Thursday, June 30, 2005


I'll be away from postin 4 a bit as there was a death in the family. Have a good Canada day n a good 4th. of July. Catch ya's later.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

''STILL VERY WARMISH''birds r walkin it so hot.

Another hot day after all,sure fooled me this morn. I looked out my bedroom window n saw the fog rollin in n thought it gonna cool off. NOT. I think it was steam comin off the This is August temp's what it gonna be like in Aog. 105-110 deg. Even sitin in livin room with ceilin fan n box fan just blew hot air around. Give my dependants fresh water thru the day even my wild birds. Think i'll make a place for the squarrels to drink. Hey Darcy r ya gettin close to floodin,keep safe. Already heard of one guy gettin washed away missed the main story but i heard that much. And Pebbles got ur ticket to Alaska yet to escape the heat. Wave as u fly over u gotta cross my Rez's air space to get there. Went to check on my brother but was;nt home mayb ball game on n he at the ball park. Im glad he got that scooter he can get around more now. Thanx to our sis for gettin the ball rollin to find raise for the scooter , DIAND only covers so much of total cost. Our Fire Dept held fund raisers to n i think our Bingo donated some proceeds. Our ppl come together sometimes. July almost here ,hard to believe it's been 10 years on July 8 th. since my son got killed. He woulda been 29 this year he just turned 19 when he was killed. The hardest month of the year other than his brothers b-day. He'll be done 8 years come Jan. , hopefully he'll go to camp soon so i can visit. It will only be a 3-4 hour trip than instead of 8-9. Well better change subject to my g-kids. They really helped out after the church function they stopped after school n helped put things away paid them in cakes n other pastrys. All the food was gone but it was a good time. I would have invited them if i thought of it,brain slow these better hit the hay or go check out chat instead....later ppl.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Still hot as ole hell here n no break any time soon. Sposed to get thunder storms but think they will blow by.Perfect tornado weather when hot meets cold damned if i know if cold will get here .Been hoverin around 35+never even reached 30 deg. all last summer accordin to weather man. But when is a weather man women ever right. In my chat room got a snide remark from a guy from Arizona about our 100 deg. heat. I know it gets 105 - 110 there but we feel just as un comfortable with our heat. I bet he be dressed like those Jamacan's that come up here to pick apples n work on fruit farms. Not makin fun but they dress for winter when we in t's n shorts. Good workers though they do work no1 else will do. Used to be Injin's did those jobs. Well l guess i watch news n see how much worse the floodin gettin out west. Here im bitchin about the heat n there r others worse off. Some may lose their homes or valuables from flood damage. Mayb all the rain out west will bring our lake levels up to where they should be. Global warmin any1 thinkin the same thing i am. We had more snow than last year but not as bad as the east coast between snow,sleet n real ice storms. Another reason i want to get a wood furnace if we gonna start gettin worse winters i wanna be ready. Day After Tomorrow comes to mind,oh,oh. We used more hydro in this province than we can produce gonna get worse with more A/C's workin over time. Black outs agin this summer.we already have light blinkin off n on. Just yesterday morn as a matter of fact,my vcr clock was blinkin/ Well save some bitchin for tomorrow.

Monday, June 27, 2005


Was i ever sore when i woke up this mornin,my hand were still vibratin. They were yesterday to from the weed eater.The lawn is about 600ft. x 600ft. with the trees,Manse,garage and other things to weed around. The ppl rentin the manse are sposed to maintain the yard but don't. We had about 50 ppl there at all times and ppl came n went after eatin. Fry bread,
bannock,salads of all kinds,fish,desserts lotsa food. My corn soup was a hit n the best thing no1 got I kept it at home on low heat till it was near time to eat.i never went in church to listen to singin it was like an oven in there. A good time was had by all even my brother came over on his scooter. Next nonth July 29 it's in Chritian Island so i think i will go n look for family. Was my first fellowship ,i never knew they held them monthly on different Rez's thru the year. The heat spell is still on same all over even over seas they havin it bad. Out west they gettin hit with rain n r floodin .Well watch news n try n sleep,glad i got ceilin fan above the bed along with mirror tile'

