 get 1time that used whatever names u sent in 4 the charactors. I have 8 grand-kids that i know of anyway plus the parents . I prob needed 2 books. I'll have 2 c if i can find it agin. Put my mutts out 2day nice n mild out. Their just sucks anyway . They came with me next door 2 George's ,damn near knocked me over tryin 2 beat me inside. The other on my way 2 George's, Sparky ran past me full tilt n brushed against me in passin ,damn near wiped me out that time. And other times he'll run straight at me full speed n hit the brakes b4 he hits me. Im just waitin 4 the day he miss judges the distance. I'll b forced 2 give him the Atomic drop all 90 lbs. of him,mayb i'll just throw him down. He must b ok i don't hear his let me in damn it bark. There's a storm comin should hit in the morn somtime. Weather 4 area say's snow showers but they been known 3 b wrong. Well i got back on Nativeamericanchatfriends2 hav'nt been on since b4 x-mas. I was on had 2 do somthin when i looked back they wee gone. Got hacked. Check them out tomorrow as well as cherokeeshe. Missed then 2night. I was on my recliner watchin a movie withmy eyes closed. It's ok i got re-wind. Well better go out n check on my dogs........later

Monday, February 14, 2005

''ICE AS FAR AS THE EYE CAN SEE''-ice storm hit somtime last night.

Woke up 2 a icy surprise,heard it was comin from the states. What did we do 2 u guys. Oh well a reprieve from snow 4 a bit. Slept in till 8:30 am. don't usually do that. I wonder if surfin till 3:00am. n workin on my web page. Im gettin the hang of html sort of, but i need a cheater page 2 look at. Wonder if they got free cyber books, i'd need HTML For Dummies. Went on Aboriginal Native Chat 4 a while last night only 4 ppl countin me. Not a very good turn out. Oh i always have Cherokeeshe, there's always a few more ppl . Had 18 ppl 1 night with ppl comin n goin. Let my Tripod out [Snoopy] out first this morn. He ran out the door like alway's ,but this time there's ice. Poor dog slid across the deck n down the stairs. After i quit bustin a gut ,made sure he was'nt hurt. How would he get around with 2 legs. Mayb i should start planin 4 that eventuality. A 2 wheel contraption for his chest area 2 get him mobile. Providin it's his front leg he looses. My grandson's were comin 2 visit agin 2day. Said i'd bake chicken 4 Dougie n Kirk. Cooked them Speggetti last night. And their comin back tomorrow,what will i cook 4 them. Wished i would'ev got weiner's 2day,i know they like scone dogs,bannock dogs or whatever other tribes call them.
Shaug-nosh call them pigs in a blanket. Those kids make my day every time they come visit. Wish i could c my other grand-kids. They go 2 school in town so i always look 4 them. But the sisters had probs,which should'nt have happened. Oh well what can u do. My Kirk is the spittin image of my late son Telford Jr. No matter how hard he tries he just gets himself in trouble. He's always gettin grounded but not 4 long cause mom relents n lets him go. She's a good mom those kids will never do with out. They got every game system out n loads of games. Mayb i should invest in Playstation 2 for when the kids come visitin. I need 2 practice their always askin me 2 play. Brady uses the controlers backwards but thats the way he learned n he's good. He could whip PaPa's ass at any game that boy. Hope him n Kerri come by 4 visit. Better check out chat n go 2 bed. Looked out n it's snowin not much nuff 2 cover ice not so treacherous then. But ain't goin out 2 c,i'll send Snoopy 2 check on ice

Sunday, February 13, 2005

''A BIG HEY 2 ALL MY FELLOW HEATHEN'S''how come ur not in church.

