Saturday, April 30, 2005


Damn see what the hell i mean. By not attending Council n Public meetings they can get some things past ya. A friend stopped by this eve and showed me a petition he was taken around. It seems they made new rules concerning default on your mortgage. Till i find out for sure seems like they can take your house and your land for defaulting. I heard 3 missed conseccutive payments at first now he said 3 missed payments. And it goe's to gov. minister to become law or whatever ya call it in a coupla months. I owe 700.00 bucks in arrears but not from lack of wantin to pay ,it;s lack of work n money. Welfare makes monthly payments but the times i did get work n got off the dole. I had to catch up on bills. Out of 520.00/mth. my portion is 195.00/206.00 big raise. That 195.00 covers food ,personal items,cleanin supplies n whatever else does'nt fall under household bills hydro,housing,heat. Im not meanin to sound like im bitchin ,just imagine how bad a shape i'd be in if it was'nt for that little bit of help from welfare. Back to my first rant,it seems the policy was written by one person one way the first time and same person the second time. Now i know this guy and he is not the sharpest knife in the drawer.''My opinion'' The first one [policy]was bad after the changes it's worse. Then the words eviction n loss of house n property rears it's ugly head. I myself owe less than 2,000 so i wonder if they'll try n take my house for the 700.00 arrears. I hope not cause some1 gonna get hurt. Gonna have to find those two drafts of policy they sent out n read more carfully. At least i think i still have,or got. Im at fault for not readin more careful ,but the timeing of this pettition makes me think no1 read it to carefully till just now. Mayb thats what chief n council was bankin on cause no1 usually attends meetings. At least thats what im thinkin along with many others now. He should try n get an online pettition going,there are a few hundreds of ppl who live off reserve. Don't matter thay don't live here still concerns them. Thats what i'll do in mornin talk to some1 more comp wise to set up on line pettition. Thanx 4 e-mail...the tool to overthrow Rez goverments. [as he holds fist in air like Wounded Knee style]...later..i fill ya in on how i make out tomorrow..

Friday, April 29, 2005

''PAYDAY ,PAYDAY,PAYDAY''mayb if i say nuff times i'll get one.

I talked to my other daughter 2night,the New Orlean'er. Sure was good to here her voice. I got n sent a few e-mails from her n Jazzy. Never even thought of askin if they had e-mail addys.DUH. Her we coulda been communicatin all this time. Oh well there home now but prob won't see till Pow -Wow this Aug. Sure hope i got income by summer. My grand-kids Brady n Kerri are already plannin a return visit to my nephew's in Massey. A hundred bucks/day minimum for 2 kids for food n mid-way. Next to the CNE in Toronto it;s the biggest fair i was at. It's really a fall fair but got so much more to see n do. So come hell or high water were goin. Had a guy come over to discuss some concerns i had with our water treatment plant n operators. He set me at ease on some things but there is more for next Public Works Meetin. And i asked him to look at my proposal for grant and tell me what if anything was missin. He was a big help he told me some things he thought i was missin. So mayb i have a good chance this year. Mayb i should buy into a Tug Fishin Company.......we'll see. Soon as i get info mayb i ask him for help with. I'd be more than happy to compensate him for any help. But no matter what happens, i'll keep tryin,mayb they;ll give it to me to leave them Well time for news. A shorty 2night,but if i sat long nuff i'd get second wind........How ya doin Pebbles and Shell n whom ever is readin this here literary masterpiece. Gooooood-nite. If they'd settle our 90 billion,land claim then i'd have money for bussiness. Don't get me started,oh ok......

Thursday, April 28, 2005


A really ez day,waited for fridge mover,we sposed to move some furniture. But i guess he made other plans or had repairs to do. Was a nice day agin,my brother was out tourin,they had a bbq fund raiser at the adult education/economic development/library building. My old grade school Alma Mater where all gr.8 boys got tranferred to high school. If i knew he was goin or even knew it was goin on i would have sent for lunch. Since he got scooter he's more mobile he can go quit a ways on one charge. Pretty sure he could make one circuit of Rez b4 batteries die. Was on the phone with one of my extended family daughters last night. Jazzy will b graduating this Sat. wish i had money n wheels so i could go. Theater school,she gonna get a tape of one of her performances. Mayb someday soon i'll see her in a movie at a theater. I see one guy from my Rez in commercials and movies. Back in the 60's is when i first saw a few guys from here on one show''Hatch's Mill'', they were running up road whoopin n hollerin attackin a fort or some settlement. I was in a movie called ''Breach Of Trust'' back in the 80's,i was the indian in the Addidas they ran out of moccasines so they told me to hide in the crowd.ha,ha,ha. I shoulda stood right out front. They askes me to go bare-foot but no way. I had dislocated hip i was gettin over. When it happened my leg went dead fron nerve damage. So at the time my leg was comin back to life slow but sure. It was very sensative so no way could walk bare-foot. I could feel every pebble or small stone thru my shoes. It took 10 years for my leg n foot to come totally back ,now no more pins n needles. They wanted to cut my hair Mohawk style,not this Ojibway i said. I shoulda let them ,they woulda paid more. I asked for pay that night,shoulda waited n got paid scale but i was broke. Boy that was a hard day,we were 1/2 bagged when they picked a bunch of us up from a drop-in so by lunch u had a buncha hung over Nish on ur hands. Thats why we asked for pay that day. We hit the liquor store so ended our short lived movie stardom. Nobody in shape to go back next mornin. So when i say i've done just about every kind of job u can imagine in Toronto in not lyin. Jack of all trades master of non,so why n job u ask. Well let me tell ya after 50 your opprotunities r few n far between. So thats why at this late stage inlife im tryin to start my own bussiness. Hopefully this year i'll get my grant. Ruined my credit years ago so there's no goin to bank. All i need is a chance so wish me luck this Oct. or Nov. when grant applications come due. I know i can't make nuff from my Google ads mayb i got nuff for coffee Back to Jazzy ,her sister is home[Toronto] from New Orleans,take awhile to lose the accent. I'll call her tomorrow be to late to call to-night. Well time 4 news n hit the hay early.......later.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Well that little job took all of 1 hour. Oh well got me off my property for And i had a good visit with my pal from way back. He was our mechanic when i worked for Solomon Contracting back in late 70's early 80's. He's the one who drove me to Owen Sound to catch bus for Toronto every Fri. when i was supposed to work later. But bus left at 4 got me in TO a little after 7:00, catch subway at Yorkdale and be at Varsity Restaurant at Spadina n Bloor at 7:15. Anything for love,at the time i was chasin this tall long black haired vision. Our eyes actully made contact across a crowed room[ever watch movies thats how it happens]lol. So what if across was 5 ft. away. I've been so lucky to have so many good women in my life. But booze helped wreck those relationships. But thats a story for another time. It's a beautiful day out ,bright ,sunny a bit cool. Got my tower ready for lift-off soon as i can get help. I inquired about hi-speed here on Rez. $ 1,350.00 up-front cost for receiver then $ 59.95.00/month for unlimited. May as well stay with dial-up at $21.99.00/mnth. besides i got it free till Sept. I guess i'll enquire elsewhere for hi-speed. Small dish is not much better download fast cause they Compress but slow anyway to de-compress. My sis n her hubby tried it out. So i'll wait till later,they gonna try another service provider. I want somthin i and my bro can split cost on since he's only 100 ft. away. Well i should go on chat i hav'nt been on in over a month. But i still post on the boards. One room im in closed down. oh well what can ya do. I was thinkin about makin a site to put all candidates on for up comin Rez election.U b suprised how many voters away workin,livin,schoolin n debauchin from home here. My son already phoned Band Office to give addy so they can send package to vote by mail. He's workin for the Federal Government at the moment,he be gettin transfer to camp by summer. I hope ,b closer for visitin. No more bars,walls or razor wire. Im glad im out of that kind of life but consequences of the life i led. I still wonder if im gonna hear a knock at the door someday. Cause i was in the O-zone when i did some of my evil deeds.[THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT]. Mayb they take all my years of bein a piller of the community into account. I figure i'm a bit to old for a free extended all expense paid holiday. Time to do as the birds do and flock off............later.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

''NO MORE RAIN'' yah

One of these days it will quit rainin. The wind died down so the boys are back on the water. One guy the one i fished with got nets full of wool. The nets get filled up with seaweed thats just like wet wool. Ruins your nets cause as u lift the nets ,the weight of wool rips up the nets. As u lift your nets,the wool rolls down the net till it breaks through the webbing. A costly problem but hard to avoid cause it rolls along botton with the current. So u never know where it is. Especially bad when an east wind which sweeps the bottom of bay. Besides wool u have to content with Zebra Mussels. Sometimes u find a net that was lost years before,talk about stink. Pure protein so it smells just like shit. But u can salvage the anchors,anchorlines,leads,corks,ropes, bouy's and somtimes the whole net. Nets could be a few hundred yards long from punt fishing or thousands of yard from a tug. Once a current catches your net it could move it miles from where it was set. I been on tug when we dragged for nets. Its a long day if you have to drag for nets but ya gotta try . It's good to see ground agin but its mud now,won't take long to dry out. Then i can make more fire n keep our fire dept. busy. Well i got a little job tomorrow help deliver a fridge make a few bucks anyway. Ciarette money if i still smoked. I don't even get the urge anymore. Was easier than i thought it would be. Mayb not bein able to breath had a bit to do with it. I can't imagine goin thru every day like that. Now i know a bit of what asthmatics go thru. My grand-kids have a mild form but young nuff they will grow out of. Humid weather still bothers them,mom won't let them out on those days. Well time for news and The Daily Show only got 3 channels not much to choose