Sunday, June 26, 2005


Our Minister is movin on,goin to our sister Rez. She only be an hour's drive away. But she come back in Aug. to marry my cuz. Tired of livin in sin i She is another hot day but there;s a breeze ,good thing cause i said i'd help Richard cut the lawn around the church. We havin a fellowship meet n greet n a pot luck lunch after wards tomorrow. People from Rama,Christian Island amd Georgiana Island Rez's r comin. Mayb meet some relatives from Christian Island. Im makin corn soup for the pot luck,did'nt have a damn thing so i borrowed the makins from my daughter. I tried to see if i could get some fish donated but the cheap bastard don't do it no more. When the co-op was still there we always did. Even though some ppl took advantage. Goin in early to help set up,we rented picnic tabled from the Cape Croker Park. Good quality table's. 's made by mennonite's. Fill ya in Monday on how things went...later

Friday, June 24, 2005

''HOT,HOT,HOT'' 4 next few days.

Hot Damn,gonna complain about the heat now. It was tolerable,till that heat front from the Texas panhandle. Damn if it don't streach right up into northern Ontario. 30+ temps till mid-week now along with that is humidity and smog warning. Glad my daughter has A/C,when she bought that house i told her switch to oil funace n install a/c. Two of the kids got asthma,hopefully they'll grow out of it. Its gonna be hard to fall asleep but i got ceilin fan above the bed circled by the mirror I hav'nt posted to much or been in the chat rooms to damn hot. Wonder why when its unbearably hot out ,it's even hotter inside. If it stays this hot for sure very soon we gonna have those black-out our politicions said would'nt happen. If their askin us to cut back on hydro consumption their scared of sumthin. I think it cooled down to 30 cel. lol. Blogger screwy agin only here doe's the key-board type slow. I can finish a sentance then wait for it to show up on screen. Well it's 2:20 time for bed,time flies when ur havin fun....later peeps.



1. You can't see your moccasin strings anymore.

2. When you bend over while traditional dancing, and you can't get back up.

3. When you bring zip lock bags and a sack to the pow-wow feast.

4. When you can't fit your choker cause you don't have a neck.

5. When your family has to stop half way to the pow-wow to put new springs on your car.

6. When the car tilts downward on you side.

7. When you eat Indian Tacos like potato chips.

8. When you have to "rock" a couple of times to get up from your chair.

9. When you can't feel the mosquito bites.

10. When people mistake you for a tipi when you wear white T-shirts.

11. When it's necessary to lift up your stomach to show off your new beaded belt buckle.

12. Or when you have to lie down to show off your new beaded belt buckle.

13. When buying a coke, the waitress asks,"Diet?"

14. When you almost pass out in the sweathouse when only using one rock.

15. When you start to get scared your belly button might come untied.

16. When people ask you advice about good places to eat, and where's the best fry bread stand.

17. When the jingles on your jingle dress stick straight out.

18. When your buckskin dress is as wide as it is long.

19. When dancers use you for shade at the pow-wow.

20. When you get in line a second time at the pow-wow feast and pretend your getting a plate "for Grandma".

21. Or when you have a new baby and people tell you they didn't know you were pregnant.

22. When your large beautiful brown eyes have now turned to slits when you smile.

23. When you lose a $1,000.00 dance contest because your excess didn't stop in time with the drum.

Author Unknown

''IM BAAAAAACK'' sort of.