I myself get that feelin 2 go n darkin the Church's doorway now n agin. Only because deep down in dark parts of my brain [in ur's 2]ther's still that urge 2 go 2 church. Put there subliminaly by the public school system in CAHOOTS with the church. Catholics had it worse they had nun's 4 teachers. U remember hav'in 2 stand up in front of class on a chair n recite from the bible. And say the lords prayer n sing Oh Canada. That was startin 2 come 2 an end my last coupla years in public school. We were turnin militant against the system b4 we even relized what militant meant. We had a teacher Mr. Batkin we refused 2 say lords prayer or sing oh canada so he made us stand from 9am till 1pm. It wasno prob for us but my brother had polio n after 4 hours of standin his legs locked up. End of the day we carried him 2 the bus. Just got in the house n i was off with my dad on our tractor 2 go c Mr. Batkin. My dad never even knocked on the door ,he walked right up 2 Batkin n called him out . He said he would fight him in the house cause of his wife n kids. It got 2 cold 2 wait any longer so we left,he never came out. I was never more proud of my dad then. Batkin was havin an affair with 1 of the other teachers n 1 of the girls said somthin 2 make her cry. Batkin took her in the office n gave her the strap so bad it dis-located her fingers {he was a big man 6 ft. anyway]on both hands she had 2 go 2 hospital . Not only 4 her hands but she had a breakdown of some kind . Our last year in public school we went thru 12-14 teachers. Mrs. Taylor stuck it out cause we liked her. Then there was high school only had 2 fight 1 teacher there. My eldest daughter had him 4 teacher ,he told her he rememberd me. Seein she had same last name he asked her if she knew me. Well thats it 4 now mayb 2night. Can't be cyber stalkin all day gotta save some 4 Got movies 2 watch think my bro taped me ''Day After Tomorrow''..about end of world or some calamity so u heathens better go 2 church..........laterpeeps.

Saturday, February 12, 2005


Well i was finally able 2 get on-line n check my spam. Brady got busy watchin Terminator 2 so it gave me a few minutes. A guy i know wants me 2 partner with him in a air feright service. Mainly servicin the Northern Native Communities. He's got cotacts n get drygoods n other commodities cheap. Got his pilots licence n wantrs 2 lease 2 own a plane. It's an idea but have 2 find out n make sure nobody already doin it. I know ppl from Moose Factory,Weenusk,Attawappiskat n other James Bay Cree. And they all said they pay outrageous prices 4 anything they use on daily basis. It's a plan but gonna take alot of work. I have sort of head start we got a Eastern James Bay Cree married 2 one of our girls here. If he can't help at least push me in the right direction. I bought some Indian Corn from some ppl from Walpole Island. It's $5.00/bag which is good can make a big pot out of 1 bag. I know where 2 buy Indian corn 70-$80.00 a bushel. I knew i should have taken that course on how 2 lye corn they offerd last winter. Thats a trip 2 Oshweeken 4 the corn. Somethin else i could do 2 suppliment my lack of income. My daughter brought some Fried Whitefish n Bannock over 4 late supper. Wouild've been earlier but i sweet talked her into makin me a banna loaf cake.mmmmmmmit's good with nuts in it 2. I have a movie 2 finish "NARC",i;ll catch yall later.......


My g-kids Kerri,Kirk n Brady did show up yesterday as mom had 2 go 2 work. She work's at the fish shop our co-op used 2 work out of. B4 we were given the boot. Im still pretty sore over that. Even our membership think now that he did it 2 build up his bussiness. If he did it was a well kept secret on his part. Better change subject b4 i get pissed off. What will i do today,i was thinkin this morn. I know damn well i have 2 finish paintin n start my kitchen. Have 2 move paintin 2 front of list. The answer 2 that was knockin on my door. It was Brady come 2 visit well not really mom workin agin so he has no choice. He's a captive visitor n he'll b kickin me off my comp 2 play games soon. So i better hurry up with this post. He wants 2 say Auhnee..........Auhnee - My name is Brady n im here 2 visit my grampa. Short n sweet he just wants 2 start playin D X-Ball,so time 2 go finish later.

Friday, February 11, 2005


Twas a beeuuuuuuutiful day 2day. Bright, crisp n clear u could c 4 miles or kilometers. Which ever turns your crank. What turns my crank u ask,well i'd tell u but this is not x-rated blog. Thats at http://Sexkapades of Hung-Low.... Names n places were changed 2 protect the not so innocent. Especially me,can't have ur piller of the community showin it 4 all 2 c. Did i ever mention they call me ''DRAGON''. When i was younger i got caught draggin it from bed 2 bed. Thats a story 4 another time. Whers was i b4 that tangent stopped by. Oh yes weather report. Well my dogs conned me into keepin them in agin ,i open door 2 let out n they refuse 2 make eye contact. If eyes r closed,they can't c me so i can't c them. It has been nice days of late but bitterly cold. Besides my pets r all sucks. Made a big pot of chili n had Tanya n the kid's over had 2 leave by 8pm. though Doug was at Laughin Bears. She borrowed coffee but 4got so my grandkids came 4 late visit 2 pick up. Which is ok with me but it's a school night. Said they'd come back 2day after school 2 visit agin. Can't wait ,a movie night got 9 movies i got my bro 2 tape. The newest releases on movie channel. We watch Leauge Of Extrordinary Gentleman last night. Butterfly effect next ,3 movies/tape. Who needs sattellite when bro's got it n movie channel. Was gonna go on 1 of 3 mik maq chats,had all 3 open so i could jump from 1 to the other. Checked from 7-9pm my time n no 1 showed up. I think they're avoidin Oh well i had good company anyway. They'll always come first. Pebbles u been e-mailin 4 awhile,have u ever got a request from an address u know even family. I got 1 last night from my nephew everything right even his name n addy except 4 bebo link. Subject said- updating my address book goto - When my niece said she was my aunt i got suspicious. I got 1 from her earlier in week. And if any1 else readin this,could u comment. Thanx. I'm off 2 watch Butterfly Effect catch yall tomorrow.......later