Monday, April 25, 2005


The snow is goin away slow. But were supposed to get rain now 4 next few days. Can't work on gettin my tower up till snow's off the roof. I don't feel like catchin Gus when he slides off my roof. I can see it now that big patch of mud that will be my lawn when it dries up. Mayb i can continue under-brushin tomorrow,all the snow should be off the trees. The snow that fell was so wet it cause the power to blink off n on. And a big area was in the dark ,with the high winds n heavy snow snappin limbs ,it shorted out power grid. But we were lucky no power loss here but i have a big supply of candles ,thanx to yard sales. Beer bottles work good as holders. I still have 6 empty 24 Molsons Canadian cases,a keep sake from my last toot[mini]. Yes i think this July i celebrate my b-day mayb i wait for election night b lotsa free booze. Or mayb not,we'll just have to wait n see. Longest i been sober in 40 years,even in jail i managed to get drunk. Lucky im still here coulda poisoned our selves. But we had an ole timer for brew master. Said he never lost a customer,i guess he'd be long gone now. I somtimes sit back and wonder how how all my old street partners n cronies are doin. Thru the years i read about some of my friends deaths in Toronto. Some got murdered....Custer got beaten to death,mayb cause he had Nish friends. A runt of a blond haired white guy married to a native girl. He was always with Nish ,surrounded ,hence the name Custer. And a few bro's got stabbed,froze to death,or lose argument with TTC bus or street-car,or automobile. One thing cops did'nt spend to much time on solvin the crime if it involved natives. Back to Custer we took him to Dixon Hall [hostal]a place to crash ,one of many besides the great outdoors ,which was better i and many Nish thought. Anyway we tried to get Dean to take a shower,we told him we wanted our token whiteman not to smell. He kept sayin later but finally we grabbed him stripped him and thru him in shower. Ever throw a cat in the water n watch what happens. We got garbage bag n made hole for arms n head n thats what he wore. These guys [night watchman]would do ur laundry while u slept,have nice clean clothes in mornin. Other friends i found at a cemetary in Wiki,coupla years ago i was at my sister's funeral or mighta been my Great Niece her g-daughter,but next to where i was standin i looked at crosses around me and i saw Felix's name all this time i thought he was in TO. We had parted company in Orillia along with other Nish fron TO last time i saw them. I miss all my old pals. I was in TO last summer on deliveries so i'd get driver to cruise my old haunts Queen St. from Parliment to Sunnyside,and check out Bathurst Street. Queen n Bathurst the corner,all new ppl there punkers n squeegy kids. This summer i'l go look n see how many are left n how many went west to Van or home. I hope most of them made it home,but i know thats wishfull thinkin. I'd like to go for a meal at Scott's Mission another haunt Collage n Spadina. Or check out the Silver Dollar or go south to Queen n see the old HorseShoe Tavern,so many bar's n hotels . Have to stay for a week to see all ,my wonderin territory took up most of Toronto. Depended on what band of brothers i wanted to hang with once a month or so i'd make the rounds. Yes i have to do that this summer,im not gettin any younger. Well nuff reminicing,just makin myself feel bad,like i deserted them when i left Toronto. Well if i was gone for an extended period of time they;d assume i was dead anyway same with anyother nish. Then have a party when ya come back from the dead.............later.......Next time you see a street person don't call him a bum. Somthing happened in their life. Your not born or wake up one mornin and say,im gonna be a street-person[whiteman term''. It happens slowly,if ur lucky nuff to meet up with a group of Nish they;ll talk to ya. And if u got no place they;ll take u in. Then u find out what friendship is,they will give u the shirt off their back. But there r bad nish out there mostly ones who are Red on the outside n White on the inside[APPLES]. Look him or her in the eye and smile so what if they hit u up for spare change. He or she was once someones brother,sister,aunt,uncle,mom,dad,grampa,gramma. I don't regret one minute i spent on the street with Nish,white,black. It was a good experience along with everything i saw and did ,good and bad...............Adios

Sunday, April 24, 2005

''STILL COMIN DOWN''at least the wind died down.cont

Well what will tomorrow bring,more snow mayb. I hope not,my daughter went to town to go shoppin n they had hard time gettin off the Rez. I sent for dogfood my dogs were starvin n staggerin from hunger,yah right we all eat human food if they run out of chow. They were gone all day on a 2 hour trip. We have two ways in n out and they both have long hill's to climb. Unless u go by boat. When they finally got up the hills they stopped here n there helpin ppl who were stuck. The snow-plowin of township roads leadin into Rez r not a priority cause just Indians and Farmers live out here east of west of Hwy.6 where the mayor n well off ppl live the roads are well maintained. So not only us Indians are at the bottom of the Totem Pole. I was tryin to find news stories of the happenin's here concernin our fishery from the past coupla weeks. I found a site with the news stories on our Biologists web site in this section [Aboriginal fisheries and resource management in the news ...Saugeen Ojibway Nations Territory (Lake Huron)]. I mentioned in a previous post that the gill net found at Colpoys Dock was cut from anchor and dragged in shore. These guys [anglers] used to have a site [forum] where some of our people and our biologosts would post rebuttles as well as the true facts. But now my cuz said you can't get in to it now unless your a member. And they moved or changed names he said. I guess we can't say anything in our defence now. So the thousands of members of Ontario Federation of Hunters and Anglers will get a one sided version of the facts.I wonder if this how Nazi Germany got started. I have some white friends so i guess i'll get one of them to join so i can see whats what . Oh well u read news articles n u decide. Well time for news n a movie ''STRANGE BREW''great white north with Bob n Doug Mackenzie..A funny phlick if ya ask me......later.

''STILL COMIN DOWN''at least the wind died down.

Wish i had a camera,looks nice out there. But as soon as it melts it's gonna be mud everywhere. 4'' total so far n it still snowin. Accordin to my weather forcast it gonna change to rain Tuesday. Mayb wind did'nt die down ,think it's just a lull. Report say's wind 37km/hr. still to windy for tugs. Im not sure if i miss that part of tug fishin the rock n rollin......side to side......front to back......quarter to quarter from 6 -18 hour a day. Who am i tryin to kid i miss it. But i found out i can't do it anymore. Just climbin up onto a chair to paint i twisted my knee n it was sore for 4-5 dsys. So whether i like it or not im done. Well better go and shove loff my deck n go do my brothers while im at it. Geeze im a good

Saturday, April 23, 2005

''STILL SNOWIN''n it's not meltin now.

Gonna watch Unforgiven with Squint Eastwood 2night after i post. Decided to take a peek out and we got 2 inches a snow now . Be alot more come morn. So much for gettin my tower up. Damn my cuz pissed me off last night n he never even stopped by. He at least coulda said why he did'nt make it last night,oh well he'll need a favor someday. I should know better he not known for bein dependable. But if he needs help i'll probably help him. Sure was a short summer we had. Well one good thing firemen will get a break not so much here but off Rez. Although our fire dept. was busy. My son called 2night he has one more thing he has to get done and then he will go to camp. I guess now days there's more to it than just doin your time. At least he got his diploma n learned a trade inside. He figures in a couplea months he'll go to Beaver Creek no walls ,fences or razor wire. It's only 3 1/2 hours from here more like 5-6 where he is now n those are one way drivin times. Use up a better part of a day drivin. I'll be stoppin off at Casino Rama on way home from visit. Im usually lucky there,gotta remember to shake up my medicine Squint gonna start soon .........later ppl.


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We have an inch of snow n it still fallin,winter's back. Her's aditty to make u smile. Back to makin bagels ,finally found an easy recipie,but it smudgy cause i was runnin out of in . ''WHAT ELSE''.........This i found posted on two chat rooms im in........later.

George Carlin, Braindroppings on Indians

"...Now the Indians. I call them Indians because that's what they are.
They're Indians. There's nothing wrong with the word Indian. "First of all,
it's important to know that the word Indian does not derive from Columbus
mistakenly believing he had reached 'India.' India was not even called by
that name in 1492; it was known as Hindustan."More likely, the word Indian
comes from Columbus's description of the people he found here. He was an
Italian, and did not speak or write very good Spanish, so in his written
accounts he called the Indians, "Una gente in Dios." A people in God. In
God. In Dios. Indians. It's a perfectly noble and respectable word.
"As far as calling them 'Americans' is concerned, do I even have to point
out what an insult this is? ----- We steal their hemisphere, kill twenty or
so million of them, destroy five hundred separate cultures, herd the
survivors onto the worst land we can find, and now we want to name them
after ourselves? It's appalling. Haven't we done enough damage? Do we have
to further degrade them by tagging them with the repulsive name of their
conquerors? ....
"You know, you'd think it would be a fairly simple thing to come over to
this continent, commit genocide, eliminate the forests, dam up the rivers,
build our malls and massage parlors, sell our blenders and whoopee cushions,
poison ourselves with chemicals, and let it go at that. But no. We have to
compound the insult. "... I'm glad the Indians have gambling casinos now. It
makes me happy that dimwitted white people are losing their rent money to
the Indians. Maybe the Indians will get lucky and win their country back.
Probably they wouldn't want it. Look at what we did to it."


Got up this morn to high winds from the north east ,my dogs are hidin. I heard boomin n rumblin not sure if it's snow clouds or Meaford Tank Range. And on the other side of rez just 2-3 miles away it blowin north west. First time i remember gettin hit with wind from both directions at once. What the hell is goin on with the weather. Been snowin all day but meltin as fast as it hit hits cause the ground got warmed up. Last week t-shirt weather n 2day i wore my parka to go c my brother this morn. Weird weather or what. Well nuff weather reportin gotta try make bagels soon as find recipie............later.

