Monday, March 28, 2005


Can u believe i still feel full,from that turkey dinner. But i can hardly wait for next turkey meal. Mayb in a week or 2. All the snow meltin mayb BBQ soon,i can c my BBQ stickin out of the snow. My nephew stopped by 4 a bit with 1 of his son's. He went down the shore with g-kids n came back soaked. Kids can take alot of bein wet n cold. Speakin of cold i caught 1 sum where. Never had cold all winter then get 1 when spring's here. Make this short not feelin 2 good. c ya later....

Sunday, March 27, 2005

''EASTER SUNDAY''i can't believe i ate the whole thing

Well had a dang good turkey dinner at my daughters. After we ate way 2 much we watched a movie. Had 2 go home soon after movie was done. Whatever's in turkey makes 1 sleepy. Beside had 2 drop a plate of food off at my bro's. My daughter told him not 2 cook. She said ,send food down in 4 hours later,he b hungry by then. Had a rabbit cake made 4 easter but g-kids demolished it yesterday. Saved a couplea pices for the cook anyway. I borrowed the new Exorcist movie so gonna watch that 2night....a good movie choice 4 easter lol...........later.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

''SARRRDAY''Good day g-kids spent whole day with me.

Woke up 2 another nice bright day. ''Whew'' glad i woke up,i'd hate 2 wake up dead.Lol. Nice but cold the bays froze over way past the islands. So no fishin commercially 4 awhile anyway. Some nets got froze in when the ice moved in n the tugs could;nt get 2 them. Some of the fish will keep but there will b sum pretty ripe. When i was fishin ,we found nets lost from revious years. Talk about smelly,when fish rots it's smells just like human.......ya get the picture,or ya want i should spell it out. Think of slit,snit,spit. Thats why eventually i would go hunt down all these lost nets. Ya could salvage anchors,bouys,bouy lines and even salvage whole nets. Just need a bit of cleanin ,ya need strong stomach though. Spread on rocks by the shore n let seagulls clean up most. They gain n u gain every1 Well had the grand-kids over all day. So they took over the comp,was in with-drawel by the time they Had a good day mostly when they were here. They spent most of the day down the shore. Gettin wet n playin on the ice. But i told them not 2 go out further. Stay on shore although u have 2 go a ways out 2 deep water,it's still cold. But i was still nervous as long as i could c them or hear them. I worry 2 much ,mayb,but i din't think so. Goin 2 their place 4 turkey dinner tommorow n bring home a doggie bag. MMMMMMMM i love turkey. Hey i got frozen home made cranberries i can thaw. I better do that now 4 i 4get. There fresh frozen home made cranberries. If it stays nice i'll have 2 get chicken,ribs n steak n have a bbq. Thats a plan 4 Apr. 1st. weekend. The kids just go nuts 4 my bbq. And the dogs go nuts 2 waitin 4 leftovers. They all look rabid when i bbq,never knew dogs could drool over food. Just like humans,not as bad as ''HOOCH'' ever seen the Well go fini my movie ,im watchin X-Men 2,then Hidalgo n Cold Mountain.......later ppl.......''HAPPY EASTER''

Friday, March 25, 2005

''EASTER FRIDAY'' anudder turkey holiday,mmm.