Thursday, February 10, 2005

''ANOTHER HUMP DAY''has come n gone,it's all down-hill from here.

Well had expensive week nsf charge 3x25.00 dolla. Put money in Jan.31 2 cover my ISP. ISP attempt 2 debit on 28th. First charge,i check my account on line n 25.00 dolla taken out so i think debit is covered. ''NOT'' . Isp attempt 2 more times 2x 25.00 dolla. No damn wonder The Royal Bank Of Canada has such huge profits. The poor shmuck gets the shaft,OK im the shmuck in this story. Sorry 2 say,costly live n learn lesson. Isp gave me 2 options i could cancil internet 4r 6 months at no charge or get 2 months free n pay the outstanding 22.95. I must have taken option 2 cause im postin. I can't live without my internet ,i think i need '' Internet Annonymous'' jk. I can quit anytime i want......really i can. I wonder if there's such a thing as internet withdrawal. mmmmmmmmmmmm Avril levigne on Jay Leno Show. Listenin 2 Lee Ann Rimes -Can't Fight The Moonlight- I enjoy'ed Coyote Ugly it was'nt a bad movie. I knew a bar like that in Toronto on Young Street. AND HOW WAS UR DAY PEBBLES,ever have 1 of those weeks. What they charge in the US 4 internet/month.If i may ask. Was expectin a few Dinero's last week ,woulda been laughin if it came in. I gotta learn not to depend on ppl,i always get shafted. Thats it im only gonna depend on number 1,namily moi. But then agin u gotta watch him But i know i can kick his a55,how some write ass on chat. Brought my cat in he went out black n came back white a real fine snow fallin. But bitter cold out there had 2 bring my mutts in. Mayb i'll jump on chat 2night ,it;s been awhile. Well catch yall later.......orr voooor-ever eat whore's doovers, excuse my french...........

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

''Why Do Doctors Have Such Huge Fingers-Is It A Pre-requiset''

Whats a good color 4 pain. My doctor is literely a pain in the ass. Just relax he say's,how u sposed 2 relax. When u hear the slap of latex,u know damn well whats comin. "OK" bend over.....doe's he really need that much lube. YES,u should c the size of his little finger..let alone the 1 he impales u with. He better hope u never had chili last night. I gotta go c the vampire next week somtime. She's good i hardly ever feel the needle, i always watch when she doe's it. U can look away she says,why what u gonna do that u don't want me 2 c. The many occasions i found myself in different hospitals i always enjoy the student nurses. Part of there trainin was takin blood. So i would always put on my,u better not hurt this Indian look. Just when their gonna poke u pull away n sit up quick. That always got a reaction out of them. But eventually i'd joke n talk with them. Because u don't want a pissed off student nurse watchin over ur bed ridden Well at least the doc does'nt want 2 c me till April. So Chili , Bean soup n other gasious gastronamic fare the day's leadin up 2 my next appointment. Unless they find somthin wrong in my blood or piss. I wonder what they look 4 in ur piss. One thing they'll find is lack of ''Alcohol'' in either 1. But i feel good,mayb i should have quit all that Debauchin years ago. Im still tobbaco n alcohol free. But where's all that money im savin. Im still poverty striken. My 3 dogs n 2 cats r nothin but skin n bones . How am i supposed 2 make soup out of them.........Ha,ha,ha.....j.k. My pets will never starve as long as i still have my burglery tools. Better go c my bro,startin 2 talk crazy here n given away all my secrets.........later.....BTW it's snowin agin damn was hopin 2 cut my lawn...........

