Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Words Of Wisdom From All Native Nations

I was still tryin to get hold of some ppl. Like i said our Rez Program's up-graded to newer comps. So im tryin to score my self a 1/2 dozen or so. monitors and towers. See if i can teach myself the inner workins of this magical box we use here. It's hard to believe that in the 70's when i first saw a comp it took up most of a 8x16 ft. space. Prob 1 of those Black-Berries has more jam than that 1 did. Every1 im tryin to reach is away or not in,mayb their hidin onme. As paranoia sets in,i hear things go bump in the night. Come hell or hi-water i wanna get a comp so i can use my Dream-Weaver and the rest of the programs it came with. Id like to check out Key-hole and Starry Night Digital Download 5.0 10-day Trial and other scientific stuff like that. Since i got all this free time. Somethin will turn up ,i won't be so hard up for cash soon. I can feel it there's lotsa construction startin up here. Well i found this Words of Wisdom in one of my chat rooms n thought i would share......later ppl.

Words Of Wisdom

"The Cherokee legacy is that we are a people who face adversity, survive, adapt, prosper and excel." "And to fulfill this legacy, we must ask the questions...

Where will we be as people five, ten, fifty or one hundred years from now?
Do we brag about our full blood ancestor or do we brag about our Indian grandchildren?
Do we live in the past or do we focus on the future?
Is being Cherokee a novelty or a way of life?
Is being Cherokee a heritage or a future?

Our ancestors who walked the grounds of this capitol building resoundingly cry,

'Don’t forget the legacy we passed on. Don’t let it lapse. Pass it on, stronger and stronger to your children. Let the Cherokee language laugh, speak and sing again. Let our history be known and discussed. Live by our wisdom. Don’t let us die as a people. If you do then all our sacrifice will be for nothing and you will lose those things that fulfill your life.'"

Principal of the Cherokee Nation, Chief Chad Smith
State of the Nation Address
September 1, 2001

"Being Indian is mainly in your heart. It's a way of walking with the earth instead of upon it. A lot of the history books talk about us Indians in the past tense, but we don't plan on going anywhere... We have lost so much, but the thing that holds us together is that we all belong to and are protectors of the earth; that's the reason for us being here. Mother Earth is not a resource, she is an heirloom."

David Ipinia, Yurok Artist, Sacramento, CA

"The strength of our future, lies in the protecting of our past."

Seminole Elder

"The Earth was created by the assistance of the sun, and it should be left as it was. The country was made with no lines of demarcation, and it's no man's business to divide it. I see the whites all over the country gaining wealth, and I see the desire to give us lands which are worthless.

The Earth and myself are of one mind. Perhaps you think the Creator sent you here to dispose of us as you see fit. If I thought you were sent by the creator, I might he induced to think you had a right to dispose of me.

Do not misunderstand me; but understand me fully with reference to my affection for the land. I never said the land was mine to do with as I choose. The one who has a right to dispose of it is the one who created it. I claim a right to live on my land, and accord you the privilege to return to yours.

Brother, we have listened to your talk coming from our father, the Great White Chief in Washington, and my people have called upon me to reply to you.

The winds which pass through these aged pines we hear the moaning of departed ghosts, and if the voice of our people could have been heard, that act would never have been done. But alas though they stood around they could neither be seen nor heard. Their tears fell like drops of rain.

I hear my voice in the depths of the forest but no answering voice comes back to me. All is silent around me. My words must therefore be few. I can now say no more. He is silent for he has nothing to answer when the sun goes down."

Thunder Rolling in the Mountains-Chief Joseph, Nez Perce

"Our fathers gave us many laws which they had learned from their fathers. They told us to treat all men as they treated us. That we should never be the first to break a bargain. That it was a disgrace to tell a lie. That we should speak only the truth. We were taught to believe that the Great Spirit sees and hears everything and that he never forgets. This I believe and all my people believe the same."

Thunder Rolling in the Mountains-Chief Joseph, Nez Perce

"Wars are fought to see who owns the land, but in the end it possesses man. Who dares say he owns it- is he not buried beneath it?"

Cochise, Chiricahua Apache

"When you are a person who belongs to a community, you have to know who you are. You have to know who your relatives are, and as a tribe we have to know where we came from..."

Charlotte Black Elk, Oglala Sioux

"Marriage among my people was like traveling in a canoe. The man sat in front and paddled the canoe. The woman sat in the stern but she steered."


"A Nation is not conquered until the hearts of its women are on the ground. Then it is done, no matter how brave its warriors nor how strong its weapons."


"Have patience. All things change in due time. Wishing cannot bring autumn glory or cause winter to cease."

Ginaly-li, Cherokee

"Lose your temper and you lose a friend; lie and you lose yourself."


"With all things and in all things, we are relatives."


"Kinship with all creatures of the earth, sky and water was a real and active principle. And so close did some of the Lakotas come to their feathered and furred friends that in true brotherhood they spoke a common tongue.

The animals had rights...
the right of man's protection,
the right to live,
the right to multiply,
the right to freedom, and
the right to man's indebtedness."

Luther Standing Bear, Teton Sioux

"We who are clay blended by the Master Potter, come from the kiln of Creation in many hues. How can people say one skin is colored, when each has its own coloration? What should it matter that one bowl is dark and the other pale, if each is of good design and serves its purpose well."

Polingaysi Qoyawayma, Hopi

"Walk on a rainbow trail, walk on a trail of song, and all about you will be beauty. There is a way out of every dark mist, over a rainbow trail."

Navajo Song

"What is life?
It is the flash of a firefly in the night.
It is the breath of a buffalo in the winter time.
It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset."

Crowfoot, Blackfoot

"Hold on to what is good even if it is a handful of earth.
Hold on to what you believe even if it is a tree which stands by itself.
Hold on to what you must do even if it is a long way from here.
Hold on to life even when it is easier letting go.
Hold on to my hand even when I have gone away from you."

Pueblo Blessing

Will Rogers, the world famous humorist born in Claremore, Oklahoma, was 1/4 Cherokee. When asked to respond to the question, "But you are an American citizen?", Will had a quick reply. "Well", he drawled, "I think I am. My folks were Indian. Both my mother and father had Cherokee blood in them. (I was) born and raised in Indian Territory. 'Course we're not the Americans whose ancestors came over on the Mayflower, but we met them at the boat when they landed."

"There is no such thing as 'part-Cherokee.' Either you're Cherokee or you’re not.

It isn't the quantity of Cherokee blood in your veins that is important, but the quality of it . . . your pride in it. I have seen full-bloods who have virtually no idea of the great legacy entrusted to their care. Yet, I have seen people with as little as 1/500th blood quantum who inspire the spirits of their ancestors because they make being Cherokee a proud part of a their everyday life."

Jim Pell: Principal Chief of the North Alabama Cherokee Tribe

"They had an ancient lost reverence for the earth and its web of life. They had what the world has lost. The world must have it back lest it die."

John Collier Former Commissioner of Indian Affairs

"I think the Spirit, is the one thing we have to rely on. It has been handed to us as a live and precious coal. And each generation has to make that decision whether they want to blow on that coal to keep it alive or throw it away... Our language, our histories and culture are like a big ceremonial fire that's been kicked and stomped and scattered...Out in the darkness we can see those coals glowing. But our generation, whether in tribal government or wherever we find ourselves--Choctaw, Cherokee, Chickasaw, Creek, Seminole--are coal gatherers. We bring the coals back, assemble them and breathe on them again, so we can spark a flame around which we might warm ourselves."

Gary White Deer, Chickasaw 1994

"Learn how to withhold judgment
Learn to listen
Get in touch with your own inner self
Look at life with joy
Don't ever cry over something that cannot cry over you."