Friday, April 22, 2005


The one section i cleared really makes a big difference. Take me 4ever to move all the brush to fire i thought. But i borrowed a pitch fork n it did the trick ,use as a rake n make windrows n move towards fire all at once. Took a fraction of the time if i grabbed an armfull n carried to fire. Just a bit more here n there behind my house n to the other side and ill be done . Just get some fill brought in n level n plant grass. I can see it now a lush green expanse surrounding me n my bro's homes. Mayb we can pitch in for a riding lawn mower even he could cut grass then. But i remember him out cuttin grass on his crutches,he bought a self proppeled lawn mower. Polio never got him down. Don't know if i'll get anythin done tomorrow it sposed to snow it's really coolin off right now. We had a few really frosty mornings the past week. Still never got my tower although my cuz said he's help but never showed up. I don't know why some ppl are like that,they can't say no. They tell you ya i'll help n u wait for them n they don't show up. All he had to do was go n wash out fish boxes n be right over. Oh well if it was'nt so awkward i'd do it my self. You would be surprised how many 2 man jobs ive done myself. I'll ask my grandson'he'll come down when he gets home. Our chief's of Cape Croker n Saugeen had a piece in the paper. As soon as i can i'll put link or copy to blog. It was in response to the bad press we got when the net was supposedly found at Colpoys Bay dock,by an angler. I may have mentioned b4 that it is almost impossible for a net to wash up there. With heavy anchors at each end it's not gonna drift. And if it freeze's to ice it get dragged out of bay wiyh ice flow not in. According to response the net was looked at by our ppl and it looked like the anchor lines were cut and net brought in,which is illegal. They asked MNR to investigate ,don't hold your breath i say. The water was cold enough some the fish could have been salvaged n processed. See what i mean about the non-native will do anything to make us look bad. It does'nt take a genious to see theres a difference ,when a ropes has snapped fron tension[dragged by ice]and a rope that has been cut. So i hope that Nish Hater gets charged. I think MNR will have to do something ,because they know any news about Nawash and the fishery gets noticed. What ever happens here will affect other First Nations,fightin for their fishery. Well gotta get off my box n watch news n see if Martin suffers another attack of Foot In Mouth Disease...........later.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

''Buy Out Ends Man's Fight To Keep Fishing.''

Well it's done ,John Perks got bought out by MNR -Ontario Govt. i guess. Just one more fisherman on the Lake Huron side to get bought of a grid. I hope there's no trouble over it . It was our territory in the first place . They've used it for a 100 years. John Perks said his family has been fishing for that long. Usually when you use someones property[ for lack of a better word] don't you usually rent or lease. But the non-natives have had use of for so many years . There should be no hard feelings,just look at it as it's our turn to reap the benefits. At least what ever the MNR's n OFAH's introduced fish left behind. I still don't know to much about the negotiations. They will be holding a info session soon i hope. For now i guess i'll go to band office n see the Chief and the assessment Biologist. I was gonna put a link in from Owen Sound Sun Times paper but this story was'nt in the on-line section. But i'll post as soon as i find on line. Accordin to reports they bought out the first time, 10 Fisherman for $14,000,000.00. So it's a good guess mayb this buyout will be at least a million, i figure anyway. But i could be wrong. It must be online somewhere the first payouts. The next council meetin is this comin Monday so i guess i'll attend. So i got to meet up with Tom n other Public Works Commitee members n take a tour of our water treatment plant. Try for Monday anyway can't let it slide. It's our younger generation that will pay if we don't fix any problems.
They took water coolers out of the schools so my daughter's sendin bottled water with kids. Well catch the news ..later......ppl.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

''RAIN RAIN GO AWAY''at least it's not snow.

Thank you,thank you,thank you,for not hittin us with snow. Now just a little less rain till i get my land clearin done. It did clear up for a bit this aft. That bit of rain we had was enough to get the green startin. Mayb thats a good thing ,when i was walkin on my grass was like walkin on corn flakes. Hopefulley i can get my tv tower back up tomorrow. Gus got the deck fini he was workin on. Got it done at 6:00 pm. he said and he left here at noon after we took tower down. I know who to get when i get a bigger deck put on my house. First thing i gotta build some new dog houses. Im still lookin for scrap plywood n 2/4's to use. When ya got no wheels u pretty well stuck. It's hump day already ,dang the days n weeks seem to be flyin by. I don't remember time goin so fast. I remember when i was young i wished i was 21. Then when i got into hotel at 16 it did'nt matter that i was'nt 21. At 12 n 13 we were stealin our parents booze 1 bottle of wine got 6 of us looped. I still remember the name Old Sailor,Branvin wines ,sherry's i guess. So every weekend we saved up $2.25 and order 3 jugs of wine. ''Bottle of wine, fruit of the vine, when ya gonna let me get sober'' Don't remember who sang that song or the name of it . It was our wine drinkin song. Thats all there was back then just booze. Then the 60's hit with Purple microdot,marajauna,hash,mescaline but still mostly cheap ole wine,beer n whiskey etc. Now we got a real drug prob not just ur weed,hash,shrooms, which i think is not all that bad. But we got crack,coke,heroin,extasy n all that other cheap drug crap. Just lucky we hav'nt lost any teens to suicide or car accidents or od's lately anyway. I hope to creator we don't ,it's our future goin down that one way street. But what can ya do if their even a bit like we were at that age there's no forcing a change. They got to learn on their own. Sounds like a hard stance but what else ya gonns do. If under age they send to Pine Hill Youth Centre a resort for lack of a better term. But thats what it is ,it sure as hell not punishment. When i was there age i went to regular jail thats what changed me. Back then if u did the crime u did the time. That still should be the way it is. But since they brought that Young Offenders Act. All kids can be pretty sure if they get in shit there sure to get a slap on the wrist. There's more truth in that saying spare the rod spoil the child. Now all tax payers are payin the price of doin away with Corporal Punishment at home n school. If ya spank ur kid he can get ya charged or some1 can squeal on ya. I and my brother and all our friends got the strap when we were bad. Untill we were old enough for high school. The 60's were good times for me some day those kids i fathered back then will come lookin for me. There was supposed to be 3 or 4,of course i never found out till years later. After the guidance counsillor talked me out of stayin in school i quit. By the time i got home my dad had a bag packed n kicked me out. I hope Mr. Lorne Creighton is a happy man,i wonder how many other Nish he talked out of stayin in school. Well that tangent kinda snuck up on me. I kinda go all over in my post's but thats the way she be. If there be anyone out there not liken it ,ya can change channels anytime. I think i said that one time if ya lookin for purrrfect grammer n speelin u in wrong place. I enjoy butcherin the english language and there are some word i spell my way. Who the hell needs punctuation anyway its all over rated i think. Blame Mr Creighton the first white man that did me dirt. Oh almost forgot Mr. Paul Thompson my Mechanical Drafting teacher, i was foced to punch him out in class. My daughter had him for teacher when she went to WHSS. Go Double Blue. Time to catch the news gotta keep up with world events.......later.....

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

''26 Cel. = 82 F.'' hot,hot,hot.''summer's here...........

What a beaut of a day,burnt very little to hot to be playin with fire. I think i'll need fire permit soon,the surrounding areas off Rez are bannin grass n brush burnin. I was at Band Office this morn n Mark our Roads Dept headcheeze asked if i heard all fires were banned off rez. I said ya but no ban on Rez. He was tryin to make a funny. My pal Gus came n give me a hand to take down my tv tower. We got her down just the 2 of us without damageing it. Wonder where i can get all channel anttenae ,i can get VHF,UHF and FM with that and who cares if i can't afford sattellite. We did'nt put it up right bein as our first tower n besides we had to jury rig it . What can ya do when u don;t have right parts. He sposed to come 2day to put back up but we havin rain storm. And he got job buildin a deck good carpenter that Gus. Once we get it up no amount of wind will spin my anttennae around. Were supposed to get a cold spell along with this storm front from the Arctic. So mayb tomorrow i'll be postin about the 3 ft. of snow we got. I can handle a foot but not 3 ft. This rain we havin n water warmin up we should be gettin ''SMELTS'' soon hav;nt had any in a few years they were scarce the past few years. When they come there small n few between. When i was a kid the creek used to be just black with them. Till the MNR [Ontario Govt.]and OFAH started stockin non-indiginous fish. Between the 2 of them they've done more damage to the natural fish stocks in Georgian Bay and Lake Huron [Nawash Fishing Territorys]. You can't tell me that adding all those millions of non-indiginous fish to the eco-system year after year will not effect the natural fish. Thats a great way to practice conservation stock strange fish to kill off all natural fish. And the natural fish have to compete for food against the new predator fish bein stocked. I've cut open jumbo Salmon and Splake n found them full of White Fish fry, Chub,Smelt etc. We caught Perch at Depths u have to set to catch Chub[Bloater fish]. I still think all the natural fish got chased out of there feeding grounds and had to move else where,or there dead. And then blame the Native Fisherman for depleting the fish stocks. Our own biologists from the University of Guelph and who work on and for our REZ have provin it's harmful. Well i better go fini watchin the Nascar Race.......later.