Well,it's been awhile since my last post. Alot has happened ,i lost my browser n all the info therein. Then the following week i lose my blog due to a bug of some kind at were able to save my posts but not my template. So agin i lost another bunch of info. With my sometimers n all im havin hard time rememberin what all i had on my home page n how i put it So i have to learn how to backup my stuff. I got my flaming title up but it's not quite the same. Its gonna be a long process agin to get it back up to where it was.Would'nt be so bad but it took me months to get it this far. Only to lose it all in the blink of an eye. Been busy doin things other bein a Mouse Potato. Fixed my front deck ,thanx to a friend of mine. It was comin away from the house ,coulda been sittin or standin out there with coffee one morn n ended up on the ground. Another friend of mine had that happen,he had a party n him n his guests were sittin on his deck when it No 1 got hurt but the same guy built my deck,i wonder. One of the Native chat rooms im in a member lost her husband in Iraq so i sent her a little note. Although u never meet the ppl u chat with ,most times,but u get to know them from chattin. Don't know whats wrong with my keyboard ,i type somthin n a second or to later it comes up on screen. Got the final list of nominees for chief n council,6 running for chief n 28 running for council. July 15 or so is election day. My commitee gets disolved the same time as council so i have to re-apply to commitee agin. Peeps should be out campainging soon but not to many do that anymore. In the old days they would go house to house to drum up votes. I remember a lot a promises to vote for a person but end up he or she only got 5-6 votes out of the many Why don't i run for council they ask mayb next term but i cause nuff turmoil in commitee. Well better be it for now ,i gotta go out n finish my tomato plantin. Wanna go to get some compost for my plants. One good thing about that compost pile they made. Some ppl have used it n their gardens just took off. Catch ya later..

Thursday, June 09, 2005



An Indian fellow goes to a brothel one night, and finds himself a prostitute, He then asks the prostitute, "How much do you charge for the hour???"

She replies, "$100."

So he says, "Okay do you do Indian style?"

She says "No!!"

He then says to her, "I'll pay you $200 to do Indian style???"

She again says no, not knowing what Indian style is! So he then offers her $300, again she declines his offer. So finally he says, "I'll give you $500 to go Indian style with me."

Anyway she finally agrees thinking well she has been in the prostitution industry for over 10 years now, she has been there and done that, how bad could Indian style be... So she goes ahead, has sex with the Indian fellow , doing it in every kind of possible way and in every position.

Finally at the end after he has finished, she turns around and says to him. "What was the Indian style???? I mean did I miss something here?? What was so Indian style about what we
have done??"

He replies to her... I'll pay you tomorrow!!!!!

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

''OH WHERE OH WHERE,can my browser be.

Here i sit wonderin what now. Lookin for my family tree ,i found alot of links from 1900-05 n b4 but not all in one spot so i had all these links saved on my old browser. Now i gotta start over agin. If i could afford to pay for those sites prob do it faster but. No money no funny they say. One thing about it, i found two other relatives tryin the same thing. One was adopted as a baby but knew his birth name and another tryin to find out about my aunt Maggies side of tree. We had our appreciation dinner after our last commitee meeting to=day. I went n got my grand-daughter out of school she was my date 2 years She got all dolled up that time,high heels n all. Pa Pa had on his old Jac Shirt n track pants. Salt pork gravey n all the fixin's n fry bread. Mayb i'll give Oz a call a self taught comp guy. Never tot to ask him last night when i called him. He gets all the old comps n monitors given to him by band office n programs. In return he share's the wealth by providin comps to ppl. So be back later ppl. Wish me luck in findin my

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

''SON OF A BITCH - i lost my browser.

Damn i lost my browser,i up-graded Mozilla. I musta hit a wrong button now i can't find my old Fire-fox browser it shows me Fire-fox start browser. I found all i lost in comp but don't know how to turn into my old fx browser. My brother says start all over but some of that stuff will be lost 4ever. I know i shoulda backed things up,was gonna learn how to do that. Had spyware blaster in other browser and it asked me if i wanted to make back-up so i did, not knowin what i was backin up. I wonder if i could find that n see if it will help. Damn i hate bein this newbie oh well . I'll just keep snoopin around i may find it by accident. I lost my entire blog one time for a few days. I found it eventually but don't ask me where or how. I was just so happy to get it back.