Cheewa James, Modoc 1996

"When the last red man shall have become a myth among the white men, when your children' s children think themselves alone in the field, upon the highway or in the silence of the pathless woods, they will not be alone. In all the earth there is no place dedicated to solitude. At night when the streets of your cities are silent, they will throng with the returning hosts that once filled them and still love this beautiful land. The white man will never be alone."

Chief Seattle, Suquamish/Duwamish 1790-1866

"You have noticed that everything an Indian does in a circle, and that is because the Power of the World always works in circles, and everything tries to be round.

In the old days all our power came to us from the sacred hoop of the nation and so long as the hoop was unbroken the people flourished. The flowering tree was the living center of the hoop, and the circle of the four quarters nourished it. The east gave peace and light, the south gave warmth, the west gave rain and the north with its cold and mighty wind gave strength and endurance. This knowledge came to us from the outer world with our religion.

Everything the power of the world does is done in a circle. The sky is round and I have heard that the earth is round like a ball and so are all the stars. The wind, in its greatest power, whirls. Birds make their nests in circles, for theirs is the same religion as ours. The sun comes forth and goes down again in a circle. The moon does the same and both are round. Even the seasons form a great circle in their changing and always come back again to where they were.

The life of a man is a circle from childhood to childhood, and so it is in everything where power moves. Our teepees were round like the nests of birds, and these were always set in a circle, the nation's hoop, a nest of many nests, where the Great Spirit meant for us to hatch our children."

Black Elk, Oglala Sioux

Monday, May 30, 2005


What a beaut of a day 2day,bright,clear and cool. My grass needs cuttin agin all the dandylions are up. Only weed i know that ducks when lawn mower is around. And the next day ur yard is fulla them standin straight n tall. I got bz so i did'nt make it over to the meeting. I talked to the chief about the e-mails i sent him. Due to a lengthy meeting he said they never got to it or other things on the agenda. Plus a few ppl missin so almost never had a quarum to hold meeting. So it will be on agenda for next meeting. Election in July so tryin to get all the t's crossed n the i's dotted. But i'll stay on there case so i can get some kind of answer. I hear all the Band Programs got out-dated comp's layin around gatherin dust. So i am gonna see if i can snag a couple with monitors. Not sure what kinda comp's they'd need or whats in them. Hope-fully they be better than my [333 megahertz Intel Pentium II]. If i knew than what little i know now i would have kept my old comp. But not knowin better,i thought it was junk. I wanna try n run two comps at once or at least see if i can get two running side by each. Another slow news day,i guess thats a good thing for Poundmaker, like they say no news is good news.......later.

Sunday, May 29, 2005


Well try agin my firefox shut down on me so i lost the post i had started. Here i was waitin for church bus n never came. I was with the minister[Maggie a Cree girl married 1 of the boys here] n Norma on Friday. 4got they had a church meeting on Sat. so be to tired for church unless it's all weekend meeting. Kids went to Sauble Beach Amusments for Kirks b-day. Water slide n go-karts to keep the kids happy. They went to Story-Book Park but they want an arm n a leg for admission. Use to be farily cheap place to take kids till greed set in. Same thing happens all the time soon as somthin gets popular the price goes up. Same with food or a new product new restaurant whatever soon as the got ya hooked the price goes up.

Speaking of groceries Lance from Catprint in the Mash delivered some needed grub n other supplies to the ppl at Poundmaker. And he wrote of his adventures,even admitted he got lost. And took some nice photos better to see than me tryin to describe.lol. Other than that news from there is scarce due to week-end,i figure anyway. Goes to show how little i know about other Rez's history Tyrone Tootoosis set the history books straight and told what really happened read ''Update from Tyrone Tootoosis:'' at bottom of page. After all the beautiful pics,not what i was expecting. It's not all flat as far as ya can see,at least not the northern part. Thats it i guess if i missed anything ,i'll post it tomorrow......later.

Saturday, May 28, 2005


This time of year is bad for me to be broke n un-employed. Because my kids and g-kids b-days are all this time of year. Oh well can't dwell on it just get myself down. Kirk's b-day tomorrow take kids to church agin mayb get them there to sing happy b-day. BBQ him up some chicken or somthin since he;s not into cake or sweets. I sent Tyrone Tootoosis and the other ppl at Poundmaker an e-mail. Lettin them know im gonna try and help somehow and im behind them all the way. I mentioned our chief here is gonna mention their prob at council meetin on Monday. And hopefully we will be able to help. I'm still gonna pass the word onto my frinds n chat rooms. I cut n paste Trouble at Poundmaker and Poundmaker-request for Support onto e-mails but it did;nt work. Since most of it got cut off i just deleted the message. So tomorrow i'll just send link to Poundmaker thru Dust My Broom to the chat rooms and my addy book. Their has'nt been one word mentioned about it in any chat room im in. And their all Native rooms not that im prejudiced but i like my own ppl. Well i guess i'll go surfin n see if i can find new's of anywhere. But like i told some peeps ,unless some1 gets hurt or killed it won't make the news.

Friday May 27, 2005

Tonight's Featured Stories:

Criminal investigation underway in BC; officers allegedly hired young Aboriginal prostitutes

Could this be the next blackeye for the RCMP. Whats ur take on this Darcy and Spook. Later ppl...........

Friday, May 27, 2005


I wanted to start up ''Makwa's Net-Manufacturing-Salvage-Repair and Supplies''. I've tried for the past 2 years to apply for a CORDA grant.
As i have mentioned b4 my past deeds prevent me from goin the Loan route. But im not puttin the blame anywhere else but on my head. Im not sure if it was my application this time that was not up to snuff. But letter stated the commitee was unable to approve all applications but to re-apply again for 2005. Dead-line bein Oct.1,2005. So mayb was'nt my app. My cuz/band councillor said mayb i should go the Cold storage, freezer and Ice Making. Since all our fisherman got no ready place to get ice close by. And a place to store their fish. It would be no prob to make building big enough for my Net Making in future. And if the place is Federaly certified the fish could be legally sorted if Boston Market buys agin come fall run and mayb spring. Since this gonna be a bigger project im gonna need Mr. G's help. I got a guy comin this week give me estimate on site prep. For now i can go with a building 50x50 just to get things rolling. Don't know which way to go a pre-fab steel building or a wood frame building,i got a friend i can ask about that. So Darcy thats it, a partial picture of my plan for the future. Mayb in a month i'll have a better picture to share with yall.
Well later ppl gotta go check on my dogs,their goin nuts out there. Mayb my brother Makwa more likely a coon, skunk or possum.

Thursday, May 26, 2005


Had a good long talk with the chief this morn. We got a meetin on Monday so he gonna put it b4 council. I know were in a financial crunch. Our seniors complex kinda put us in a bind financially. But mayb we can send a bit of help anyway to Poundmaker. I'll be there anyway to see what happens. The guy thats gonna help me plan my new bussiness is driven the chief to Muncey Of the Thames Rez for a meetin so i can't see him 2day. Mayb catch him this weekend. Thinkin of goin with a different plan of action this round but still make a place for net makin n repair. Hope-fully. Winds died down so i got no excuse not to burn brush tomorrow. Sposed to rain but thats good less chance of forest fire. Wonder if my niece would lend me $60,000.00. DIAND will match any money u can come up with towards ur bussiness. Thats why i wanna talk to this guy ,he took a course in university on bussiness. And his dad worked for Casino in the Sault and knows who will fund a new bussiness. Mayb he wants to be a partner. I got the land we will need. If he can come up with the moola. Find out this week-end.......later..ppl.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Well i did try and get ahold of our chief,just to see if we can help the ppl at the Poundmaker sit-in. I talked with a councillor at my brothers place he stopped to look for my friend that visit's my bro. Not much out of him,so i'll just wait for chief. He was in a rush anyway him n my friend are movin some1. My dogs a real happy my neighbors stopped by with dog bones from abbatoir. So i freeze the rest. Snoopy the one that visit's them,cut his foot on glass so he don't go over much. But Jerry put the box of bones on ground n let him pick his own.Smart dog he took the biggest one there. But the other dogs have to guard their bones or he'll steal them. Have to phone band office early n try catch chief. Like i said was a slow news day........later.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