Monday, April 18, 2005


Well i burnt more of my brush n a few more days i be done. Than i start on my lawn still got the winters accumalation of junk. Thats not countin all the bones Snoopy scored from neighbors. And all the crap he deemed worthy of draggin home. Im thinkin of changin his name to Fred Sanford,ya remember Sanford n Son, ''This is it Lisbeth .it's the big one'' that got mr every time. Damn im pissed i had this long winded post almost done n blogger went crazy on me n i lost it. So i can't recall all i had on it but it was good. Every time im bitchin about somethin n it's a extra long post it happens. Mayb some1 watchin over me so i don't get in trouble. Ya cant get in trouble tellin the truth. Fire Dept was out agin but not Knock on wood. I just hope it was'nt one of our elders ,sounded like it went over to Maadookii Seniors Complex.
I have family there and one of only two aunts i have left. I guess i'll just leave the text on my last posts where i tried to make links to. Lotsa text but mayb ya can't link a page from native news page. It's just our new fishin agreement is bein worked on. I think n hope it's a yearly thing. I know MNR wanted a 10 year deal this time last was 5 years n that was to long. I think why they want longer is to give themselves more time to find a way to screw us agin. I peeked at my fire n its ok not crawlin toward the bush or nothin. Im very carful or try to be always go by the wind n have water hose ready. Read our
history n all the happenins of our corner of Turtle Island. You can also read about our sister Rez namily Saugeen. I live here and i did'nt even know about this joint web site. I have to make a better attempt at attendin council meetings. I may have missed more which i probably have. Well time for news n Jay Leno......later peeps.

Sunday, April 17, 2005


Was up a bit later than usual last night. I had some info i wanted to post as links but could'ntget the links to link. They came up as an error every time ya clicked on link. So u get the whole text. I'll try agin to put them in as links later or not. Never heard yet when our new fishing agreement will be signed. But our fishing terretory is expanding further south in Lake Huron n east in Georgian Bay. A far cry from that postage stamp size area we were stuck with. That was one good thing the MNR ever did was charge our people. It gave us the chance to win the court case which led us to this point. But if that angler keeps up with his anti-native fishing rants not sure if we can avoid confrontation. We won it fair n square in court. Oh well time will tell. I gotta jump in shower get nice n clean so i can go out n burn brush n get all smokey smellin.....later.

''Fish wars threaten again off Bruce Peninsula''

Posted: January 17, 2001
by: Roberta Avery / Indian Country Today
MEAFORD, Ontario - Fish wars are in danger of breaking out on the Great Lakes again with Indian tribes on one side and the government and sports anglers on the other.

Following the apparent collapse of a much-touted fish co-management agreement, the Ontario ministry of Natural Resources seized 3,000 pounds of fish caught by Indian fishermen who had braved the icy waters to set their nets in the first days of the new year.

"It's hard dangerous work out there and now we can't pay our crew," said Guy Nadjiwon whose family has fished the waters for generations.

Last June, after the province spent $14 million (Canadian) buying out fish quotas of 10 non-Native Bruce Peninsula operations, the area's two Ojibway bands, the provincial natural resources ministry and Indian and Northern Affairs reached a fish co-management agreement.

That agreement was breached when the natural resources ministry failed to share lakewide fish data as promised, said Guy Nadjiwon from the Chippewas of Nawash Cape Croker reserve on the Bruce Peninsula which juts out into Lake Huron.

"So we retaliated by fishing off Meaford," said Nadjiwon whose family owns one of two fish tugs which began fishing the waters off Meaford on Jan.1.

The tugs had to break through the ice on the harbor to get out onto the lake, and then the crew, carrying sledgehammers, had to climb onto the outside of the tug to break off the ice formed when the spray hit below zero temperatures.

"If we don't keep the boat free of ice, it builds up, the boat becomes top heavy and tips over," said Nadjiwon.

A resources ministry map of the agreement shows the waters available to the Ojibway for commercial fishing include almost the entire Bruce Peninsula to an area about 25 kilometers west of Meaford.

But Native leaders have always insisted an 1836 treaty gives them the right to fish for trade as far as Collingwood, 25 miles east of Meaford.

"So now we're back to where we were before the agreement," said Nadjiwon.

That's not how the natural resources ministry sees it.

Hundreds of pounds of Native-caught fish were seized by the ministry and on Jan. 5 fish wholesalers were ordered not to buy more. The order applies to fish caught by the Nadjiwon tug and a tug owned by Jay Jones also of Cape Croker, said John Cooper spokesperson for the ministry's Lake Huron Management unit.

"We've determined they have been fishing outside of the agreement area," said Cooper who disputes Nadjiwon's charge it was the ministry which breached the agreement first.

The fish seized at a fish wholesaler in Owen Sound represented one day's catch by the two Native tugs, Cooper said.

Fish wholesalers who don't follow the order could face fines as high as $100,000 (Canadian).

The ministry by seizing fish - worth about $6,000 (Canadian) - without laying charges, put the Native fishers in an impossible position, Nadjiwon said.

"We want our day in court so we can fight this and prove we are right," he said.

Cooper said the fish were seized as part of an ongoing investigation. They will be sold and the money held in trust. If charges are laid and proved in court the money will be forfeited, if not the funds will be returned to the Indians, Cooper said.

John Perks who owns a non-Native fish tug in Meaford said Natives took 60,000 pounds of his 70,000 pound whitefish quota last year.

"They've got a million-pound quota of their own but they still have to come and take mine," he said.

Although the ministry has ordered fish wholesalers not to buy from them, Jones and Nadjiwon said they had no choice about going out Jan.6. Their nets set the previous afternoon had to be brought back in.

"We've got no one to sell our fish to, so we'll have to let it rot," Nadjiwon said.

Nawash Chief Ralph Akiwenzie said he wants to keep the situation low key so as not to end up with a repeat of the fish wars of recent years, when thousands of meters of Native nets were destroyed and a Native fishing tug was set afire and then sunk.

"We want to create a climate for dialogue," Akiwenzie said.

He said the co-management agreement needs to be fine-tuned, but it does allow his people to fish off Meaford where they have "an allocation" and treaty rights.

"The agreement is in its infancy, there are bound to be problems with interpretation," he said.

Nawash bylaw enforcement officers who were at the dock all week to weigh fish brought in by the tugs are monitoring the situation, Akiwenzie said.

Nadjiwon and Jones said they will hold off fishing until they arrange a meeting with their Indian band council.

On Jan.6 the situation escalated when Jones brought in his nets and about 50 angry and sometimes jeering residents had to be kept back from the dock by police.

"That's not your fish, you're raping the waters," shouted one man cheered on by the crowd as Jones and his three-man crew unloaded more than 3,000 pounds of fish - 26 boxes of whitefish and five boxes of lake trout.

"There's a box of fish, take it home with you, it's no good to me," said Jones as he threw a box of lake trout on the dock.

There were no takers.

''Black cloud seems to follow Cape Croker fisherman''

Black cloud seems to follow Cape Croker fisherman
Posted: April 12, 2000
by: Roberta Avery / Indian Country Today
LION'S HEAD, Ontario - It's been a tough year for Myles Jones, an Indian commercial fisherman from the Cape Croker reserve about 100 miles north of Toronto.

First his home, a bungalow on the reserve, went up in flames March 5. The same day his pickup truck was destroyed in a blaze. No one was hurt in either incident but police and officials from the fire marshal's office have determined both fires were deliberately set. Police have not made any arrests, but have said that Jones is not a suspect in the two cases of arson.

Two weeks after the fire, Jones arrived at the dock in Lion's Head just north of the reserve to find his 42-ton fish tug, the Miles and Sea, under 10 feet of water.

The first salvage attempt failed when the crane wasn't strong enough to raise the tug and Jones had to go the expense of bringing in a second giant crane.

Once the tug was raised forensic experts from the Bruce Peninsula Ontario Provincial Police determined that it had been deliberately sunk, said Sergeant Don Hillman.

No arrests have been made in connection with the sinking.

In 1995, at the height of area fish wars between Indians and non-Indian sports anglers, an Indian fish tug was sunk and when it was raised, set afire. No arrests were ever made in connection with those incidents. The same year thousands of meters of Indian fish nets were cut; an Indian woman had fish guts thrown in her face at a fish market. As the fishing season continued Indian fishermen found that every time they set their nets they were subjected to angry, verbal abuse from sports anglers who claimed the Indians were taking all the fish.

While Chief Ralph Akiwenzie of the Chippewas of Nawash at Cape Croker has his suspicions about who may have been responsible for the incidents in 1995, he said things have settled down in recent years. He does not believe the sinking of Jones' fishing tug is related to the continuing dispute over Indian fishing rights.

"I'm not even going to conjecture that thought," Akiwenzie said.

Jones faces charges of fishing without a fishing license in band waters around the Bruce Peninsula in contravention of the Indian Act and a Cape Croker bylaw. He is to appear in court on April 14, one year to the day from the date of the charge.

The sunken tug has left an oil slick in the Lion's Head harbor, but Akiwenzie is confident that it will be cleaned up.

"The environmental impact will be very minimal," Akiwenzie said.

In November, Jones was charged with failing to remain at the scene of a motor vehicle accident in connection with the Nov. 13 hit and run death of a 17-year-old male on the reserve. That charge also is pending before the courts.

"Conservation" or Colonialism?''

"Conservation" or Colonialism? The far right agenda of the
Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters

Printed March 1998

Late in the summer of 1995 four Native men were assaulted in Owen Sound by three to five non-Natives. Three Nawash Band members were seriously stabbed while police sat watching the assault from their car, never once getting out to intervene. Also on September 3 arsonists set fire to a Nawash fishing tug, burning it to a shell. Other boats had been vandalized and thousands of dollars worth of fishing nets had been stolen or destroyed over the course of the summer.

Only a month before these attacks about 100 anglers (sports fishermen) from the Grey-Bruce area marched on the booth of a Native woman selling fish with her children at an Owen Sound open market. The anglers were led by Grey-Bruce MPP Bill Murdoch.