Monday, February 07, 2005


What happened to the bright ,clear,crisp days we got used 2. Have 2 take good with the bad. I may as well have watched movies last night, The football outcome was not what i was hopin 4. Not me but millions of others were cryin in their beers last night. Hav,nt drank ,goin on 2 years now. Not that im tryin 2 b better than any1 but just never had the urge. Besides it takes 2 long 2 get rid of the ''OVER HANG'' n i can't afford 2 stay drunk 2 avoid the ''OVER HANG''.....ha,ha,ha,. My buddy phoned yesterday so i may get my funiture home he gave me. He given 5 gallons of paint nuff 2 do my whole house a couple of times. Beige or off white, i can just buy my own tint n creat my own colours. Gonna use that ''BLOOD-CLOT RED'' on my dogs house. As long as it don't turn them mean or violent. Lets c Blood clot red or Pink just add a bit of white 2 tone it down a bit. Wonder if that would work. Some1 honkin i think i got a committee meeting this am. go n do my civic duty i shall. I thought not till Wed. gotta check anyhow.........later

''SUPER BOWL SUNDAY''.....cont.

Well ,Rattza Frattz the Eagle's blew it. I was gonna cheer 4 the Patriots, but i always go 4 the under-dog. Did'nt pay off this year,did'nt loose any scratch either. Guy's i usually bet with choose the same team. Other than that i had a good day. It's real mild so the snow will b gone by Tues. make room 4 the coming storm. A visit from Kerri n Brady was nice even if they fight .lol. I guess i'll do some work on my project. Im tryin my hand at buildin a web page. So put in a couple of hours on that 2nite.......c.yall.........later...

Sunday, February 06, 2005

''SUPER BOWL SUNDAY''....YAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, i was wonderin what 2day had in store 4 me,besides the Super Bowl. Should i paint ,go to church [yah right] ,reach out n touch ppl n let my fingers do the walkin. But i heard little knocks at the door. I look out n it's Kerri n Brady with bags big nuff 2 b luggage. Al say's they wanted 2 visit ,why do ppl not come right out n say can we leave the kids here. I have no prob watchin my g-kids. Kerri eats anything but Brady is still only a meat man n fries. Kerri brought her cross country ski's so i;ll watch her practice. Their startin a ski club 4 younger kids this year. Their bro's r out in Hepworth practicin for a cross country ski meet next week. We have a team of 8-9 kids who compete against other teams of 15-20 or more on their teams. But being first timers 3 years ago they still beat them n been winnin ever since. I'm very proud of my g-kids Kirk n Doug n their team mates. The same women takes the same team on Mountain Bike competitions 2. She's really somthing that women ,she know all these ppl from Toronto [police] . They help with trainin n equipment. I wonder if it's some of the Toronto cops i had run in's with back in the 80's. I met a few up here in my area, it's a small world. Well better take them 2 visit uncle George next door......more later.....

''Another beaut of a day,this can't last. We gonna pay''

Another day of freezin or a bit above temps, which makes 4 nice days. Had my dogs loose to visit my bro. I should let them all out together c if they bring back rabbits agin. They make good team 4 huntin. If i wait 4 a few days mayb no snow left. Then white bunnies will b easy pickins with no snow 2 blend in 2. It supposed 2 rain Sun. n Mon. My calander just went off,my grand-daughter will b 14 on Feb.6th. They grow up 2 quick n shows u just how much older ur gettin. I'll b Jack Benny n b 49 n holdin,keep that up 4 a couple years. Any1 out there want or need a G=mail account they give me 50 2 give away. I opened 4 any1 that wants 1. With that new account i should get another 50 2 give away. I should have paid another day rental on The Grudge a movie i could watch over agin. Prob still scare the bejeesus out of me. At least im able 2 sleep after those kinds of movies. With all the lights on in the house....just kiddin. I always c or hear strange things in my house, so it don't bother me. I figure it's just family checkin on me,just long as their not comin 2 get Well i guess i go now . Gonna watch that little slut Paris Hilton on Saturday night Live. So i'll c u all tomorrow sleep tight.....check under ur bed d4 u retire 4 the night. Thats where Freddy likes 2 hide.......later.