Easter Friday just feels like any udder day. And there's still Easter Sunday n Monday to come yet. I did not know that Easter could fall in March or April. First full moon after the first day of spring. I think thats how i heard it. If ya verify that ,let me know,will ya's. Cause i will b losin sleep over that now.LOL. Was wonderin why my Breakfast Television was'nt on this am. Damn holidays anyway. Do i sound like an unemployed person. If i was workin i b sayin hmmmmmmm time n a 1/2. Well don't fret my pets ,i have faith i'll either win a lottery,get a job or get cash 2 start my bussiness. The job part mayb b hard since it's on rez n not 2 many job openings 4 ppl with my last name. And im over 50 now n thats another hinderence when seekin enployment. Im 8 months in arrears on my mortgage payments. I make payments but it's sporatic. I think my balance is a bit over a grand or 2. Not all that much but they[the council] decided 2 start evictions once u fall behind so many months. Sum ppl hav'nt paid in 20-30 years. I can c their point i guess,those r the ppl who need 2 b notified. Start payin or else. I repect my elders n all ,but when they start thinkin that the rez owes them somthing. I wonder . The idea of repayment 4 housin loan was so that on top of money gov. provides 4 new houses. A couplea more homes could b built from receipts from loan payments. I not so innocent myself after my break-up in the 70's i said the hell with it. But sometime in the 80's i sent letter 2 Chief n Council of the day to put house n property in my name. Take my wifes name off so she have no claim 2 house n land. If ya think thats mean well she did stray first, in our few short years of marrage i never strayed. I my have been a heavy drinker but those were the times. Any1 who grew up on a rez knows this 2 b true,wether u like 2 admit it or not. I used 2 pass out at a friends house n wake up with hickeys but so did every other guy that passed out their. No amount of explainin would would satisfy the Mrs. LOL. Oh well water under the bridge,i came away with, great kids n grand-kids. So no matter what i did in my life i got rewarded in the end. Im still young nuff 2 c great n great-great grand kids. And if thats not sumthin 2 live 4 than i don't know what is. Well time go look 4 sum1 2 chat with.....later.

Thursday, March 24, 2005


It's thursday, i tot it was Fri. time is flyin by . Damn i'll b collectin my old age pension b4 u know it. Well i got a few years but the days n weeks seem 2 b speedin by. I never even heard how our kids made out a Little NHL it was hosted in Sault ST. Marie agin. Garden River was host REZ this year. But there's so many rez's along that streach of Trans Canada Hwy. I hav'nt been up that far since early 80's. Well Atikokan anyway,was up there takin heavy equipment course n buildin a road. Right in middle of no-where. Our home away from home was billets on Lake Quetico a nice peaceful place. It was 200mi. east 2 Thunder Bay or 200mi. west 2 International Falls. A beautiful n rugged place lotsa lakes. Never saw a single moose it was huntin season so they was hidin. I think all hunted animals have internal calander so they know when huntin season starts. 11 more days of freedom 4 my Snoopy b4 i have 2 start tyin him up. But i'll make him a run from house 2 the road so he can still b nozy. I mean gaurd his turf. Just have to make sure their chain's ar'nt long nuff 2 tangle. I'd sure hate 2 hang my dogs. Well nuff yammerin 2 tonight......later.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005


A friend on my instant messanger told me of her families loss. Her husband passed away.It's gonna b a hard few days or weeks 4 her n her daughters. But he had been ill 4 sum time. At least now ,no more pain 2 suffer through. I lost 2 close cuz'ns to cancer in 1 year. We were in Toronto for what amounted to a death watch for our cuz. And within a year i was in Cornwall hospital to c him. I could'nt stay 2 c the end,cause of commitments at home. But i stayed the night in hospital with him. He was just skin n bones but he still had heart. Right 2 the end he wanted 2 use bathroom n sit up in a chair. Although it tired him out. I tried 2 sleep next door 4 a bit. But sumthin kept walkin me up n i would go check on him. He was tryin to get out of bed n go 2 bathroom. I think he knew i was there. I know my cuz knew i was there 9-10 months earlier. I had 2 leave the next mornin. He passed on a coupla days later. Well I hope her n the girls get through this quick. I know it's hard but im sure they have a great support system if needed. I told her to go stay with her friend 4 awhile.........Well time 4 bed no chat 2night.

''HUMPY -DAY-A family that humps 2gether r sick''