Disputes over fishing around the Bruce Peninsula are the background to these acts of violence and vandalism against Native people. The isolated acts of a few rednecks? Perhaps. But a closer look indicates that a prominent "conservation" lobby helped create the environment in which these attacks took place.

The Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (OFAH) boasts a membership of 74, 000 and has been in existence since 1928. The OFAH builds its public image on its supposed commitment to "conservation." Yet this organization, which enjoys a close relationship with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (OMNR), has devoted much of its energies in the past several years to a sustained campaign against First NationsÕ hunting and fishing rights. What's more, key individuals behind the OFAH's anti-Native lobby have eye-brow raising connections with the fringe right and organized racists.

At the root of these disputes is an argument about who has the right to use and control resources. Indigenous rights to fish in and regulate the fishing waters around the Great Lakes existed before European settlers came to North America and have been affirmed both in treaties and more recently in court rulings. The OFAHÕs attack on Native fishing is more than just a fight about who can take how many fish. The OFAHÕs work towards undermining Native control of resources- which Indigenous people have historically maintained- is a direct assault on the basis of First Nations self-determination: land, water, and the way of life derived from them.

The OFAHÕs misinformation about Native Rights

The OFAH pits "conservation" measures against Aboriginal hunting and fishing rights, as if the exercise of these rights threatens conservation. By misrepresenting treaties and court rulings, and their implications for fishing and hunting by First Nations, the OFAH has tried to establish that Native hunting and fishing is both out of control and a threat to conservation measures.

Although anglers like to refer to the waters around the Bruce Penninsula as "their" waters, they are not. Anglers, like non-Native commercial fishermen, must purchase licenses in order to fish. For them it is a privilege to fish. For Natives itÕs a right. ThatÕs a big difference. ThatÕs the law.

Indigenous and Treaty Rights of the Anishnabe

In the Treaty of 1836 and the Treaty of 1854, signed between the Anishnabe (Ojibwe) in the Bruce region and the crown, a couple million acres of Anishnabe territory was ceded, but the Anishnabe retained the rights to fish in their traditional fishing waters. This area includes 7 miles around the Bruce Penninsula and around Manitoulin Island. These rights have never been surrendered. The Native right to fish in these waters is a priority right. The only way it can be restricted is for the sake of conservation and only if all other fisheries are stopped first. More info about fishing rights

A 1993 court case, referred to as the Jones-Nadjiwon decision by Judge Fairgrieve, recognized the Aboriginal and treaty rights of Anishnabe communities to fish commercially in these waters. The defendants, who had been charged with the violation of a government imposed fishing license, were all acquited. The First Nations have ignored the license, claiming certain terms prejudice their rights, and may indeed be unconstitutional in light of the Fairgrieve decision.

Indigenous fishermen demonstrate more concern about conservation than non-Native anglers. In May 1996 a Chippewas of Nawash by-law was ratified by the Department of Indian Affairs. The by-law regulates fishing in reserve waters and provides for gathering information on the fishery by Nawash fishermen. The angler catch is completely unknown. No one ever does a proper assessment of the total angler catch. Click to puke at OFAH propaganda.

The OFAH and the new OMNR

The OFAH also supports Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (OMNR) wildlife "management" practices which actually damage Bruce Peninsula eco-systems. Splake, a hatchery-raised hybrid of speckled and lake trout, were stocked into the fishing waters around the Bruce Peninsula by the OMNR. Studies by Dr. Stephen Crawford of the University of Guelph and Dr. Mart Gross of the University of Toronto reveal that stocked fish can actually threaten the fish population, rather than replenish it. Stocked fish often bring diseases into the wild, against which wild fish have no defenses. Hatchery raised fish rarely breed, but when they do they dilute the gene pool to the point of wiping out the specialized genes of the native fish population. Further, stocked fish compete with wild fish for food and territory.

Pacific salmon, another fish stocked by the OMNR, are not indigenous to Bruce fisheries. Fish from the only stocks of wild trout left in the Georgian Bay have been found to have scars consistent with attacks from salmon. Guess who likes to fish salmon? You got it, those sports fishermen so fond of "conservation"!

The OMNR has actively assisted sports fishermen's clubs in the Grey-Bruce area to stock fish. And, on June 5, 1997, Chris Hodgson, the (former) Minister of Natural Resources, announced that he would make fish stocking even easier by waiving the fee for a fish stocking license (OMNR Press Release, June 5/97). Attempting to gain and maintain public credibility, the OFAH shrouds its anti-Native objectives with words like "conservation." The OFAHÕs "conservation," practiced by the OMNR, has less to do with maintaining the natural balance of eco-systems and more to do with conserving man-made environments favourable to week-end sports fishermen taking a break from the urban, corporate rat-race.

Since the Progressive Conservative government (Tories) under the leadership of Mike Harris was elected to power in June 1995, it has made a series of attacks on First Nations. Only months after the Tories came to power, Dudley George of Stoney Point First Nation was murdered by the Ontario Provincial Police. The Stoney Pointers were protecting traditional burial grounds located in Stoney Point (Aazhoodena) Territory which had been occupied by Ipperwash Provincial Park for over 50 years. Evidence now points to HarrisÕ direct involvement in the decision to confront the Stoney Pointers. Harris also cancelled agreements made between First Nations and the previous provincial government, including negotiations regarding co-management of natural resources by First Nations and the Provincial government.

The Fish and Wildlife Advisory Board

In June 1996 the Tory government created the Fish and Wildlife Advisory Board. Stacked with anglers and hunters, the Fish & Wildlife Advisory Board is to advise the Minister of Natural Resources on how to best spend the revenues from fish and wildlife licensing fees, royalties and fines.

Since the Board was established, members have advised former Minister Hodgson to expand sports fishing opportunities and increase fish stocking. In April 1997, Hodgson announced that the OMNR will increase its stocking of salmon and trout in Ontario fisheries. According to an April 16, 1997 press release from the OMNR, "These initiatives will improve future sports fishing opportunities available to millions of Ontario Anglers," and, "In the future, MNR will significantly expand the coho (salmon) program to add exciting new seasonal angling opportunities for boat and shoreline anglers."

Significantly, there are no representatives of First Nations on the Board which former Minister Hodgson touts as, "a good example of how this government is keeping its promise to restore public involvement... in government" (OMNR Press Release, July 22/97).

Phil Morlock was appointed as the Chair of the Fish and Wildlife Advisory Board. In 1992 Morlock gave a speech at an OFAH "Emergency Meeting" in Pembroke, Ontario and was introduced by Mike Harris (Harris wasnÕt yet the Premier of Ontario, but he was the leader of the Progressive Conservative Party). Morlock's paranoid speech gave the false impression that then New Democratic government was threatening conservation by turning over all the province's natural resources to Natives. Morlock also tried to play the good guy by stating that through self-government, Canada is creating apartheid. Now there's a perversion of reality! Self-determination simply means that a people (First Nations) determines the direction of their communites and ways of life, rather than being controlled by another group (Euro-Canadians). Morlock is ignorant, too; South Africa modeled apartheid on CanadaÕs reserve system, not on the right to self-determination and Indigenous control of Indigenous resources.

Also on the Board is former OFAH president Davison Ankney's sweetheart, Sandi Johnson, a zoology professor at University of Western Ontario (Western). Charles Alexander, past president and director of the OFAH, Gary Ball, an OFAH writer, and several men who own businesses which serve the angling & hunting and recreational industries were also appointed to the Board. The appointment of so many OFAH types to the board is virtually the same thing as handing OMNR contol over to OFAH!

The OFAH and "academic" racism

OFAH's anti-Native rhetoric stepped up while Davison Ankney was president of OFAH from 1991-1993. During this time, Ankney made a presentation to the First Nations Circle on the Constitution. In his speech, Ankney appropriated the spiritual basis of First NationÕs hunting and fishing, claiming that, "One hundred years ago members of both groups hunted and fished primarily for food... Now, except possibly in some very remote areas, neither non-natives nor natives must hunt and fish for food... The spiritual renewal from hunting and fishing is especially important for those of us, who,... must live in urban areas." AnkneyÕs twist on reality is subtle but unmistakable: not only does he deny that First Nations people ever hunted or fished for spiritual reasons, he implies that the only people who presently have a spiritual connection to hunting and fishing are non-Native urban dwellers. So urban sportsmens' week-end vacations in the bush are more "spiritual" than First Nations' subsistence hunting and fishing- activities which tie First Nations to a way of life directly connected to the land and waters?!!!

In the same presentation, Ankney argued that Ontario government policy on fishing was racist because it's based on race. But, Ankney's own "research" on so-called "racial hierarchies" proves him a hypocrite. Ankney is a zoology professor at the University of Western Ontario (Western). He published a eugenicist document co-authored by notorious Western psychology professor J. Philippe Rushton.

Rushton is infamous for his research into racial differences. He claims there is a hierarchy of "races" based on biology...he's obssesed with brain size, penis size and family size. According to Rushton "races" with large brains are more intelligent but also sexually inhibited, while those with smaller brains are not quite as bright but fuck like bunnies. Asians sit at the top (in terms of brain size) of RushtonÕs hierarchy, followed by Caucasians and then Blacks. Native North Americans are interestingly absent from Rushton's ludicrous theories. Ankney joined in with Rushton to examine the "data" of brain and penis size in order to publish their article. Eugenics

Ankney also rushed to publicly back Rushton in 1989 when Western University students led a series of protests against Rushton and his racist excuse for science. The Society for Academic Freedom and Scholarship (SAFS) was formed in 1989 to defend Rushton from student outrage and since then SAFS has opposed affirmative action and support for disabled university students. The groundwork for the formation of SAFS was laid by Davison Ankney, Doreen Kimura, a Western psychology professor, Douglas Jackson (another "gender researcher"), and University of Toronto psychology professor John Furedy.