''Fishing Agreement Meeting''

We finally got a Fishin Agreement in principal. I guess u call it that till u dot the i's n cross the t's. But each agreement is better than the last. The fisherman turn out was not very good, only 1 tug fisherman turned up but was not happy. He's stuck on this Inherant Right argument. Some things don't fit into this agreement but into our land claim. So that is another kettle of worms. Once it's been signed formally than i can be specific. They got till July 15 th. to finalize everything . Thats when the election is. I got a ride home with a cuz, councillor. He's not runnin this time to spend more time with family. He offerd to help me with my bussiness venture. I think i'll change it from net repair n making to ice making and cold storage. The fisherman need ice and a place to store their fish. That was his idea ,he knows other places to go for funding. But since all my years of debauchery ruined my credit, i can't go the usual route the bank i mean. I have to go for grants and some places like DIAND will match funding. But the prob is gettin the money for them to match. I can make a building big enough for net making,just need a space twenty feet wide n run it the length of the building. So mayb meet with him tomorrow n start plannin,cause im at a loss on how to start. Well go on line n see if i can price ice makin machine[5 ton] n cooler n freezer compartments.........later.

Monday, May 23, 2005


If ya celebrate Vic Day then happy if not ''ga day EH.'' I can see my lawn n all the rocks n sticks that were hid in it. My g-kids come to cut my grass n my cuz 2. Poor Kirk i had to doctor him up he was cuttin grass where it's rocky and a stone flew out and hit him in the shin''OUCH''. My poor g-son tryin not to cry ,i know how that must have hurt. So i got out the ointment n bandage,of course first thing all kid's ask is ,if it's gonna hurt. Thank god they don't use ,ah hell what was that stuff that burned like hell when they put it on cuts. I heard when he got home yesterday he played his sore leg for all it was worth. And i cleaned out my basement,wish i had a pressure washer. I'd take out all my insulation n wash the whole basement. I had to use it for dog pen when my daughter left her prego dog here. I had 7 pups n the mother down there. That was 2 years ago n can't get rid of odor and stains on the floor. Mayb i'll boil a pot of cedar browse mayb the steam from this will kill the smell. And swab down the walls n floor. Any hints how to get rid of my prob. Always enjoy my grand-kids when their here. i wish i could see the other one's more,not since last summer. I was yard sailin with a friend n i went shoppin for my daughters.Cheap or what,EH. It's summer now mayb i'll go spend weekend with them. They only live 10-12 mi.
away. But mayb i mentioned her and her sister are sort of on the outs. Thats all im sayin bout that.

Been fallin behind on my Nish new's source and political news. Like mayb May 20th last time i read anything. Mayb news of the Dirrrrrty Girl affected me somehow. The first defection i've ever seen first hand at least thats what i call it. And she did'nt need all here feminin wiles. Wonder if Martin ever wanted a women so bad in his life and was it that day. Betcha he almost came when she walked so provacatively across the floor. He should of ran to meet her Dudley would have,flash back of ''10''. If any1 out there's care's about their own Rez and what might n could happen there. Well have i got a link for u ,mayb there's even a way to help those poor ppl. Just link to Dust My Broom.
And scroll down to May 20th. till u get to Trouble in Poundmaker. And while ur at it read all that's offerd there. It's a good read some u may or may not agree with with but i like it. And it's hard for me to find somthing i'll keep goin back to. I found it a coupla months ago n lost in in my favorites,i think thats the same place missin socks go. Anyway thanx to APTN blog links i found agin. I may as well push that link while im at it. There are links there to other Nish bloggers from Turtle Island and the world. And they finally have a place to voice whatever they want to. I've even suggested a link or two to add ,since they ask u to. Thru the years i wondered if anything like that went on here on my Rez. I know some ppl have nice shore lots and some even got alot of acreage. And is it coincidence that they were part of our political body. My Dad was on council back in the sixties and all we got is the same land we had back then. So that tells me my Pop was a ''HONEST iNJIN''. im proud of that. I guess i'll wait till tomorrow to catch up on my readin. And post some comments here and there.......later

Sunday, May 22, 2005


IF YA PLAN ON GOIN TO CHURCH ON SUNDAY U SHOULD'NT GO TO BED AT 3:45AM. Sorry for yellin,damn caps lock. My pinky finger just in the road does what ever it pleases. I was on-line with some1 n a good movie was on. Time flies n u don't feel tired when ur havin fun instant messaging. Kid's here time go wait for church bus.....later

Had Kerri,kirk,brady n a friend/cuz come to church with us. A few more ppl there this Sunday. I had a talk with the minister Maggie about how far back church records go . I want to try n make some sort of family tree. I gave her my Dad's full name n when he died same for my Mom. It gonna be hard since my parents were'nt married ,although they had same last name. They married different ppl thats where auntie Vel n Vi come from. So my brother next door n me are the only blood other than Janet a baby died young. But we got brothers n sisters from their previous marrages. To us their still tru brothers n sisters 1/2 is a white mans term. If ya think about it our ppl are still more full blooded than the white society. We only took up with white women or white men. 1 nish 1 white and how many different nationalities water there blood down. No true french,english,
italian or whatever a mixture of what ever they got in europe. And their the one's tryin that bull-shit blood -quantum or what ever the hell u call it. And some native rez's are followin the same thing. Followin the white-mans lead agin. Don't ppl learn from their first mistakes. No matter what they'll never water down native blood out of existence. They seem to have forgotten the term throw back. Like two fair skinned ppl havin a black or dark baby cause way back their was a Black or mayb Nish in the family tree. Thats what comes to mind when i think of what was told to my aunt Florence,by a granfather or elder when she was a little girl. A prediction that Indian will come back after the white kills them selves off. Mayb for a generation or two the babies will all be born true lookin Nish. I hope ya get what im tryin to put across to u. It's hard for me to put into words. If not, it's for me really anyway,just tryin to share. Extreme makeover was very good tonight it was about Lori Piestewa's family. She first Native american killed in Iraq. Im Canadian n im still proud of her. Another white thing that border that separates the 2 countries. Way back when our ppl may have inter married or whatever ya call it way back when. The fur skin wrap around or blanket of some sort involved. Seem's to me anyway but i could be wrong. It was a very good show about time they had a Native American on the receiving end. Not only did they get a house but the Navajo veterans got a meeting hall. Damn near to late can't be that many vet;s left from 2nd.world war....Time for news n a movie.

Saturday, May 21, 2005


Grand-kids are here so will only be doin whatever they want. It don't include a walk in the bush. Ah hah now i know why they left their Game Cube here with assorted games. And it was;nt so PaPa could practice for their next visit. PaPa does'nt have the fineese needed to play video games. All those punches i landed are catchin up to me. But on the other hand i busted a few hands with my face. Take the good with the bad. Well gotta g out n look for them,i let them go to aunties for pop. A stone's throw walk to kids takes an hour 1 way. I can see over to the 401 [nick name for road] n watch them till their almost there. At least they walk in ditch good they took their little brother.......later.......


It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood sun shining n sky's clear. Another good walk in the bush day. Mayb i can get my grand kids to come. We can look for fungai 2gether. I don't think they eat morells or anything not store bought cept for venison n moose meat. I should see if i can scrounge up some moose meat or venison from a friend somewhere. Well go bum a coffee next door from my brother n see if i can get kids down here. Next report this eve,unless their's late braking news.