Humpin is best left with non related ppl n dogs. What cha call a camel with no hump......give up...........''HUMPHERY''. A nudder nice day its been averagin bout -3 but feels warm compared 2 what we get at night. Ice breakers opened a channel out of Owen Sound ,the start of shippin season. I think it's earlier this year. But our tugs r iced in at Meaford n Tobermory Harbours. The Touce-how u spell too-shay is docked at our gov. dock. Last winter it sunk their but just rested on bottom. Did'nt submerge but it did get a 2 foot coating of ice on it. The waves washed right over the dock . Built an ice bridge from dock 2 boat n encased the boat with ice. I'll get pic's sumwhere,when i find i'll post some here. From my friend. Another thing i want 2 learn. I got Picasa so im all set just 2 get pic's in comp. To bad about what happened in Red Lake i believe it's a Rez. My heart goe's out 2 those family members most effected. Well time 2 go outside n do sumthin. Been spendin 2 much time in doors........more 2night.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Twas a bright n mild day,a dog day afternoon 4 my dogs anyway. Their looking a little anorexic these days cause they loosin their winter coats. Snoopy short stiff hair so he looks same. Telve more days of freedom 4 Snoopy then i'll have 2 tie him up. Or he might get shot. Their gonna try rid this Rez of all loose dogs 50-60 iz my guess thats not even countin the wild 1'z. They hang mostly at landfill. Ppl been shootin them 4 years ,just imagine if they did;nt . Our pets would b out#d by feral dogs,got that woid from Mad Max member the Feral Boy. That had better include our politico's and band employee's dogs 2. Their was a hell of an uproar 1 time when a councillor's dog got nabbed by the dog catcher. Some very bright person had idea 2 sent flyer out givin date dog catcher would b around. So dogs were tied up till after that date. I always tied my dogs up cept lately 4 Snoopy but he's harmless,every 1 knows him. Sumtimes he 2 friendly but he does'nt follow ppl 2 far. He lays by the road gaurdin his turf. Races cars, he runs along ditch line,makes ppl laugh. Especially when he trips he is a bit clumzy but he can motor on 3 legs. Well nuff braggin bout my furry kids ,go check out chat i guess........later..peeps.

Monday, March 21, 2005

''YAH MON...... DAY''

Well got nice clean driveway agin. It;s gettin mild durin the day the bare ground turnin 2 mud. I got a Board meetin this aft. at 1pm. Funder gotta figure out best way to liquidate the equipment n addition that the co-op still owns. Their still tryin 2 figure out way 2 salvage co-op,but without the money we had 2 send back i don't know.

Well we had our meetin,information session really. Can't make board decision till we have a members meetin. So they can put their 2 cents in. They really miss the co-op now that they'er gettin peanuts 4 their fish. Bet they wish now they took a more active role in it. Instead of bitchin about the way things were runnin. Alot of them still don'nt get what a co-op is. Our Rez is startin a fish processin plant anyway so mayb i got job in future. Still sooner have my own business. Try 4 that CORDA grant agin this year,mayb 3rd. times a charm.EH. Well i brought Nascar race home my bro taped so i gues i watch it.......later....peeps........Hey Choonweh have gone into chat yet.

Sunday, March 20, 2005


HAD A LOOK OUTSIDE OFF N ON THRU THE NIGHT JUST 2 C IF WE GET HIT GOOD. ALL THAT MUCH DID'NT FALL BUT IT DRIFTED. Opp's damn cap lock.did;nt mean 2 yell.OK!!!! Well go feed my dogs,cats birds n other dependants. The black squarrel with white tail is back. N go shovel out my brother ,just in case he needs 2 scooter sum where. Mayb i sent him 2 store in snow


Went 2 look outside 2 c if my Tom Cat was home from Tom Cattin around. N theres about 4'' of snow on deck railin ,my snow gauge. There callin 4 snow all week-end. I heard Sparky with his let me in dammit bark. He in his house since i ignored But if i was 2 go out n c if he wanted in him n Bugs would b more than happy 2. It's 2:02am n im sorta watchin James Bond ''Moon Racker'' ,how ever the hell u spell it. Spent part of day loadin pic's into flickr all i had was 2 lonely pics in there. I also posted more pic's 2 Mi'kmaq campfire, The Mikmaq Room, Aboriginal NativeChat, Nativeamericanchatfriends2 and CHEROKEESHE AND CHAT FRIENDS. I opted out of Spirit Wolfs Den, it was pretty dead with only 1 person posting. Some members i knew from other rooms im in were members there. But mayb every1 was takin a break. Like i did, i took a week off sort of in theory i did .lol. Still did sum work on blog n others things. Mostly surfin lookin 4 weird n strange links i can find . Was gonna add,,, [this 1 u need strong stomach] Well i guess i watch the rest of Jimmy Bond....later.ppl.