Monday, June 06, 2005

''A NEW WEEK AGAIN''what will i accomplish?

Been on comp on n off all day tryin to find info about the Pottawatami migration into Canada. Found some family from 1890 gotta track em to Wisconson or Michigan or any northern state. Three fire confederacy took up a big area. Chegahno can be spelt many ways,don't know how bad the white man bastardized the name. Found 4 diff ways of spellin in near by rez's. So i'll just keep p[utterin along ,i'll find what in lookin for. My bud stopped by 2day but our last commitee meetin is'nt till Wed. He won't miss this one were havin a appreciation meal for us members. A good scoff is gonna be had ,im takin a doggie Well back to surfin catch ya later.

Sunday, June 05, 2005


Mayb it will cool things down a bit. Been a bit humid ,but not un-bareable. Was'nt it just early May we got 10'' of slush not wet snow but slush. I had planned on goin to the Horse Pull at Purple Valley Riding Stables but my ride never showed up. What piss off,oh well no sense harpin on it. It started at 1pm so in late now. Some guys from WIKY Rez were tryin to get hold of my daughter so they new last name n i happen to be first in the book. They met last year at Harry's Pub n exchanged phone numbers. I really wanted to meet then in case were related. I have family up in Wiki and area. Went to my first horse pull last summer with Kerri n Brady. Expect to spend 100.00/day for 3 day Fall Fair,covers food n rides. I have to start savin up for end of Aug. their already plannin on it now Kirk wants to go. Demolition derby,horse,cow,goat any farm animal contest,huge midway,food booths,old car show n parade,moto-cross. If i knew Fall Fairs were more than just farm animals i woulda been goin for years. Boys from Wiky n area have a few teams. Those Draught Horses are huge and strong ,i saw a smaller team pull more than a larger team. Thats one time size does'nt Company......later

1:30 am
My friend/brother[my sisters brother] still my bro. stopped by 8 hrs. later we fini talkin. I found out some info about my Pottawatami heritage. We came from the states as i've always heard but some here won't accept that afraid they'll lose somthing. So i myself would like to go and look for family although it would be a time consuming project. But still im not gettin any younger,ya know. So tomorrow i'll be surfin tryin to find out what i can. Wish me luck......later.....

Saturday, June 04, 2005

''AFTER 40 YEARS''there's still more out there.

Amazin what u find when u Google a name.Oh.Oh!

See what happens when the government decides you don't have a family.

It don't matter that u believe that u do or not. I heard stories about Nelson for years.Just think he could have come home years ago if some1 believed him. I wonderhow many more from this Rez are out there. And from other Rez's across Canada.
Every year here some1 comes home
looking for family. I had a brother
show up but i missed him. If it's the same guy or
another one.
2 years ago some1 with the same last name was lookin for family

my neph sent them to my home but i was'nt home. It's all the younger brothers left i think anyway. Oh well our paths will cross agin.


After 40 years
in institutions, Nelson reunites with family
Thursdsay August 8, 2002
Michelle Strutzenberger and Linda Viscardis
Nelson Ashkewe always clung to the hope that he would see his family again, though that hope grew thinner and thinner as the years passed.

Institutionalized as a child, he spent over 40 years in eleven different institutions. In the shuffle, all of his personal history records were lost.

At the last institution he stayed in, the Southwestern Regional Centre in Blenheim, he was told he was a 'citizen of the world' and had no living relatives. Nelson knew better, but it was difficult for him to communicate this with his intellectual disability. Nobody would listen to him.

In the early nineties, the Blenheim institution began to support people in moving out and back into a community setting. Nelson, at the age of 49 years, was one of those selected to make this move.

He was taken to Wallaceburg, because it contains a native community, Walpole Island. Since Nelson is native, it was thought it would be beneficial to have a reserve nearby.

There he met Sandra Browning from Wallaceburg Community Living, and she became his primary support worker. He decided to try telling her about his lost family.