Friday, May 20, 2005

''JUMP-PAY DAY''every 20th. of month.

Posted Jump-pay Day falling on a regular payday in the chat rooms. Just to see if any1 knows what im talkin about. Think they call it child tax credit now. Used to be called Family allowance back when i was a kid,6-8 bucks/month/child and a whole 20.00 for high school. Not much planned for 2day cept yard work n goin in the bush. Gotta get my grass cut n more garbage hauled away. My yard is a mess with limbs down from high winds we've had. Things seemed to have settled down in the room. Was gettin kind of tense there for a bit,what with ppl bitchin. Keep it to ur self and just leave if its not the room for u. U don't need to get every1 worked up about what u dislike about room. So what if it;s not the what u think it should be,the members r the 1's whole will make it. Blamin the managers for the way the room is. It's us members that make the room. It will eventually evolve into somthing good. She has'nt posted so i think she left. If ur not happy why stay,mayb i made her mad when i said ''Don't let door hit ya in the ass on ur way out'' i was just tryin to break the tension,meant it as a joke. And i said so. I spoke a bit on this last night. And i read the Schedual wrong that hottie Liza Kudrow is on 2night. So jump on chat 4 a bit then Jay Leno........later...ppl.

Thursday, May 19, 2005


Well took a walk in the bush and no fungui to be had. i'll go out agin tomorrow ,just for excercize. I wish i new more about plant n whatever else can be eaten from the bush. Wish i had a roto tiller. I'd like to try my hand at plantin a garden been 3-4 years since i had a garden. It was in Mar a hamlet about 15 miles west of me. My daughter n her hubby bought his dads house there. Im gonna try upside down tomato plants ,u hang plants from a pail with hole cut out of bottom. Put plant thru hole n fill with dirt n u plant spices on top sage,basil n such. think i'll try green onions or somthin. And i wanna plant something for the hummingbirds n butterflys. They had a meeting on the new rules for housing. The eviction part got alota ppl in an up-roar. My bro went and it not as bad as it seems,they try make arrangements to lower payments. Thats the way things happen here ppl don't read the whole thing. I guess ther's not only selective hearin but selective lookin too.lol. Thats why such noise about eviction. Joined a new native chat room week and a half ago. Some ppl from another room im in . Im in 5 again but there more active than the ones i quit. It only 2 weeks old and already ppl bitchin about it. It still tryin to find itself,the members are the ones to make or brake it. I told this one person ,if she don't like it all it takes is a push of a button ,prob solved. But the growing pains will last for awhile. I think it will be good once we get past that. Well Jay Leno time, Liza Kudrow is on hmmmmmmmm a real hottie.......later ppl.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Gotta borrow some gas somewhere so i can cut my grass. I don't think i can trust the gas that sat over winter. I can use to make napalm for fire starter,since i still have brush to burn. Think i'll take Sparky n Snoopy in the bush tomorrow 4 a walk. Mayb they can root around like the pigs they use to find truffles. Im afraid if they find morells they would mark the spot. I soak them over night in salt water to kill the extra proteen in morells. Im gonna look for nuff for another feed of Morells had one small feed already my daughter gave me. They took Bugs with them for bear protection. Speakin of bear my cuz found a baby cub in the bush. he had it at his place and the only one that could get close was his daughter.So thats where my grand-sons were the other day. She was able to pick him or her up so it must be small. Just hope the mother did'nt get shot,ya can get a grand or two for a whole bear. So i would'nt be surprized if thats what happened to mom. As for the cub there's a bear re-hab across the bay in Huntsville or Gravenhurst. They take in all types of wild animals not sure if there's one around here. Well how was ur day,not much went on 2day that i heard anyway. So catch ya later......

Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Amazin how ez things go when ya got the right equipment. Took those guys all of 10 min. if that to load up my appliance collection. They used back-hoe to load onto gravel trucks. Betcha they woulda had a prob gettin up my stairs. Kirk spent the night last night and he here agin to-night. So im as happy as a pig in ship. He the bad boy he reminds me of my late son Telford jr. No matter how hard he tried not to get in trouble it just was'nt meant to be. This was in his pre-teen years n early teens. Just about Kirk's age now. Oh,Oh...lol. He's a good grand-son. He woulda been 29 this past April 8th. Hard to believe he's been gone 10 years. My cuz Robert my sons teasin bud died that same week-end. We believed they would accompany each other on their journey. It did'nt seem to hurt as much knowin that. I was'nt gonna post anything about Son but it helps a bit to talk about him. Funny how the things that pop into ur head at these times are of times u yelled at or did somthin u regret. Mayb him bein the oldest i tried to make him more responsible. But u have to let them go n find there own way. My youngest will be out in a year or 2,he'll make camp in a coupla months. Be able to visit only a 3-4 hour ride each way. And stop at RAMA Casino on way home. Hard to believe he's goin on 8 years. That son of a bitch that killed his brother shoulda never came back onto this Rez. Was like he rubbin salt on a open wound ,especially since he got a slap on the wrist for killin my son. I still believe my son was there but did'nt kill the guy. I hope whoever he's protecting relizes he owes my son a great debt. I heard stories of some1 else showin up at somebodys house covered in blood. It seems to me i may have posted this fact here somewhere. Oh well once my son is out i;ll be happy and we can move on with our life. He's got a lotta nieces n nephews to spoil. And a lotta new cousins, lotsa babys born since he went in. And his son is gettin real big. I feel bad for him because his ex is tryin her best to make Theron 4get his dad. Which i think is not right. She's married now n her husband adopted him. But he knows who his dad is. I hav;nt even had contact with my own grand -son ,only when his maternal gram had him she would sneak him over and i;d get a hug n kiss. But last time was about 5-6 years ago. Once he's in his teens mayb he will come and visit. I hope anyway. Well time for news n Jay Leno. There i feel better now ,i'll prob post somethin on July 8th the day he died. Three days after my b-day what a present to get. .....later.

Monday, May 16, 2005

''THE 3 STOOGES +1''Curly,Larry,Moe and Shemp.

Well i can't remember when i've been so tired. U can really drain your ole bod from exerting yourself. I had my cuz and my 2 grandson stop by to-night to help me get freezer,washer and 60 gal. hot-water tank out to road for pick-up. Our yearly large item pick-up as well as any garbage,lawn mowers etc. . I have no basement door so anything in basement has to come upstairs. I got a small washer/ spinner machine up and out myself n part of and old dryer. Thats a job n a 1/2 using a cheap dolly not made for movin appliaces. The one i have can be changed into a 4 wheel cart of sorts. Best investment i ever made was Ratchet Straps u can tie whatever ur haulin onto dolly or truck,trailer tight enough to hold in place. So if ya ever move and wanna save ur valuables from decoratin the high-way thats the way to go. Back to the big move,first thing we hauled was washer 2 pushin n 2 pullin ,everything ran as smooth as anything. Next was freezer much bulkier were pushin their not pullin,their pullin were not pushin. Workin against one another is very tiring. Finally i say pull then we work together got prob licked for next big item. Not!! The end of freezer is catchin the ceilin portion above bottom of stairs,so were pushin and their pullin and we tryin to lift the house. Were all huffin n puffin and strainin our milk wonderin why this is so heavy. I notice the prob and start laffin once ya start laffin there's no way in hell u gonna do anything more. We get past where it was catchin and still hard ,like it was still caught but nothin but space above. We get it up-stairs after a hard struggle and get washer n freezer out n let them slide down the steps. No damn way gonna try and ease them down stairs when they can slide. After we load them on Al's truck only water-heater left. Tie water-heater onto dolly extra tight. Its much taller than dolly so i don't know they not pullin by handle. Were pushin like hell and there pullin and not gettin anywhere. 15 steps and each was step was harder than last. When were at the top n last step i notice the wheels for the cart part are catchin. So the wheels caught every step on the way up. No wonder we were so tired. I never mentioned
The 3 Stooges did;nt wanna offend Al i may need his help agin. Well it's time for bed im beat......later.