Friday, March 18, 2005


That BS is still goin on,i had my first taste of it in highschool. Still askin the same dumb questions . But their the grand children of the 1's who asked me back in the sixtys. Now their off spring will carry on the stupitity..and on n on n on..........later............CHI.

Jennifer is an Ojibway and Odawa Band member of the Wikwemikong Unceded Indian Reserve on the ethereal Manitoulin Island in Ontario, Canada. She has been published in anthologies (RESIST!, AK Press Inc.; Pinpoints), zines (Third Space; They Called Her A Firebrand), and literary mags (Other; Atlantis) in both Canada and the U.S. Her first chapbook, Left to Shatter (Monkey Book Press), is, sad to say, currently out-of-print.

Other than that, you'll have to talk to her personally to find out anything more. Lucky for you, she makes herself easy to find.

She has lived in many places between two oceans: a suburban wasteland in Florida, the menacing halls of Cornell University (where she received her B.S.), and the dirt roads and boréal forests of her Reserve. She now finds herself in the lovely San Francisco Bay Area.

all original work copyright. jennifer fox bennett.


"Are you a full blood?" she asked.

"I have status," I said, "to a country club that enables me to walk invisibly among the streets of Toronto, a skeleton that made its way out of the closet to walk amidst the blank pages in history books."

"I'm part Creek," she said. "My great-grandfather was Creek."

"Oh, really?" I asked.

"He lived on the reservation in Oklahoma," she said.

"Have you ever been there?" I asked.

"No," she said. "But, my great-grandfather lived there."

"Oh," I said. "I used to think that their name came from the creek of tears they carved into the frozen earth to flow all the way back to Alabama, uphill."

"Do you know your language?" she asked.

"I know the language," I said, "of scientific federal government so that I can write a 50-page report that a dozen or more reserves are drinking a glassful of carcinogenic trihalomethanes every month because they have no first-world, Provincial-standardized water treatment system. I got a cousin who speaks intellectual federal government so that she can write the repatriation reports to have ceremonial artifacts, jewelry and the bones of her ancestors returned by museums."

"What do you do to carry on traditions?" she asked. "Do you go to pow-wows or anything like that?"

"I carry on the tradition," I said, "of being a mug shot on a bulletin board because of the coercion of child welfare agents who thought they were doing something good for these poor Native children by sending them as far as humanly possible from their brown earth."

"Do you know how to make beadwork?" she asked.

"I have a beaded bandolier bag," I said, "of chips on my shoulder I swept off with my own hand; a chip for every time someone presumed I wasnπt capable of anything more than the spot they reserved for me in the welfare line."

"Do you follow the traditions, or do you just carry the blood?" she asked.

"I carry many things," I said. "I know a recipe to make our most famous commodity from treaty rations of nothing but a sack of flour, sugar, lard and coffee beans. You see, when closed-door meetings of generals and unrepresentatives of our tribe shrank down our hunting grounds, some of us learned to make a diabetic's worst nightmare to be washed down with a pot of blackened determination. I carry a leave of absence from the agent who allowed my grandfather to pass through the gates to get a timber-cutting job. In my wallet, I carry his brotherπs status card that he traded for a permanent pass from the agent to take a job in Lansing. I carry that with me in case he ever comes back. I carry a recipe for hangover soup made with moose meat that my uncle shot and butchered himself. I carry the hope that someday I will learn the language that is an encyclopedia of the ecology, weather, and geology of the land that I come from. I carry the strength my grandmother has to work 12 hours a day because she has no social insurance from her tax-free status. I carry the same blood as 32 million people erased in one of the largest holocaust campaigns the world has ever seen.

"What do you do, aside from interrogating Indians, to carry your blood?" I asked

''NUDDER FRIDAY''weeks jus flyin by.