"He started talking to me about a brother Raymond and sister Barb," says Sandra. "I told him he didn't have a brother and sister, and he insisted, 'yes, he did,' and 'I have a mom and dad,' he said. He talked about driving with his brother and running into a tree, and that his dad fell in the kitchen and died."

Finally somebody listened to him. Sandra decided there might be something to Nelson's story and took action. She sent letters to all the reserves in the area that had a larger population of Ashkewes, asking if they had ever heard of a Nelson Ashkewe.

Before any of them could reply, however, Nelson's story was confirmed in another way.

Sandra and Nelson had gone to a seminar up in Port Elgin. During the wine and cheese party that followed, a man approached Nelson and chatted with him as if they were old buddies. When Sandra inquired, the stranger explained that he recognized Nelson from a group home he had lived in previously.

Sandra grabbed the opportunity - finally, somebody from Nelson's past -- and asked him if he knew if Nelson had any family and if so, where they might be.

"Oh yeah,' he said. 'He has a whole [load] of family up in Cape Croker,'" Sandra recounts.

The very next day, Sandra and Nelson piled into a vehicle to head up to Cape Croker. They went, ostensibly to the local band office to inquire about applying for a native status card for Nelson, but they were also hoping to meet up with some of Nelson's family.

It happened sooner than they expected. When they asked the girl in the band office about the card, she took out her pen and said, preparing to write it down, "For whom?"

"We told her Nelson Ashkewe," says Sandra. "The girl says, 'He already has a card.' I said, 'Not this Nelson.' So then she asked how old he was. I told her. She said, 'Oh my gawd, he's my brother-in-law.'"

She immediately called Nelson's mother's home to tell her the news, but she had just left for an appointment. They made plans to meet as a family, and then Nelson and Sandra left for home.

As they were driving out of Cape Croker, a pickup truck sped past them, horn honking, and then slowed down, indicating them to pull over. They did and the driver of the other vehicle jumped out and ran towards. "Do you have my brother?" he called. "If your brother's Nelson Ashkewe, then yes, we do," said Sandra. The two brothers hugged and cried.

That was in 1991. Nelson now visits his mother and family several times a year. He has eight brothers, six sisters, and 25 nieces and nephews. He loves taking plenty of pictures when he visits with them and they all spend lots of time catching up on their lives.

Friday, June 03, 2005


Still tired from late night chat Wednesday. Did it agin last night 5:00am this time. I don;t know why i bothered to go to bed ,it was gettin daylight in the swamp. Nomination the day after ,i phoned Band office to get a copy of nomination list e-mailed to me. Receptionist said she could'nt our tribal secretary said she did'nt think she knew how. Gaaaawd if all they had was printed sheet's ,some1 must have used a comp to type it out. So i thought from there u could e-mail. I asked is there a scanner in the band office, scan it into comp n send to me. But oh no they don't have a scanner ,i don't think they knew what i was talkin about. Fish assessment has one but not in office 2day. Technology is good if ppl at band office knew what they had n how to use it oh well what can ya do. My sis bless her heart musta had her digi cam at work cause she send me a pic of It woulda worked if i knew more about comps. It came as Occet somthin or other in zip file. An hour of screwin around i finally get it into my pictures. Good all i got to do now is resize it so i can read it n copy n paste and start forwardin. Then i find out u can't copy n paste the text from a picture. So b4 i threw my comp out the door i said FLOCK IT. And how the hell was ur day. One of the ppl runnin happened to be turnin around in my drive way. I was feedin my birds i finally could afford some Anyway ppl seem to think its a bad thing to use a drive way to turn around. And if u are outside n see them they feel obligated to tell ya what their doin. I don't care longs no donuts on my grass/lawn/rock garden. He stopped for awhile n talked n gave me a list n he supposed to e-mail me a copy.Rats
im gonna be forced to hand type it into comp myself. Yah right,10 ppl runnin for chief and 38 runnin for council. And no ,i was'nt nominated although if i was i'd have to decline. I can do just as much damage in commitee. mayb somthing to think about for the future. Mayb i shoulda i could use a repair loan. If i did ,i would'nt be in it to see what i could do for me. That is why im tryin my hand at a bussiness of my own. Which reminds me i better cut this short i gotta see a contractor for estimate n a laborer job.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