Friday, February 04, 2005


Well it's 2 am. n Pebbles sent me e-mail thankin me 4 the card. So i did it right,now i'll sent e-cards 2 my friends n family. Cause i know how now,better not get 2 cocky,screw up 4sure. It was Native Design n i added a Sioux prayer [bein she's Sioux] n i added some Flute music 2 the card also. Can't remember name of tune but it's very haunting. Sent shivers up my spine when i first heard it. Speakin of Shivers my daughter rented a couple of movies The Grudge n Forgotten watch this in morn. Hey Pebbles have u seen Grudge,whatever u do don't watch it alone. Been a long time since a movie made me jump. 5 or so min's in2 the movie when u least expect it they scare hell out of you. I heard it was'nt 4 the faint of heart. My system is just gettin back 2 normal,well as normal as can b after that. Geeze my skin was crawlin after the first scare n all thru the movie. My daughters new man said it scared the kids n they live 4 these kind of flicks. As scary as that movie was could hardly stay awake till the end. Now i feel wide awake,mayb i'll watch Forgotten in here ,got dvd in my bedroom. Got myself all kinds of toys when i was workin. Was gonna tape it n Forgotten but could'nt figure out the wiring 2 tape from a dvd. Thats tomorrow's project. Only got my sub woofer n center speakers hooked up still get a good sound. If i'd hurry up n paint i could hook up the rest of my surround. Well it's 3:29am. better hit the hay.....later.


Went 2 c my bro this morn 2 wish him happy b-day. Me n Sparky,Snoopy was roamin around in the bush,so he miss out. I'll keep them home tomorrow n take Bugs with me 2 go visit. He feels left out,i can tell by the way he barks.....poor 4gottin 1. He's just as big a suck as the udder 2. Picked up paper n got him 2 tape me some pron him 2 tape me new releases on movie channel. Got home n remembered i 4got why i went 2 c him. So i let my fingers do the walkin n wished him happy b-day. He's only 150 ft. away but i'd prob 4get what im posed 2''DAMN SOMETIMERS'' Another beaut of a day sunny peek now n agin n mild. My kind of weather. Im gonna attempt 2 send a B-day E-card 2 a bloggin buddy of mine. She helped me out when i screwed up my blog. I even totally lost it 1 time but i fluked n got it back. To this day i know not Well better check out chat n hit the sack. Or mayb watch a movie.....we'll c.............laterz peeps..........

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

''GROUND HOG DAY''-but no bill murray....cont

That little rodent made a liar out of me. The sun was out here n 10 miles away in Wiarton no sun,so he did'nt c his shadow. But my prediction is 6 more weeks of winter cause i saw my shadow. It was a nice sunny n mild afternoon. Spring has sprung in Nayaashiinigmiing n i hope it stays. Although were lackin a foot of snow that we usually get 2 this time of year,i can live with that..........later.

''GROUND HOG DAY''-but no bill murray

''WIARTON WILLIE'' SAW HIS SHADOW SO 6 MORE WEEKS OF WINTER'' OH JOY!!!!!! Not sure about Puxataunny Phil...... Oh well what can u do but grin n bear it. Was outside playin with my dog last night all i needed was a light shirt n it was all u needed. It was -5 c. but after all the frigid weather we had it felt warm. Still feels mild out and no snow called 4. Well better try n paint or do somthin,mayb lay down till feelin goes


I should check our local paper . They usually have a front page news item thats April fool . One year there was a flyin saucer over wiarton,killer whale in Colpoys bay,10 lb. gold nugget n the list goes on. Hey they'll b wakin Wiarton Willie up tomorrow 4 his yearly prediction. He better get it right or b gettin death threats if u want 2 check out wiarton willie. It so nice out lately he should c his shadow,now is that 6 more weeks of winter or early spring. I live in the area but still not sure. 3 years ago i went 2 my first Wiarton Willie Festival just 2 c what all the hub bub was about . Now that i know i need not go agin. Now i'll go 2 my first Maple Syrup Festival this year. I was at a dance there back in the 70's almost scrapped with the farmers. This is cattle country here . Most of them played hockey with the cape boys 4 years till they disbanded ''Bush League''. Ground hog day Feb.2nd. n my brothers b-day on the 3rd.. I guess i'll get him same thing he got me last year Only -5 2night so dogs r out,just bring in 2 eat n drink. My cats n dogs n me had old chedder cheeze n bologna[boloney] for a tv snack. Was watchin HellBoy off n on 2day. And no i never picked up a paint brush up 1nce but i cleaned my house swept n mopped my floors. Well jump on chat 4 a bit n catch up with the goins on of my chat family.........I'll catch yall tomorrow..........later.
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