Well it's cloudy,it's bright,it's cloudy,it's bright. Not sure what it wants 2 do. Right now sun's out n it's nice n mild. I can c open ground mayb winter's over.Ya Think. I talked to customer sevice yesterday 2 verify my free internet till Aug.[no bill till Sept.] Yah. And to get phone n internet on 1 bill,now no more nsf charges. Damn wish i had a job. Well back 2 service rep,even though i told her i got laid off n have 2 scramble 4 money. Now i have a tri mode cell phone with 100 free minutes ,car n home charger,ear piece n case comin in 5 bussiness days.A $179.00 phone for $119.95. And i had wire care now i got wire,home phone n cell phone care. I was thinkin of phone care anyway i need 3 phones fixed or replaced. And thats what this plan covers. I made sure i asked ,don't matter if u got phone from them or is old or just a new phone u just bought their covered. If thats not the case theirs gonna be a Bell telephone man get blasphemed. Wonder whar those biblical words a comin from ,could it b from the years of brain wash. Prob just me cause thats the way i am. Catcha later ,go n check on my brother. No ur not u got no coffee n ur goin 2 mooch. But thats what bro's r 4.EH...........later.....2day......ur.......2night.

Thursday, March 17, 2005



Well dang i look outside n i c it's tryin 2 snow. As if we need more. I want what we got so far 2 melt so i can take me dogs in the bush. I plan on lossin weight n a good way is to walk. I can c it now carryin H2O n food 4 me n my mutts. A tea pail n all the fixins,chinese noodles n dry dog food. We'll have a grand old time. After April 4th won't be safe 4 a dog 2 b runnin loose. They gonna start shootin loose dogs. We got 2 many dogs runnin loose on this rez .Even sum gon wild or born wild. I had kittens born here in house that were wild. I neglected 2 bond with them after birth[well i 4got]. I uaually help mom with the birth n blow in their faces n every day or 2 do the same 2 all kittens. Till eyes open n they c ''DADDY'' LOL. Once they start walkin the first thing they learn is run when they hear electric can opener. When older cat hear can opener they compare that noise 2 feedin time. So imagine when i had 6 grown cats n 8,9 ur 10 kittens. A stampede of biblical proportions always wanted 2 use b p in a My first Sparky the dog that came with house[was my daughters dog] when i moved back home from the city of Orillia n Toronto.[back 2 my house]. The kittens used his legs 4 trees 2 climb ,poor dog did'.nt know what 2 do but let them. Cause the runt mom [a manx] was the boss of carts n dogs. But she took sick after last litter her litter died n she went in the bush n died. I would have buried her no prob. But if they can cats n dogs will go away 2 die. Well now that i have depressed myself .i'll go n share it with my Tahts all 4 now i got things 2 do n ppl 2 c.Yah

Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Im back after a break,had a great time in Tahiti , Australia n others places of interest. I was globe trottin from the comfort of my recliner. Was'nt much of a break from bloggin cause i was still surfin n chattin n instant messagin. My service provider gave me 2 months free,cause i got laid off n told then not 2 auto debit my bank account. I was gettin hit with 25.00 nsf charge each time they tried. Said i would phone when money in bank. But no 1 told their puter ,it auto-debit same time each month. I got a call from them tellin me i was 45.00 in arrears. Well i told him of the arrangments i made n they cost me 75.00 in nsf charges ,cause of auto-debit. Put me on hold while he talked 2 billing,after 20 min. of muzac[god i hate bein put on hold] he came back n said i have good news. They givin me free service till Aug. so i can surf 2 my hearts desire till Aug. n then back 2 Mayb by that time i'll have high speed. At my last public works meetin i talked with our councillor liason about high speed on rez. He said they had at Economic Development. And up front cost would b 500.00 bucks u need receiver to get signal. Mayb i'll go over there 2day n look at. Mayb i and my bro can go half on receiver n put both our houses on it . Not sure if u still need phone line or not. Their peeps from here[in patnership with white folks] startin it so mayb i get them 2 come n give me thier shpeel . Mayb b i gotts sigh my life If i had high speed mayb their would'nt be so much profanity emminatin from my i check this out.............

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

''PERDIUM DAY''paid 4 my civic duty.not much but handy.