Like Rushton, Doreen Kimura has built her career on studies linking intelligence to gender and race. As president of SAFS Kimura is the perfect weapon for SAFS' attack on the gains made by people of colour and feminists within universities. At the first SAFS conference, in 1993, she told a crowd of 150 academics that, "... university administrations in Canada have begun a campaign that can only be described as discrimination against men, and particularly Caucasian men."

The Racist Right and the anti-Native Lobby

Across North America, fringe right groups encompass various conspiracy theorists, soft-sell fascists, Christian fundamentalists, "family values" bigots, anti-immigration fanatics and almost every other stripe of racist or bigot. Any close study of fringe or racist right groups reveals the extensive (and sometimes mind boggling) network between these groups and the individuals associated with them.

Since the emergence of the modern anti-Native movement in the United States in the late 1960's, white supremacists have capitalized on the anti-Native sentiments of groups such as Steelhead and Salmon Protection Action in Washington Now (S/SPAWN), Protect Americans' Rights and Resources (PARR), Citizen's Equal Rights Alliance (CERA) and United Property Owners of Washington (UPOW). One example of many is the affiliation of several figures in the American anti-Native movement with the U.S. Populist Party. The Populist Party has been known to be home to Ku Klux Klansmen, Christian Patriots and an assortment of other groups on the racist right. Senator Jack Metcalfe, who has held a membership with S/SPAWN and UPOW, spoke at a Populist Party convention in 1984. Darlene Hangartner, a member of PARR, ran for Wisconsin State Attorney General in 1990 with the backing of the Populist Party. Anti-Indian Movements on the Tribal Frontier, a paper by Rudolf Ryser, details the extensive connections and organizational co-operation between anti-Native groups and the racist right in the United States.

In Canada, connections between groups expressing anti-Native views and the racist right include:

* Kenneth Hilborn, a history professor at the University of Western Ontario is a member of SAFS along with former OFAH president Davison Ankney and Hilborn is a member of the Reform Party. He has also had five books published by Paul Fromm's Citizens for Foreign Aid Reform (C-FAR). Paul Fromm was recently fired by the Peel Board of Education for his continued involvement with white supremacists. Fromm has shared several platforms with white supremacists, including the anti-semitic and racist U.S. based National Alliance, the Heritage Front, the Women's Aryan Union and Church of the Creator. Click for more info about Paul Fromm

Hilborne's C-FAR publication titled The Cult of the Victim: Leftist ideology in the 90Õs contains an introduction by Fromm in which he defends the anti-Native comments of Don Blenkarn, a former Tory MP. Blenkarn stated that wealthy non-Native property owners wished that their community could be turned into a reserve so that they wouldnÕt have to pay taxes. Fromm wrote, "BlenkarnÕs honest comments might tend to diminish the victim status of Indians and, thereby, harden resistance to their ongoing claims for special status in hunting and fishing rights..." (emphasis added). Sound a little bit like the OFAH?

* C-FAR also distributes Our Home or Native Land? a book by Mel Smith favored by other anti-Native organizations such as ON F.I.R.E. and BC F.I.R.E. (see the ARA- Toronto exposŽ of ON F.I.R.E.) and also by the Reform Party of Canada. Smith's book advocates the assimilation of First Nations into mainstream, white Canadian society. Smith was a bureacrat in BC for 31 years and he now writes for BC Report.

In the October 1995 C-FAR newsletter, Doug Collins writes a review of Smith's book, "...Our Home and Native Land offers some valuable debunking of the notion that Canadian aboriginals, Indians, native people, or whatever the politically correct moniker is, are a victimized minority. Far from it they enjoy privileges the majority does not."

* The Alberta Report, BC Report and Western Report are three right-wing magazines coming out of western Canada. Ted Byfield, creator of the Reports, is a Christian fundamentalist whose publications were the propaganda machine of the Reform Party in its formative years. The Reports have published articles slanted against Indigenous people as well as advocating for the teaching of Christian fundamentalism in schools, and espousing hatred for pro-choice advocates, feminism, homosexuality, sex education and on and on and on. The December 1996 issue of The CAN F.I.R.E. Report reprinted an editorial by Ted and Virginia Byfield (Ted's daughter) arguing that Native Residential Schools really weren't all that bad. Other gems from the Byfield's include an editorial in The Globe and Mail (Sept. 13/97) by Ted's son Link that it was really Indigenous people who killed off the buffalo in western "Canada." One Western Report article promoted Christian missionary activity in Native communities (Western Report, Sept 2/96).

Link Byfield was one of the founders of the Northern Foundation. Members of the Reform Party, the Canadian Christian Anti-Communist Crusade, the Heritage Front, REAL Women and many other fringe right groups have also been supporters or members of the Northern Foundation. The Northern Foundation served as a forum to unite members of the fringe and radical right with more mainstream right-wingers and its original raison d'etre was to advocate for white South Africa.

The OFAH as the mainstream of anti-Native activity

The OFAH has co-opted the honorable goal of "conservation" to open the door to the reception of a thinly veiled anti-Native agenda. What's even more disturbing about the OFAH's perversion of conservation is that it's being championed by Ontario's present provincial government through the OMNR, specifically through the Fish and Wildlife Advisory Board. As well, OFAH propaganda contains a message which is also championed by many on the fringe or racist right: equal rights for all or equal rights for whites. The lesson to be learned from the American experience is that the racist right will capitalize on or be attracted to the anti-Native agenda of the OFAH if it is not recognized- and challenged- for what it is: racism.

Beneath the arguments over who takes how many fish is a more fundamental battle over First Nations' rights to self-determination, a right which implies control of the resources they depend on for survival as a people. And here's where the anti-Native lobby of the OFAH and the racist right can find common cause: both ultimately want to keep control (of resources, of culture, of laws, etc.) firmly in the grip of white people, or at least those who would use the resources in exactly the same way. And that's why it's important for anti-racists and those concerned about conservation to challenge OFAH in every way possible.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

''FIRE TRUCKS OUT AGIN.''but not here agin.

The Cape Croker Fire Dept. were out 2day. Up the 401 n over to Madokii Subdivision by the sounds of it. They have tiered response here so fire,cops n ambulance are called. Did'nt smell or see smoke so i hope it was'nt one of our elders. Since the Seniors Residence apt's. are up that way. Tomorrow for sure i gotta start burnin brush b4 they want fire permits. It's not that dry here yet so i'll be ok 4 now. Damn i hope i get some kind of work soon. Usually about this time of year i start repairin nets. But the boys had a hard go after their nets got caught in the ice. Sure did;nt take long to freeze up. I was lookin at local paper [Owen Sound Sun-times] and they had big write up about one of our fishermans nets washin up on shore from ice. Picture n all,they really want to make it look bad. The guy interviewed even posted pics in tackle shops in area. They wanna start the little war agin. Last time they burnt a tug n sunk another at the dock. And even the MPP. Bill Murdock led a group of anglers against a women n her children that had a booth at Owen Sound Farmers Market. Those big brave rednecks would'nt have done a damn thing if it was a guy at the booth. But that ass-hole still gets voted in due to all the farmers votin for him. They think they own the water we never gave that up due to treaty. The sooner they realize we allow them to use our territory for their angling n fishing derbys the better. We just want what we should have had all along. They think were raping the waters but the whites have been commercial fishing for a 100 years or more. So how can we be depleteing the fish stocks when we just won our fishery back. If thats the case the fish population was already depleted from white fisherman. It is a known fact that the white tug fisherman dump all their undersize fish overboard. Since they have a quota also it gets used up to fast if they land the undersize fish. And when an angler comes across a bunch of dead fish floatin in the water guess who gets the blame. We have our own biologists and after so many years of Fish assessment we have better data than The Ministry of Natural Resources. And as far as exchanging data we never had no prob with but MNR were slow on their end. Prob cause they had poor data to begin with thats why they want ours first. We know the fish travel all over Lake Huron and not stay in one area. Same with Georgian Bay fish but our data for that side is'nt as good .Although the fish migrate they still come back to where they wee born. Well nuff said time to get off soap box n watch news.......later..ppl.

''MEMORIES''of grown up on any rez.

Flag Reflex
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— raskolnikov @ 7:09 pm

Dust My Broom

Every weekend I would be at HLM’s, hanging out with his brothers and sisters, listening to music, getting stoned, hurling insults at each other in that wonderfully intimate, ball-busting, Indian way (anyone who has ever known Indians well knows exactly what I’m talking about it; being the target of endless jokes and harassment, and, better yet, being able to dish it out, means you’re one of us). These were great times that I still get misty over.


Just imagine what could happen if u have the wrong ppl in as Chief and Council. But how ya know how they gonna be if not given a chance. I hope for a bigger shake up this election some been in to long. When councillors start votin against your funding request,ya can't tell me that does'nt steer a decision. Hopefully this councillor will get voted out this time. And i figure let others have a chance at the perks of the job.

Company can dip into reserve's bank account: court
Last Updated Apr 5 2005 08:08 AM CDT
CBC News
WINNIPEG – A Manitoba court of appeal ruling could have a major impact on how First Nations in this province do business.

In February, the Manitoba Court of Appeal ruled in favour of McDiarmid Lumber, a Manitoba-based business owed more than $1.2 million from the Gods Lake First Nation. The ruling will allow the company to garnishee $550,000 from the First Nation's off-reserve bank account.