Sunday, May 15, 2005


Well we went to church and it still standin. At least when we left. If i was a bingo addict i coulda walked across the road to bingo hall/community centre. Caught the school/church bus,well they stopped for us. So next week they look for us agin. Sorry to say our minister is leavin end of June ,goin to our sister REZ. Not that many ppl come to church musta been big jack-pot every1 across the road. I don't think to many go at all to church. Kirk and i tried out the Nascar racin. Woulda been ok but Kirk drives like he in demolition derby. So the race restarts more than we race. Oh well just as long as he has fun. He left the game here is that so i practice,so i can compete with him. Brady phoned and asked me if i would baby-sit him. I think mom asked him to phone,but im always glad to have the kids over. Wanted to take them in the bush to look for morells [fungi] not sure of spellin. And go see auntie but she addicted to bingo.lol. Told kids we were goin to look for bears,we will be goin near a bear run. But with 3 dogs n 3 kids should be plenty of noise. Long as we don't come across a skunk or porcupine. We would be goin thru black squarrel territory. But since i feed them now i don;t think i;ll ever eat anther one. Although they are tasty. I have RedHots n No-name brand burgers at home for lunch. But Canada was takin on the Chech Republic for the gold so that ended our bush trip. Damn buggers lost anyway so may a well have gone. Already a new week got some things to do at band office. Get a grant application and apply agin. Well better make it an early night agin kids wore me out just imagine if we made it into bush.........laterppl.

Saturday, May 14, 2005


Saturday night and alls well,so far that iz. But it's been pretty quiet here on week-ends. Knock on wood.lol. Rain for most of the day. Had Brady and Kerri over to baby sit PaPa,than Kirk came. He was at a sleep over b-day party. So he had all kinds of goodies [toys] his siblings wanted to see. Their older brother stays by his self to big to be baby-sat. He was over to the other side to practice his cross country biking what ever that is. Kids wanted to go see auntie Vel but they gone shoppin ,it bein saturday n all. Kirk gonna bring the x-box tomorrow n show me the Nascar race. Hope i don't embarrase my self to bad. Give me a pool cue anyday at least i stand a chance at winnin. Always good when kids are here,don't get anything done but i like their company. Well better call it an early night. Takin the kids to church so i don't know how early they'll show up.........later

Friday, May 13, 2005


Rain on top the wind so either way no fire. Beside's there was a public meetin i wanted to go to concernin our cottage areas. Expand the number of lots up for lease. One good way to generate income to help us pay off our Seniors Complex. And other things since DIAND,DOT,Provincial Highways, and other agencys are all cuttin back so gonna leave us with less operating funds. Their plan eventually is for us to start chargin user fees like on the outside. Try and make us tax our ppl is what it looks like to me. I still say settle our land claim n we will have no need of Government money. We could live off the interest alone n not put a dent in the principal. Be hard pressed to spend 90,000,000,000 smackers. Then we could buy the land borderin our REZ to expand our land base. Or buy back the whole peninsula. Imagine that buy back land what is righfully our's anyway since we never got paid for it anyway. Every Indian Agent got their jobs here thru nepotism or favor of some sort. They came here poor n drivin an old wreck of a car and left with our money and brand new car. A lot of the things provided for the welfare of our ppl was sold to whites. Can ya guess who got the money. Mayb thats why one Agent was seen burnin records out behind the Old Agency Office. But some saved by one of our ppl who just happened to be walkin by. When i was a kid i remember Fred Purser and an Mr. Adams don't remember his first name. I remember gettin cases of Klik and Kam our version of the ever popular SPAM in the U.S.A. But i sooner buy SPAM when it go's on sale here. DIAND should have helped with that expandin land base when that Bill C31 came into effect. But im sure i already ranted about that already. Tangent.... Now my grand-sons got time trials and or practice in Hepworth 2day. Competition in Hardwood Hills near Barrie this month. Every Wednesday for the past month or more they been havin a bike repair clinic. Our boys n girls will be able to repair their own bikes. Next week i think is last one. If i had a bit of money i'd go cheer them on,i hate travellin broke . Ya never know when ya gonns need money. Well news time than Jay Leno n Conan Obrian.........later.

Thursday, May 12, 2005


Did'nt do any burnin still an east wind. Mayb this weekend,i gotta get it all burnt . Grass is poppin up gonna have a nice green lawn where i cleared. I still have to do the fall rakin i never got to. Another week almost done and a wet weekend called for. I'll be needin my grass cut if we get the 3-4 days of rain. Unless i go natural,mayb i'll plant some trees and plants for Humminbirds and Butterflys. I also want to build 3 dogs houses,a bat house and a purple Martin house. I'll have enough to keep me outta trouble for awhile. Kinda tired 2night so watch news n off to bed.......later

''Don Burnstick on Native Women''...I like this guy and Charlie Hill ,what a hoot.

Don Burnstick on Native Women...

1. Native women think the best way to start a physical fight is to
begin by saying, "I hear you been talking 'bout me".

2. Native women think the best way to avoid a verbal/physical
confrontation is by replying, "Not even!".

3. Native women think, hickeys are to Native women what an engagement
ring is to white women.

4. Native women think that squinting their eyes during Bingo makes
them look sexy.

5. Native women think that sticking out their tongue in a conversation
with a Native male and saying, "Ahhh...not even!", makes them look
even sexier.

6. Native women think there's more to luv for a Native man...when they
begin to gain those extra lbs.

7. Native women think, babies are to Native women what marriage is to
white women.

8. Native women think each baby they conceive should have a different father.

9. Native women think being erotic is to tickle your man with a
feather, being kinky is when a Native women attempts to use the whole

10. Native women think that imitating an Inuit throat singer while
making luv to their man makes them irresitible in the bedroom.

11. Native women think that a women with a flat ass is attractive to Native men.

12. Native women think that dyeing their hair blonde is cool.

13. Native women (with dyed hair) think that they must get angry when
Native men tell blond jokes.

14. Native women think a condom is a Native man who did a weekend in
jail for getting caught doing a B&E while intoxicated.

15. Native women think pointing with their lips towards the bedroom
means saying yes to a Native man.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

''HUMP-DAY- - -PERDIUM-DAY''that little perdium gonna keep my dogs fed.