Well that storm front moved off n i hear the east coast is gettin hit hard. Jeeze those poor brothers n sisters out there got it rough. Every storm they get theres power outage,somthing we worry bout here 2 but does'nt happen as much. Its still cold at night so my dogs come in. Always did that ,got that from my dad i guess. Their out now its a nice bright mornin. It's supposed 2 drop 2 -20 but i'll bring them in b4. Ever since my neighbours [3 mi. away] dog froze,i been real careful. I hear that poor dog was tied to house or tree n out in the open no wonder it froze. At least i spent money to make runs 4 my dogs get lotsa excersize runnin back n fourth. Let Bugs n Snoopy loose n they disappeared came back with ice beards n iccles hangin off their bellies. After Apr.1/05, any dog caught runnin loose will b destroyed. I take that 2 mean cops will b shootin strays or any dog runnin loose. Well we do have a large dog population runnin loose n some wild. Some r owned by councillors or band employees.we'll just have 2 c how that go's. Whats good 4 the gander should b good 4 the goose,so they say. We used 2 have off rez dog catcher come on rez n pick up unwanted dogs ,cats,pups n kittens. Send out flyer n ppl would tie dogs up then n b loose agin next day. Should.nt councillors n band employees b leadin by example,ya think. Guess that just means i'll be takin em around 2 pee on trees,or rather they'll b draggin me around. One way 2 get daily excersize. Which actually i could really use. I quit smokin ,i quit drinkin,now the hardest 2 do is loose weight. When snows gone i can let my dogs loose n take in the bush,its nice in the bush. Although i don't go as much. And it's only 30' away. This summer that will be my plan get me n my dogs in shape. Long as were in the bush they won't get shot 4 bein loose. I can't wait im sorta excited,must be the start off ''CABIN FEVER'' i better get out more..............go check out chat mayb ,im tired though..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Tuesday, March 08, 2005


I looked out my front window this morn just to c how much snow we got. I saw 2 sun's tryin 2 peek thru the clouds. The 1 on right our usual n the 1 on the left had a rainbow attached 2 it. Weird i was thinkin,hmmmmmm,wonder if that means somthing. If it doe's i hope it's good. Did.nt get as much snow as i thought we'd get . Went n checked on my brother yesterday just as it started. Stopped by his mail-box ,it was left open so it was full of snow. Some1 walked by me on other side of road 30 ' away did;nt even c Snow blowin so bad i would'nt b walkin on road. Wind blowin so hard can't hear anythin or any car comin. Just a kid all piss n vinigar. Can't talk i and a friend of mine walked 6-7 miles in a blizzard just to get ingrediants to make home brew. Young n foolish ,oh i miss those days somtimes. Well anyway after i left my brothers could hardly breath the wind just took ur breath away. And the snow/sleet was hard on the face. He only a 100ft. away from my house but am i glad it was'nt further.Its a bright beautiful day out but cold. My dogs r out but prob want in later. Sparky my husky x chow is sheddin so i thought i'd comb his coat out. Hope i did'nt ruin his insulation,i never even concidered that. He went from lookin like a well fed dog to 1 that had drastic weight loss. Real slim n trim lookin, im jealous now. But he still got plenty of fur clumps to drop all over the house. My comfortors is made of mo-hair now ,hmmm,when did i buy mo-hair. Glad Snoopy n Bugs r short haired mutts. I'll have to put my Alabama Roll-Tide sweat shirt on him,a present from my x son in-law. Picture Jethro Bodine[Beverly Hillbillies] big n strong like bull smart like fence post. My aplogies 2 all fence Hey Choonweh ,i sent the managers e-mail askin how long it would take to ok ur membership. Mayb sooner now that i told them i know ya. My plowman here to dig me outso catch ya later......

Monday, March 07, 2005

''WINTER'S BACK''with a vengance.cont

Fire trucks went by both of them,hope it nothin serious. Have 2 phone my daughter n check up. Trucks went by here towards here place n get me a bit nerva-lene. Well it's snowin to beat hell,gigantic snowflakes. Supposed 2 get a foot or better,i can't c the road . Mayb they'll cancil the rest of school day. Supposed 2 b a home show goin on 2day. Think i just gonna stay home n Better go check on my doggies n feed them it's that time of week 2 eat.jk. They r well fed,in fact we gonna have baked fish 2night. Make my own Capt. Hindgrinder Fish Stix, but mine much better. I know 4 sure my fish was caught this dogs r callin.........later.

''WINTER'S BACK''with a vengance.