Grand Chief Dennis Whitebird with the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs says people on the reserve will suffer as a result of the ruling.

"Social benefits, education, health benefits are being impacted by this whole thing," he says. "If the First Nations do not have any money to provide social services to their people, that's a basic human right."

However, others applaud the ruling, saying it will force First Nations to be more fiscally accountable.

"Pay your bills. I mean, we all got to pay our bills," says Alan Isfeld, a construction worker from the Waywayseecappo First Nation. Isfeld says before this ruling, many companies refused to do business with First Nations because they worried they wouldn't be paid.

"I think what this has done is it's going to make the chiefs and councils sit down, now, and be more accountable for the monies they receive and make sure that those dollars are administered and delivered in the fashion that they were meant to be delivered," he says.

"The chiefs are going to lose a lot of their free discretion to do whatever they want with those dollars. They can't do that any more."

Gods Lake plans to appeal the ruling, with support from the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs.


housing on the rez
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— darcey @ 5:52 pm

I was reading this post by Raskolnikov where he discusses (rants) an AMC (Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs) article about the First Nation’s housing crisis. Rasky hints at corruption and I completely agree. I have seen first hand what goes on.

I’ll talk about one aspect and leave the others alone for now. I was a structural designer and estimator for a building products supplier based out of Winnipeg where I worked in their First Nations department. This was during a recession (early 90’s) but business was booming for us. 15-20 million a year.

The competition was pretty heavy so the Chiefs and council were wined and dined, taken to wrestling, flown to Las Vegas, Rolling Stones concerts, trucks, ski-doos, groceries, ect. The sky was the limit. The company had its own plane so the pilot was kept busy chauffeuring band members around. All the above was free. I can recall plane loads of KFC or McDonalds being sent up to reserves. A couple times a week. Christmas was incredibly busy with turkeys, hams and presents for all the elite. This was of course just a cost of doing business.

The contracts were very lucrative. For bigger reserves like Peguis, we would ship up to a hundred houses. The prices were typically twice what you would pay retail but that was a part of the deal.

The company who spent the most won.

They always came back and demanded more. Cash, trips, you name it. The thing is, they were not really getting it for free. It was worked back into the housing price. Once the money was signed for, the number of houses was provided. It was never like I have 1 mill I need 100 houses. It was I have 1 mil. This is how many houses we can ship you.

The chiefs and council didn’t care. They were getting their fair share of the booty so why would they give a shit? The money was all provided by the government so nothing was lost, except of course, for people who didn’t get a house that year or who didn’t get repairs.

I eventually couldn’t stand it anymore and left.

Every time I hear a Chief and council cry for more money, and especially for housing, I don’t believe it. You know damn well where all the money has been going.

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I understand the cost of doing business and all that stuff as I am self-employed but this is simply outrageous. I’m quite familiar with Peguis. I’m also familiar with Fort Alec on the other side of the big pond. In fact I’ve travelled to many of the reserves in my area of Manitoba and I have to say that I’m appalled at the living conditions these people endure. And for what reason? Where the hell is all the money going? The residents sure aren’t seeing it.

Comment by Len — 1/28/2005 @ 7:03 pm

Thats what is so appalling - most of the money is controlled byt the hands of a few.

Comment by Darcey — 1/29/2005 @ 3:21 pm

as being 1st nation person living off rez. I wish i could op out of being on band list which band gets money for me being on that list. and let me take care of things like i.e: health care ,eduacation,medical,etc. the way this country runs is a joke.

Comment by j.eastman — 4/7/2005 @ 9:09 am

I’m with you there brother. It is amazing that so little has changed since that time.

Comment by Darcey — 4/7/2005 @ 9:24 am

''POLITICS''what can ya do-get of yer a$$.

I sometimes wonder what goes on under our nose's here on my rez. Long ago,seems like long ago. Anyway there was always rumors n such circulating around rez of Nepotisim,missing money n other miss-deeds. But than agin no matter who the Chief n Council of the day was,same stories. But i wonder how so many past Chief's n Councillors have lots of prime land[shore property]. My dad was on council in the 60's n all we got is the land we had back then. He must have been to honest to become a Land I remember him telling his friend over a couple a wobbly pop's how there was shore property[cottage lot type] come up for possible sale to membership. He said it never got past the council table,was all grabbed by chief n council. Was to go out in notice to let ppl know. I guess the fact we vote them in allows them to do what ever the hell they want. Not as easy to do now cause minutes of all meeting available to all band members. Plus they can go n attend any meeting,unless it personal than they close. So i get tired of listenin to ppl bitch about not knowin whats goin on here,attend a meeting. I was one of those ppl 1 time but now i attend the odd meeting n i learn alot.

Friday, April 15, 2005

''THE START OF A NUDDER WEEKEND''gonna burn the rez 4 sure.

Well ,hells bells ah nevah got a damn bit of brush burnt or an old bone or leaf raked. Sat. will be good day for burnin. The wind is gonna die down. And my ambition should be back by then too. Got my little per diem so catch my sis n get he to shop for me. Damn i need a job but theres no jobs 2 b had on rez . Now if i had my drivers licence that b diff story. Another wise move by government miss a few support payments n they take your driver licence. And they expect you to work so they can take any taxes or gst u got comin to u. And how u sposed to get to work. I used to be a truck driver heavy equipment operator. Thru the years i asked my ex if she ever got any money,but she said no. Either she lied or the government got a big pot of money somwhere. Mayb thats the slush fund i read about thru the years. Wonder who profits from that. How many times thru the years have i read nothin but bad things about the Family support plan. Give them all little power n they got the Napolian complex. But like they say powr corrupts. Mayb i should run for council mayb i'get new house or at least nuff money to complete it. I and Gordon Johnston built this house in 1974. Just the 2 of us, i had lotta promises from ppl but nothin came of it. I think that was about the time things were changin the ppl were gettin older. They were the last of their breed the 1's that helped u n did'ny expect a dime. They were happy with tobbacco[smokin or chewin] a good meal or return the favor. There's still a few guys my age n a bit younger that still do that. Damn my batteries are dyin in my cordless key board n they just died in my mouse. So i better fini for now,havta buy batteries tomorrow for sure. I can't survive without the internet or comp. Im new to all this but now it's a main part of my daily routine. I have no life,just kiddin ,or am

Thursday, April 14, 2005


Well another wind day,better than a snow day. Knock on wood were not out of the woods yet. Never got a chance to meet with Tom about tourin the water treatment plant. But try for Fri. or Sat.,at least i hope he's workin this weekend. If not next week it has to be done. They got us on a boil water advisery,thats been a regular happenin lately. Don't know if it's from the Walkerton incident or not. There's nothin like lockin the gate after the cows are gone. Our plant been operation since 1991 n nothin has changed ,just the water level of the great lakes has dropped. But comin back slow. But i can't ever remember havin a boil water advisory. Up untill a couplea years ago when the Medical center started taken tests here n there. B4 this water system was put in i and my brother next door had our own system,maintained by our REZ. Then we were put on main line that feeds the 401 residents. Then the new water line along with fire hydrants which helped lower insurance rates. Cheaper if u got hydrant near by which we have n were 5 min. away fron fire hall. Back in the day when we first got our own fire truck 1974,i think. I was one of the first volunteer fire persons,since we had women on back then. Still today we have women on our dept. Better than the nearby town lookin after our fire protectin. And now they get a damn good per diem for attending fire calls n trainin,weekly n special. We sold 50-50 tickets or had draws to raise money for the dept. We never seen a dime of per diem . In fact we had practice every Wed. n we used to donate what we could towards our dept. How things have changed u have to pay your volunteer fire ppl so they;ll be here for any fire. All we need now is an ambulance our fire hall has an extra bay for one. When we call for ambulance the dispatcher is 250-300 mi. away. How do u give direction to some1 who does'nt know the area u live in. It was our provincial n federal governments great wisdom of cut backs n centrlizing everything why were in this mess 2day. But Thanx to the Wiarton Voluteer fire dept. for all their years of fire protection. Most of then our boys fought and played hockey in the bush league with the members. Most of them were from area farms n the rest from town. Although there are Indian haters among then for the most part we all got along. I guess my grand children will go through a version of what i and my dad went thru. But like i read somwhere what don't kill us will make us stronger. Well time for news,c ya's later.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

''PUBLIC WORKS MEETING''lotsa questions.

Was a good day 4 brush burnin,not much wind. But 4got i had a committee meetin,have to do my civic duty. And that little per diem check comes in handy. Not much but at least im not broke now. Well tomorrow anyway after i pick up. Can buy some flour n bakin powder so i can make Bannock or Fry Bread. I still wanna try tortilla's soon as i get recipie or any flat bread for that matter. Had guy from water dept. stop by b4 i left 4 meetin. The stack 4 my water shut off got partially pulled out of ground and got bent. Can't get shut off wrench down bent pipe. But he got it fixed so i can shut water off to work on my plumbin. He gave me some info concernin our water treatment plant. Info we as a committee should have had no wonder the water dept. supervisor always has excuse why he can't make meetins. Water,Sanitation/ land fill,Cemetaries,Fire Dept.,Street lighting,Band owened Equipment,Roads Dept. it falls under our committee. Well anyway he showed me a list of deficiencies that we never knew about and a study done in 2001 outlinin more deficiencies in detail. It was very critical about the way our plant was operatin or not operatin. Our system not bein run right n if it is'nt u could very well poison ur own ppl. Slowly but still. Next meetin not till May but i think we need 1 sooner if it concerns our water. Their r auto alarms shut of because super said they were a nusance. Damn alarms r there for a reason. I don't think all our operators a certified to run our water plant. If u been takin the tests to up-grade for years n not passin. What the hell are ya doin still there. We had this system since 1991,just when i moved home. One worker there is a certified Millwright,he should be supervisor with his knowledge n experience. He's been here 10 years n would'nt allow him to write the tests to get class 1 which our super now does'nt have. Their's class 2 and 3 thats needed. If we don't do somthin to rectify this the Dept. of Indian Affairs will put some1 in place . That we do not need. We may as well go back to Indian Agent days if thats the case. I asked ,We;ll call him Tom if he had enough time to get class 1 n 2 b4 this time limit was up. He said he writes for his class 1 in May or June n he would be able to get class 2 and mayb 3 b4 time's up. If we don't get some1 in there that is certfied we could have our own Walkerton and i don't want that. I worry for my family n friends on this Rez. I just hope our Rez govt. does'nt know about this n ignorin it. Which is what im thinkin. Thats why i want Tom to take me through the operation. He can show me the way it supposed to run n show me the way it is bein run. Have to get another committee member to come along. He may be on water delivery tomorrow but i'll see when he;s free. Mayb this weekend. Well better hit the hay.........later ppl.....