''Thursday - NOMINATION DAY''

They held nominations 2day from 5:00pm to 8:00pm. I always thought it was an all day thing. But wont know anything till tomorrow,i;ll try n get list. Or try n get it e-mailed to me,make it easier to for-ward to ppl from home who are away. We send them a absentee voting pkg now so all our members can vote now. Somthin new just a few years ago u could'nt vote unless u lived here. I missed it cause i had to good get grub things were lookin grim. When u don't even have ketchup,mustard,relish and 6-7 assorted 1/2 full jars of pickles or what ever. And no fridge should be with out that bacteria culture growin in the back of the fridge. My dogs were gettin all of the smoked fish they could eat. Their coats are gonna be real shiny because the fish was real greasey. Im gonna have to put swat on their ear tips to keep flies from chewin them up. SWAT it gos on a flourescent pink color. And Sparky get mad at me when i put it on his ears. It bein bright pink his ears really stand out and him bein off white. He walks away from me wont look at me or come when i call. Mayb if it was a diff color. If ya want it u buy at
TSC stores. If the ears have open sores or bites just slather it on n around the wound. Besides bein a salve for sores it kills the flies when they try to bite agin. And the Hoof salve is good for dry nails toe or finger. And a salve they call Udder somthin is good for dry skin n callous on bottom of feet. There thats Dr. Teds home remedies.Well better get to bed early was on chat till 3-4am in 4 diff chat rooms......later

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

''STUCK IN THE MIDDLE AGIN''of the week.

Why do thay call Wednesday mid-week if there's 7 days than Thursday should b Hump Day. It was for me in my 30's when i worked in Toronto. Get up at 4:00am to catch the first subway car 6:00am. work till 9,10 or11pm. Did that 7 days a week for 6-7 months till i went over the edge. I went on a 2 month long bender,spent 24/7 damn near in the booze can. Right on the border of 52 Div. and 51 Div. my providers of accomadation on a few occasions. Can't 4get 55,53,47 and 14 they all made room for me to. I can't 4get the Old Don Jail. With breaks daily to go to Hotel,Restaurant Tavern or Silver Dollar/Nish Bar than back home to the booze can. Spending so much time in booze can i was offered a job. So i slowed down on my drinkin when i had an unlimited supply. Strange how things work out. I had to get a job at booze can to get back on my feet. After a few months there Kevin was closin down the booze cans/rooming houses. He had 2 roomin houses on George St. when 1 got to hot we move down the street and back n fourth. Best night i and the floor man made $1200.00 each but average was 500-600/8 hr. shift. Was a good payin job specially if ya worked a double. He made nuff money and moved up north to buy a Huntin Lodge. One thing he took some of his boys that had work for him for years. So i went back to my old construction job and did'nt live happily ever after. But can't complain im here ,im alive and i raised n looked after my kids. They and my dying sister were the reasons i moved home. Well lets change gears here n i'll give a pearl of wisdom i got from a chat room post.

From: Morningstar®™ (Original Message) Sent: 02/06/2005 1:30 AM

Cherokee words of wisdom

An old Cherokee was teaching his grandson about life.

"A fight is going on inside me," he said to the boy.

"it is a terrible fight, and it is between two wolves.

One is evil - he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed,

arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies

false pride, superiority, and ego.

The other is good - he is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity,

humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity,

truth, compassion, and faith.

This same fight is going on inside you....

and inside every other person , too"

The grandson thought about it for a minute

and then asked his grandfather which wolf would win.

The old Cherokee simply replied,

"The one you feed."
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