They'er callin 4 a storm 2 hit somtime 2day. Prob this aft. or late in the day. Just cloudy right now . But the wind is pickin up cause it loosened my rotor so i can switch channels now. Squarrels n birds were eatin like crazy this morn. OH,OH, they know when bad weather comin. My dogs hidin in their houses............later

Sunday, March 06, 2005

''RATZA FRATZ NO NASCAR''mayb get bro 2 tape Busch race.

No Nascar how will i get thru Sunday. Movies i guess it will b movie day. I have 8-9 to get thru,3 movies/tape, should keep occupied for a few days. I'll get my bro 2 tape the Inaugarel Busch Race in Mexico. First ever stockcar race in Mexico i think. History in the makin,but the cost of movin everything 2 another country. Guess thats why they don't have that year end race in Japan,they used 2 have a few years ago. Not muchhappenin 2day. Mild gloomy day snow meltin so im gettin mud n drive way floodin a bit. Had a big ice rink on driveway near road. Still havin probs with MSN can't get into mail agin. Don't send mail to in-box. Can't change cause all my chat rooms in MSN,so got me over barrel. I could try yahoo chat i guess. Thats what ill do, join a yahoo chat[native only] i prefer. Think my bloggin bud in yahoo chat. Some of msn chat buds there 2. Well i know what im doin tomorrow. Checkin out Nativeamericanchatfriends at 8pm, Aboriginalchat at 9pm and Cherokeeshe is set 4 11 pm roughly anyway. Never plan never works out right ETA is always good,''INDIAN TIME ''even better. Time 2 go burn up cyber space with my 2 finger typin.............later.............peeps.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

''A SNOW-BALLS CHANCE''our co-op is dead.

Had a meetin with as many board members as we could get 2gether. Brain stormin tryin fig out way 2 continue. But without that $100,000.00 we had 2 send back ,there is just no way. Can't afford to re-equip another buildin,why should we when we own that big addition. Cause the guy that kicked us out runs hydro n water through his system to our buildin. So he could cut water n power off 4 spite. N i would'nt put it past him. Since there's rumours he thinkin of takin us to court. So just have 2 wait n c how many members come 2 the membership meeting were callin. They never came when we were runnin so i don't know. It won't b 4 a couplea weeks at least. In the mean time i'll buy lotto tics,u just never know. Then i'll buy the land he's leasin then ,i'll boot him. Even if i did win lotto im not like that. There r better places to build shop,not nuff room there 4 expansion. Well i guess i'll jump on chat always makes me calm n happy. Talkin 2 Zilla,Chershe,Fire,Cattey n every1 else that drops by,had 20+ last night.............later peeps.

Friday, March 04, 2005

''ANOTHER FRIDAY''-what now.

Damn when ur unemployed the weekend is'nt that special. At least when u workin u look forward 2 the weekend. Ok i lied ,im a workaholic i could work 7 days a week n often did. Wish i'd have known he was gonna kick our co-op out. I would have made plans 4 it. There's no chance in hell of startin back up,unless i or other directors win a lottery. That flockin paranoid pot-head n those 2 ass-holes that kept him smoked up n filled his head with shit. I hear he wants 2 take us 2 court. Bring it on a-hole you n ur cronies will end up with nothin. Even our membership miss our co-op now. They gettin peanuts 4 their fish now. Thats why they should have been more involved. Instead of bitchin at the restaurant all the time. We have 2 have a membership meeting n tell them there's no chance in hell of continuin. Damn this would have been our year. Our plan was, we would have been spendin our own money about now. Come spring we would have had nuff money in bank 2 operate. Without havin 2 dip into our over-draft. Oh well we gave it our best but we had bush-wackers in our group. Rumours been flyin since this first happened. Thats why we have 2 meet with members n give our side of story. I've been speakin with the odd member of n on when they quiz me. Were havin a get together with BOD's tomorrow a plannin session. Ok thats nuff 4 now b4 i get all worked report tomorrow night.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

''MIGHT B A LITTLE WORSE 4 WEAR''-but my plumbin is OK, WINK,WINK.