Ahenakew & Nelson
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- raskolnikov @ 2:29 pm

I want to give a big thanks to Darcey for allowing me to post my pablum on his site. I miss blogging but simply do not have the time. Big shout-outs to Kate at SDA, The London Fog team, Hack at Hacks and Wonks and all the others who used to link and comment on my old site. I’ll try to post here weekly at the very least.

Take a bow, Darcey

It looks like the radical left’s investment in the Aboriginal community is finally paying off. While aboriginal students across the country study the evil ways of Europeans, imbibing lefty saints like Foucault and Said, the Big Pimp Indians are laying the foundation of absurd logic and hatred that the left needs in place to perpetuate future generations of dissent. For anyone who has studied history, this should ring an ominous bell.

When the Soviet Empire was expanding across Africa and Latin America, their biggest targets were postcolonial countries. The reasons for this are obvious; after decades, or centuries, under the rule of others, such countries lacked the strength to embrace the freedom suddenly thrust upon them (a phenomenon that, ironically, many post-communist countries also faced after the Soviet system fell).

When these countries (who, according to their own histories, were strong, proud and had concrete cultural foundations that were unbreakable) dropped the colonial leash, they suddenly found themselves in a void - a void soon to be filled by animalistic radicals fresh from the jungles, so-called fighters-for-the-people who now found themselves swimming in pools of wealth and power, stroking beards and chomping cigars, already striking the poses soon to be seen on the walls of dorm rooms everywhere. The proud and strong national history they had fought and killed for was either forgotten, exploited to the point of parody, or, despite its strength and pride, unable to survive the initial foreign onslaught and spoken of in longing terms, like a high school crush.

The Soviets drooled over these bulbous masses of clay. Fitting their ideology to whatever esoteric local social structure they encountered, (A lack of a working class in your country? No worry, we’ll just replace the proletariat with peasants like Mao did, or argue that despite centuries of tribal hood, underneath the classless structure of tribes lies a latent class struggle that only we can see and will point out to you) the Soviets supported these radicals and, with gifts of money and military support, soon coerced them into embracing full-fledged communism. The fruit company that supports the entire country by providing employment for banana-pickers? Burn it down! Imperial dogs!

In short, the countries that just emerged from the ‘horrific’ yoke of European colonialism, where despite the often-brutal treatment they received, many were educated and made economically progressive, now found themselves enslaved to new masters whose notions of progress included collectivized farms that were guaranteed to lead to famine and death, censorship, farcical elections and general misery, albeit shared equally among all. Not that anyone cared. After all, communism was the answer they had been waiting for. As Uncle Joe himself might have said, to make banana bread you have to peel a few bananas.

Although the Soviet system described above thankfully collapsed, the fawning zealots that worshipped it are still going strong. Their choice of venue is now the university campus. Their new target, at least in Canada, is the Aboriginal community, the people whose increased enrolment in post-secondary education during the last 10 years - an otherwise joyous fact - has provided the radleft with a whole new mound of clay.

I have watched for years now as the agit-prop side of the Aboriginal Rights industry - the young men and women emerging from higher education and ostensibly working for ‘their people” - has become more and more radical, going from demanding fulfillment of treaties, basic equality and the occasional roadblock, to an indymedia-inspired view of their universe, where race-based ideas and delusional conspiracy theories dominate, where flirtation with violence and disobedience is encouraged and any and all suffering is no longer an individual experience with the possibility of relief via individual initiative, but a communistic misery shared by all “minorities” at the hands of Europeans, capitalists, Jews, Neocons et all.

The answer to this misery of course is simple - like Che Guevara says, revolution will occur whenever someone starts……….. a revolution. It’s implicit. All you need to do is man the barricades; the rest will follow as day follows night. Sadly, no one told Che that a better simile was that hoping for natural revolution to ignite the moment someone hurls the first brick through a Starbuck’s window is like hoping the ability to fly will follow after you push a man off a cliff.

Pick up books assigned to studies of native history, self-government or politics, and the radical bent is obvious. For all the lip service about how we have to turn to our elders and our traditions for guidance, it would appear that our elders include Noam Chomsky and our traditions include anarchy. We are supposed to be peace-loving people yet we study and believe theories espousing violent revolution, anarchy and reverse-racism. Go to sites like Friends of Grassy Narrows, Resist, Redwire or Winnipeg IndyMedia and you can see, for yourself, the radicalism that permeates the aboriginal community, at least among the activists. Even more tragic, few stop to wonder about this and can only resort to inane rebuttals about the oppression being so deterministic how can we do anything else but long for bloodshed and violence? It’s our only option.

Now, with people like David Ahenakew and Terry Nelson, who, despite being an illiterate criminal is still a ‘role model’ in the sense that he shows how horribly easy it is to become chief when you don’t let things like a lack of spelling skills and morals handcuff you, spurting their racist bile, the radical left sowing has produced its first sprout peeking out of the dirt.

Ahenakew is the most obvious product of such indoctrination: the Jews started WWII, they control the world, are a disease, they slaughter innocent Palestinians on their way to charity drives. He may as well be reading from The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, or, for that matter, an Eric Margolis column.

The Big Pimp Indians are, of course, silent. Phil Fontaine sends his condolences to Red Lake and makes a pit stop in Rome to see off the man who led the church that killed 1000s of his people over the centuries, but apparently he can’t be bothered to criticize a fellow Indian who spouts grotesque lies about people, many of whom - and I know this is true because I have known many Jews in my life - sympathize with the plight of Aboriginals. Then again, this is one of those strengths of the radleft that is almost magical - the ability to forget that Jews, above all others, have been oppressed and suffered more than any other group in history. Sorry, my fellow Indians, the Jews have about 2000 years of horror on us.

Need I also mention David Chartrand’s comments last summer, comparing a certain Conservative policymaker critical of the current Indian industry to Hitler, implying that we Indians are therefore like the Jews, the boxcars running to death camps idling and waiting for us in the North End CN yards should we vote for Stephen Harper?

Terry Nelson is, of course, Terry Nelson. The lowest of the low. A gutter-dwelling race-baiter and criminal. To the surprise of absolutely no one, he’s also illiterate. I mean, who knew Charles Adler was from Hungry? Adler has a bit of a belly but come on….

These are the people who lead us. These are our role models. Even scarier then this, is the fact that in ten years, a whole new generation of Indian radicals will be in charge, literate, yes, but bloated with postcolonial theories of victimhood and hatred, veterans of the internet’s more vile ports, the IndyMedia and Democratic Underground sewers where they hear nothing but approval for their beliefs, never challenged to logically defend their ideas, never asked to show proof, told that all their suffering and misery is the fault of others and the only responsibility they have is not to improve their lives and the lives of their people, but to point out the “threads” that lead to whatever sinister cabal is undermining them that week - whitey, mainstream media, Jews, INAC, etc.

What they don’t seem to realize is that they have traded one ‘oppressor’ for another. From under the heel of colonial Europeans they have emerged, only to be chained to the detritus left over from the Soviet era. The freedom they believe they have found in Said, Foucault, IndyMedia and various other radleft bastions of hate and ignorance, is merely the illusion erected by a malignant ideology that despite its fall from glory, still has the power to ensnare the insecure and wounded.

In reality, they are merely the latest tools of the radleft. Feminists had their turn, so did gays and lesbians; workers and peasants were the old-school OP’s (Original Puppets); Blacks, Hispanics and Arabs also have their radicals hiding behind Das Kapital; the handicapped, the obese, the ugly, the height/width/limb-ally challenged and whatever other special needs groups are out there have had, or will have, their moments. In the last decade, the radleft singled Aboriginals out as their next target.

And since the radleft’s agenda includes many of the inherent beliefs that already pollute my people - victimhood, projection, blamelessness - the appeal is great, if only for the fact that such an agenda validates the inherent beliefs and turns these negative principles, which should be overcome through logical debate, self-responsibility and pride, into a complete and seemingly impregnable aggregate of ‘absolute truth’, at least to the “reality-immersed’ section of society.

And like other various radleft systems, if the ignorance and hatred sucks a few innocent bystanders into its vortex - be they the kulaks and merchants of Russia, the eternal scapegoats of Israel, the reasonable voices of many stripes and colours demonized as fascists because they ask for footnotes to the hate-filled rants, to name but a few - so be it. In the name of the greater good, a million casualties is just a statistic.

Or, to again paraphrase Uncle Joe, to make bannock, one has to fry a little lard
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