If ya got dogs and cats ya gotta make sure they eat. B4 they start lookin at u lickin their lips. Ya prob look like a roast hauch of venison. Speakin of that what i tell Sparky i feel his hind leg and tell him a big drum stick. Just foolin i love my furry dependants. But the birds can fend for themselves till i can afford some seed. It's summer but i still feed them they have grown to expect it. Prob why i get same birds back every year n their kids. For now my brother can take up the slack of feedin birds n squarrels. After all these years i finally talked him into buyin seed. He just gets a kick out of watchin the birds n squarrels eatin. The little red squarrels are tough he took on the white tail black squarrel and he's a big boy. But he chased him off,but now they eat together. The crows are comin around this year to eat right by the house . Which is strange,mayb they know when its safe. I can go out and the blue jays don't take off now. When i go see my brother the squarrels know me so don't run. He has apair or two of rabbits that come around. i was sittin there and i see rabbit comin up onto the deck. The other more skiddish stays away. They been comin around for years. Ita real nature scene between our two houses somtimes. Soon as i get some 35mm film i'll have good pics to post. Now to the meetin ,i said my piece about bein worried about my water. I got some answers,raised my voice a few times but damn i got grand children n children that drink our water. But i will still tell my kids boil the water . Once we get that new filters system in and plant runnin the way it should. Mayb i won't get water that reeks of chlorine anymore.So by Aug. or Sept. i should be able to drink our water. All deficiencies are bein looked after a slow but sure process. And the leaks are bein found our pumps should not be runnin steady or damn near steady. Just wonder how much we payed on hydro cause pumps run more than they should. Wish i could win a lottery i'd get our REZ out of the bind it's in. I'd pay off the debt that Seniors Home put us in. It's gonna cost us money other than regular up-keep. The shoddy workmanship their still findin things not hooked up n not finished. This seems to happen anytime a REZ gets some new big construction done. They gotta think about suin somebody or everybody involved in the construction of this buildin. The money it gonna cost eventually,my grand children will be payin for this debt. What a legacy to leave our children and grand children. All because we never learned to keep an eye on the white man as close as he tries to watch us. Every little mistake made by us i seen by some1. So when the next guys come to fix our water ,climb on their backs.lol. Well i feel more at ease sort of after this meetin. I'll better after job is done. Even better after i find a job,but no one wants to hire a 50 year old.sob,sputter,snort. But life go's on,and i'll try agin for grant for my business. I just reread my letter and it said. Unfortunatly,the committee was unable to approve all applications-that to me say's that my application was ok,just they only give out so many. Maybe this year is my year. Think positive this is my year to shine. Time to fini watchin race.....later my friends.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


The wind is blowin off the bay so no fire till she shifts. Be lotta time this week-end,g-kids comin to visit . Gonna put them to wprk. Well tried to beat Bob to the landfill. My neph said there was a tower n rotor there on Monday. By the time we got there this morn the back-hoe already pushed all the scrap into a pile. And some1 set a fire which is a no no now cause of noxious fumes. Right where the tower was. Besides Bob prob beat me anyway ya gotta get there right behind the garbage truck for the good stuff. Oh well i had to get to band office anyway to copy some stuff for our meetin tomorrow. And to pick up a history of owner ship for our property. It became our dad's property in 1935 my brothers in 1972 and ours in 1976. Have to get history on back lot ,i should. My dad had offered it to me first cause i got married in 74. Wanted to give me all the land [two lots] but i only took what was to be 3 acres when measured out. I did'nt want to end up puttin all 25-50 acres of land up as collateral for mortgage. I'll hav'ta check for sure i think the land is in my brothers,mine and my sons name. So if anything ever happens it stays in the family. We wrote a letter statin that and witnessed by friends. I better check cause the guy that worked for lands b4 the guy now forgot to file some paperwork for other ppl. Or never got done cause he left the job or somthin. Im tryin to find my family tree,i thought this was a good start if my grandpa owned the land first. But it was'nt it was my uncle lloyds dad. I built my house in same place he had his log house. Then my dad lived there,then he built a house where my brother built. I barely remember playin in that log house. Mayb go see membership clerk mayb she can help me my cuz. The band list might be of help. Time for news.........later.

Smoke Signals

A guy travelling through the prairies of the USA stopped at a small town an went to a bar. He stood at the end of the bar, ordered up a drink and lit a cigar. As he sipped his drink he blew nine or ten smoke rings in the air. Lakota guy stomped up to him and said "one more remark like that and I'll smash your face in".


For Da Ojib

This Ojib guy was walking along in the jungle one day when he accidently fell into some quick sand. Slowly and surely he began to sink. Scrambling to get out, he began to sink deeper and deeper. Panicking, he began to holler for help. HELP ME, SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME, I'M SINKING! In the meantime nearby, Tarzan was swinging from the vines and heard the Ojib guy's cry for help. Just then out of the blue, Tarzan reached down scooped up the Ojib guy, saving him from the sinking quick sand. Tarzan turned and looked at him and said "Me Tarzan", Ojib guys says, "MEgwetch"!


Crazy Woodpecker

Ok so. One day all the trees in the forest were talking to one another about this little twig that began to grown between two trees. One was a birch tree and the other one was a beech tree. The trees could not figure out just what kind of tree the little sprout was. Just then a woodpecker showed up peckin away at some of trees and he'd fly up to the tops and around and the trees finally asked the woodpecker to fly down low to the ground and check out the new little tree that is growing. Woodpecker flew down the ground humming around the little twig that was sprouting checkin it out. Finally he flew back up to the tops and the trees asked him Well? Well? What kind of tree is it? Woodpecker replied "tiz not the son of a beech......nor is he the son of a birch, but that was the best piece of white ash I ever sunk my pecker in".


2 Cowboys and an NDN

Two cowboyz came upon an NDN lying on his belly with his ear to the ground. One of the cowboys stops and says to the other "you see that NDN?' "yeah", says the other cowboy. "Look", says the first cowboy, "he's listening to the ground, he can hear things for miles in any direction". Just then the NDN looks up, "covered wagon about 2 miles away, two horses, one brown and one white. Man, woman and child and household goods in the wagon."
"Thats incredible," says the cowboy to his friend. This NDN knows how far away they are , how many of them, and whats in the wagon. Amazing!" NDN looks up and says.."Dey ran over me about a half hour ago".........


Monday, May 09, 2005

''START OF A NEW WEEK''what will this week bring.

I had planned to burn some stumps but the best laid plans. Got a public works meetin comin up this Wed. I got some more readin to do. Im still worried about my water,told my brother to boil his water. I hope im worried 4 nothin. I'll feel alot better after we get the new filter media in,think thats what they called it. Since the coagulant was pluggin up the system. But why would the engineers ok it if it was goin to do that. I also heard our discharge pipe was only a few feet from the in take. I think,.. if thats the case are we just recylin discharge. But it was a white company design mayb thats why we don't deal with them no more. After they ripped us off for who knows how much. Out of the millions i figure we got to pay for design and construction of our plant n water line system we never saw all the invoices. They dealt with Dept. of Indian affairs so how much did they make off of us in extra charges . How do we know we got the best system we could get 4 the money. Mayb they design a cheaper one so as to have more money to profitt. And we been havin probs with the system since it was finished. I'll prob have more to rant about after i come from band office tomorrow. Another thing that burns my ass other than gettin robbed blind. The billions that is budgited for the welfare of native bands in this great country,yah right ,''i got swamp land to''. Ya read in paper about ppl bitchin about all the money we get,well i for 1 would like to have some. I could use some. What ever the budget is bet 1/4 or 1/3 goes to administration. A white mans term for lets rob them legally. Since we make all the rules to meet our needs for stealin what little we gave them. I often wonder, what if Russia or China were to come here n herded all those white ppl onto little plots of land. Land they deemed not worth takin. Wonder if there tune would change about what happened to our people. I know thats not a very good comparison but what the hell. Wish that time of ''BIG CHANGE'' my elders talked about would hurry up n get here. My aunt she must b in 80's here uncle ,grampa or some elder told her when she was little girl. Things will get real bad b4 they get better. Our ppl will get lost,forget the old ways 4 many years and eventully find there way back. He also said our ppl would not look indian after awhile. And the wild life and land and water would be in ruins. But the indian people would re-turn and things would be as they should. I only have two elder aunts left ,i should go visit the one that was told this. She is in our seniors apartment complex now. A buddy of mine is gonna take me for a tour. So i may have alot more to rant about. Well ,i guess i try n fini watchin last week-ends race,still this past Sat. race. Oh so much to do and so little time.......later

You could be Indian if.......

  • You could be Indian if as a young child, learning your ABC's was hard
    because you wondered what the joke was every time you heard "A"

  • You could be Indian if you have had a dog named Bear.