Well they came this morn n installed,topa the line ''MOEN'' fixtures [the cadillac of fixtures] new bath n kitchen fixtures. Gaurenteed 4 life or so they claim,but theres always some sort of clause 2 get out of it. Sound like i don't trust non-native. Well just compare the size of our REZ landbase 2 our original terretory[accordin to government]. Our territory streched well in to the USA cause there was no border. So we should have dual citizenship ,but oh no. Why u think they stuck us on these little parcils of land n gave the white man all the good land. And 2 this day they still tryin 2 find a way 2 take it. Years ago they used 2 move survey stakes just 2 get a few more feet of land. Thats why we need a new Chief 1 thats not scared 2 rock the boat. They can shove status quo,up where the sun don't shine. We need a chief in there with some big ''BALLS''. Chief now is been in 2 long and im not the only 1 that says that. He's book smart but u need more than that u gotta know when 2 shove back. They've gotten away with 2 much over the years. Just pay us the $90,000,000,000.00 for the land claim settlement n well look after ourselves. We'll i hope there's a big shake up in the council this election. Election only 4 months away. I hope Pete gets in,he'll keep them on there toe's. He's got my vote,i told him that this mornin. Well im gettin kinda worked up here better jump on chat n converse with my family of many nations. Ppl from all over ''TURTLE ISLAND'',im glad i found that room. Im startin to feel like their my family. Oh course never take place of my ppl..come on Pebbles n others join me in Cherokeeshe and chat friends. Aboriginal native chat n Nativeamericanchatfriends2 im in also. But i seem to find more peeps in Cherokeeshe. I'll keep lookin in Nativeamerican till i catch ppl there. I was on there b4 they got hacked n deleted. Took me awhile 2 get back in MSN 4 some reason would'nt let me in. Well MSN been screwy for awhile. Well ppl im of 2 chat........later

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

''INSPECTION DAY''checkin 4 leaks.

Had ppl come by last week 2 check 4 leaks in my plumbin. Friends of mine,Pete's an x councillor n Jeff is 1 of our water plant workers.Only found a couplea taps that leak. Our water system is usin up to much water. So besides leaks in our main water line,add 2 that all leaks in homes. U gonna use a lotta water. B4 i fixed my shower the taps leaked,a drip every second the tub filled up in 10-12 hours. I was amazed, just think if u got 100 houses with leaks. Some would leak worse than others. So im waitin 4 Pete n the plumber 2 c what material he'll need 4 re-pairs. Well i guess i'll go watch the rest of the Auto 5oo,yes i still watchin,i may finish b4 next Well talk bout ppl n they show up there here...........later peeps.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005


First day of March only 20 more days till spring. I got plowed out 2day, thought my plowman 4got me. Used his tractor, truck is bein fixed. Good man that Scotty doe's a nice job n u don't have 2 call him. Cause i on list,no,no, not the old Indian list. U peeps remember the Indian List. Im 1/2 way tru the Auto 500 good race so far. Who needs hockey when u got Nascar. Wish i could afford my satellite then i could watch the Busch races 2. Oh well what can u do other than sit back n bitch. So here i go,just kiddin. Flock em thats it for hockey no more ,unlesss they pay me than i'll watch. Those greedy Bastards both the owners n the players. Christ sakes their all millionare's most of them. Applied to a new chat room get rid of 2 of my mic maq chat rooms ,their pretty quiet anyhow. Still leave me with 4 rooms plenty 2 keep me occupied. Plus instant messagein n my blog. Jeeze i hav'nt done anything more 2 my blog in days. I better start back up,b4 i 4get what little html i learned. My sometimers is kickin in more n more. What was i talkin bout,c what i No need 2 worry bout that im still the sharpest knife in the drawer. Still snowin damn im runnin out of room for scotty 2 push snow. Gonna cost me 2 get back-hoe in here 2 push banks back. Hey im on public works commitee.that should b a perk,for doin my public service. Do i sound like a politition now. That $30.00 per dium comes in handy,when i run out of weed. J K,,i gave that up a couple years ago 2,so i guess i'll apply 4 my MONK-hood or whatever they call it. Time 2 jump on chat n c who's boffin who,oh thats my xxx blog. Some lively discussions on chat some nights. If i hear any juice i'll fill u in later..............adios...........
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