  • You could be Indian if your travel luggage is designer black Hefty Cinch Sacks!

  • You could be Indian if you think that the Basic Food Groups are Spam,
    commodity cheese, frybread, and Pepsi.

  • You could be Indian if your dance outfit is in a suitcase held
    together by duct tape and pow-wow bumper stickers.

  • You could be Indian if you drive over 25mph and the paint peels off
    your rez truck. You tell your friends that you are letting Mother
    Nature sand it for you before you get a paint job.

  • You could be Indian if you see a rattlesnake after a ground squirrel
    and the first thing you think is "appetizer and main course".

  • You could be an Indian if your car has almost as much personality as you do.

  • You could be Indian if your car's three best friends are Duct Tape,
    Baling Wire, and WD40.

  • You could be Indian if when you first meet your sweetheart you wonder
    if he/she knows how to cook frybread.

  • You could be Indian if as you watch an old western with some friends,
    you are the only one yelling, "Go Cheyenne"

Sunday, May 08, 2005

''DECIDED TO TAKE G- KIDS TO CHURCH''would'nt ya know it no church.

Had it all planned ,take kids to church. What do they do have a retreat in Five Oaks. Near Brandford Rez [mohawk] i think. A gathering of ppl from diff Rez's . I've never been but ppl from here been goin for years. Even phoned the bus driver ,so were commited now he gonna look 4 us next sunday. Thought i get my daughter to go ,figured they have a Mothers Day thang. But........never plan always spur of the moment n have somthin to fall back on. The kid's played with fire ,i still have a few stumps need to be burnt outta the ground. Dry cedar so will burn easy n down into the roots should be smokin 4 days after mainpart of stump gone. Made a huge pot of chili .no left overs.Good. Tried my hand at Fish Chowder,turned out not to bad for bein first time . Did'nt have a clue what went in it. Good thing i got internet,found simple recipie. Did'nt have all it called 4 . I used White fish,Pickerel ,Perch,onion,potato did'nt have bacon or salt pork or carrot. Damn good anyway fed me my brother n my daughter and no one went to hospital. Never even checked out chat 2day ,they all be celebratin Mother's day. I posted somthin for all the mother;s single fathers n away fathers. Not all are dead beats on purpose. Hell of a term to use,what do they call the women,oh i forgot they never do anything wrong in the courts eyes. Only thing wrong with the legal system favor women more. Don't matter if they strayed in the marriage. But thats a topic for another time. Well i better watch last weeks Nascar race. I still gotta pick up this weekends race from my brother. This week-ends a Sat. night race......later

Saturday, May 07, 2005


My poor old comp is been makin strange noises the past few weeks. Think it may be on its way out to the computor Happy Huntin Ground. So i've been tryin to gather all my user-names n passwords just in case it dies all of a sudden. Why do ppl always say i'll do that later ,then ya scramble to get it done b4 it dies. From now on im gonna save all passwords n user-names someplace now. Yah,ok,want some swamp land. I've gotten 18 so far n there many more in there somewhere. Oh well i got the main 1's anyway i hope. Most sites i can re-apply or say i 4got user-name n password so im ok i think. Had a short visit with Dougie he was comin from Aunties n gave me a coupla pop. Very thoughful boy my grand-son.They only sell their pop for .50,make money on volumn. But in a year they get nuff to pay for holiday. Two years ago they drove down to Maine n took the Cat [fastest ferry] back to New Brunswick. I sent a stone with them n said to throw into the Atlantic Ocean. So there's a piece of my Rez in the ocean. Kerri stopped by with her new bike a C.C.M,i did'nt know they were still in business. Thats what my first bike was one speed the harder u pedal the faster ya went. Old fasioned braking system. Do you remember back-ward peddaling to brake. And she always wanted streamers on her handle bars now she got. I'll havta show her the clothes pin n playin card trick. She can make her own siren noises n get nozy ppl runnin to the road. Yes we use to do that,very inquisitive ppl those ''NISH''. They all got hair cuts so they look like nice clean cut kids. Dougie got a brand new mountain from his n the teams trainer.She really go's out of her way to help my grand-sons. She see's somthin in them between cross country skiing n mountain bike competitions. Their all signed up base-ball this year. I think Dougie is gonna play for Wiarton this year the one's that cheated our boys last few years. But it will be a good experience for him . Good to make white friends when young that way they can see the real picture. We are not as bad as their parents make them think....Well time 4 news n a movie.

Friday, May 06, 2005

''FRIDAY MAY SEXED/2005''payday 4 sum and not sum.

Dammit im the 2nd sum. No yob no payday = no scratch. Can't even b a good crook with-out a little bankroll.lol. But there's no use bitchin my dogs n cats just look at me like im nuts. Long as they don't go hungry cause moneys tight. Somthin will turn up,i have faith. Went on chat kinda slow but chatted for a coupla hours. My 2 finger typin helps me keep up with conversations sort of. My cuz got a job with Assessment 4 a few days. Their gonna use his boat to do samplin in southern Georgian Bay. We have no or very little data in that area to do any modelin for fish population. To set our own quata's for that area. But's that won't be for a coupla years. At least that will give some info. Damn tangents. Back to my cuz,he was takin his boat by trailer to Thornbury from where they leave from to set nets to catch fish. To weigh,measure tag n other things that slipped my mind. I worked for assessment for a bit 1 year. Well my cuz did'nt make it [ever hear the joke,i had 1 but the wheels fell off] well the wheels fell off his trailer.Ha,ha,ha. Of course there had to be traffic followin n on-comin ,he almost caused an accident. It happened on the Owen Sound by-pass instead of right downtown Owen Sound. Big hills comin into n goin out off town,lucky he did'nt go that way. He tryin to blame some1 else for not greasin the hubs once in awhile. This happened b4 to him n our Mr. Fixit on REZ told him to grease the hubs. That Howie he's a man that can fix just about anything . If he can't buy the part ,give him time n he'll make it. Well what am i gonna do tomorrow,i gotta get some1 to climb my tower n oil it. Or same thing happin to me that happin to poor cuz. Well news time n than movie........later.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

''NUDDER WEEK ALMOST DONE.''time really flyin,damn.

Why it feelin like years are justa flyin by. Figure i got mayb 20 years in which to make my mark. Well i better get my info together n start my new application for CORDA. Hopefully i'll have friends in power by then. Election in July n all,that may make a difference. Went on chat off n on thru the day,kinda missed the old gang. And the new room im in ,i c ppl from other rooms ,although not the Miq Mak rooms. Well a shorty 2night,not much went on 2day...........later..........ppl.


...For their ability to play rez ball, take care of 20 kids, and manage to make sandwiches at the same time when at a basketball tournament.

...For any reason to say "Aye!" at the end of a joke.

...For their ability to cram 20 people in one room at the Super 8 motel during a powwow.

...For their ability to make commodity food taste like a 4-star culinary feast.

...For their ability to expertly point with their lips at that fine grass dancer with the long braids.

...For their ability to make a rez car look good.

...For their ability to change a tire.

...For their ability to work wonders with bailing wire and, of course, duct tape!

...For their ability to keep sweat pants fashionable no matter what the occasion.

...For their ability to make that all-tourney T-shirt and shorts into the one and only Indian "swimsuit."

...For their ability to stay out all Friday night at the Indian casino and still hit the Saturday yard sales.

...For their ability to make Black Lodge miss a beat with her long hair, shady brown eyes, and feather light dancing.

...For their ability to lead all the round dance songs at Gathering's 49.

...For their tendency to want to bead every clothing item of the entire family.

...For their ability to give one "look" at their man to shut him up.

...For her ability to go the store with those infamous pink rollers in her hair with not one hint of embarrassment.

...For their ability to somehow get her husband to ask for some of his money out of his own paycheck.

...And last but not least for their wonderful ability to sneak 10 extra drumsticks of chicken and biscuits into their Tupperware from the buffet in town to later feed the family.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

''A HUMPIN WE WILL GO''well coon huntin anyways.

The bandits r back agin,n sendin my dogs into a frenzy. If i coulda found them as babies ,i coulda had a pet coon. Im sure eventually my cats would litter train him or her. They make good pets,if ya don't mind little paws in ur ears,nose,dig in ur hair 4 cooties. This all takes place after every1 in bed. There nakedturnail ya know up all night n sleep all day. They have to be watched though cause they start thinkin they're dogs. And got no prob gaurdin there turf. We had one as kids he swim with us in big East wind[big waves] we get tired a taken back to shore only to have him come out agin. Hurts like hell on sun burn when he wants to use u for a log. We called for dog she swim out n pick up coon,she swim passed him n he would climb on . He grew up with her pups so at night he would get shut up in dog house with them. Come mornin when he hears pet rooster crowin. He would get on back n slip his paws under door n push up after pups got out he would have to spin around n get out b4 door slammed down. H e always made it but not his tail. Talk about a big baby.But all things come to an end he left in fall time to hibernate,instinct i guess. But next year come spring he followed an elder home his name wa Majik aka sylvester. And rusty stayed with them that year ,went away n never came back. He had a very good life 4 two years. Mayb thats why i've had upwards of 10-12 cats n 2 dogs average. Ppl would drop there kittens off here at the fathers house. I had Manx-Siamese X beautiful cars all muscle,jump straight up 6-8ft. no prob. Ok thats nuff Marlin Perkins ya older peeps should remember him,had a nature show. Im happy with my 2 old cats n 3 dogs. Not much happened 2day. Other than that no gift whourse showed up. Mayb next week it good weather now for movin furniture,cept 4 the rain. Well gonna check out new chat room 2night. C ya later ppl.......

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

'CALL ME TOOKA LOOK''looked out at 2am,tryin 2 snow.cont.

All it did was threatin to snow. Good,we don't need no more stinking snow.Turned out nice. Joined a new group 2 actually US AND CANADIAN FIRST NATIONS CHAT ROOM and AboriginalMikmawChat that makes 7 but some r not very busy. My buddy sposed to be here in mornin with my gifts,lol,stuff he can't fit in his house. He's movin on up..call him ''George Jefferson n Weezie''....down i guess to a smaller house. I take anything offered to me. If i can't use i got friends n family. At least a few of us r still sorta like the old ppl. All the programs i got ''Dream Weaver,illustrator n Photoshop 7.0 i can't use cause my comp to old n decrepid. Don't even think it Woody im still a fine specimin of the male species. Oh well b like some1 doin all ur work 4 ya anyway. I hav'ta c bout gettin up-grade,soon as i get a job of some kind. I asked an aqaintance how much he would charge me to do or help with my CORDA application.
He said nothin ,i should call him a friend now. We know each other to c that was it,untill i asked him over about our treatment plant. He stopped by and stayed all after-noon. But i learned alot,he was glad i was questioning things. Should be more peeps doin it. I worry for my family n friends if no 1 else will. Our next meeting on the 11th. hope it don't turn into a yellin match. Kinda teed off at councillor liason, had asked if he would see if there was more deficiencies to add to list. He said never got around to it,damn. I guess those ppl who found these deficiencies never even sent us a copy of report. Seems strange to me ,mayb it was sent n some1 kept it hidden. Can u say conspiracy,lol,just joshin ya but it makes 1 wonder. Why do up a report n not send copy to REZ. Alright handover that god damned report from where ever ya got it hidden. My new friend was gonna phone n get a copy n see why we never got one. Now we'll see . But im not the type 2 jump to conclusions...well i try not to. But if ya seen n heard what go's on here but then agin might be just some1 with an axe to grind. Find out next meeting n if the water treatment plant super can't make it ,i'll call a meeting for next day or next. Only prob i c with havin a calender of our meetings for fiscal year. Any1 who wants to avoid meetings can book appoinments for those dates. A blind man can c that but our liason can't or won't. Well better save some steam for tomorrow...........later.

''CALL ME TOOKA LOOK''looked out at 2am,tryin 2 snow.

10:45 am. Tooka Look agin n now it's snowin. What did i say,i was just kiddin when i said last snow in May. But thats par 4 the course not like it a new thang.......later. Just tot i would share that bit of news.

# "The toilet is blocked and we cannot bathe the children until it is cleared."
# "I want some repairs done to my stove as it has backfired and burnt my knob off."
# "This is to let you know that there is a smell coming from the man next door."
# "I am writing on behalf of my sink, which is running away from the wall."
# "I request your permission to remove my drawers in the kitchen."
# "Our lavatory seat is broken in half and is now in three pieces."
# "Will you please send someone to mend our cracked sidewalk. Yesterday my wife tripped on it and is now pregnant."
# "Will you please send a man to look at my water, it is a funny colour and not fit to drink.

Monday, May 02, 2005

''MONDAY NUDDER WEEK STARTIN''wonder if this week will speed by.

I let my Snoopy out early n Mittens[cat] went out to. So im on line n my other dogs a really fussin. So out i go to make sure Snoopy has'nt got coons treed agin. Coons are bad for rabies but we hav'nt had a case in years. The MNR has a bait drop program in area anyway. Bait loaded with rabie vaccine. Speakin of MNR a Joel Tost is retirin after 36 years or so. Of course he sorta bad mouthed the fishery we won in court. That Charter of Rights helped the Native Cause as far as gettin some issues to court.Well anyway after readin write up about Tost. He mentioned anytime they had to put a bear down they tranqualize the bear b4 shootin it. Then they bring to my REZ where it was cut up n consumed by some of our ppl. It was'nt till later Tost found out that the the tranqalizer was carcinagenic or how ever ya say that word. But a tech guy let it slip so we was bein poisoned for years. I smell a law-suit comin,what would ya do if u found out somthin like that. With holdin somthin like that when ya knew the meat would be eaten. Just a continuation of what our ppl went thru all over Turtle Island. Guess i'll see what our chief is doin about the news or did he know this himself. And just did'nt want to rock the boat. Because we are still in nagotiations with Ontario Govt. and the MNR about our next agreement. Better watch news b4 i get to wound up about us bein poisoned......later

Sunday, May 01, 2005

''SUNDAY WITH KERRI N BRADY''papa baby-sittin.

Was wonderin what to do 2day other than yardwork. Still lotsa yard work 2 do. Then my g-kids show up,made my day. Just as they got here the church bus went by,shoulda went. I hear our minister is movin to Saugeen cause our congregation is so small. Not to many go to church. I guess i'd start goin for the g-kids,it will be part of their REZ life anyway. Besides she married a guy from here,can't remember what REZ she came from. She was the one who baptised Brady. Mayb i c if i can get my daughter to go with the kids.She always say's she should go. Im not overly religious but i hate to see Maggie go. Was gonna try n go shoppin got mudder hubberds cupboards but need to find some1 to split the cost of hirein a car. Did i ever mention no1 doe's any1 favors anymore. It 's all cash on the barrel head. I miss the old days when ppl helped 1 another. Favor for favor no cash or ya just fed the person. I still have a coupla friends who help me Gus and his brother Bervil[nick name]. The kids stayed till about 7 we was watchin Pay It Forward not a bad movie. Kinda tugs at ur heart strings. Hav'nt been able to catch up to guy with pettition to see about on-line pettition. He had about 25-30 siggys when i signed. Try tomorrow agin. Well not much happinin on the old Rez so a shorty 2night........later
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